2014 February 02 by kfangurl - Rating: Retro drama crack at its best. Highly recommend."

Summary: A lengthy and informative review oriented toward a new generation of potential viewers, with plentiful pictures and screen caps, and bonus links to several OST songs and YouTube MVs. The reviewer initially looks at AAE from the perspective of several common K-drama 'tropes', including: The Love Square, Miscommunications, Gender Stereotypes, Class Differences, and Awful Parents. She then includes brief character analyses of the four lead roles, with a special focus on Jang Dong-Gun (of course) and the key relationship pairs: Sun-Mi and Young-Mi, and Sun-Mi and Hyung-Chul. . . . Numerous comments follow the review.

Excerpts: "All About Eve is the kind of drama thatís so old that it actually feels new. ... In a sea of newer, shinier drama offerings, itís easy to overlook a classic like All About Eve, especially if you boarded the drama train fairly recently. I almost overlooked this one myself, and man, am I glad I didnít! ... Thereís a whole lot of retro fashion, thick-as-pancake make-up and teased hair to remind us of the vintage of this drama, but at its heart, this show feels fresh and engaging in a way that we donít quite see in more recent dramas."

2011 June 29 by Silentshimmer - Rating: 9.25 of 10

Summary: Brief review primarily giving the writer's opinion of Hyung-Chul and Sun-Mi and their romance.

Excerpt: "The ending of this drama is probably the best Iíve seen in Korean drama history (because they really suck at making endings). It was like the ending to a good movie, it wasnít rushed and it wasnít ridiculous. And it was happy. Really, a great ending."

2011 June 16 - 2012 January 09 by DramasROK - Rating: "this is still one of my favourite Korean dramas. Loved it!"

Summary: Thorough synopses with extensive screencaps of all 20 episodes. Commentary by the author based on her personal experience of living in Korea adds interesting bits of information that may be otherwise missed by viewers relying solely on the English subtitles to follow the story.

Excerpt: "So here we are at the final episode. Iíve loved watching this drama (YET AGAIN) but I do have a few complaints about this episode though! First of all, everyone seems to be SO FORGIVING towards Young Mi after everything sheís done. She even tried to physically harm (murder?) Joo Hee, but now that sheís disappeared everyone says, Ďoh well never mind! Forgive and forget.í And then thereís Hyung Chul and Sun Miís relationship Ė Itís been so innocent all the way through. TOO innocent, I think! We could have been given a bit more at the end Ö."


2007 Sept 16 - by Leonard Norwitz - Lensviews - Rating: 9 of 10

Summary: This comprehensive review of the technical aspects of the US DVD boxset is introduced by a comparison of the Korean drama to the original 1950 American movie by the same name. There are also a few apt captions applied to some screenshots from the DVDs.

Excerpt: "I knew in advance that this title was no coincidence, so you can imagine my reluctance to take this Korean TV drama on. Even before I purchased it, I had visions of Bette Davis putting her cigarette out on my face."

2006 Nov 21 - by Tiffany The Classic All About Eve on
2006 Nov 21 - by Tiffany in Kimchiland - Rating: "certainly one that I would watch again"

Summary: This reviewer focuses on the main actors, with some information about their careers post-AAE, including a few pictures.

Excerpt: "And then there's Jang Dong Gun... Well, that was the first time I saw him and I was captivated by him, especially in the beginning when he was a student. He had such a charming, little-boy-next-door-look. But hor... I really couldn't stand his hair style when he became the Director of the TV station. So ajutshi.. ĺ∆ņķĺĺ... I guess one of the most memorable scenes for everyone was when he knelt down to put on that anklet for Sun Mi...Now, that's a scene that will melt every girl's heart."

2006 - by AnnMichelle - Diaries of Hopeless Fan [] - Rating: none

Summary: This review of All About Eve, focused on the character of Yoon Hyung-Chul, was originally published in the reading corner of As that website is now unavailable, the review is reproduced here.

Excerpts: "I looked at the DVD cover grumpily. All About Eve. Four people, two girls and two boys, if you could call that guy with the whitish hair and a serious face a boy, who looked like a sales manager of a struggling company.... That was how I began to fall in love with Kenneth (Hyun Chul) and AAE. Are you interested to hear more?"

2005 Nov - by Melancholic Witch - Rating: "Recommended"

Summary: This review of the Tagalog-dubbed version of AAE focuses on the the writer's viewpoints on the main characters.

Excerpts: "If there will be something that I learned from watching this beautiful and really engaging soap opera, that is you can't force love."

2005 Oct - by Funn Lim - Reviews Database [] - Rating: "Wholeheartedly recommend"

Summary: This review provides a detailed description of the plot and extensive analyses of the four main charcters and the actors, including the reviewer's choices for 'Best line', 'Best Moment', 'Most Favorite Moment', 'Best Thing Did', and 'Must Ask Question' for each character. These are followed a compilation of Best/Worst items, commentary, observations, and a 6-point recommendation.

Excerpts: "How can I not recommend a series which features some very gorgeous people, a man every woman hopes to marry and two women men may be very interested in (depending on your level of self multilation - Shan Mei is good for you, Ying Mei is like poison for you) and some really all out fights not between men but between women!"

2005 - by Alex Chang - - Rating: "Recommended"

Summary: This brief review basically says what the writer likes and dislikes about the drama.

Excerpts: "Chae Rimís smile is so infectious that whenever sheís onscreen, I couldnít help but smile as well."

2004 Sept 26 - by Jeffery Robinson - DVD - Rating: "Highly recommended"

Summary: This review centers on the casting and character interactions, with a few paragraphs on the DVD quality and features.

Excerpt: "This series provides a great platform for an entertaining romantic drama, filled with stories of deception, greed, jealousy, lust, and love. It's a very good series that has a wonderful cast and an amazing story that will leave you wanting more."

2004 June 25 - by TKL - - Rating: 3.0 of 5.0

Summary: This review includes a brief storyline synopsis and insightful analyses of the main characters.

Excerpts: "The whole series could be summed up in one word: LOVE. It starts out quite promisingly with potential character and plot development. Yet later, it mainly focuses on the two main couples and just forgets about the plot." .... "For those people who need a good dose of romance, this is the one for you. Once in a while, you are allowed to sit down, curl your legs up and enjoy some romantic scenes."

2004 June 04 - by Sutking - - Rating: 4.5 of 5.0

Summary: This lengthy review includes a complete episode synopsis of the story, extensive character analyses, a list of 'best ofs' and some interesting facts about the production. The reviewer uses the Chinese names for the characters.

Excerpt: "Many serials copied touching scenes from here but they can never produce the same effect.... Thus, a classic will forever be a classic."

2001 November - by Riona - Reviews Database [] - Rating: 4.0 of 5.0 - "Worth Watching? Definitely."

Summary: Includes a summary of the plot and the author's list of favorite people, lines, and scenes. The reviewer uses the Chinese names for the characters.

Excerpts: "I think I will remember this serial not because of Xiang Tze and Shan Mei, but because of You Zhen and Yin Mei. Their love story is unique and special because itís a story of how love weakens both a weak man, and a wickedly devious woman. For no matter how battered or dark your soul, no matter how you fight against it, all people, weak or strong, are vulnerable to love. ... If you like sweet, happy love stories, you should see Xiang Tze and Shan Mei. If you like beautifully tragic love stories, then Iím sure youíll like You Zhen and Yin Mei."

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