All About Eve (1) by Carina Lee

In London, a young man was cycling his way home. His name was Yi Xiang Zhe (Jang Dong Gun) and the son of the chairman of MBS TV and radio station. From his telephone messages, he received news of his mother death.

On the other side, Hsu Ying Mei (Kim So Yeon) father has also just died. Her mother had abandoned her when she was very young and she had to live with her drunkard father. She hated the injustice of life. Gui Cheng came up to Ying Mei to offer his condolences on behalf of his company but Ying Mei replied him with sarcastic remarks. She had felt that the company had been responsible for her father death.
Gui Cheng was a widower and good friends with Zhen Shu who was a widow herself. Gui Cheng has a daughter, Shan Mei (Chae Rim), though plain looking, was very kind and sweet natured. She has been childhood friends with Zhen Shu son, You Zhen (Han Jae Suk). Shan Mei was innocent and cheerful but tend to cry over little things.

After her father funeral, Ying Mei burnt all his father things and vowed to start anew in life. She decided to move to Seoul and study Mass Communications at the University. Gui Cheng sympathised with Ying Mei and arranged for her to stay at You Zhen workplace temporarily. However, Ying Mei past was not as innocent as it seemed. Her gangster ex-boyfriend, Pei Ren Xiu, kept pestering her.
At his mother funeral back home in Seoul, Xiang Zhe was crying bitterly. He had rushed back from London where he had been studying. He recalled his childhood days when his mother taught him piano and his mother cries and pleas when his dad abandoned them for another woman. After the funeral, Xiang Zhe was packing his luggage, intending to return to London immediately. He had no wish to stay in this home for another minute. His father tried to ask him to stay but was rendered speechless by his harsh words. Xiang Zhe hated his father, who, for his own career, married her mother into a loveless marriage. Her mother had spent her lifetime pining for her husband love. Xiang Zhe vowed never to follow in his father's footsteps. At this time, his step-mother walked towards them with his young step-brother. Xiang Zhe felt disgusted and left without his luggage.

At the pub, Xiang Zhe met up with his childhood friend, Yong Xi, who had been secretly in love with him since young. Yong Xi has just become a news broadcaster with MBS and was feeling great pressure in her work. Xiang Zhe expressed his envy in Yong Xi ability to fulfill her own dream. Xian Da, another friend of theirs, also a news broadcaster, came by. He tried to persuade Xiang Zhe to forgive his father to no avail.

Ying Mei was gradually getting to know You Zhen and Shan Mei better. She envied Shan Mei for her good fortune and decided to stoop to unscrupulous means to get what she wanted.
This day, You Zhen and his friend, Jun Mao, took Shan Mei, Ying Mei and Zhao Di to the broadcast station. On seeing Yong Xi, Ying Mei expressed her excitement as one of the former fans. Thus, Yong Xi and Xian Da brought them on a tour to the broadcast studio. Ying Mei sudden impromptu performance in the broadcaster seat caught everyone attention.

Ying Mei decided to work hard to realise her dream of becoming a MBSnews broadcaster. All along, Shan Mei had been envious of the beautiful and intelligent Ying Mei. Ying Mei stunning performance earlier at the studio had led her to greater motivation in life, one that promised excitement in life! Secretly in front of their mirrors, the two girls rehearsed their lines. Their dreams have started to fly!

All About Eve (2) by Carina Lee

Zhen Shu discovered that Gui Cheng had brought Ying Mei to stay at You Zhen work studio and scolded him for his tactlessness. Shan Mei, who had been secretly in love with You Zhen, felt bitter on hearing the news. But she decided to remain silent to avoid adding to his father worries.

At the university, Ying Mei was spreading rumours of her being the daughter of a Minister and that she was invited to stay with Shan Mei family because Gui Cheng owed her father money. An angry Shan Mei questioned Ying Mei only to be challenged by her instead.

Gui Cheng asked Xian Da to source for a working opportunity for Shan Mei at the TV station but You Zhen recommended Ying Mei for the job instead. Shan Mei felt upset but You Zhen said he was just trying to help Ying Mei earn more money to pay for her school fees. Shan Mei tried to reveal her feelings to You Zhen only to get interrupted by him. Later, Xian Da also got a working opportunity for Shan Mei but Ying Mei went around telling classmates that she was the one who had asked Xian Da to look for a job for Shan Mei.

Yong Xi was in London on an overseas broadcasting assignment and called Xiang Zhe. She was pleasantly surprised when Xiang Zhe visited her when she was working. At night, Xiang Zhe doorbell rang but he found no one at the door. It was actually Yong Xi playing a prank on him. Xiang Zhe brought Yong Xi out for a tour of the city lights. Confronted with Yong Xi confession of her feelings for him, Xiang Zhe could only tell her he did not know what true love was.

Shan Mei and Ying Mei were attacked by gangsters on their way home. Ying Mei sensed that the gangsters were after her and not wanting Shan Mei to know of her dark background, she told Shan Mei to run off without her. While Ying Mei tried to escape, she was stopped by Pei Ren Xiu, her gangster ex-boyfriend. By this time, Shan Mei found You Zhen and was scolded by him for leaving Ying Mei in the lurch. Ying Mei was rescued and fainted in You Zhen arms.

Shan Mei brought them back to her house. Out of Shan Mei sight, Ying Mei turned on her charms and flirted with You Zhen. You Zhen succumbed to her flirtations and hugged her in his arms. This scene was seen by Shan Mei outside the door. She forced on a smile and told Ying Mei that what herself and You Zhen shared was purely sibling love and that the latter could go ahead and love You Zhen. She then asked You Zhen to take good care of Ying Mei. On hearing this, a victorious smile spread across Ying Mei face. In her room, Shan Mei could not contain her grief anymore and cried bitterly over her lost love.
Trying to settle her confusing feelings, Shan Mei decided to visit London where her aunt lived and at the same time, take up an English course at Cambridge University.

All About Eve (3) by Carina Lee

At the library in Cambridge. Because of her less-than-perfect English, Shan Mei was having difficulties communicating to the librarian. Angry with herself, she voiced out her frustrations in her native Korean language. Little did she realise that her actions had attracted the attention of a young man reading behind her.

At the traffic lights. The green lights were on and Xiang Zhe started his car. He was shocked when he saw a girl walking aimlessly across the road before his car. He tried to brake his car but Shan Mei was still knocked down before him.

Fortunately, Xiang Zhe was able to apply emergency brakes in the nick of time. Shan Mei was not injured seriously and left the hospital in the company of Xiang Zhe. He reminded Shan Mei to come back for follow-up checkup. Shan Mei did not let him see her home and they went off their separate ways.
Although far away in London, Shan Mei thoughts were still back home with You Zhen. She tried to call him but no one answered the phone. You Zhen was basking in a blissful relationship with Ying Mei and seldom at home nowadays. Ying Mei deliberately deleted Shan Mei voice messages to You Zhen before he could hear them. One day, Shan Mei tried to call You Zhen, only to have the call picked up by Ying Mei. Ying Mei boasted of her intimate relationship with You Zhen. When You Zhen came over to learn that Ying Mei had put down Shan Mei call, he was a little puzzled but this was quickly brushed off under Ying Mei gentle smile.

One day, while chatting with her classmate after class, Shan Mei saw Xiang Zhe waiting for her, waving a letter he had collected on her behalf. As they sat down for a drink at a sidewalk caf Shan Mei glanced through the letter and crumpled it. Xiang Zhe was surprised at her reaction. He invited her to dinner but she declined. Once again, she said her goodbye to Xiang Zhe.

At night, Shan Mei helped out in her aunt restaurant. As she was busy serving the dishes, a customer walked in. On seeing Shan Mei, both were shocked it was Xiang Zhe! It turned out that Xiang Zhe was a regular customer of this restaurant and knew Shan Mei aunt well. Having met on a few coincidental occasions, Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei felt especially friendly towards each other. They chatted happily and Xiang Zhe drove Shan Mei home in his car.

However, once Shan Mei reached home, she was engulfed by her grief again. She took out the crumpled letter sent from You Zhen but the contents in the letter saddened her. Ying Mei had not lied to her. You Zhen was now really on close terms with Ying Mei. They had typed the letter to Shan Mei together and inside the letter, were photos they took together. She felt sad that You Zhen had not cared for her for the letter contents were all about himself and Ying Mei.

One afternoon in the campus, Xiang Zhe saw Shan Mei revising her English alone and went over to chat with her. He offered to help correct her pronunciation and Shan Mei offered to share her lunch with him. As they were chatted, Shan Mei reached for her lunch box, only to find it empty. Xiang Zhe had unknowingly finished her lunch! Shan Mei chided Xiang Zhe for knocking her down with his car while she was in deep thoughts and now, even finishing her lunch. Xiang Zhe felt embarrassed and rebutted Shan Mei that there wasn much food in the lunch box anyway. He offered to repay Shan Mei by buying her something.
At the shop, Xiang Zhe tried a cap on Shan Mei. A shy Shan Mei replied that she seldom wear caps. Xiang Zhe playfully said that he was just trying the cap size for her girlfriend. Not to be bullied, Shan Mei too tried a cap on Xiang Zhe. Xiang Zhe was bemused at her actions and asked if she was buying the cap for her boyfriend. Shan Mei happily replied that she was buying it for her beloved father. Xiang Zhe seemed surprised at the close relationship Shan Mei shared with her father. In the end, he bought the cap for Shan Mei and told her to wear it in the mean time since he had no girlfriend yet.

By this time, Ying Mei was already clinging on to You Zhen. However, she could not shake herself free of Pei Ren Xiu. She was forced by him to entertain clients at the nightclub.

Early morning, Shan Mei was strolling in the campus when she heard beautiful music. She followed the music and realised that Xiang Zhe was playing the piano. Unable to contain her curiosity, she began to observe Xiang Zhe from behind the door. But Xiang Zhe had already discovered her presence and invited her in to sing a song. As he played the piano, Shan Mei commented that the music was very melodious. Suddenly, Xiang Zhe changed the tune to an upbeat one. What surprised Shan Mei was that Xiang Zhe began to sing along to the tune

In London, Xiang Zhe brought Shan Mei around. The two of them had an enjoyable time enjoying leisure boat rides, shopping and watching performances and all troubles seemed so far away.

Back in Seoul, You Zhen was already smitten with Ying Mei. This day, he was developing some photos when Ying Mei came to look for him, dressed skimpily with heavy makeup on. Ying Mei had just returned home after working at the nightclub. Just as You Zhen was beginning to accept her explanation, his mother, Zhen Shu, appeared. On seeing her son alone together at night with an indecently dressed Ying Mei, Zhen Shu burst into flames of anger.

All About Eve (4) by Carina Lee

Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe were spending more and more time together. With Xiang Zhe, Shan Mei felt totally at ease and found no need to hide her feelings. She would confide in him her deep feelings for You Zhen. Each time, Xiang Zhe would lend her a listening ear, smilingly encourage her with kind words and offer her a handkerchief when she cried.

This day, Ying Mei bought some food and decided to cook dinner for You Zhen, Zhen Shu and Gui Cheng. This was also her way of pacifying Zhen Shu. When she went into Shan Mei room, she couldn help but feel envious of Shan Mei for the many beautiful accessories and clothes she knew she could never afford. She was trying on Shan Mei dress when she bumped into Zhen Shu. Zhen Shu was furious as Ying Mei was wearing the dress she had bought for Shan Mei on her birthday. On hearing this, Ying Mei took off the dress on the spot. However, she later told You Zhen that his mother had ordered her to strip immediately. Zhen Shu was rendered speechless when You Zhen angrily confronted her on the matter. And in faraway London, Shan Mei would cry everytime she recalled the scene of You Zhen holding Ying Mei in his arms.

Time flew and it was time for Shan Mei to return home to Seoul after her holidays. On the night before her departure, Xiang Zhe took her to a high-class restaurant for dinner. There, he encouraged her to reveal her feelings to You Zhen when she returned. From their conversation, Xiang Zhe incidentally knew that Shan Mei mother had died when she was very young. But Shan Mei did not feel in any way less fortunate because she had the love of her father. Shan Mei love for her parents once again left a deep impact in Xiang Zhe mind.

Xiang Zhe went to the airport to see Shan Mei off. Although they had known each other for only a short period of time, they had built a very strong friendship between them. Xiang Zhe had bought a necklace for Shan Mei to give it to the benefactor she had often talked about Ying Mei, hoping that this would help improve her relationship with the latter. He once again encouraged her to bare her feelings to You Zhen.
Shan Mei jokingly asked Xiang Zhe if he had prepared any gift for her. Xiang Zhe replied that knowing him is the best gift he had for her. Shan Mei presented Xiang Zhe with a gift and when he unwrapped the gift, he was bemused to find a Peter Rabbit ornament. Laughing, he asked Shan Mei if she thought the gift was suitable for him. Shan Mei innocently replied that the gift was suitable for her!

At the departure gate, Xiang Zhe half jokingly imitated the English way of saying farewell. He hugged and lightly kissed Shan Mei before waving her goodbye and watch her disappear into the crowd. He was beginning to miss her already

Zhen Shu came to pick Shan Mei up at the airport and they were both thrilled to see each other. However, Shan Mei also quickly saw You Zhen and Ying Mei behaving intimately together. She presented You Zhen with the watch she had chosen carefully for him and hinted her feelings. This time, You Zhen did not try to deny his relationship with Ying Mei as he did in the past but told Shan Mei clearly that he had fallen in love with Ying Mei. Shan Mei could only put on a weak smile and left. Back at home, she broke down and cried uncontrollably. She tried to call Xiang Zhe in London but he was not around. In her grief, she left a message for him saying "What you said was of no use at all!"


All About Eve (5) by Carina Lee

At the university, Shan Mei and Ying Mei auditioned to host their campusAutumn Celebrations. The successful candidate would not only receive a study scholarship but more importantly, this signified a very good learning experience for the two broadcaster-wannabes.

In the first round of audition, Shan Mei confident and impromptu interview session with one of the judges, Yong Xi, received rounds of warm applause from the audience. Ying Mei also scored high marks with her speech on being a successful broadcaster. Both went through to the final round of the audition. Here, candidates would be asked to deliver a live broadcast throughout the university and the winner will be decided by studentsvoting.

Ying Mei performance was outstanding but students felt that her theme was too dull. In contrast, Shan Mei light-hearted approach to one of studentsbiggest concerns - examinations - brought on loud cheers. In the end, Shan Mei garnered the majority of the votes and won hands down. Happy that she had won Ying Mei by her own efforts, she wrote a letter to Xiang Zhe telling him of the good news.

Ying Mei harboured a deep grudge against Shan Mei after losing out to her. She secretly took away Shan Mei bag while she was rehearsing at the campus hall and replaced her makeup remover solution with nail polish remover. By accident, Shan Mei friend, Zhao Di, used it and her whole face became swollen. Shan Mei remembered Ying Mei suspicious look earlier on and instantly understood how the whole matter came about. She rebuked Ying Mei her for her wickedness only to be challenged by her. The two got into a fight and was only later to be separated by You Zhen. Ying Mei began to sob and pretended wanting to leave but You Zhen hugged her. He comforted Ying Mei and demanded that Shan Mei apologise immediately. Faced with You Zhen mistrust, Shan Mei went away crying.

Shan Mei outstanding performance as the host at the first part of the University Autumn Celebrations received rave response from the audience. This incurred the jealousy of Ying Mei. She lied that Gui Cheng was seriously injured in a car accident and sent off an anxious Shan Mei to the hospital. As a result, she replaced Shan Mei as the host for the second half the performance. On the way to the hospital, Shan Mei received a call from Gui Cheng saying that he had only suffered a few scratches and told her to return to the campus. When Shan Mei later returned, she saw Gui Cheng congratulating Ying Mei for her good performance and presented her with the flowers initially intended for herself. She exposed Ying Mei doings but not even her own father believed her.

Zhen Shu was getting worried of You Zhen relationship with Ying Mei and once again reminded him to stay away from her. But her kind words fell on deaf ears and You Zhen quarrelled with her. Later, Zhen Shu got into a quarrel with Ying Mei when the latter came to look for You Zhen to celebrate her birthday. In the heat of the quarrel, she slapped Ying Mei. You Zhen saw this and he led Ying Mei away. Ying Mei angrily said she wanted to break off with him but he confessed his feelings for her. They went for drinks and You Zhen got drunk. Seeing this, Ying Mei decided to

All About Eve (6) by Carina Lee

You Zhen did not return home for the whole night. When Shan Mei received news of this, she went over to comfort a worried Zhen Shu. The next morning, You Zhen found himself sleeping in the same bed with Ying Mei and promised to take care of her forever. Zhen Shu could not accept this fact and cried leaving after a heated quarrel with You Zhen and Ying Mei.

At the university, Ying Mei once again boasted of her intimate relationship with You Zhen in front of Shan Mei. Shan Mei left trying to hide her tears. She went to the supermarket but couldn fight the urge to visit You Zhen on the way. Like what she always did in the past, she prepared dinner for him and left his house. You Zhen couldn bear to see Shan Mei like this and asked her not to treat him so well. As Shan Mei walked on, she cried bitterly. She wrote a long letter to Xiang Zhe telling him her feelings and how she missed having him by her side.

What Shan Mei did not know was that, at this moment, Xiang Zhe had just came back to Seoul after completing his studies in London. Xian Da and Yong Xi picked him up at the airport. As they were happily reminiscing the past and leaving the airport together, they were stopped by men sent by Xiang Zhe father. It turned out that his father had fallen seriously ill and was now at the hospital. Even though Xiang Zhe vowed not to bother himself with this man anymore, he was afterall still his father. Looking at his father pale face, Xiang Zhe was overwhelmed by his emotions and held his hand tightly. Outside the hospital ward, Xiang Zhe saw his step-mother and step-uncle. The latter is now the Assistant Director of MBS TV station. Xiang Zhe sensed the immediate need to put up his defence around this man. He did not take heed to his verbal testing and left with Xian Da and Yong Xi.

Xian Da told Xiang Zhe that his step-uncle joined MBS after his father condition took a turn for the worse. His step-uncle had acted a step faster because Xiang Zhe father had wanted him to take over the business once he returned home from his studies. Xian Da further reminded Xiang Zhe that the MBS TV station was a legacy left behind by his mother and now, he was the only one who could protect this inheritance. He believed Xiang Zhe would make the right decision.

Early morning, as Shan Mei was strolling in the park, she suddenly heard whistles coming from the woods. Turning around and to her utmost surprise, it was Xiang Zhe! She ran over and hugged him, practically hung herself onto him and asked him a whole string of questions, "When did you come back?" "Did you miss me?" Her actions embarrassed Xiang Zhe and he jokingly chided her for having such a loud voice. Like what they did in the past in London, they had a small picnic on the lawn and Shan Mei updated Xiang Zhe her latest happenings. Looking at Shan Mei, Xiang Zhe told her she had a beautiful smile and proceeded to take a photo of that smile with his eyes. He casually walked towards her and put his arms around her shoulders. "Come right into my arms if You Zhen makes you sad again." he said. Shan Mei thought he was joking with her again and laughed heartily.

Ying Mei received some treatment at the hospital for her menstrual pains but deliberately led You Zhen to believe that she had aborted their child. She then called Zhen Shu saying that she had decided to break off with You Zhen and asked her to her house to help her persuade You Zhen. At her careful planning, Zhen Zhu got to know of Ying Mei bortion She could not take the shock and vented her anger at You Zhen. Ying Mei pretended to faint and You Zhen scolded his mother cruelty for not accepting her. After much deliberation, Zhen Shu decided to accept Ying Mei for You Zhen sake. She told Shan Mei of You Zhen and Ying Mei impending marriage. This news hurt Shan Mei too much. She went to her room and cried on her bed. The next day when she saw them together, all she could do was to force on a bitter smile.

Shan Mei felt better after meeting up with Xiang Zhe and even made fun him having a potbelly now since he had been so free after returning from London. However, Xiang Zhe was still quite worried about Shan Mei as he sensed something was not right with her. For one, she had straightened her once doll-like curly hair. As evening beckoned, Shan Mei looked at the sunset and seemed to be overcome by emotions. She asked Xiang Zhe who was standing behind her to take a photo of her with his eyes from where he was standing. She had decided to forget everything from then onwards but hoped Xiang Zhe would remember everything for her. As Xiang Zhe gave her his promise, she faced the waters and shouted out all her grief and frustrations. As she cried, she shouted, "You Zhen, you must find happiness!" Xiang Zhe stood behind, watching her.

Xiang Zhe finally started his job as Director of Planning & Projects, the position that yielded the highest decision-making authority at MBS TV station. At this same time, Ying Mei and Shan Mei were both shortlisted for the MBS broadcastersaudition after a few rounds of initial tests. On the day before the audition, Ying Mei received a gift from his ex-boyfriend, Pei Ren Xiu. Shan Mei also received a brooch carefully chosen by Xiang Zhe for good luck. He secretly went to watch Shan Mei audition and as he looked on her performance, he smiled to himself.

Finally, both Ying Mei and Shan Mei were successfully recruited into MBS. Both their dreams have started to fly!

All About Eve (7) by Carina Lee

Ying Mei and Shan Mei rigorous training in MBS began. At the same time, Xiang Zhe was busy with collaborative plans to produce a series of children education programmes with England BBC. Since this had always been his step-uncle portfolio, this would signify their first sparring on the business table.
While touring MBSpremises, Shan Mei was delighted to meet up with her old classmate, Zhao Di, who was also now employed with MBS as a dubbing artiste. Ying Mei wanted to keep her relationship with You Zhen under wraps at the office but the latter refused. A quarrel ensued between them. Shan Mei got news of their quarrel from her father and Zhen Shu. As they walked home after a gathering with the colleagues, Shan Mei told Ying Mei that she had gotten over You Zhen and hoped that the latter would treat You Zhen better. In the taxi, Shan Mei took out the photo she took with You Zhen, and tears flowed down her cheeks. She crumpled the photo, thought of tearing it up but couldn bear to do so.

After a meeting, Xiang Zhe was walking along the corridors with his other colleagues. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice and stopped in his stride. He walked over to a room where the voices came from and looked in. Sure enough, it was Shan Mei. She was practising hard for a very important three minutes broadcast test. Her stomach growled and she mumbled to herself to practise for another half an hour before taking a break. Looking at her, Xiang Zhe couldn help but smile. Later, when she returned to the room after a visit to the washroom, she found a paper bag on the table. In it was a sandwich, a drink and a small card with the words, "Shan Mei, have a rest before continuing. Will always support you. Keep it up!" It was signed off as "Y" (as in Yi, Xiang Zhe surname). She was surprised and went out to the corridor but could not find anyone there.

The three minutes broadcast test was due to begin in no time. As Ying Mei practised, she overheard Shan Mei talking to Zhao Di next door, mentioning that a lot of effort was put into writing her script. An evil thought grew in her mind and she immediately dialed Shan Mei handphone. Shan Mei thought someone from the broadcast centre was looking for her and rushed off. Before going off, she asked Zhao Di to look at her script for her. Ying Mei then made use of the time when Zhao Di visited the washroom to tear up Shan Mei script into bits. When Shan Mei later returned to the room, she was shocked to see her script in tattered bits on the floor. Without the script, she felt very nervous during the test and her performance was marred. On the contrary, Ying Mei did very well.

Although Shan Mei understood that the road to success would not be a smooth one, this failure was too sudden and she wasn prepared at all. It was a big blow to her and she realised that she wasn at all strong as she thought herself to be. She was crying alone when her handphone rang. Xiang Zhe could sense that she had been crying from the tone in her voice but she denied. He arranged to meet up with her after work and hanged up before she could refuse. At this time, Xiang Zhe step-uncle walked into the his office and said that he had already started working on a children programme which Xiang Zhe had also intentions of producing. They decided to make formal presentations of their proposals to let the management heads decide at the meeting.

After work, Shan Mei was walking out of the office when she saw Xiang Zhe, dressed in casual wear and spotting sunglasses, waiting for her. She wasn in the mood to go out with him, but in her heart, she was deeply touched by Xiang Zhe concern. Knowing Shan Mei childlike character and that she would feel fine in no time, Xiang Zhe decided to bring her to the amusement park. As they enjoyed themselves, Shan Mei forgot her troubles and went around walking and shopping with Xiang Zhe, just like old times back in Londonfter they left the amusement park, Shan Mei was already feeling much better and Xiang Zhe was relieved to see her smile again. As they sat side by side, Shan Mei commented that all the good things in life were free, including her father, her aunt, the summer sea, the white clouds, the twinkling stars, the soft breeze, beer and a few dishes and of course, Xiang Zhe friendship. Xiang Zhe laughingly replied that the man to marry Shan Mei in future would really be very fortunate, as he would be able to provide her with all the good things in life without spending any money.

As they chatted, Shan Mei was puzzled why Xiang Zhe had so much free time to keep her company. Didn he have any girlfriend? Xiang Zhe had never had any special feelings for a girl before and still had doubts as to whether he could love someone wholeheartedly. Shan Mei innocently asked him, "What about me then? You were really nice to me." Xiang Zhe felt emotions shot through him. Shan Mei? He didn know the exact reasons but Shan Mei held a special place in his heart. Before he could think of an answer, Shan Mei ran off to buy more beer. Just then, Yong Xi called Xiang Zhe handphone and they had a quick chat. As he hanged up the phone, he noticed a crumpled photo inside Shan Mei wallet. It was a photo of Shan Mei with another man. This must be the You Zhen whom she mentioned so often! Looking at the photo, he mulled over the weird emotions raging in his heart.

Xiang Zhe sent Shan Mei home in his car. As he was leaving, Shan Mei suddenly came over to him, gave him a peck on the cheek, saying, "English way of saying goodbye!" and waved him goodbye. Seeing Shan Mei innocent gesture, Xiang Zhe couldn hide a smile.

In the office, the secretary informed Xiang Zhe the person he had arranged to meet had arrived. As he stood up, the door opened and You Zhen walked in

All About Eve (8) by Carina Lee

Xiang Zhe immediately went up and extended a warm handshake to You Zhen. At this time, Xian Da also came by and they decided to talk over lunch. Xiang Zhe complimented You Zhen for his contribution in his work and commented that there were usually more unsung heroes at the back scene of a successful programme. You Zhen felt motivated by these words and promised to work harder in future. During their conversation, Xiang Zhe tried to probe into You Zhen love life. He wanted to introduce a girl to You Zhen and asked if the latter could break off with his present girlfriend. Xian Da joked that You Zhen was already trapped in love. You Zhen felt very embarrassed.

After lunch, they bumped into Ying Mei in the lift. Xian Da introduced Xiang Zhe to Ying Mei and Ying Mei too formally introduced herself. Suddenly, Xiang Zhe saw Ying Mei wearing the necklace he bought for Shan Mei benefactor and instantly recognised her. He flashed a smile at her. As Xian Da went on to introduce You Zhen, Ying Mei pretended to have known him for the first time. Xiang Zhe was puzzled with their cold attitude towards each other when they were supposed to be a couple. As they stepped out of the lift, Ying Mei went to look for You Zhen and they finally made up.

Xiang Zhe and Yong Xi met up at the pub for a drink. Once again, Yong Xi revealed her feelings for Xiang Zhe but was rejected. Xiang Zhe confessed that he already had someone in his heart. Yong Xi was surprised to hear this from Xiang Zhe.

After seeing Yong Xi home, Xiang Zhe came to Shan Mei house. He had brought a stalk of rose for her. Maybe this would be the right time to confess his feelings for her and reveal his true identity? But staring at the lights coming from Shan Mei room, he just couldn muster the courage to press the doorbell. He cried out for her in his heart, hoping that she would somehow sense his presence and come out. Too many thoughts were racing through his mind. Shan Mei obviously hadn really gotten over You Zhen yet, so could she accept his feelings for her at this point in time? Would he be giving her undue pressure and destroy the friendship they enjoy now? Also, would Shan Mei be able to accept his new identity calmly? Would it affect her work? Xiang Zhe lighted a cigarette and thought of calling Shan Mei but decided against disturbing her. He couldn seem to decide what to do but at the same time, couldn bear to leaveAfter a long time, the lights in Shan Mei room went out and he decided to leave the rose at her door. The next morning, Shan Mei found the rose and thought that someone must have left it for his girlfriend at the wrong address. She picked up the rose and said to it, "No wonder I felt like coming out, you were calling me!"

All the new broadcasters were told to prepare an interview item for broadcast during the Morning Show hosted by Xian Da and Yong Xi. Shan Mei worked hard to look for research materials but still didn had a clue as to what interview she should do. As she pondered over this question while washing the dishes, Gui Cheng came over with his eyes red from crying. He was deeply moved by a programme featuring the kind deeds of ordinary people. In an instant, Shan Mei got the inspiration she needed and went on to work on her computer. She had found the theme for her interview to interview these extraordinary people and their kind deeds! However, her plea for an interview session was continuously rejected. At this time, Ying Mei was already well prepared and she purposely passed sarcastic remarks at Shan Mei inability to complete the interview session. However, Shan Mei had the confidence that she will succeed after a few more tries.

On a busy day, just as everyone in the news department was deciding what to have for lunch, a special lunch delivery for Shan Mei arrived. Apparently, someone had ordered lunch for the whole department under the name of Shan Mei. Shan Mei wondered whom it might have been from and immediately thought of Xiang Zhe. When they met up later, Xiang Zhe was pleased to learn that he was the first one that popped into her mind instead of You Zhen. He knew Shan Mei was facing difficulties in her interview work and encouraged her to believe in her own capability.

As Xiang Zhe sent Shan Mei home, he recalled the night when he waited outside her home and asked Shan Mei if she believed in telepathy. He added on to tell her that a long time ago, in a similar place, he waited endlessly for a person to appear. He sent out strong signals, hoping that the person would somehow sense it and appear. As Shan Mei inquired after the results, Xiang Zhe shook his head and replied that maybe his signals did not work. Shan Mei expressed her worry about the broadcast as one of the judges would be the Director of Planning and Projects. Thinking of the mysterious Director, Shan Mei went on to comment that the Director must be a playboy with no concrete capability but later sheepishly admitted that she was a little too harsh on her words. Before she went in, Xiang Zhe asked her to give him a call tomorrow if she succeeded in interviewing. As he went off alone, he wondered how Shan Mei would react if she discovered that he was the so-called Director playboy she mentioned?
Shan Mei efforts paid off and she was granted an interview! She felt delighted and called Xiang Zhe first hand on his handphone to let him know of the good news. Xiang Zhe who was discussing work with Yong Xi also felt happy and congratulated her. Yong Xi was surprised to see a sincere and gentle smile coming from him. She wondered who Xiang Zhe was speaking to on the other line.

Shan Mei interview item was finally telecast in the Morning Show. Gui Cheng wept as he watched the show. At the same time, Xiang Zhe was also watching the tape he had recorded from the programme. Watching Shan Mei weep on the television, he paused this particular scene using his remote controlthinking, this Shan Mei really is a crybaby! Early next morning, he went to the news department, placed a gift for her on his table and spoke to her in his mind, "Shan Mei, you have done very well!" When Shan Mei arrived at work and unwrapped the gift, she found a handkerchief and a card saying, "Your programme was good! Hope you will bring us more of such touching programmes in future. I will always support you!" and signed off as "Your fan, Y". Her happy expression raised the curiosity of her colleagues too.

The management of MBS were in the midst of a meeting trying to decide on a new co-host for the Morning Show. As they reviewed the programmes produced by all the new-comers, Xian Da reported that Ying Mei achieved the highest marks in the whole assessment. Yong Xi also showed her support for Ying Mei as she was now on very good terms with her. However, Qing Xi begged to differ. She commented that Ying Mei programme on the Noble Prize for Physics was too serious for a Morning Show watched mostly by housewives. Another colleague also commented that Shan Mei programme would seem more appropriate for that time slot. Yong Xi felt unhappy and argued that viewership should then be the most important factor in the decision making process. Xiang Zhe agreed and asked for the viewership statistics. Shan Mei programme won Ying Mei by 3.5%. Xian Da further reported that Shan Mei programme viewership of 18.8% was also the week highest viewed programme.

In the office, everyone was celebrating with Shan Mei. Ying Mei could not accept the fact that she had lost to Shan Mei. When alone with Yong Xi, she demanded to know the reason why she lost despite her highly rated performance. Who had overturned the decision? Yong Xi told her, "You can say that Xiang Zhe overturned the decisionyou lost out on the viewership." For the first time, Ying Mei realised the amount of authority Xiang Zhe wielded in his hand. And though she couldn accept the result, she had gained a better picture of the whole situation. Shan Mei must be feeling proud now, Ying Mei thought to herself and decided to go over to her house to pass sarcastic remarks at her.

Xiang Zhe sent Shan Mei home. At her doorstep, she told him that she wouldn be able to spend so much time with him in future as she would be co-hosting the Morning Show. Xiang Zhe reminded her to sleep well and present her best side to the audience. Shan Mei thought it was funny and commented that he sounded just like her boss. Boss? Xiang Zhe was mumbling whether to tell her his true identity when she misunderstood his hesitancy and thought he had already found a job. In the end, Xiang Zhe admitted to having found a job but declined to reveal any more details except to promise to give her a big treat when he got his first pay cheque. Shan Mei gave him a sweet smile and watched him drive off.

Unknown to them, Ying Mei had been watching from afar. She came up to Shan Mei and passed sarcastic remarks about her stooping to underhanded means. She accused Shan Mei for putting on a false front when she couldn win You Zhen affections but schemed to seduce the son of a big company in the dark. But Shan Mei just couldn make out what Ying Mei was trying to say. Ying Mei then told her the man she had been seeing earlier was none other than the Director of Planning and Projects, the next rightful owner of MBS!

Hearing this, Shan Mei lapsed into a total state of shock! She couldn imagine that the charming, humourous, gentle guy who always wear a sunny smile, the one whom she could joke with when she happy, shared her troubles with she sad, always giving her encouragement, forever giving her surprises, the one magician who could magically turn her tears into laughter, her senior who would call her when she felt tired and the one who had been sending her home lately could actually turn out to be MBS number one man, her boss! Had he been lying to her then? Had what Ying Mei said been true? That her accomplishments today was due to her acquaintance with Xiang Zhe, and not by her own efforts?
The next morning, Shan Mei told her team leader, Xian Da, that she rejecting to host the Morning Show. She hoped that Ying Mei would take her place instead. Then she dashed off to Xiang Zhe office.
At this time, Xiang Zhe was giving a presentation to the Board on his collaborative plans with England BBC. His step-uncle was also involved in presenting his own set of proposal. Xiang Zhe creative, daring and comprehensive proposal won the approval of the Board. After the meeting, he was sitting alone in the meeting room, reflecting on his next moves. Suddenly, he heard a cold voice from behind him, "Director Yi". Xiang Zhe turned and saw Shan Mei, staring at him from the doorway

All About Eve (9) by Carina Lee

As Xiang Zhe looked up, he saw the coldness in Shan Mei eyes and knew instantly that she had discovered his true identity. As Shan Mei was feeling very agitated, he brought her out of the office to an open-air caf Looking at her angry expression, Xiang Zhe felt apprehensive. Shan Mei had never treated him in this way before. Before he could even get past his first sentence of explanation, Shan Mei cut off his sentence and tried to leave. He could only sigh and asked her, "I had this feeling that you weren going to talk to me again in future…" He felt really unsettled. Despite his assurance that she had gotten the co-host job by her own efforts, Shan Mei just could not accept his explanation. She angrily replied that even all the colleagues were gossiping why she had been able to defeat Ying Mei. Xiang Zhe was getting anxious and explained that he really cherished the times he had with her. With her, he would be able to be his natural self, a simple Yi Xiang Zhe and not as the son of so-and-so Chairman. He treasured this relationship a lot. However, Shan Mei was too furious to get anything inside her head and concluded that Xiang Zhe was just treating her like a fool. She refused to get a ride on his car but instead, hailed a taxi back to the office.

In the office, Yong Xi was criticising Shan Mei for shirking her responsibility to take up the job. Xian Da told Shan Mei that if she wasn prepared to take up the job, she would have to resign.

At the rooftop of MBS building, Shan Mei stood alone, trying to recollect her thoughts and settle her ruffled emotions. At the other side, Xiang Zhe was feeling troubled and decided to go up to the rooftop for a breather. After their heated argument just now, he was surprised to see Shan Mei again and decided then to express his feelings to her. On hearing footsteps, Shan Mei turned and saw Xiang Zhe. She was walking past him when she heard Xiang Zhe say, "Shan Mei, I like you!" This is the first time he had never said such words and he felt embarrassed by it. Shan Mei couldn believe her ears. How could an outstanding man like Xiang Zhe have fallen for her? In his gentle tone of voice, Xiang Zhe asked, " Shan Mei, look at me. Beside You Zhen, doesn any other man mean something to you?" Shan Mei finally turned to face Xiang Zhe, but before she could answer, she saw Ying Mei with Yong Xi on their way to the rooftop.

Ying Mei had earlier saw Xiang Zhe went up to the rooftop and followed him. She saw Xiang Zhe revealed his feelings to Shan Mei and decided to lure Yong Xi there. On seeing Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe together, Yong Xi was shocked. Xiang Zhe had rejected her for the sake of Shan Mei! An embarrassed Shan Mei quickly left the scene.

All of a sudden, rumours of Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei relationship were circulating all around the company. Even with Xiang Zhe backing, Shan Mei would definitely have a hard time changing colleaguesnegative opinions of her now. Ying Mei smiled devilishly upon this thought

Shan Mei tried to pick up her spirits but as she entered the office, she could hear colleagues bad-mouthing her in front of Xian Da. The colleagues had felt that she had gotten the co-host job because of her relationship with Xiang Zhe. Standing beside Shan Mei, Ying Mei gloated over her sad expression. But she purposely shouted back at these colleagues, "This is really too much! How could all of you attack Shan Mei in this way just because she knew the Director? Though of course she should have made her relationship with the Director known in the first place…" Before Shan Mei could stop her, she continued, "But what she did was merely an innocent oversight. To humiliate her in this way is really too much!" Shan Mei could only gape at Ying Mei in utter disbelief. How could she always pretend to be on good terms with her and yet in actual fact, attack her from the back?

After work, Shan Mei was in a bad mood. She walked aimlessly and found herself at You Zhen house. When she told him someone had expressed a liking for her, he was glad and felt happy for her. However, Shan Mei found no joy in Xiang Zhe confession. Instead, she felt that what she shared with You Zhen was now officially a thing of the past

Today is Shan Mei first appearance on the Morning Show! Xiang Zhe watched from his office and was shocked to see her hiccuping after just saying her first few lines. But things weren going on smoothly, Shan Mei kept hiccuping and Xian Da had to salvage the situation by diverting everyone attention onto another topic. How he wished to be at her side now, Xiang Zhe thought but decided that he would be the last person Shan Mei would want to see now. All he could do was to stare earnestly at the television screen and accompany her from afar.

After the Morning Show, Shan Mei was feeling dejected at her poor debut performance. When she went back to the office, someone delivered a basket of flowers to her. Immediately, she thought of Xiang Zhe and felt enraged. How could he embarrass her in this way when her performance was so bad? She could feel the jeers coming from her colleagues. One colleague even sarcastically remarked that the Director was already being open with their relationship. She angrily walked to Xiang Zhe office, threw the flowers at his desk and sounded her dissatisfaction at his actions. Before she could finish her sentence, her handphone rang. It was from Gui Cheng and it turned out that he was the one who sent the flowers! Shan Mei felt so embarrassed and Xiang Zhe was bemused at her actions. He took her outside and asked her carefully, "Is someone saying anything because of the fact that you know me?" Shan Mei refused to acknowledge and Xiang Zhe further asked if it was then what he had earlier said (his confession of his feelings) that had brought her pressure. Shan Mei requested for more time to think things over and hoped that Xiang Zhe will not ask her anything before that.

Xiang Zhe asked You Zhen out for a drink and confided in him. You Zhen also professed his deep love for Ying Mei. Xiang Zhe felt encouraged by the fact that the one You Zhen loved was Ying Mei and not Shan Mei. He could wait for Shan Meibut for how long?

Later that night, Ying Mei helped a drunk You Zhen onto his bed and asked who he had been drinking with earlier. You Zhen told her he was with Xiang Zhe and that the latter told him that he had fallen for a girl. Ying Mei coldly replied that the girl was none other than Shan Mei and went on to explain how Shan Mei had met Xiang Zhe in London. On hearing this, You Zhen became sober and suddenly understood Xiang Zhe weird actions earlier. Xiang Zhe had fallen in love with Shan Mei and was testing him just now!
With the new season, Ying Mei was chosen to host the seven p.m. news with Xian Da. Shan Mei was slotted to co-host the Morning Show. One day, Shan Mei returned to her office and saw her colleagues grinning behind her back. She turned and saw that her section on the staff notice had been torn off. She felt so angry and sad. At this point, Ying Mei came in and slapped one of the troublemaker colleagues. She promptly took down the notice and walked out of the office. Was Ying Mei trying to stand up for her? But she wasn treating her in any way better than her colleagues, Shan Mei thought. Suddenly, she understood. Ying Mei was going to look for Xiang Zhe! Ying Mei handed the notice to a bewildered Xiang Zhe and told him of the grievances Shan Mei had been putting up with since news of their relationship spread. Shan Mei hurried into the room, pushed Ying Mei away and snatched the notice away from Xiang Zhe. As she stormed off the room, Xiang Zhe suddenly realised the amount of pressure his love had placed on her.

You Zhen bought two bouquets of flowers to congratulate Ying Mei and Shan Mei on their successful broadcast. He told Shan Mei he knew Xiang Zhe liked her and felt glad that the latter had discovered the true value in her. On the other side, Pei Ren Xiu gleefully watched Ying Mei broadcast the news from the television.

After work, Ying Mei saw Xiang Zhe and greeted him. She purposely told him that her car had broken down and asked for a ride home in his car. When Xiang Zhe dropped her off before Shan Mei house, she was shocked to see You Zhen with Shan Mei. Ying Mei cried and ran off with You Zhen hot on her heels.
Alone with Xiang Zhe, Shan Mei felt very awkward and could not even face him. She heard Xiang Zhe say, "Shan Mei, look at me." She turned and her emotions took over, "Why must you give me this kind of pressure? Why did it have to be you?" She chided him. But the last thing Xiang Zhe wanted was to pressure Shan Mei. All he hoped was for her to be happy when she with him. He made up his mind then and told her, "I am willing to wait for youbut from this moment onwards, you may forget the fact that I waiting for you. If you don agree, you may also forget about this whole matter." Shan Mei was touched to tears, "Thanks…" She was choked by her own emotions, "Thank you, even though I said it was all over between us, I was so afraid. If even you weren at my side, I don think I would be able to bear it" In the end, she was finally touched by Xiang Zhe sincerity and broke into laughter. Xiang Zhe joked that from tomorrow onwards, he could finally hold his head high when going to work and not fear that his true identity be discovered by her. As they strolled, he put his jacket around Shan Mei After patching back with Xiang Zhe, Shan Mei felt so much better and found renewed confidence in her work.

This day, Ying Mei was having dinner with You Zhen. Ever since the quarrel with Ying Mei, You Zhen had been feeling very unsettled. He felt that Ying Mei had changed. As they chatted, Ying Mei told You Zhen that she liked his asking her "Have you eaten?". These words made her feel that she was being cared for and that at least, someone bothered if she even lived on this earth. The restaurant boss came by to serve them and asked for Ying Mei autograph. Ying Mei felt a sense of pride swelling inside her. Then, her handphone rang and it turned out to be Yong Xi. She left You Zhen behind and went off to meet Yong Xi and was surprised to see Xiang Zhe there as well. Xiang Zhe greeted her and casually asked, "Have you eaten?" Ying Mei appeared taken aback. Yong Xi had already been drinking quite a lot. As it turned out, she was drinking over her lost love for Xiang Zhe. When Ying Mei sent them home in her car, she hinted to Xiang Zhe that Shan Mei was still in love with You Zhen. But Xiang Zhe only smiled. Since he had made the decision to wait for Shan Mei, all other things would be irrelevant.

Early next morning, Xiang Zhe who hadn driven his car back the night before was unable to hail a taxi. Just as he was getting anxious, Ying Mei came by in her car

All About Eve (10) by Carina Lee

When they reached the TV Station, Xiang Zhe thanked Ying Mei for offering him a ride. Suddenly, Ying Mei pretended that something had gone into her eye and Xiang Zhe helped to blow into her eye. This scene was seen by You Zhen from afar. After Xiang Zhe left, You Zhen demanded an explanation from Ying Mei for her earlier actions. He felt enraged because Ying Mei had also used this antic on him in the past before. But Ying Mei brushed it off and said he was being over sensitive.

The annual MBSFounding Day celebrations was just around the corner. Xian Da and Yong Xi were the hosts for the night. This day, Ying Mei accompanied Yong Xi to choose a gown for the event. Yong Xi saw an elegant suit and asked Ying Mei to try it on but the boutique owner told them Xiang Zhe had already reserved the suit.

After work, Xiang Zhe eagerly drove Shan Mei to the fashion boutique to try on the suit he had specially chosen for her. He wanted her to wear it to the Founding Day celebrations the next day but Shan Mei was very hesitant. Xiang Zhe seemed to read her mind, "I know what you are going to say. I not giving you any pressure and I definitely not going to embarrass you. All I ask is for you to attend the celebrations in this suit. Am I asking for too much?" But Shan Mei insisted on wearing her own clothes and Xiang Zhe had to gently coax her, "I know you have a lot of clothes. Can you listen to me just this time, please? I had wanted to introduce you to my father…" On hearing this, Shan Mei was shocked. But Xiang Zhe reassured her that all he wanted to do was to tell his father that she was a good friend he got to know in London and upon returning, discovered that she worked in the same company as he. Shan Mei told him that she had to do a programme on that day. Her colleagues had purposely scheduled her in that time slot. Xiang Zhe suggested that she come after her programme ended.

At the Founding Day celebrations, You Zhen discovered that Ying Mei eyes were fixed on Xiang Zhe movements at the next table. After much deliberation, Shan Mei finally decided to attend the celebrations. Xiang Zhe had been really nice to herself and his request wasn too unreasonable afterall. She wore the suit he chose for her and walked into the ballroom nervously. Amidst the crowd, Xiang Zhe saw Shan Mei the moment she walked in. Yong Xi and Ying Mei immediately recognised the suit Shan Mei was wearing as the same one from the boutique. "Xiang Zhe had indeed bought the suit for Shan Mei", Ying Mei thought jealously. All eyes were on Xiang Zhe as he brought Shan Mei to his table and introduced her to his father. His actions seemed to openly announce and confirm his relationship with Shan Mei. All the colleagues watched in awe of them

In the washroom, Ying Mei passed sarcastic remarks about Shan Mei being a modern day Cinderella. Shan Mei knew Ying Mei goal was to become the anchor of the most-watched nine p.m. news and challenged her. But Ying Mei had other plans in mind, "There might be changes in my plans" She looked straight into Shan Mei eyes, "I had always wanted to be the anchorwoman of the nine p.m. newsbut I just realised today that this position could be changed anytimetoday it Yong Xi, and I know I will get my chance one day. Buthe position as MBSmistress would not change…"

When Shan Mei reached home, Gui Cheng was full of praise for her dress and asked her where she got it from. Shan Mei shyly said it was a gift from a colleague. Gui Cheng felt very happy and told her to bring him home for dinner one of these days.

You Zhen bumped into Pei Ren Xiu outside Ying Mei house. It turned out that Pei Ren Xiu had been harassing Ying Mei again. At her place, You Zhen saw torn pieces of paper being strewn on the floor. They were actually photos of Ying Mei and Pei Ren Xiu behaving intimately. You Zhen immediately recognised the man in the photos as the one he had bumped into just now. He suddenly realised he knew so little of Ying Mei but he couldn let go of her. For her sake, he had brought heartache to his mother and caused Shan Mei to be disappointedNo, Ying Mei was already a part of him and he loved her too deeply to let her go!

Xiang Zhe was planning for a dinner date with Shan Mei when he was called back for a meeting with his father and step-uncle. The declining viewership and falling share prices had caused some anxiety among the shareholders. Xiang Zhe indicated that packaging was crucial to a programme and suggested engaging famous presenters. After the meeting, he went to a restaurant to relax himself and played a tune on the piano. He did not realise Ying Mei watching him intensely from another table.
Pei Ren Xiu was arrested by the police for hiring under-aged teenagers and the sale of fake wine. When You Zhen saw the news on television, he immediately suspected Ying Mei to be the mastermind behind his arrest. He questioned her but she denied having any involvement in the case and even demanded the evidence, if he had any. You Zhen remembered the many times in the past when Shan Mei tried to expose Ying Mei misdeeds but he would not believe her words. He had always sided with Ying Mei and even told Shan Mei to show him the evidence instead. Recalling these, You Zhen felt both angry and sad at his own foolishness.

To solve operational and viewership related issues, Xiang Zhe decided to pay a big sum of money to engage superstar presenters, even at the cost of retrenching some staff. One of Shan Mei closer colleagues faced the risk of being retrenched and she felt bad for her.

This day, Xiang Zhe was walking along the corridor with Xian Da when he saw Shan Mei waiting for him ahead. He smiled at her and told her he had to rush off for a meeting and would talk to her later. As he walked past, Shan Mei could not contain her anger anymore and verbally accused him, "Hiring famous presenters at the expense of hurting other peopledo you really think this will solve the problem?" Xian Da was shocked that Shan Mei would voice her disapproval at the company decision. Xiang Zhe remained silent and walked off with Xian Da, leaving an angry Shan Mei behind.

It was raining heavily. After signing the employment contract with the new presenter, Xiang Zhe rushed back to the office to see Shan Mei standing outside the office building. Shan Mei blurted out, "You don even bother to groom our own staff! By hiring those famous presenters, what do you make of us who treat MBS as our lives?" Xiang Zhe tried to explain to her, saying, "Shan Mei, you can be so childish forever. I can understand your feelings fully, but can you try to be more understanding towards my predicament?" But all Shan Mei did was to reply him with harsh words. She couldn not understand Xiang Zhe motives and how he could resort to such means at the expense of staff welfare. Xiang Zhe tried to ask her to talk over a cup of coffee but she refused and walked into the pouring rain

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Xiang Zhe strategy to engage the services of the famous presenter yielded positive results. Both viewership and MBSshare price soared. At the meeting, all the shareholders were pleased at the results. With this foundation, Xiang Zhe believed he would be able to produce the best programmes in future. After the meeting, he visited the news department and solicited feedback for a new programme. He also took the opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts in helping increase the viewership. Just then, Shan Mei walked in. Hearing Xiang Zhe words, she blurted out, "Having spent so much money, of course youl get the results you want!" The whole office was shocked at Shan Mei words. Later, Ying Mei got hold of her and questioned if she was out to show off her relationship with Xiang Zhe.

Later, Shan Mei was talking to Zhao Di when she was suddenly dragged away by an angry Xiang Zhe. Xiang Zhe could fully emphathise with Shan Mei feelings. However, he was also furious that she hadn spared a thought for him and embarrassed him in front of all the colleagues. They had a heated quarrel. Shan Mei should be siding with him, he thoughtHe was turning to leave when he heard Shan Mei cold words behind him, "You have a habit in doing things, and that is, hypocrisy!" To which Xiang Zhe rebutted angrily, "You didn fare any better than me! You are not only childish but also lack analytical skills!" Shan Mei stared at him and left in a huff.

You Zhen tried to gather more information about the informant details from the police to no avail and decided to visit Pei Ren Xiu in the prison. Pei Ren Xiu told him of his intimate past with Ying Mei and warned that he would not let Ying Mei go off so easily. To prove that he wasn lying, he even revealed a rose tattoo on his chest. You Zhen was shocked because he remembered Ying Mei had a similar tattoo on her ankle too.

One day at the office, Shan Mei saw Ying Mei writhing in pain at the side of the corridor. Just then, You Zhen walked past and Shan Mei quickly asked him to take a look at Ying Mei. He was reluctant at first but his heart softened on seeing Ying Mei painful expression. He wanted to bring her to the doctor but Ying Mei insisted on broadcasting the seven p.m. news. She would not let Shan Mei have any chance of taking her place! She held out till the news ended and You Zhen rushed her to the hospital. She was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. At the hospital, Yong Xi came to visit Ying Mei and mentioned that now the whole company knew of her relationship with You Zhen. This wasn what she had wished for but at least, she still had her news programme intact.

Xian Da recommended Shan Mei to cover Ying Mei duties during the latter hospitalisation. Yong Xi voiced her objections at Xian Da decision to no avail. Xiang Zhe watched Shan Mei broadcast the seven p.m. news from his office, "At last, she now in the main broadcaster seat…" A comforted smile flashed across his face. Ying Mei was also watching the news from the hospital. She felt both dejected and angry and tears rolled down her cheeks.

All the colleagues visited Ying Mei at the hospital and accidentally saw Ying Mei throwing a tantrum at You Zhen. Not wanting to further agitate Ying Mei, You Zhen brought Shan Mei outside for a chat. Shan Mei told You Zhen to take good care of Ying Mei. You Zhen felt very touched by her thoughtfulness. When they returned to the ward, all the other colleagues had left but Xiang Zhe had just arrived. Ying Mei flirted openly with him in front of Shan Mei, You Zhen and Zhen Shu. Shan Mei couldn bear to see the scene and left. Xiang Zhe followed close behind her. She rejected Xiang Zhe offer to give her a ride home, but seeing him drove off, she felt so angry and sad at the same time.

Today is Shan Mei last day in broadcasting the news in place of Ying Mei. She was broadcasting the news segment on a little girl being kidnapped when she was overwhelmed by her own emotions, "They are a bunch of bastards!" Xiang Zhe was watching the news too and couldn believe his ears! What was Shan Mei doing? But Shan Mei continued, "Resorting to kidnapping small children to get money is the most unscrupulous thing to do on this earth!" Xian Da was also shocked by Shan Mei actions and for a moment, he couldn find the right words to reply. Xiang Zhe step-uncle was also fuming mad back at the control studio. At the hospital, Ying Mei smiled deviously. Later, Xiang Zhe brought a copy of the broadcast back to his office and replayed it over and over again. In the end, he broke into laughter, "Shan Mei, where are you hiding yourself to cry this time round?"

Shan Mei was crying alone in the auditorium. She couldn believe that she had made a fool out of herself again, and even during a live broadcast this time! No wonder everyone was saying that her accomplishments were due to Xiang Zhe help. Her performance was really full of stupid errors, she thought bitterly. As she walked back to the broadcast studio, she saw a card on the table. It was a cute cartoon card with the words, "Shan Mei, today broadcast revealed the most natural side of you! Don be discouraged. Keep going!" It was signed off as "Y". Shan Mei knew it was from Xiang Zhe and smiled. Suddenly, the phone rang and a viewer called in to compliment her earlier broadcast!

To everyone surprise, Shan Mei mistake caused a stir among the public. Since morning, all the phones in the news department had been ringing non-stop from Shan Mei fans. Because of her overnight popularity, Shan Mei was requested to continue broadcasting the seven p.m. news. She felt so ecstatic and walked to the broadcast studio to revel in her new-found joy, not noticing that Xiang Zhe was following her behind. She rehearsed a dialogue happily and took out her handphone. Xiang Zhe looked at her curiously from outside the door, thinking who she would call to share the good news with. Would it be You Zhen? Or her father? Suddenly, his own handphone rang. He was startled and jumped aside but when he answered the phone, the line was cut off. It turned out that Shan Mei had dialed his number unknowingly! When the line went through, she remembered she was still in the midst of a cold war with him and promptly hanged up. She decided to call her father instead. Xiang Zhe was a little disappointed but still walked away smiling knowing that Shan Mei had thought of him first.

Ying Mei was discharged from the hospital. At home, she watched in anger as Shan Mei broadcasted the news on television. She threw the pillow towards the television, thinking if she hadn fallen ill, how could Shan Mei have taken over her place? She wouldn have any chance at all! And now Shan Mei was smiling at her through the television. She hated Shan Mei happy smile. Suddenly, she thought of Xiang Zhe. Yes, it must be him! If not for him, Shan Mei would never have any chance of taking her place!
Late at night, Ying Mei visited Xiang Zhe house with a bouquet of flowers. Xiang Zhe politely invited her to a seat. Ying Mei expressed that she had merely wanted to thank him for his care and concern during the time she was in hospital and got up to leave. As she stood up, she pretended to be in pain and fall. Xiang Zhe reflexively rushed forward and caught her in his arms. Seeing her chance, Ying Mei inched her face closer but Xiang Zhe avoided her advancements

All About Eve (12) by Carina Lee

Shan Mei outstanding performance earned her the most popular newcomer and she was asked to do interviews for numerous newspapers and radio programmes. Watching this, Ying Mei was furious. She looked for Yong Xi and pretended to pour out her grievances to her. Yong Xi could only try to comfort her saying there would be more opportunities coming her way. But Ying Mei thought angrily, "Opportunities are all self-made! And Shan Mei would never have the chance to overtake me!" She stood up, looked at her handphone and suddenly an idea struck her. She smiled deviously

Shan Mei was preparing to broadcast the news when she caught sight of Ying Mei in the studio. She was a little puzzled but thought no further of it. Later, right in the middle of the live broadcast, a ringing tone suddenly sounded throughout the whole studio. Shan Mei expression changed. What that sound? In an instant, the whole broadcast studio was thrown into chaos! The producer was fuming mad and demanded to know the source of the ringing. Xian Da realised the ringing came from under Shan Mei table and told her to search at once while he continued with the broadcast. As the camera panned to Xian Da, Shan Mei quickly ducked under the table. She searched through the rummage of wiresSuddenly, she found it! Holding her handphone in her trembling hands, she was completely shocked. Why was her handphone found under the table? She remembered clearly leaving it in the makeup unit earlier!
Xiang Zhe step-uncle was also jumping mad and demanded to change the broadcaster immediately. During this time, Ying Mei and Yong Xi were having dinner outside. It turned out that Ying Mei had secretly placed Shan Mei handphone under the broadcaster table and called her during the live broadcast. As they watched the news, Yong Xi rebuked Shan Mei for making such a grave mistake. Ying Mei smiled devilishly to herself, secretly pleased that her scheme had worked.

Shan Mei was soon informed of the management decision to replace her with Ying Mei. She tried to check with the makeup artist but the latter couldn recall seeing her leave the handphone in the makeup unit. Her last hope at redressing her grievance gone, Shan Mei felt so sad and wronged. Later, Ying Mei proudly boasted of her reinstatement in front of her. She even called Shan Mei purposely on her handphone and warned her to be extra careful in future. Shan Mei recalled seeing Ying Mei earlier before the broadcast and instantly realised that she had been framed by her! However, she lacked the evidence. Though she pretended to appear strong in front of Ying Mei, she couldn bear with the hurt afterall and began to cry uncontrollably in the officeShe called Xiang Zhe but the call was answered by his answering machine.

At this time, Xiang Zhe had just returned home from his business trip to Japan. He was listening to his voice messages when he heard a familiar voice, "Senior, what should I do?" Shan Mei was crying very sadly on the phone. Had something happened to her? An ill feeling came upon Xiang Zhe. He frowned, grabbed his jacket and rushed out of the house. He called Xian Da and got to know briefly what happened earlier on. When he reached the office, he dashed from room to room, looking for Shan Mei whereabouts. When he finally found her in the news department, she was still crying bitterly. Hearing footsteps, Shan Mei looked up and saw Xiang Zhe standing in the doorway, panting heavily and perspiring with sweat. His face looked flushed with anxiety. How she wished to run straight into his arms at once! But she could only manage to say in a small voice, "I sorryI didn want to call you but it seemed like a habit and I just naturally dialed your number..." She said chokingly, "But I also know that, you wouldn have the time to listen to my troubles like what you did in the pastbut" She could not finish her sentence and sobbed her heart out. Seeing her tears, Xiang Zhe felt a pain sear through his heart. He walked over and wordlessly pulled her into his arms. Shan Mei fell into his arms, sobbing loudly, "I so sadWhat should I do now?. I had thoughtyou weren coming…" She was really afraid that Xiang Zhe wouldn come afterall. Xiang Zhe sighed. How could he ever leave her alone? "It alright now" He held her in his arms, soothed her hair lightly and whispered into her ear, "Don worry, everything fine now…" He patted her back gently and comforted her like a child

When he finally sent her home, Shan Mei had already fallen asleep in the car, probably too tired from crying. He tried to arrange her hair but woke her up in the process. Shan Mei felt embarrassed and grumbled that she didn want anyone to see her like this. Xiang Zhe looked at her intensely and said, "It not just anyone, but me that you don wish to see you like this, am I right?" Shan Mei did not understand his words. He carried on, "Because it me, so you calledAnd because it me, so you were angry. How I wish it was really because it me" His words tinged heavily on sadness and Shan Mei couldn bear to look into his eyes. She got off the car and asked Xiang Zhe to drive off first. Xiang Zhe refused, saying he wanted to see her go in first and told her to have a good sleep. But Shan Mei was adamant, "No, you go off first. I don want you to see my back each time, because you are Senior... Because it you" Xiang Zhe was dazed for a moment and stared at her. Shan Mei felt embarrassed and waved her goodbye to him.
After the incident, Shan Mei still felt very despondent but tried to pick up her spirits. Xiang Zhe did not try to comfort her further. He understood that Shan Mei had hoped to stand on her own and would not accept his help in any way. All he could do was to stand behind her and give her the moral support when she needed it. This day, he went to the archive department and searched for the videotapes of Shan Mei past performances. He wanted to compile a videotape for Shan Mei and began to learn editing techniques under the curious eye of the Editor. He was practising alone one day when You Zhen happened to walk in. They chatted and he invited You Zhen to participate in his next project the revamp of the Morning Show.

At the board meeting, Xiang Zhe revealed his plan to revamp the Morning Show into a new programme called "The Morning of Eve". His exciting presentation and comprehensive proposal received overwhelming response from all around. In addition, his confident disposition during the question and answer session made the management see him in a different light. His step-uncle was very displeased but his subordinate told him not to worry yet because if the new show flop, Xiang Zhe would be in dire straits then.

The Morning of Eve was a big hit with the audience when it was first aired and viewership soared to a record high of 25%. Xiang Zhe hosted a small celebration gathering at his house. He openly praised Ying Mei and Xian Da, who were the main presenters, for their contribution. Ying Mei sarcastically commented that the show would definitely receive good ratings as they had their Goddess of Luck - Shan Mei - in their group. Shan Mei felt very embarrassed by her remark but could only bow her head in sadness. When Xiang Zhe reached for a cigarette, Ying Mei immediately went up to light it for him. You Zhen was very displeased with her actions. Earlier, Ying Mei had chosen the seat nearest to Xiang Zhe when they arrived. As for Shan Mei, though she understood Xiang Zhe feelings for her, Ying Mei flirtations still irritated her. As they chatted, a colleague asked Xiang Zhe if he was visiting the baseball session the next day. Xiang Zhe had planned to visit the sports presenters. On hearing this, Ying Mei thought of an idea and deliberately left her handphone behind the cushions on the sofa

After the gathering, Shan Mei was walking off when Xiang Zhe called her from behind. He offered her a ride but she declined. Looking a little shy, he hesitantly handed her a videotape, said it was some pictorial materials and asked her to watch it when she free. As he watched her leave on the taxi, Xiang Zhe felt a little embarrassed and laughed at his own foolishness.

The next morning, Xiang Zhe was awakened by the ringing of a handphone. It turned out to be Ying Mei phone. He called Ying Mei telling her that her phone was with him and Ying Mei made a trip to his house to retrieve it. She knew that Xiang Zhe would be visiting the baseball session and asked to tag along with him. There, the colleagues were all surprised to see them together. At night, Ying Mei asked Xiang Zhe to treat her to dinner. During their conversation, she hinted at her feelings for him but Xiang Zhe calmly got up to leave. At this time, You Zhen was locked out of the house and he could not reach Ying Mei on her handphone

At home, Shan Mei chanced upon the videotape and recalled Xiang Zhe telling her to watch it when she free. She had been busy and had forgotten about the whole matter. Curiously, she loaded the videotape into the player and was surprised to see Xiang Zhe image appear on the screen. Xiang Zhe looked very shy. He adjusted the camera and even before he said anything, he was already laughing, "I a little embarrassed but I couldn care about that right now. The reason why I wanted to pass this tape to you is thatShan Mei, don cry anymore. If you cry, it would be the most heart-breaking matter to me on earth." He pressed the remote control and the screen immediately showed images of Shan Mei past performances. Shan Mei watched as the images showed her first audition in MBS, her hiccuping on the live broadcast, to the errors she made on the showsScene by scene, the videotape recorded her learning process and more importantly, it captured all her smiles and laughter. Finally, the screen paused at the image of her laughing merrily after her broadcast won applause from the audience. Shan Mei felt her heart warmed. Xiang Zhe image reappeared on the screen, "This is your expression which I liked most. I will always let you smile in this way. I promise." Tears welled up in Shan Mei eyes. She was deeply touched by the fact that Xiang Zhe had painstakingly made this tape for her. She smiled sweetly, knowing that someone would always be there for her

On their way home, Ying Mei tried to seduce Xiang Zhe but he kept his distance from her and was indifferent to her flirtations. Ying Mei tried to get him to talk by mentioning Shan Mei, "I feel that you are always putting me off at a distanceIn what way am I no better than Shan Mei? Shan Mei…" She looked up at him. Xiang Zhe is one person she couldn fathom at all, "Do you love her?" Xiang Zhe looked straight at her and answered, "Miss Hsu, I don think our relationship is that close enough to discuss about such matters yet." He told her his thoughts, sharp and clear. Ying Mei was taken aback at his straight forwardness. As she alighted from Xiang Zhe car, she turned and saw You Zhen waiting for her

All About Eve (13) by Carina Lee

You Zhen watched angrily as Ying Mei alighted from Xiang Zhe car. He waved the door keys at her and demanded for an explanation. She calmly told him that she wished to break up with him. She had decided to go after Xiang Zhe and thus the decision to jilt You Zhen. You Zhen was furious to hear these words and nearly slapped her. But Ying Mei hardened her heart and dealt him with the final blow, saying, "I don love you. I have never loved you. You want me to repeat? I have never loved!" Before she could finish her sentence, You Zhen gave her a tight slap and left the house. In truth, Ying Mei loved You Zhen very much but her ambitions forbid her to change her mind. She had no intention of changing her plans, her decisionAfter You Zhen left, she broke down in tears. You Zhen, on the other hand, got himself drunk.
While passing by the broadcast unit, Xiang Zhe was attracted to a familiar voice. He walked over and was glad to see Shan Mei doing well. She had finally stepped out of her distress. Ying Mei saw Xiang Zhe comforted smile from afar and felt very disappointed.

Zhao Di boyfriend, Chen Shui, blurted out that he saw Ying Mei with Xiang Zhe at the baseball session the other day. All the colleagues were shocked at this news but half-believed it. Yong Xi was also surprised that it was Ying Mei, and not Shan Mei, who had accompanied Xiang Zhe. Later, she inquired Ying Mei on the matter but the latter tried to avoid the topic. Yong Xi advised her to be more discreet in her behaviour to avoid unnecessary rumours.

Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe were finally going out again! They secretly avoided the other colleagues to go for dinner together. Shan Mei felt their discreet actions resembled those in a FBI movie and laughed heartily. Xiang Zhe have had a bad day at work and over dinner, he asked Shan Mei to give him some energy and even suggested that they go to London where they first met. Shan Mei understood his feelings but couldn agree with him. She still had a lot of work to do before she could catch up with Ying Mei! After seeing her home, Xiang Zhe was about to drive off when she called him, "I feel a little embarrassed. Actually, I wasn going to tell you but this Saturday is my birthdaydo you want to come?" Xiang Zhe heart leapt with joy! Of course he wanted to attend her birthday! He asked her who else she had invited and Shan Mei sheepishly answered, "Everyone should be attending. there you. and me!" Xiang Zhe laughed at her mischief.

Just then, Gui Cheng returned home. A thought struck Xiang Zhe and he told Shan Mei, "Since I have agreed to your request, you should agree to mine as well." Before Shan Mei could understand the meaning in his words, he went over, grabbed her hand and walked towards Gui Cheng. He formally introduced himself to a bewildered Gui Cheng, "Uncle, how do you do? I am Yi Xiang Zhe. It already so lateI sorry, I will be more careful in future and send Shan Mei home earlier." Shan Mei struggled to break free but Xiang Zhe grip was too tight. Gui Cheng looked at this man holding on tightly to her daughter hand, "Er, do you want to take a seat inside?" Xiang Zhe was already very pleased at today results. He said politely, "No, thanks. I will come by some other time. It already late now but I had wanted to greet you. Goodbye." He finally let go of Shan Mei hand and whispered his goodbye to her. Shan Mei whole face flushed red. After Xiang Zhe left, Gui Cheng asked Shan Mei and realised that Xiang Zhe had been the one who knocked her down in London and the one who gave her the suit as a gift. He teased her for lying about busy with work when she had been busy dating. Both father and daughter laughed heartily.
In the office, Xiang Zhe was busy surfing the Internet and going through product advertisements. He had wanted to get a special birthday present for his beloved Shan Mei. Last night, while listening to her song dedication radio programme "Musical Postcard", he heard Shan Mei appeal for donations for a listener brother whose operation was suspended due to a lack of funds. He decided to do something for Shan Mei and helped the listener pay for the hospitalisation fees. On her birthday, Shan Mei was thrilled to hear that someone had anonymously paid for all the hospitalisation expenses. Her colleagues laughingly said that her sincerity had touched the heavens. She happily called Xiang Zhe to tell him of the good news and said this was the best birthday present she had received. Xiang Zhe told his secretary to keep his donation a secret.

At night, Xiang Zhe celebrated Shan Mei birthday in an elegant open-air restaurant. As the musicians played soft music behind them, Xiang Zhe thought to himself, "Would I have the chance to celebrate her birthday again next year? Would we be here? Would Shan Mei be with me then?" Shan Mei realised his silence and asked what he was thinking. He looked at her with mixed feelings and said, "On your birthday one year later, two years later, ten, twenty years later, I hope to be with you…" Shan Mei felt her heart warmed and jokingly replied him, "Oh, that would have to depend on your performance then!"
Over candle-lit dinner, Xiang Zhe handed Shan Mei the present he had chosen specially for her. On an elegant silver chain was a shining pearl surrounded by two precious stones. It represented his feelings for Shan Mei perfectly. Shan Mei was overjoyed. She recognised the pearl as her birthstone but what about the other two precious stones? Xiang Zhe went on to explain that the peridot was his birthstone and the unburnt part of a meteorite when it fell down onto earth. He said to her, his voice charged with emotions, "If your pearl comes from the deep ocean, then the peridot would have come from the other side of the universebut now they are placed together." Hearing his words, Shan Mei was very touched. She tried it on her wrist but it was too big. Xiang Zhe smiled, saying, "It not a bracelet." In front of all the people, he walked over to kneel in front of her and wore the silver chain around her ankle. It was actually an anklet! Shan Mei was taken aback at Xiang Zhe sudden actions. His actions caught the envious looks of the other patrons and she felt so embarrassed. Still kneeling in front of Shan Mei, Xiang Zhe looked deeply into her eyes and said, "A dialogue in a movie once said, to give an anklet as a present signifies the promise to meet in the next lives. We make a promise to meet in our next lives…" On her birthday, he solemnly made this wish.

Shan Mei was very thankful to Xiang Zhe for all he had done for her and shook his hands as a gesture of gratitude. As she was getting off the car, Xiang Zhe pulled her back into the car seat and kissed her forehead. His eyes shone with love as he said to her, "I so happy to have you. Your birth brings me hope and I hope to bring you happiness." Shan Mei face flushed red, "In the past, I did not realise how fortunate I was. But I really very fortunate to have known you."

Zhen Shu met up with Ying Mei. You Zhen had been feeling very depressed lately and she hoped that Ying Mei would show more concern for him. As a token of her acceptance of Ying Mei, Zhen Zhu gave her a ring. She even suggested letting Ying Mei have her room if she agreed to move in with them. Ying Mei realised You Zhen hadn told his mother of their breakup yet. This day, she was admitted to the hospital again. There, she told You Zhen plainly that she had lied to him about her earlier pregnancy and the medicine she took were actually for her menstrual pains. You Zhen was shocked at her confession but still couldn believe her words. But after checking with the doctor, he realised Ying Mei was speaking the truth afterall. Although he felt very miserable, he still expressed his willingness to wait for her. But Ying Mei wanted to make a clean break with him. To pursue her dreams, she was willing to give up everything, including You Zhen. But You Zhen knew of Xiang Zhe deep feelings for Shan Mei. To which Ying Mei coldly replied, "I will make him mine at all costs! I will stake everything I have to get him!" After You Zhen left, Ying Mei cried bitterly. She still loved You Zhen deeply but had made the cruel decision
You Zhen and Shan Mei were on an assignment. Shan Mei sensed that You Zhen was feeling down and tried to cheer him up to no avail.

Lately, "The Morning of Eve" had been suffering from poor ratings. Xian Da met up with Xiang Zhe to discuss about the programme. As they chatted, Xian Da asked Xiang Zhe the one question which had been bugging him, "Tell me, what did you like about her?" "What?" For a moment, Xiang Zhe did not understand his question. Xian Da decided to ask him straight, "I mean, what did you like about Shan Mei?" Shan Mei? The mere mention of her name made Xiang Zhe happy. He turned around to check if anyone listening and asked Xian Da back softly, "Are we not compatible?" Looking at his nervous reaction, Xian Da felt amused. He replied, "It not that. It just that Ie always thought women like Yong Xi or Ying Mei would suit you better." Xiang Zhe smiled. He didn't want any other woman, for he knew Shan Mei the one who would suit him best! As they walked, Xiang Zhe saw Ying Mei waiting for them ahead. It turned out that Xian Da had also asked her along for the discussion.

In the restaurant, Xian Da had to leave early as something had cropped up in the office. Alone with Xiang Zhe, Ying Mei hinted at her feelings for Xiang Zhe. However, Xiang Zhe expressed that he couldn accept her feelings. He also couldn understand the way she treated You Zhen. He told her, "The person I myself love knew her own feelings very well. Even if her feelings weren reciprocated, she would not force for the same feelings from the other party. Instead, she would give him her blessings" He was thinking of Shan Mei. In order to change the topic of their conversation, he tried to ask Ying Mei to call Shan Mei and You Zhen who were on an assignment together. Unwillingly, she got through to Shan Mei phone but because she was having a bath, the call was picked up by You Zhen. Ying Mei was shocked to hear You Zhen pick up Shan Mei call. You Zhen heard Ying Mei voice and hanged up the phone. Just then, Shan Mei came out from the bathroom and You Zhen told her he had broken off with Ying Mei

All About Eve (14) by Carina Lee

On their way home, Ying Mei noticed Xiang Zhe crest-fallen look and decided that this was a good time to act. She purposely asked him sadly, "I guess you must be wondering why You Zhen is with Shan Meiin fact, he had already broken off with me." Hearing this, Xiang Zhe felt his heart tightened. You Zhen had broken off with Ying Mei? Is the crisis here afterall? Ying Mei pretended to choke on her tears, "No matter how hard I try, I still can compare to what they have shared for the past twenty years." Ying Mei words pierced through Xiang Zhe heart like a sword. Although he replied her saying that one cannot force love to order, he had his own worries deep inside too. At home, he smoked one cigarette after another and spent a sleepless night

On hearing their breakup, Shan Mei felt furious for You Zhen and demanded to know why Ying Mei had decided to break off with him. But how could You Zhen tell her the truth? He had already hurt Shan Mei too much. How could he tell her that now, his own girlfriend was breaking off with him to go after her boyfriend? He could only reply that maybe Ying Mei had found someone better than him, someone who can help in her career progression

The next morning, Xiang Zhe was going to work when he saw Shan Mei waiting for him outside his house. She was feeling troubled over You Zhen and thought of confiding in Xiang Zhe. Over breakfast, she kept mentioning You Zhen name. Xiang Zhe recalled Ying Mei words last night and felt very uneasy. He promised Shan Mei to give You Zhen and Ying Mei another chance at patching back. However, he also made her promise that whatever the results were, it would be up to them to decide on how their relationship would develop. He did not want Shan Mei to worry herself unnecessarily over this matter anymore.

When Ying Mei received news of her assignment, she was enraged! Except for Xiang Zhe, no one had such authority to send her on an overseas assignment with You Zhen. And the reason why Xiang Zhe had done this was very clear for Shan Mei! She found Shan Mei and scolded her for making use of Xiang Zhe authority to send her abroad. Shan Mei sincerely persuaded her to treat You Zhen better. But Ying Mei only coldly retorted her, " If you care so much for You Zhen, you could jolly well return to his side!" Later, she went to see Xiang Zhe regarding the assignment, hoping he would send someone else instead. But Xiang Zhe told her that it was his sincere wish that the assignment would partly serve as a chance for her and You Zhen to patch back. Ying Mei confessed her feelings for him, "What about my wishes then? I had originally thought that I loved You Zhen. But since I got to know you, I finally understood. The person Ie been waiting for is you." Facing this, Xiang Zhe only uttered, "This is really shocking." Ying Mei felt very disheartened by his cold and indifferent response.

In England, You Zhen and Ying Mei relationship did not improve as Shan Mei had hoped. This day, Ying Mei was praying in a church when You Zhen came by. She knew that this would be her last chance to let him give up all hope on her. She said hard-heartedly, "I praying that you would disappear from my sight. Even if the whole earth is destroyed, I have no regretsbut only you I detest you so much that I hope you would disappear along with your camera!"

You Zhen disappeared and Shan Mei also quickly learnt that her hopes of their patch back had dashed. News of You Zhen breakup with Ying Mei spread like wildfire in the company. At the carpark, Shan Mei found Ying Mei and gave her a tight slap, "How could you do such a cruel thing to You Zhen? You are too much!" Ying Mei laughed and said that she had done her part during the time they dated and now, all she wanted was to make a clean break with him. Zhen Shu called Shan Mei, telling her that You Zhen had returned home for a while but left again. They asked Ying Mei to look for You Zhen. But she retorted saying that she had never loved You Zhen and his disappearance was none of her business. She had only pretended to love him to spite Zhen Shu and Shan Mei.

At the board meeting, Xiang Zhe step-uncle made use of the recent poor ratings of "The Morning of Eve" as an excuse to try to kick him out of the company. As the main cameraman of the programme, You Zhen disappearance at this time made the whole situation worse. Xiang Zhe had one month to salvage the situation, otherwise, he would be asked to resign.

Xiang Zhe did not agree with his step-uncle saying that the problem lies with the presenters and the producers. However, what could be done to salvage the declining viewership in such a short time? By accident, he chanced upon the idea of focusing on the success stories of housewives-turned-business women. At the meeting, everyone supported his proposal. Ying Mei advocated his idea by suggesting to add on a new item of searching for lost children and even volunteered to do the research. As for Shan Mei, when Xiang Zhe asked for her opinions, she was pre-occupied with her own thoughts. It turned out that Zhen Shu was sick from worry for You Zhen and she is now waiting for his call. Just then, her handphone rang and hearing it to from You Zhen, she asked to be excused. You Zhen had called to say that he would return soon. Later, Shan Mei apologised to Xiang Zhe for her distraction at the meeting earlier but the latter only smiled and patted her back.

The revamp of the programme was very important and Ying Mei guessed the producer and Xiang Zhe would come to watch the editing work. She bought some drinks and waited at the editing studio and just as she hoped, Xiang Zhe came. He decided to give a treat to all the colleagues for their hard work. While waiting for the other colleagues to arrive, Ying Mei made use of this opportunity to flirt with him. But Xiang Zhe seemed distracted and she couldn figure him out. Just then, Shan Mei called to inform him that You Zhen had come home. He put down the call with a smile on his face and told Ying Mei the news. But Ying Mei couldn be bothered, "I have no interest in this matter whatsoever. All I care for is only you and our programmeOther than these, I don wish to hear about anything else." She had always regarded Shan Mei as a lucky person. Her cheerfulness made people jealous. Her bubbly nature seemed to influence all those around her, in particular this man before her She was in particularly surprised to see Xiang Zhe face changing from emotionless to understanding and gentleness after talking with Shan Mei on the phone

The newly revamped "The Morning of Eve" was very well-received and ratings rivaled JBSTV station Morning Show. Xiang Zhe invited everyone to a gathering at the holiday resort. At the karaoke lounge, he was pulled on stage to perform a song. On the stage, he thanked everyone for their hard work and offered to sing a love song "I will give you all". As he belted out the song, everyone stared in awe of his good vocals. Only Shan Mei herself knew that the song was Xiang Zhe way of professing his love for her. Watching him sing with such deep emotions, she felt very touched and smiled sweetly.
Later, at their hotel suites, Xiang Zhe called Shan Mei, "I really miss youBut it already too late now…" He had wanted so much to see her! He had a slight headache from drinking too much but was still in very high spirits. Soon after he hanged up the phone, the doorbell rang. It was Ying Mei. He tried to close the door on her but she said she had work matters to discuss with him and couldn wait till the next day. Xiang Zhe had no choice but to let her in.

At this time, Shan Mei decided to bring some medicine over to Xiang Zhe. As she reached his suite, she was shocked to see Ying Mei walk into his room

All About Eve (15) by Carina Lee

As she saw Ying Mei enter Xiang Zhe room, the truth suddenly dawned on Shan Mei. Ying Mei new target was Xiang Zhe! She had dumped You Zhen to go after Xiang Zhe! Shan Mei was shocked at this discovery.

Inside Xiang Zhe suite, he asked Ying Mei calmly, "What is it that you wish to speak to me about? Everytime Ms Hsu has something to speak to me, I would feel afraid." Ying Mei expressed her wish to resign, "I a tough and vicious woman, but after breaking up with You Zhen, I feel very bad whenever I face you…" She lowered her eyelids and continued sadly, "Even though I know you only had eyes for Shan Mei, I couldn stop myself from being attracted to you" Perhaps under the influence of his headache, Xiang Zhe wasn in the mood to deal with Ying Mei today. He looked at her coldly, "Am I responsible for your break up with You Zhen?" Ying Mei was shocked by his words. She tried to say something but Xiang Zhe continued, "Il just be plain saying with you. Have I ever said or done anything to you which I should be responsible for? If yes, Il bear the responsibility!" "True love can be forced. At least, the person I love won expect the same feelings from the person she loves, even though it unrequited love, she will only have blessings for him and hold no grudges." Other than Shan Mei, he had no place for anyone else in his heart! "I respect you as an invaluable talent to the company, Miss Hsu. Other than this, I can do anything more. Can you accept this result?" Faced with Xiang Zhe blunt rejection, Ying Mei felt utterly embarrassed.

Shan Mei spent a sleepless night, troubled over the complex relationship among the four of them. The next morning, she was shocked to see Xiang Zhe and Ying Mei sharing the same lift. Xiang Zhe smiled to her. Seeing that she had no intention of coming into the lift, he pulled her in before the lift door closed. What wrong with Shan Mei? He asker her, "Did you have a good sleep?" "Yes…" Shan Mei managed weakly and posed the same question to Ying Mei. Ying Mei answered coldly, "Couldn get to sleep for the whole night!" Hearing this, Shan Mei expression changed. She rushed out once the lift door opened. Xiang Zhe was puzzled. Wasn she just fine last night? Why was she in such a hurry to avoid him today?
When Shan Mei met up with Xiang Zhe later, she couldn help but asked him, "The one whom Ying Mei likesis you, right? Why didn you tell me she had been hinting her feelings at you?" Shan Mei knew about it? Xiang Zhe replied, "Is it really that important? I don feel anything at all." Shan Mei raised her voice, "It is important to me!" She turned her face away, "Last night, I saw her entering your room…" That explained her weird actions this morning! Looking at her nervous reaction, Xiang Zhe felt unusually happy and laughed. Shan Mei looked so sweet even when she jealous. "What are you laughing at?" How could he still laugh when she feeling so troubled? "This feeling great!" Xiang Zhe couldn stop the grin on his face, "You are jealous!" But Shan Mei wasn prepared to admit. He regarded her with gentleness, "Do you want me to explain? Want to hear?" But Shan Mei was already feeling very confused and sad, "No need. You Zhen and Ying Meimyself and Seniorwhat should I do?" Xiang Zhe sensed her insecurity. Looking straight into her eyes, he said, "What should you do? It not complicated at all. All you need to do is to look and walk straight towards me…" "Don look anywhere else," he emphasised. He didn want her to walk any other way, except into his arms

In the make-up room, Shan Mei told Ying Mei to abandon her plan to go after Xiang Zhe. But Ying Mei had decided to stake everything she had to get this man. She challenged Shan Mei and left with the words, "Be it You Zhen or Xiang Zhe, you can never win me!"

At home, You Zhen watched Shan Mei outstanding broadcast and gave a comforted smile. At the same time, Shan Mei received a call from Zhen Shu asking her for a lunch gathering over the weekend with Gui Cheng and You Zhen. During a location assignment, Shan Mei tried to comfort a depressed You Zhen. After much talk, he finally smiled.

In the office, Ying Mei was getting more and more arrogant each day and no longer tried to curry favour the other colleagues as she did in the past. When she bumped into Yong Xi, she did not even bother to stop but hurried off. Instead, it was Shan Mei who went over to help Yong Xi pick up her things. Yong Xi found her initial impression about the two girls changing

On their way home, Xiang Zhe felt a little bitter as he hear Shan Mei talked non-stop about You Zhen. He stole a look at her as she continued, "Auntie Zhen Shu was very worried about You Zhen. But after seeing him today, I think he is already getting much better…" At her doorstep, he couldn bear it any further and finally said, "Along the way, you have already mentioned You Zhen name for more than twenty times." He felt really jealous. But when he saw her knit her eyebrows, his heart softened again. He just couldn get angry with his little angel. Xiang Zhe then asked if she free on Sunday, he had wanted to introduce a very important person to her. Sunday? She had a lunch gathering with her father, Zhen Shu and You Zhen. But after just being chided for mentioning You Zhen name, Shan Mei couldn bring herself to tell Xiang Zhe about the gathering, so she told him she had an appointment with her father but she could make time in the afternoon.

In actual fact, Sunday was Xiang Zhe late-mother birthday and he wanted to bring Shan Mei along to pay their respects at her tomb. Before he drove off, Shan Mei stopped him. She felt nervous and shy, but mustered all her courage to say the words, "Ilike like you very much, the person I like is not anyone else, but you, Senior. You must believe me!" Her cheeks flushing red, she ran away after telling Xiang Zhe her feelings. Xiang Zhe stood fixed to the ground and was dazed for a few moments. After so many years of waiting, this was the first time Shan Mei clearly expressed her feelings for him! He smiled happily the whole journey home

At home, Shan Mei opened her door to find a drunk You Zhen. She helped him inside her house and told him to rest well. In his grief, You Zhen asked Shan Mei to marry him, "Even it is only for a year, or a month, I just want you to be at my side!" Shan Mei was shocked to hear this. She had waited all her life for him to propose to her but, in these circumstances? When she had already fallen in love with Xiang Zhe? How could he be so cruel to her? She cried bitterly and You Zhen cried along, regretting his rash words.
On the morning of her date with Xiang Zhe, Shan Mei came to the restaurant with her father and Zhen Shu and found You Zhen already drinking heavily. On seeing her son in this state, Zhen Shu cried sadly and Shan Mei went forward to comfort her. In the end, Shan Mei couldn leave behind a drunk You Zhen and a grieving Zhen Shu. She called Xiang Zhe and lied saying that she couldn make it for their date because her father had fallen ill. Xiang Zhe comforted her and went alone to pay his respects to his late-mother. After leaving the cemetery, he was still worried about Shan Mei and decided to pay her a visit. No one was at home then and he patiently waited outside. At this time, he saw Gui Cheng car. Shan Mei, Zhen Shu and Gui Cheng were helping a heavily drunk You Zhen get down the car. From the corner of her eye, Shan Mei saw Xiang Zhe watching her

Alone with Xiang Zhe, Shan Mei felt so guilty about her lie and could not bring herself to face him. But Xiang Zhe emphathised with her totally, "You could have told me right from the start." She had wanted to tell him but she didn dare mention You Zhen name in front of him, "I sorry…". She raised her head and asked him, "Who was it that you wanted to introduce to me?" Xiang Zhe lightly brushed it off as a common friend. He didn want Shan Mei to feel guilty about this. Shan Mei felt so ashamed and choked on her emotions, "I really don know why I kept hurting Senior time after time…" How should he put it? "Ifyou want to come back to my side, just walk straight towards me, but everytime I think you have made a step forward, you would take two steps back again. Very interestingalthough it interesting, it also very tiring. I hope you won let me be so tired again…" Shan Mei felt the tears coming to her eyes again, "Senior, please don be so tolerant with me. If you do this, I would feel very guilty." But Xiang Zhe didn want her guilt, all he wanted was her love! He held her hands and said, "Frankly speaking, sometimes I would feel angry when I see you getting so troubled over You Zhen. I a man afterall but if you were to come to me without any qualms for You Zhen, I don think I will be happy too. Because you are Shan Mei and I like you for who you are and your qualities. You don have to feel that you have let me down. I can wait for you…" Once again, Shan Mei was deeply touched by Xiang Zhe understanding. Tears rolled in her eyes, "Why are you so good to me?" Xiang Zhe smiled gently at her, hoping the smile would somehow comfort her, "Thiseven I'm not too sure myself, maybe you can let me know once you know the reason…" From his smile, Shan Mei seemed to find renewed courage

In the office, Yong Xi offered to coach Shan Mei on her speech delivery techniques. Ying Mei felt very jealous when she saw this. She vowed not only to snatch Xiang Zhe away from Shan Mei, but also seize the coveted nine p.m. newsbroadcaster position from Yong Xi.

After the coaching, Yong Xi asked Shan Mei if she had visited Xiang Zhe late mother tomb the day before. Yong Xi had heard Xiang Zhe mention he will bring someone along and guessed that the person would be none other than Shan Mei. Hearing this, Shan Mei realised that the person Xiang Zhe had wanted to introduce to her was none other than his late mother! She quickly said her goodbye to Yong Xi and rushed off to Xiang Zhe house but he was not around. She waited patiently outside his house
On the other side, You Zhen was drinking alone when he saw Ying Mei broadcast the news on the television. He was furious to hear some men sitting near him speak ill of Ying Mei and fought with them.
Ying Mei knew that Xiang Zhe placed a lot of emphasis on his work. She did extra research for a programme and purposely handed the materials to the scriptwriter when he around. Xiang Zhe complimented her for her hard work and she made use of this chance to ask him to treat herself to dinner. Xiang Zhe obliged but told her as a matter-of-factly that the dinner was purely to thank her for her contributions and nothing else. She pretended to be sad and drank. Later, she even discarded her jacket and went off to dance alone. However, Xiang Zhe was not at all moved by her actions. He drove her back to her home and politely asked her to alight. But Ying Mei wasn prepared to give up yet. She pretended to be drunk and fall into Xiang Zhe arms but was held back by him. Seeing that Xiang Zhe was not at all moved by her seduction, Ying Mei could only alight from his car reluctantly.

At this time, Shan Mei was still waiting for Xiang Zhe outside his house when she received a call from Zhen Shu saying that You Zhen was brought to the police station for fighting. Worried about You Zhen, she decided to leave. At this time, Xiang Zhe car drove past and they missed each other

All About Eve (16) by Carina Lee

At the police station, Shan Mei was very sad to see You Zhen covered in bruises. When she knew that he had fought with others because of Ying Mei, all the more her heart ached for his foolishness. They have also informed Ying Mei but she did not come afterall. Zhen Shu cried bitterly and begged Shan Mei to return to You Zhen side, "Would you help him? Only you can help him now. Didn you like You Zhen a lot in the past?" Shan Mei found herself caught in a dilemmaEven as she comforted Zhen Shu, she felt so worried for You Zhen too. How much longer could You Zhen go on like this? But how could she go on hurting Xiang Zhe? Finally, she made a decision. She could not let Xiang Zhe wait for her anymore
At the riverside, Shan Mei told Xiang Zhe her decision, "I couldn leave You Zhen in the lurch…" Xiang Zhe turned to face her. What did she mean by this? Had what he feared most arrived? "He is so miserable now, and Auntie Zhen Shu had been like a mother to me, I couldn bear to see them like this…" She looked at him, "You once said, letting You Zhen and Ying Mei go to England would be the last time you would help them, but I couldn let it be the last time." Xiang Zhe looked at her calmly, "What do you hope me to do?" "I hope you won be hurt anymore. After today, don bother yourself with me again," She could feel her heart being torn apart as she said these cruel words. To her surprise, Xiang Zhe only sighed and replied, "If you are the only one who can help You Zhen, then just go ahead." But how could she be so selfish? She looked into his sorrowful eyes, "But I not only purely helping himwhat if I I were to marry You Zhen, what would you do then?" Xiang Zhe felt his breath went out of him, "Till then, I just won wait for you anymore but before that, I want to make my own decisions. You go and help You Zhen and once you are done, just come back to me. Don worry about anything else. You just do what you wish to do, come to me if you face any problems…" Shan Mei could only look at Xiang Zhe wordlessly, for no words could express her feelings right now. "I not doing this because I a good man. It because I can understand your feelings for You Zhenit the same as what I feel for you." His heart ached, "You just need to remember that someone is waiting for you here, always waiting…"

The next day after work, Xiang Zhe bumped into You Zhen and Shan Mei at the carpark. You Zhen was ignorant of their relationship and told Shan Mei to alight and go over to Xiang Zhe but she refused. Xiang Zhe did not want Shan Mei to feel embarrassed and drove off immediately. Since he had decided to wait for her, he would not do anything to put her in a dilemma. Shan Mei accompanied You Zhen home and went home alone later. In her own room, she curled her knees up to her chin and touched the anklet Xiang Zhe gave her on her birthday. She hadn removed it since the day he put it on for her. She recalled the encounter with Xiang Zhe at the carpark today and pain shot through her heart. Meanwhile, Xiang Zhe was taking a long bath with a glass of wine in his hand, deep in thoughts

You Zhen went to the pub to drown his sorrows again and Shan Mei had no choice but to follow him. They bumped into Xiang Zhe and Ying Mei there. Ying Mei had asked Xiang Zhe for a treat since she had earlier rejected an invitation from his step-uncle to host a rival show to "The Morning of Eve". Xiang Zhe was opening his briefcase to show Ying Mei a new proposal when she asked, "What is the pin number to your briefcase? Most people will usually use either birth dates or telephone numbers." Xiang Zhe purposely said it loud and clear so that Shan Mei could hear it at the next table, "0706. It the birthday of a friend whom I like very much." You Zhen heard it and asked Shan Mei, "Isn that your birthday?" and rushed out to vomit. Shan Mei was about to follow him but Xiang Zhe stopped her and went instead. Outside the pub, You Zhen pushed Xiang Zhe aside and questioned him, "What is this? You already have Shan Mei, so what are you trying to do?" He had mistaken Xiang Zhe relationship with Ying Mei. Xiang Zhe replied him determinedly, "Just as your feelings for Ying Mei, I only have Shan Mei in my heart. Whatever she wants to do, I will support her."

With the passage of time, colleagues were beginning to realise Shan Mei sincere and kind character and in contrast, Ying Mei scheming nature. Everyone liked Shan Mei but gave Ying Mei the cold shoulder. This day, Xiang Zhe was in the lift when the doors opened at the radio broadcast studio. He was about to press the close button when he saw Shan Mei walked past. He decided to follow her like what he did in the past and hid at a corner to hear her broadcast. "Shan Mei is really a very remarkable broadcaster now", he thought to himself. She had overcome so many obstacles to become what she is today. Looking at her, he couldn help but smile. Even though the smile hinged heavily on bitterness, it also full of sincerity

At this time, Pei Ren Xiu was released from the prison. Once again, he phoned Ying Mei. Ying Mei was shocked to hear his voice again and promptly hanged up the phone. She had been feeling very angry lately at Yong Xi apparent concern for Shan Mei. Earlier, her conniving plan to frame Shan Mei of deleting Yong Xi computer file was also discovered by the latter. At the carpark, an evil thought grew in her mind and she sabotaged Yong Xi car brake system. As a result, Yong Xi met with an accident and Ying Mei was asked to take over Yong Xi as the nine p.m. newsbroadcaster. She was pretending to decline the job when Yong Xi came back on crutches, insisting that she was fine and could carry on with the broadcast. Ying Mei was furious that her plan had backfired.

Finally, You Zhen gradually returned to his natural self again. He felt bad for his rash words to Shan Mei the other night and decided to invite her for dinner. When he later heard news that Yong Xi was injured in an accident, his sixth sense told him something fishy was going on. As a cameraman, he knew that the carpark would be fitted with security cameras. He went to the Security department to ask for the tape and discovered Ying Mei doings. At this time, Ying Mei was parking her car in the carpark when she accidentally saw the security cameras. Panic shot through her

It was raining heavily and Shan Mei was waiting for You Zhen for their dinner date. Xiang Zhe walked past and went over to talk to her, "Hi, long time no see…" He took shelter in her umbrella and asked smilingly, "What are you doing?" Shan Mei replied hesitantly, "I waiting for someonefor You Zhen…" He understood. "I just had my dinner and on my way back to the office…" He had to go. "The umbrella…" Before Shan Mei could finish her sentence, a car zoomed past and water splashed onto both of them. Xiang Zhe reflexively used her umbrella to shield her from the water and caught her in his arms. Instantly, she felt very shy at their intimacy. Xiang Zhe sensed her shyness and said his goodbye to her.
Ying Mei realised that her actions have been caught on camera and went to the security department to ask for the tape but was told it was already taken by You Zhen. When she couldn find You Zhen in his office, she frantically searched through his workplace, looking for the tape. You Zhen appeared and told her the tape with him. Ying Mei kneeled in front of You Zhen and begged him to forgive her, "Please let me off, You Zhen! It all my fault, could you please let me off?" She could not let anyone discover that tape! "Would you talk to me please? You know how much I love you! Please give me a chance to explain…" Looking at her desperate expression, You Zhen felt as though he had finally seen her true and natural self. Ying Mei frantically clung on to him and suggested they find a place to talk things over.
At this time, Xiang Zhe was leaving the office after work. He was surprised when he saw You Zhen and Ying Mei drove off together. Suddenly he seemed to remember something and immediately drove off into the rain

Shan Mei was still waiting for You Zhen. The rain was getting heavier and she shivered in the cold wind. Just then, Xiang Zhe appeared. Seeing Shan Mei still waiting in the pouring rain, his heart ached for the love for her yet angry at her foolishness. He went over and wordlessly pulled her into his car

All About Eve (17) by Carina Lee

Despite her protests, Xiang Zhe forcefully dragged Shan Mei onto his car. Shan Mei was furious at his sudden actions and demanded he stop the car immediately. However, Xiang Zhe was too angry to take heed of her words. He told her harshly, "Call home to say you are not going back!" and then proceeded to drive her back to his home. There, Shan Mei blew her top, "How could you do this! Don you know that I waiting for You Zhen?" She turned, preparing to leave but heard Xiang Zhe words, "He wouldn be coming. The You Zhen you trusted so much won come. Do you know where he is now? He with Ying Mei right now!"

But Shan Mei would not believe that You Zhen would stand her up without at least giving her a call. Xiang Zhe took a towel and quietly sat down to dry Shan Mei hair. When he finally spoke, his tone was full of sorrow, "From the start, I knew that You Zhen is the most important person in your life…" Shan Mei tried to explain but he continued, "But when I saw them leaving together, and then I saw you waiting for You Zhen in the rainI asked myself, what am I to you? Later, I finally understood. I mean nothing to youTo love someone, if it not all, then it nothing." He could feel his heart being torn apart as he said the words. Shan Mei tried anxiously to explain, "I not waiting for You Zhen because I like him. It just that I believe he will turn up for our appointment, no matter what." Xiang Zhe was too heart-broken, he stretched out his hand to her, "Come, Il send you back. Maybe You Zhen is waiting for you right now. If that is really the case, then maybe II could really give you up…" Shan Mei tried to express her feelings for him, "Senior, Ictually I" but the words just wouldn leave her throat. She loved Xiang Zhe deeply but before she could walk straight back to him again, she couldn say the wordsShe couldn hurt him anymore

On the other side, You Zhen drove Ying Mei to a hotel. Ying Mei tried to make advancements at him but he was not moved by her seductions. She cried bitterly and tried to explain she had committed the deed in a moment of folly. You Zhen coldly told her that he would keep the videotape with him. He reminded her that the next time she wanted to do something evil again, pause and remember that he had the videotape in his hands. After he left, Ying Mei shouted and cried hysterically.

Xiang Zhe drove Shan Mei back to the place they left earlier. He kept his eyes fixed ahead. A whole tumult of emotions was raging through his mind. Right now, he could not figure out why he sending the woman he loved so dearly into the arms of another man. As it turned out, You Zhen really turned up and Shan Mei reluctantly alighted from Xiang Zhe car. As her weight lifted off the car, Xiang Zhe could feel his heart being emptied tooShan Mei walked to You Zhen but couldn help but turn back to look into Xiang Zhe eyes. You Zhen caught sight of Xiang Zhe too. Xiang Zhe realised his expression was revealing too much of his bare emotions, he smiled at them and drove off. As he drove, tears welled in his eyes
At You Zhen home, he advised Shan Mei to go back to Xiang Zhe side. When Shan Mei inquired of his relationship with Ying Mei, You Zhen seemed undecided, "It difficult for me to decide whether I would forgive Ying Mei from here onwards or to hate her…" Shan Mei knew that You Zhen understood her very well. She was in love with Xiang Zhe. When she saw his hurt expression just now, she felt as though she was dying. But she could not go back to him after she had hurt him so deeplyshe couldn be so selfishThis night, she couldn get to sleep and kept tossing about on her bed. She had contracted a cold after being caught in the rain earlier. In between coughs, Xiang Zhe parting words kept coming back to her ears, " I could really give you up…"

Because she was not feeling well, Shan Mei arrived late for a meeting the next day. Xiang Zhe criticised her working attitude in front of all the colleagues. After the meeting, Shan Mei waited for Xiang Zhe outside his office. "Senior, about yesterday…" She didn have the chance to finish her sentence, Xiang Zhe interrupted her, "We would only talk business in the office." He looked up at her, "You wouldn think that I had reprimanded you earlier at the meeting because of you and You Zhen?" He stared at her intensely, "I don think you would, but we aren the only ones working in the company, so we have to be serious when it comes to work." Shan Mei could only managed a weak "yes". Xiang Zhe continued, "I have acceded to most of your requests regarding work, but I hope this won be the case in futurenow, colleagues are assessing your capability on the basis of our relationship, don tell me you still want to be misunderstood further?" He wanted her to prove to others that her success was based solely on her own efforts. Shan Mei could not find the right words to reply except to apologise, "I sorryI had thought you might want to know about You Zhen and Ying Mei news. I would handle this more carefully in future…" She stood up to leave and felt momentarily light-headed and held onto the armrest. Xiang Zhe frowned seeing this
At night, Shan Mei was already getting very ill with high fever but still insisted on broadcasting live for her "Musical Postcard" programme. When the other colleagues suggested using pre-recorded programmes, she smiled weakly, "Someone just told me that I have to be more serious towards my work." Xiang Zhe had said these words earlier. At this time, Xiang Zhe was driving home and he tuned in to Shan Mei live programme, just as he always did. "What is it like to be loved deeply by the person you love? What would the feeling be? For those of you who want to reply this immediately, you must realise how fortunate you are. Even though we argue that one-sided love is also a form of love, but you can never produce sound just by using one hand alone." This represented his feelings perfectly, Xiang Zhe thought to himself. "This is tonight last song…" Suddenly, Shan Mei voice disappeared. She had barely held out until the last song and collapsed right on the broadcast table. Xiang Zhe was puzzled. He tried successfully tuning in to other stations, looked at his watch and thought it not time for Shan Mei programme to end yet. Suddenly, he recalled her pale face earlier in the day and sensed that something was amiss. Had something happened to her? He made a swift u-turn and rushed back to the office. When he saw Shan Mei lying unconscious on the sofa, fear gripped hold of him. He carried her up and rushed all the way to the hospital. Gui Cheng could not rush back till the next morning and Xiang Zhe promised to take care of Shan Mei. Sitting beside her hospital bed, Xiang Zhe couldn stop blaming himself, "Why didn I realise earlier she ill? And to think I was so harsh to her this morning!" He soothed her flushed forehead and stayed with her throughout the nightWhen she woke up the next morning, Xiang Zhe had already left after Gui Cheng arrived.

This day, You Zhen was going home when he saw Ying Mei waiting for him. Again, Ying Mei begged his forgiveness and asked to patch back with him. You Zhen seemed uncertain for a moment but still left.
Shan Mei was reading a magazine on the hospital bed when she came across an article on Xiang Zhe. It was about Xiang Zhe impending engagement to the daughter of the Chairman of a certain big company. All of a sudden, she felt so confused. She could not tell apart the familiar school senior that she once knew so dearly from the capable businessman mentioned in the article. She felt so distant from Xiang Zhe. Just then, Xiang Zhe called and asked if he could visit her. She felt perplexed after reading the article and lied, "No, donrm, my father coming. Where are you now?" In actual fact, Xiang Zhe was already at the hospital but thinking that Shan Mei didn want to see him, he replied he at the company carpark and drove off, feeling devastated. To him, distancing himself from Shan Mei was the most heart breaking thing

In the end, You Zhen succumbed to his love for Ying Mei and they patched back. He wanted to return her the videotape but she pretended to refuse taking it back.

At the first meeting after she was discharged, Shan Mei saw Xiang Zhe the moment she stepped into the room. Recalling the article she saw, she asked, "I saw articles on Director Yi, from the newspapers and magazinesI feel Director Yi isn quite like the man I know. Which is the real you?" Xiang Zhe thought this was interesting. He smiled at her, "Shan Mei, whenever you are angry with me, you would call me Director Yi, am I right?" "We…" Shan Mei lowered her head, " Director and I are we still the kind of relationship where we can get angry with each other? Director Yi had said to give me upand to let go of me…" Before Xiang Zhe could reply, the other colleagues came into the meeting room. He stole a glance at her, thinking that if it was so easy to give her up, he wouldn be suffering right now.

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei relationship was getting tenser with each passing day. This day, Xiang Zhe was lunching with Xian Da and Ying Mei when they saw Shan Mei having lunch with his step-uncle. Xiang Zhe step-uncle was working on a new programme lately. He had earlier sought Ying Mei as the main host but she had rejected the offer to show her loyalty to Xiang Zhe. He now persuading Shan Mei to take up the job and purposely asked Xiang Zhe if he needed to get his approval first. Xiang Zhe replied this should be Shan Mei personal decision. Xian Da was surprised that Xiang Zhe would agree to this arrangement and asked if he had broken off with Shan Mei. Hearing this, Ying Mei eyes sparkled. Have they really broken up? If this was the truth, then she would have a chance with Xiang Zhe! But she still had two problems: You Zhen and the videotape. She secretly vowed to take back the videotape. Later, she found an opportunity to ask Shan Mei if she had broken off with Xiang Zhe. Shan Mei was shocked and misunderstood that Xiang Zhe had told her they had broken off

Ying Mei visited You Zhen at his home. While he was bathing, she frantically searched for the videotape that bore the evidence to her crime. In actual fact, You Zhen was well aware of her motives. When he suddenly walked out of the bathroom and asked her what she was looking for, Ying Mei was taken aback. She tried to explain saying she looking for their photo. You Zhen offered to return the videotape to her but she refused, saying that the videotape would be much safer in his keepsake and would serve as a reminder for her not to commit any more evil deeds.

A down-hearted Shan Mei returned home very late and found Xiang Zhe at her door. He looked just as distraught as she did

All About Eve (18) by Carina Lee

Xiang Zhe brought Shan Mei to a coffee lounge. He felt so helpless in this relationship, "I have no idea how we ended up like this…" Shan Mei tried hard to keep her tears in check, she couldn cry in front of Xiang Zhe now, "You don have to feel guilty. It all my fault, I have hurt you too deeplyIn order to take care of another man, I have made the unreasonable request of asking you to wait for me…" Even as she said these words, why did her heart ache so much? Hearing this, Xiang Zhe got fearful. Did she still have unfinished matters with You Zhen? Or did she still have feelings for You Zhen? He could only ask her sadly, "You want to make a clean break with me just like this?" Shan Mei nodded and wanted to leave. She couldn bear to stay on for another minute. But Xiang Zhe hadn said his piece. He sincerely advised her to take up his step-uncle offer as the host of his new programme. This job would signify a very good career move for her. Hearing this, Shan Mei temper flared and she questioned him, "What is this? Why are you pretending to care for me when in actual fact, you are telling others that we have broken off? Which is the real you? And what has the new programme got to do with you" She couldn finish her sentence and ran off. Once outside, tears streamed down her cheeks. That night, Xiang Zhe drank a lot and called Xian Da on the phone. Xian Da thought he had convinced Shan Mei not to accept the new job. But Xiang Zhe couldn ask himself to stand in Shan Mei career progression just because of his own selfish motives. Xian Da was about to hang up when he heard Xiang Zhe say, "Don Please don put down the phone yet…" His tone was of sadness and bitterness, "Could you just console mefor five minutes?" He felt really despaired today. On the other line, Xian Da was shocked. He had never seen Xiang Zhe like this before, "Xiang Zhe, are you ok?" Xiang Zhe could only let out a bitter laugh.

The next morning, Ying Mei went to Xiang Zhe house on the pretext of showing him a proposal she had prepared. Xiang Zhe invited her to lunch as a form of appreciation of her hard work. Ying Mei seized this opportunity and carefully asked him, "I have already heard from Shan Mei that both of you have broken offis it true?" Xiang Zhe felt his throat tightened. "Must I answer this question?" He really didn know how to answer this tough question Why, Shan Mei?

Over at Shan Mei house, Gui Cheng was telling her to bring Xiang Zhe over to their house more often. He added that the latter had stayed with her the whole night when she was in hospital. Shan Mei was rendered dumbfounded at this news. She realised that she had misunderstood Xiang Zhe! Why hadn he told her? She blinked to hold her tears back and decided to look for him. But when she reached Xiang Zhe house, she saw Ying Mei getting into his car. She retreated again.

Later, she met up with You Zhen and told him she had broken off with Xiang Zhe, "But why did I still feel so sad? He had a right to see whoever he wanted to now…" "Is that person Ying Mei?" You Zhen asked. He had guessed as much. "You Zhen, I sorry. I didn want to mention Ying Mei name in front of you. But when I saw them together this morning, at that moment, I felt as though I suffocating…" You Zhen finally realised that Ying Mei had been lying to him all this while. She had not gone back to him out of love but for the videotape. She had earlier asked him not to spread news of their patchback saying she needed more time for Zhen Shu to accept her again. But the cruel truth was that she was too ambitious, she had not given up on her target! You Zhen tried to comfort Shan Mei, saying, "Don worry, everything is going to be fine…" He decided to help her solve her problem

Ying Mei and Shan Mei were invited as guests on a talkshow. When asked if she had any boyfriend, Shan Mei saw Xiang Zhe standing in the studio and replied saying that she had no boyfriend. Hearing this and recalling Shan Mei talk about their break up the other night, Xiang Zhe couldn help but feel bitter. At least to him, Shan Mei is his girlfriend. On the other hand, when asked about her ideal man, Ying Mei looked straight into Xiang Zhe eyes and said, "I like men who are confident and recognise my value." She even admitted candidly that she already had a target in mind. The talkshow survey revealed that Shan Mei popularity ratings to be a high 90% while Ying Mei a mere 10%. Ying Mei felt utterly embarrassed by this.

After the talkshow, Xiang Zhe visited Shan Mei at the makeup unit. She thanked him for taking care of her while she was hospitalised. Xiang Zhe made use of this chance to ask her out for dinner but before she could answer, Ying Mei walked in. Shan Mei quickly excused herself and Ying Mei asked Xiang Zhe out for dinner. Ying Mei again! In actual fact, Xiang Zhe was not hungry at all, he had merely made an excuse to ask Shan Mei out. As they walked along the corridor, Ying Mei suddenly saw You Zhen watching her and quickly told Xiang Zhe she had something on and went off. You Zhen finally returned the videotape to Ying Mei and told her he had already deleted the evidence of her crime. Ying Mei hurriedly went home to play the videotape and heaved a sigh of relief when no images appeared on the screen. But she missed the part when You Zhen appeared on the tape. This night, Xiang Zhe went alone to Shan Mei house and placed a stalk of rose at her door. He hoped Shan Mei would understand his feelings for her. When Shan Mei came home and saw the rose, she smiled sweetly

You Zhen decided to marry Ying Mei afterall. He had deleted her part in the videotape because no matter what she did, he would still love her and accept her. But he could not let her go on hurting Shan Mei, he decided to announce their relationship! When Zhen Shu heard of his decision to marry Ying Mei, she was enraged and chased him out of the house. Shan Mei was also shocked when she heard the news from Zhen Shu, "How could you actually leave home because of Ying Mei? Have you forgotten how she treated you?" However, You Zhen had already made up his mind, "Don talk about this anymoreNow that you know I back with Ying Mei again, you should believe Xiang Zhe. There is really nothing going on between them."

You Zhen knew that he was the only one who could stop Ying Mei now. Her ambitions had already hurt too many people, he couldn let Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei become victims of her ambitions again. Later at night, he went to wait for Xiang Zhe outside his house. Over a couple of drinks, he told Xiang Zhe, "I have patched back with Ying Mei. I really ashamed to have caused Shan Mei so much worry lately. Because of her kind nature, she couldn bear to leave me in the lurchbut I just want you to know thateven though she helped me a lot, her heart has never moved a step away from you. Shan Mei loves you very deeply and I hope you understand this…"

Xiang Zhe felt his heart miss a beat. Shan Mei loved him? Shan Mei loved him! All the years of waiting had not been in vain! He rushed to her house and dragged her out for a talk. Shan Mei fumed mad, "It already so late. Is there anything you want? I going back." She turned to leave. But Xiang Zhe wasn going to let her go this time! He said determinedly, "No, you are not going back! From now onwards, I am in charge. I won listen to you anymore, you have to listen to me." His eyes shone with the love for her, "I don know when we end up like this, but that not important anymore. In future, you can only like me, only think of me, because I want to be like this as well…" He looked at her. Shan Mei eyes brimmed with tears but he continued, "Even though I knew you were under a lot of pressure lately, I have not been showing you with the due care and concern, the main reason being the fact that I was also too tiredbut I won leave you to your problems again, and I won let you have the chance to talk about another break up. I promise." Shan Mei eyes were filled with joy, she tried not to cry but tears of happiness and relief flowed down her cheeks. Xiang Zhe had tears in his eyes too. He held Shan Mei in his arms, once againin his arms. He felt so contented. Till a broad smile returned to Shan Mei face again, they walked hand in hand into the beautiful moonlight

Yong Xi decided to go to England to further her studies and the nine p.m. news broadcaster position would be up for grabs. The two main contenders would be Ying Mei and Shan Mei. Ying Mei challenged Shan Mei to compete for the position but the latter was frustrated at her position-hungry nature, "If the position means so much to you, take it by all means! I just hope that you will treat You Zhen better." Ying Mei was furious to learn that You Zhen had told Shan Mei of their patch back. She questioned You Zhen and was further shocked to learn that even Xiang Zhe knew of the matter, "What did you tell Xiang Zhe? You had wanted to cling on to me, right? Cling on to me using that videotape? Who are you to stand in the way of my future? Let me tell you, from now onwards, we are through!"

At this time, someone wrote an anonymous letter to the company, saying that Ying Mei had worked in a nightclub before. Xian Da asked Ying Mei about the matter and the latter denied it. Xian Da said that the letter might be someone playing a prank and asked Ying Mei not to take it to heart. Ying Mei was furious because she knew that this must be the doing of Pei Ren Xiu.

This night, Shan Mei missed Xiang Zhe very much and gave him a call. On the other line, Xiang Zhe asked her gently, "What special occasion is it?" "The day I was knocked down by your car! We should meet up today, right? But it already eleven thirty p.m. now…" Shan Mei said, putting on the cap Xiang Zhe gave her back then in London. The day heaven tossed Shan Mei to him? On that dayan angel hit his carHe wouldn miss this day for the rest of the world! He hopped onto his car and rushed over to Shan Mei house. On the way, he was delayed by road works. After overcoming so many obstacles, this little roadblock would not deter his determination to see his beloved Shan Mei. He got down of his car and ran all the way. When he finally reached her house, Shan Mei was already pacing up and down at her gate. Perspiring, he looked at his watch and said, "Still have five minutes left. On the way, I was thinking what we should do and I finally found the answer…" Before Shan Mei could react, he moved forward and embraced her tightly in his arms, thinking he wanted to hold her securely in his arms like this forever"Are we going to do for the next five minutes?" Shan Mei asked sweetly. "It would be a waste to do anything else…" He wanted to remember this warm embrace for a long, long time

When You Zhen got home, he was surprised to see Ying Mei just after their heated quarrel earlier on. It turned out that Pei Ren Xiu had just been released from the prison and threatened Ying Mei with their intimate photos and even wrote a letter to the TV station declaring her hideous past. Ying Mei was scared of Pei Ren Xiu. She couldn risk the nine p.m. news broadcaster position and wanted You Zhen to help her get rid of him. You Zhen asked her to give up her plans and once again declared his feelings and hope to start anew with her somewhere else. However, Ying Mei wasn at all moved, "I wouldn give up. Why do you think I had come to look for you today? I just don wish to dirty my own hands! You had better wake up! You are of no value to me now!" She said the brutal words and left You Zhen crying.
Ying Mei made a tape recording of Pei Ren Xiu blackmailing her and made a police report. In the end, Pei Ren Xiu, who was waiting for Ying Mei, was chased by the police.

You Zhen decided to take Ying Mei away to settle down somewhere else and bought two air tickets. Before he left, he visited Shan Mei and told her to cherish her relationship with Xiang Zhe. He also visited his mother, who till now, still couldn forgive him. While doing an outdoor broadcast together, he passed Ying Mei the tickets, "Since I knew you, I have only one dream, and that is to be with you always, it doesn matter where the place is. Can I have this dream to start anew with you?" He could leave his mother, leave his hometownif only he could be with Ying Mei. He would protect her, this was what he thoughtBut Ying Mei wordlessly tore the air tickets into bits in front of him and tore his heart in the process
As Ying Mei continued with her broadcasting, Pei Ren Xiu suddenly appeared, armed with a knife. Ying Mei became flustered and her face went pale. You Zhen immediately noticed her reactions and went forward to block Pei Ren Xiu. In shock, Ying Mei stepped backwards onto the road and did not notice an oncoming truck. Just when she was about to be knocked over, You Zhen flung over and pushed her away. When You Zhen landed on the ground again, he was already covered in a pool of blood. Ying Mei screamed hysterically

All About Eve (19) by Carina Lee

At the hospital bed, Ying Mei sat beside You Zhen lifeless body. Her clothes were stained with his blood. She slowly closed You Zhen eyes for the final time and tears rolled down her cheeks. Zhen Shu was crying when she saw You Zhen body, she couldn believe what her eyes were seeing, "You Zhen, mum here. Wake up" When the nurses came to move his body, she broke down and screamed hysterically, "Where are you people taking him? I beg youplease don take him away, he my son You Zhen" When she saw Ying Mei, hatred burned in her. She flung herself onto Ying Mei, "It you! You murderer! You killed my son! I will perish with you!" But Ying Mei stood motionless, oblivious to the outside world. In the end, Zhen Shu fainted in her grief. When Shan Mei received news of You Zhen death, her knees went weak and she almost fell if not for Xiang Zhe support. Xiang Zhe rushed to the hospital with her. Shan Mei couldn believe that You Zhen had left just like this. He gave all his love for Ying Mei, and in the end, even his life"Shan Mei, you have to be strong," She kept telling herself. Now that You Zhen dead, she would be the only one who could comfort Zhen Shu.

At the funeral, Shan Mei cried uncontrollably. Xiang Zhe comforted her and offered the first stalk of flower at You Zhen grave. Shan Mei was exceptionally calm today and this made Xiang Zhe even more worried, "Shan Mei, you did very well today. You have been really strong. You used to cry a lot but you didn today." Shan Mei lowered her head and said softly, "I can cry, I the only one who could comfort Auntie Zhen Shu now, how could I cry? Senior, please don look at me and don talk to me. Please go back to the office. If I see you, I would only become very weak and cry again" Xiang Zhe fully understood her feelings and told her to look for him if she needed a shoulder to cry on. After the funeral, Shan Mei went to You Zhen place and chanced upon the photo they took on her first day at the university. How could You Zhen bear to leave them? She felt so heart broken and her tears threatened to fall again. Later, at Xiang Zhe place, he took out a handkerchief and said, "Didn you wish to cry? See, I fully prepared." Shan Mei finally collapsed in his arms and wept bitterly

On the other side, Ying Mei did not attend You Zhen funeral. Instead, she went to work as usual and appeared very jovial on the programme. She even brushed off You Zhen death as an accident and said the matter had nothing to do with her. Even when her car was scribbled with the words "murderer", she ignored it and drove off calmly. Shan Mei brought You Zhen things for Ying Mei keepsake but the latter refused to accept them. Shan Mei was shocked by her cruelty, "Are you still human? How could you be so cruel to Auntie Zhen Shu and You Zhen? No matter what, I will never forgive you! Even if I die, I will want to see you destroyed!" But Ying Mei was already destroyed. She replied coldly, "Up to you." All along, You Zhen was her conscious. When her conscious died, she was destroyed together as wellAfter Shan Mei left, she broke down and cried bitterly.

Ying Mei and Shan Mei were the main contenders for the nine p.m. news broadcaster position. This seemed to be every broadcaster dream job but Shan Mei, however, preferred to have her own talkshows. While doing an interview with a reporter, Zhao Di accidentally spilled the beans on Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei relationship. His boyfriend, Chen Shui, tried to salvage the situation but instead, made the whole situation worse by releasing the news to another reporter as well. By the next morning, all the leading newspapers carried the headlines "Broadcaster Zhen Shan Mei relied on lover help to get into nine p.m. news". In the end, Shan Mei lost the position to Ying Mei. All the colleagues suspected this was Ying Mei doing and she herself did not try to deny it. But when Shan Mei later learned the truth from Zhao Di and Chen Shui, she became very worried for Ying Mei. It was very unlike of her to admit to something she didn do.

This day, Xiang Zhe invited reporters from the different newspapers to a luncheon. The reporters were half expecting to receive complaints from Xiang Zhe for their earlier reports on his romance and so, were pleasantly surprised when the latter conveyed his thanks. Xiang Zhe had been troubling over how he should announce his wedding plans to the public and the reporters indirectly helped him solve this problem. Sitting beside, Xian Da was shocked to hear his wedding plans. Xiang Zhe further asked the reporters not to disturb Shan Mei life and promise that the company would provide them with their latest wedding plans in due time. His openness and charming nature left a good impression on the reporters.
Shan Mei was becoming increasingly worried with Ying Mei weird actions lately. As she alighted from Xiang Zhe car, the latter promised to find some time to talk to Ying Mei. Shan Mei felt very touched by his gesture and told him to be careful on the way home. Xiang Zhe casually told her that earlier on, he nearly got into an accident in a hurry to see her. Little did he expect Shan Mei to flare up, "Where was that? Are you injured? Why must you speed? What are you hurrying for?" Her eyes reddened and Xiang Zhe realised the reason for her displeasure. She had been reminded of You Zhen death. How could he be so insensitive! He apologised to her, "I sorry. I won speed in future. Won allow myself to get hurt or sickI won leave you behind. I promise." For Shan Mei sake, he had to take good care of himself.

Pei Ren Xiu was escaping from the police and decided to extort money from Ying Mei in exchange for the negatives to their intimate photos. Ying Mei took a bottle of pills and looked at the photo she took with You Zhen, "You have been waiting long? I sorry to leave you all aloneI have waited for this moment just for revenge. The people who killed you, I will not let them go off scot freePei Ren Xiuand myself…" Suddenly, she saw a videotape and played it. "You fool. Why are you still watching this tape? You should videotape more of your happy moments. We could videotape our wedding and our future kids…" You Zhen appeared on the screen and was speaking to her! He had deleted Ying Mei part in sabotaging Yong Xi car and videotaped this instead. Images of their blissful past flashed across the screen. "No matter what wrong you did, I will forgive you. So I hope you would forgive yourself too. Ying Mei, I love you Please marry me!"

Ying Mei was shocked and immediately burst into tears. You Zhen actually forgave her? She covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying out loud, feeling devastated. Her world came crumbling downHow she hated herself! In the end, she reported Pei Ren Xiu to the police and came alone to You Zhen tomb. "I didn want to forgive myself, because I killed youThat why when people rebuked me, I actually felt much better inside. I had planned to go to you with Pei Ren Xiu." Tears rolled down her cheeks and blurred her vision, "But why did you have to forgive me? Now, I can do anything! Even revenge seemed so meaningless! If only I hadn known youIf only I hadn fallen in love with you in the first placeyou would still be alive today. You shouldn have known such a person like me!"

At this time, Xiang Zhe received the intimate photos of Ying Mei with Pei Ren Xiu. Xian Da said that according to the company policies, Ying Mei would have to forgo the nine p.m. news broadcaster position and resign. But Xiang Zhe told him to hold back the resignation till Ying Mei came back.
Ying Mei went to look for Zhen Shu. She kneeled and begged for her forgiveness. Later, she went to look for Shan Mei in the rain. She changed into a dry set of clothes Shan Mei prepared for her. "Youe heard of it?" Pei Ren Xiu had publicised their photos afterall. "Nine p.m. news will go to you then. Are you happy?" But Shan Mei was never really interested in news broadcast. Ying Mei looked at her and knew she was telling the truth, "That what I hated about you. I had to work so hard for the things I want and you don even appreciate their value." Shan Mei replied, "I don understand you as well. You wanted a lot of things in life, but never seemed to cherish the treasures you already had in your hands…" She continued, "Would you believe it if I tell you I have been very envious of you?" "I was envious of you too all this while" Finally, the two girls shook hands and made up

The next morning, Xiang Zhe found a resignation letter from Ying Mei on his table. In it, she admitted to her crime and apologised for her disappearance. When he arrived at Ying Mei house with Shan Mei later, all they found was the blouse Shan Mei loaned her, nicely pressed, and the necklace Xiang Zhe bought for Shan Mei benefactor.

Ying Mei decided to end her life and came to the lake near You Zhen tomb. Her spirit broken, she uttered the words, "Can I forgive myself now?" and calmly walked into the deep waters

All About Eve (20) ~ Happily Ever Afterby Carina Lee

Ying Mei went missing after she resigned. At the TV station, Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei continued with their efforts to search for Ying Mei whereabouts and even put up search notices in the newspapers. Shan Mei felt very angry at herself for not holding back Ying Mei the night she looked for her and broke down in tears. Xiang Zhe could only hold her in his arms and comfort her.

Xiang Zhe told Yong Xi that Ying Mei had admitted to sabotaging her car. Yong Xi was shocked to learn this truth but couldn bring herself to sue Ying Mei, "I can sue herEven You Zhen had forgiven her. She must have very felt bad leaving this place after admitting to her crime…"

Yong Xi told Shan Mei that she had decided to give up the chance to go to England to marry Xian Da. Instead, she had recommended Shan Mei to go as her replacement. She believed that Xiang Zhe would agree to this, because he had wanted to see Shan Mei successful more than anyone else.
At night, Shan Mei waited for Xiang Zhe at their usual meeting place. Xiang Zhe looked at her from afar and love filled his heart. He walked over to her, caught hold of her hands from behind and started to walk off. Shan Mei was startled by his actions, "Senior, what are you doing? We will be seen by the colleagues nearby!" She frantically looked around to see if there were any familiar faces. But Xiang Zhe disregarded her words and said softly, "It been a really long day because Ie been wanting to hold your hands…" He walked her home in the rain. As they walked, Xiang Zhe suggested that they stop looking for Ying Mei since she seemed determined to hide from the others. Shan Mei inquired if he knew Yong Xi had given up the chance to go to England in order to marry Xian Da. Xiang Zhe laughed, "I knew. Xian Da threatened to dump her if she don want to marry. Even the career-minded Yong Xi will soften in the face of love!" Shan Mei carefully asked him, "What would you do if you were Xian Da? Would you let Yong Xi go?" Xiang Zhe replied candidly, "Yes, I guess so. Going there to study is a good thing afterall." He did not realise a tint of disappointment flashed across Shan Mei face.

At this time, they had reached Shan Mei house. The road to her house always seemed so short, Xiang Zhe thought. "I really couldn bear to leave you" To his surprise, Shan Mei hooked his arm and smiled sweetly, "In that case, let go to your house! I had already decided just now that if you aren driving today, I would send you home!" "But aren you tired after a day of recording work?" Although Xiang Zhe liked the idea a lot, he couldn bear to see Shan Mei tire out. "But didn you say you couldn bear to leave me? Come on, let go!" However, once on the taxi, Shan Mei was too tired and dozed off. Xiang Zhe looked at her sleeping form tenderly and shifted her to sleep in his arms. He then softly asked the driver to send them back to where they got on earlier

At the TV station, Shan Mei began researching for materials on England. She touched the necklace Ying Mei left behind and thought, "If it were Ying Mei, she would have gone to England without any hesitation…" At the other side, Xiang Zhe promised his father to bring Shan Mei home to see him soon.

This day, Xiang Zhe personally went to the jewellery shop to choose a wedding ring for Shan Mei. He wanted only the best for his angel. At the office, he decided to write a love letter to Shan Mei but tore up draft after draft. The words e with me everyday!lease marry me!just couldn express his love adequately! He switched on the television and saw a scene from Pretty Woman where Richard Gere climbed a flight of stairs to propose to Julia Roberts. Looking at this, Xiang Zhe couldn help but laugh at his own foolishness

Finally, the wedding day for Xian Da and Yong Xi is here! Before all the people, Xiang Zhe playfully winked at Shan Mei and came to sit down beside her, "The bride looked so beautiful." Yong Xi looked really beautiful and elegant in her wedding gown. He wondered how Shan Mei would look in a wedding gown? Shan Mei smiled and replied, "So envious…" Xiang Zhe stole a quick glance at her, "That good!" He touched the ring in his pocketHe had practised for a long time and this time, he is adamant to bring Shan Mei home as his bride! He decided to ask Shan Mei out for dinner after the wedding to propose to her. Shan Mei had something to tell him as well. Later, when Shan Mei got hold of Yong Xi hand bouquet, Xiang Zhe could not stifle a laugh. Things were really going his way!

In the restaurant, Xiang Zhe dedicated a love song he Roseby Bette Midler for Shan Mei. He sat down beside her and secretly took out the ring, "What did you want to say to me? You go first." If he had spoken first, Shan Mei might not have the chance to speak again! Shan Mei was a little hesitant, "Erm, Yong Xi had recommended me for the England correspondent postI wanted to discuss with you first." "England correspondent?" Xiang Zhe was shocked. He tried very hard to conceal his disappointment and squeezed out the words, "Youwant to go?" "I want to go, but…" She wanted to stay with him even more. Though disappointed, Xiang Zhe could not ask himself to stand in Shan Mei future, "In this case, you should go. This is a very good chance for you…" A whole tumult of feelings were racing through Shan Mei heart. She felt relieved yet depressed at the same time. "What had you wanted to tell me?" Xiang Zhe put the ring back into his pocket, "NothingI will tell you the next time." Has the waiting begun again?
When Xiang Zhe sent Shan Mei home, Gui Cheng came out and invited Xiang Zhe in for a few drinks. Shan Mei nagged at his father for drinking and said Xiang Zhe had to drive later. Gui Cheng was already a little tipsy and told Xiang Zhe, "Shan Mei is a real nag. Marrying her as your wife will be a real tiring chore, I pity you!" Xiang Zhe laughed, "In that case, I would just have to bear with it!" They had a good chat over some drinks and Gui Cheng invited Xiang Zhe to stay for the night. In the end, Shan Mei let her room to Xiang Zhe while she rested at Gui Cheng room.

This was the first time Xiang Zhe visited Shan Mei room! He asked Shan Mei to sit down beside him on the bed, "Looks like I really have to stay for the night! I will leave later when your father had gone to bed." Shan Mei sat down and suddenly felt very shy being alone with him. She tried to divert attention by playing the video and Xiang Zhe image appeared on the screen, "This is your expression which I like most. I will always let you smile in this way. I promise…" She was surprised and quickly stopped the tape. To be discovered always referring to this ncouragementtape, Shan Mei had never felt more embarrassed! Xiang Zhe also laughed out loud.

Xiang Zhe flipped through a photo album and laughed when he saw photos of Shan Mei as a baby. Shan Mei was embarrassed and forbid him to look any further. But Xiang Zhe kept flipping and the page stopped at a photo of You Zhen with Ying Mei. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room became very sombre. Shan Mei touched Ying Mei face in the photo, "You Zhen and Ying MeiI had always felt I owed everything I have today to Ying Mei. My dreams, my jobI had shared all these with her…" Xiang Zhe said, "I had discussed with Xian Da. I had hoped you would replace Ying Mei as the host for "The Morning of Eve" "Is this what you had wanted to tell me the other day?" "YesBut of course the England correspondent job would be a better opportunity." He still couldn ask her to forsake her own futureHe could wait for her, even though he could not bear the thought of her going so far away from himBut Shan Mei felt no joy in his reply, "ReallyI could go?" Xiang Zhe lips were trembling as he said the words, "Of coursego ahead." Why didn he ask her to stay? Shan Mei couldn hide her sadness, "Seniorit getting late and you had drinks earlier. You better stay for the night. Good night." After she left the room, Xiang Zhe took out the ring he had no chance to give to Shan Mei and placed it on a doll. As the doll moved alongside the music, he stared at the ring for a long time and tears shone in his eyesThis night, both were unable to get to sleep

The next day, everyone congratulated Shan Mei on her impending trip to England. Shan Mei began her last broadcast in MBS and Xiang Zhe watched her from the control studio. Today programme featured how sisters from a convent took care of some young children. Suddenly, Xiang Zhe saw Ying Mei on the screen! Ying Mei was playing with the children from the convent! Shan Mei also noticed Ying Mei at the same time. Colleagues were curious when her voice and expression changed. They turned to the screen and saw Ying Mei too. When Shan Mei dashed out of the office, Xiang Zhe was already waiting in his car.
After a long journey, they finally arrived at the convent. Shan Mei caught sight of Ying Mei and tears rolled down her cheeks. She had finally found Ying Mei! Xiang Zhe greeted Ying Mei but she looked bewildered, "I sorry, but who Hsu Ying Mei? Do you know me?" Xiang Zhe checked with the Sister and realised that Ying Mei had lost her memory, "Our students had rescued her from the lake. She still remembered her hometown and we made some enquiries but to no avail. Our convent can receive MBSshows so we didn know that she a news broadcaster. She perfectly normal but just can recall anything beyond the first six years of her life."

Seeing Ying Mei in this state, Shan Mei was overwhelmed by her emotions, "Ying Mei, we have been looking all over for you! Father and Aunt Zhen Shu are very worried about you. Have you forgotten about everything?" But Ying Mei could only look at this stranger before her and say, "I also very confused. Except for the memories of my father and mother, I can recall anything. Can you tell me more about myself? What kind of a person am I?" Shan Mei felt pain sear through her heart, "You are beautiful, with a strong sense of pride. You make everyone envious of you, that why You Zhen…" She felt so sad, "You have forgotten about You Zhen as well?" Ying Mei hesitantly took out a photo from her wallet, "The person called You Zhenis he the one?" Shan Mei nodded. "He is the person I liked, right? I knew it. All I had with me is this photoJin You ZhenYou Zhen, he had a very nice name. Is he already dead?" Shan Mei was shocked. Had Ying Mei memories come back? "No, it just that everytime I looked at this photo, I feel very sad. So, I guessed he might not be on this earth anymoreShan Mei, did I love You Zhen very much?" Shan Mei caught hold of Ying Mei hands and cried, "Of course! You really loved You Zhen a lot, I knew it…"

In the end, Ying Mei decided not to go back with Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe. She said to Shan Mei, "I really like it here. Thanks for coming to visit me. Shan Mei, what exactly of a person am I? Except that I a broadcaster, and that I very intelligent, am Ia kind person?" Shan Mei nodded at her, "Yes. And Ying Mei, you are my best friend…" As Ying Mei watched them drive off, she touched the necklace Shan Mei gave her. Shan Mei had given the necklace back to her again.

In the car, Xiang Zhe mentioned that Ying Mei had looked really happy and contented. Shan Mei said, "Senior, do you know why Ying Mei could only remember the first six years of her life? Because her mother left them when she six and so, her happiest moments were those before she was six. I guess she hadn wanted to live with all the bitter memories for the rest of her lifeYing Mei had changed so muchShe looks so innocent, beautiful and blissful, right?" Xiang Zhe felt relieved that Shan Mei could finally set her heart at ease, "How about you? Do you feel blissful?" Shan Mei felt really like crying, "Yes! How about you, Senior? Do you feel blissful?" Xiang Zhe turned and smiled at her. If Shan Mei could marry him, he would be the most blissful man on earth, he thought

Near her house, Shan Mei suddenly said to Xiang Zhe, "Senior, I want to walk home from here…" She couldn look at him, "I don have the courage to say goodbye to you at my doorstep…" Xiang Zhe didn want to let her go but he nodded and pulled the car to the side. Shan Mei tried to hold back her falling tears, "Senior, I would always be grateful to you for all the concern you have shown me. No matter what unreasonable things I ask of you, you had always supported meTomorrow, please don see me off at the airport, I don wishto let Senior see my back as I leaving." She didn want to leave him"Everyone seems to have something they need to do nowOnce I reached England, I will learn to live my life independently. Thank you for everythingSenior, goodbye." She got off his car.

Hearing Shan Mei words, Xiang Zhe tears almost fellShan Mei was within his reach and yet he had to let her go! Shan Mei stood at the red light junction, waiting to cross the road. Tears rolled in her eyes. Theyhad started from a road junction years ago tooSuddenly, Xiang Zhe made up his decision. He got off his car and ran towards her, "Shan Mei!" Shan Mei turned, tears blinding her view. Xiang Zhe looked deeply into her eyes and said, "Everyoneseems to have something they need to do now…" Shan Mei looked at him. What was it that he needed to do now? Xiang Zhe held up her hand, took out the ring he had specially chosen, and put it on her finger, "Will you marry me?" His voice was cracked from his bare emotions. He looked at her, "Please don go..." Shan Mei looked at the ring that symbolised the everlasting promise and nodded. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeksShe not going anywhereShan Mei cried her heart out, she would never want her beloved Senior to wait for her anymore, or to see her back as she leaving againNo matter where he went, she wanted to be with him forever. Xiang Zhe eyes shone with his intense and burning love, "Shan Mei, I love you…" On this busy road junction, he pressed his lips onto Shan Mei. They kissed passionately and began a new chapter of their lives

~ The End ~

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