AAE Moving On by Penshoppegirl


fictional story by Penshoppe
Kenneth Yin (Jang Dong Gun)
Nicole Jin (Chae Rim)
Erika Huh (Kim So Yeon)
Allan Park (Park Chul)
Judith Lee-Park (Kim Jun Eun)
Mr. James Jin (Nicole’s dad)
Mrs. Alma Jin (Nicole’s mom)
Kathy Jin (Nicole’s aunt)
“We’ve already seen many love stories which ends with the death of either the girl or the guy. However, life has to go on, even without your love one. Moving on will be difficult, but it’s the most important element in learning how to live again. Here’s a story that tells about how a heart moves on, and finds a new love.”

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Chapter 2. 8

Chapter 3. 11

Chapter 4. 13

Chapter 5. 13

Chapter 6 (Finale) 13

Epilogue. 13




Chapter 1


 “Having you in my life already completes me, I couldn’t ask for more…Yet, I want to keep you for the rest of my life…Will you marry me Nicole Jin?”, Nicole opened her eyes, it was all just a dream. She looked at the diamond ring on her left hand, yes, she’s already engaged, but, how could she get married if her groom is already -dead? You heard it right, her groom is dead…
Her fiancé died in a car accident just a month ago. Nicole’s memory about the incident was still very clear… She was about to leave her office when she received a call from her fiancé, he was begging for help. She urgently called the ambulance to pick up her fiancé, but unfortunately, he died upon reaching the hospital. The last word her fiancé uttered was her name. From then on, it kept repeating in her mind. In just a wink of an eye, her only love died. It completely changed everything, her world was devastated, as if it was already the end of everything. It was hard to move on, but life still has to continue…
Nicole was looking over her window, gazing over the busy city of Seoul. It may look that life in Seoul is fast, but for Nicole, her life runs so slow every second she thinks of her late fiancé. It is like she’s being tortured to death. Then the door opened, it was her father, Mr. James Jin.  
“Nicole dear, your mother and I talked to your aunt Kathy, you could have a vacation at her place in Jeju Island. We used to go there when you were still young, and you life it there, so we thought if you would like to have a vacation there. It’s a good place for you to reflect about things, what do you think?” Nicole kept silent for a couple of seconds, turned to the window and took a deep breath.  
“I think I need a break…Okay dad, I would go…” Hoping that this would lessen her pain she’s having, Nicole agreed to go, little did she know that this vacation would have an unexpected change in her life…
“Let him drink lots of fluids, and eat lots of fruits and vegetable. Also, let him drink this medicine three times a day before every meal, so his fever would go down”
“Thank you very much doctor, we’ll just come back next week for another check-up”
“My pleasure ma’am… Don’t let mommy have a hard time on letting you drink your medicine ok?”
“Yes doctor, thank you again! Bye doctor!”
“Yes, good bye to you too, take care.”
The boy waved goodbye to his pediatrician, Kenneth Yin.
Even at a very young age, Kenneth already has passion of being a doctor, especially for kids. This was why he studied medicine in the US, and returned back to Korea to practice his skills. He’s one of the best doctors in the hospital, but not only was his brain good, also were his looks. He was such a charmer, all the nurses couldn’t help but admire him. Even the mothers of his patients couldn’t get enough of his dazzling appearance. Kenneth Yin came from a rich family, and grew up in the US, this was why he’s a bit arrogant, or shall we say ‘airy’, but not to his patients. However, even though he has the looks and everything a lady would desire for, he’s not yet committed. He’s too busy with his duty to meet and date girls.  
Kenneth was having his coffee break and was browsing over the internet, when his good friend, Allan entered his office.  
“Hey, having a busy schedule?”
“Well, a bit, I’ve been having many patients lately.”
“Why don’t you take a break?”
“I’m already taking a break”
“No, what I mean is a long break, a vacation, what do you think?”
“Hmm, you’re right, I need a break, but where? Any suggestions?”
“Jeju Island! That’s the best place I’ve ever been! Very peaceful and relaxing… I want to go back there, but with my busy schedule, it’s impossible”
“Is it just because of your schedule, or even because of Judith? I heard from her that she wants to travel Europe, will you two go?”
“Probably, you know Judith, very possessive, I don’t really know why I married her. Hey don’t change the topic, so will you go or not?”
“Okay, okay, I will go, I will just fix my schedule…”
“Good! Well then, enjoy there! What do you know, you might find the right girl for you?”  
Kenneth just smirked in reply, he just wanted t rest and relax, but faith has other plans for him…
At the airport,  
“May you have a good time there in Jeju Island dear, we’ll miss you”
“I’ll miss you too, mom, dad. I’ll call you often, don’t worry” Nicole embraced her parents before she left for her flight.
While on the other side of the airport…
“Enjoy your vacation! Don’t bother to call us, because we know you’re having a good time there... See you soon!”  
“Okay, see you soon guys” Kenneth waved to Allan and Judith as he left for his flight to Jeju Island.
At the airplane, Kenneth and Nicole were seated at each end of the airplane, both didn’t know what’s in store for them in Jeju…
Kenneth was preoccupied reading a book, then for no reason he turned his head to the right, and he saw, if not the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was listening to music, despite the beautiful face, she looked sad. Kenneth was curious why she looked sad, growing up in the US, he was a very outspoken person, he’s not shy to do things he want, so, he stood up, but when  he was about to approach the girl, the stewardess announced that they’re about to land and they have to stay on their seats.  Kenneth wasn’t able to catch up with the girl when they arrived at the airport of Jeju Island, but never will he forget her face.  
“Good to see you again Nicole! It has been such a long time since I last saw you, you indeed turned into a real beautiful woman”
“Thank you auntie, it’s good to see you again too. I’m looking forward on having a good stay here”
“Of course dear, come, let’s go, I prepared your favorite sushi and noodles at home”
After fixing up her things, Nicole went out to the balcony of her room, it was overlooking the serene view of the sea. It was very relaxing and breathtaking. Breathing the fresh air of the island, Nicole felt better, but the longing ness for her fiancé was still there. How she wished her fiancé was with her having this exquisite view.  
At the other part of the island, Kenneth was relaxing in his hotel room, it has been a long time since he has a break. He was watching a baseball game on the television when he again thought of the girl in the airplane. Jeju isn’t a big island, maybe he’ll bump up with her any day within his vacation, he hoped.  
It was already sunset when Kenneth decided to have a walk at the seashore. He heard many testimonials about how breathtaking the sunset at Jeju Island was. When he finally saw it with his two eyes, undeniably it was breathtaking. Nicole was also enjoying the beautiful view at her room’s balcony. Then a knock at the door interrupted her.
“Yes, come in”
“Nicole dear, I’ll just go to my restaurant, maybe you want to come with me?” Her aunt is an owner of a small restaurant at Jeju, it is known not only to the local resident, but also to the tourists because of its good traditional Korean dishes.  
“Oh, okay, I’ll come with you auntie. I’ll just fix up in a sec.”
At the restaurant,
“Welcome ma’am! Welcome sir!” Nicole greeted the customers with the sweet smile on her face. She must at least entertain herself, because whenever she’s alone, she just feels depressed, and so, this was just one way on how to get her occupied.
“Nicole, I have a favor for you dear. Can you please bring these sushi to a nearby hotel? One of the receptionists ordered these, will you dear?”
“Oh, sure auntie, I think I won’t get lost here”
“Yes, the hotel is just half a kilometer away from here. You could use the car. Be careful while driving.”
“Yes auntie, I’ll be right back” And off Nicole went to deliver the sushi.
After a brisk walk along the seashore, Kenneth walked back to his hotel. He then dropped by the reception area to inquire about something.  
“Excuse me, someone ordered sushi from my aunt’s restaurant, I’m here to deliver the sushi.”
Kenneth turned his head to the person who just arrived, and he was surprised to see that it was the lady at the airplane! Nicole then turned her head, and when their eyes met, she smiled and nodded her head.
“Oh, I ordered those sushi, thank you, here’s my pay” one of the receptionists took the pack of sushi.  
“Thank you too, see you again” and Nicole started walking to the exit.  
Kenneth gazed at her departing figure until she was out of his sight. How strange, he wasn’t able to say anything when she saw the woman again.  
“So she works in a restaurant” Kenneth thought, and suddenly, he thought of something,
“Excuse me miss, may I ask…that sushi, ah, where’s the restaurant located?” He asked the receptionist.
“Oh you mean the Arirang restaurant? It’s just half a kilometer away from here. If you would ride a cab, just tell the driver the restaurant’s name. That restaurant is well known for their delicious dishes.”
“Oh I see, thank you miss” Kenneth then left the hotel and hitched in a cab.
At the restaurant,  
“Welcome sir” Nicole bowed as the customer came in.
“Good evening, could you please give me a table for one?”
“Yes sir” when she looked up, she was surprised, “Oh, aren’t you the mister at the hotel earlier?”
“Yes, I heard that this restaurant serves delicious dishes, am I right?”
“You bet sir! Now, let me lead you to your seat.”
“Here’s a list of dishes served here. I guess it’s your first time to eat here sir, so maybe you’ll be confused with what to order because all of these dishes are delicious.”
Kenneth smiled with how entertaining Nicole was.  
“Yeah, it’s my first time here, so do you have any recommendations for me?”
“Well, maybe you should try our spicy octopus sir, also our kimchi soup, since it’s a bit cold tonight”
“Okay, I’ll order that, oh, one extra rice too, thanks”
“So, that’s all sir? Okay, please wait for a little while”
After several minutes, Nicole served the dishes to Kenneth’s table.  
“Wow, it really looks mouth watering!”
”Not until you taste it sir” Kenneth then took his chopsticks and tasted first the spicy octopus. It was so spicy that his face turned red.
“Phew! Spicy indeed!  But I like it” Nicole chuckled with Kenneth’s expression.  
“I know you would like it sir” Nicole poured some water to a cup and gave it to Kenneth.
“Thanks, it’s really spicy, just right for this cold weather. You know, you really have a good socializing skills. Um, may I know your name?”
“Nicole Jin sir, and thank you for the compliment”
“Oh, Nicole, nice to meet you, by the way, I’m Kenneth Yin” Kenneth extended his hand to Nicole.  
“Nice to meet you Kenneth Yin” Nicole shook hand with him. She was absolutely charming in Kenneth’s eyes, even at first sight she was very captivating, much more now that he could vividly see her.  
“Oh, excuse me Kenneth, I’ll just get some extra rice for the other customer”
When Kenneth finished eating, he went to Nicole who was at the counter”
“I enjoyed the meal Nicole. I think I would often go here, so that I could taste all the dishes in your menu”
“Good to know that Kenneth, so, Ill be expecting you to come here often”
“Yes, all the time I would be spending here, I’ll surely drop by. I have to go now, see you again soon Nicole, good night”
“Good night Kenneth, see you again!” Kenneth left the restaurant with a satisfied smile on his face.  
“He’s handsome, don’t you think?” Nicole’s auntie went beside her.
“Well, yes, he’s handsome, and he’s also fun to talk with.”
“Aiee, so you better stay here always! So you would see him often. That’s good Nicole, enjoy yourself here”
“Thanks auntie, good thing I agreed to have a vacation here”
Kenneth was lying on his bed, his thoughts were on Nicole. The more he thinks of her, the more he wanted to get to know her.  From that day on, Kenneth would have his lunch and dinner at the restaurant. He tried every dish on the menu, until he finished tasting all of it.  
“I’m done tasting all the dishes in the menu list! Do I have anything in return? Hmm, a discount maybe?”
“Well, I don’t know if auntie gives discounts to regular customers…”
“Okay then, let me think of another prize…Hmm…Oh! Maybe you could spend a day with me? You know, I only have three more days left here. So, if possible, I want to spend a day with you?”  
Nicole pretended to think very hard about Kenneth’s proposal. It took her almost five minutes thinking about it, although from the very start she already agreed to go out with him.  
“Ms. Jin, what’s your decision? Don’t let me order another meal of spicy octopus…” After hearing this, Nicole smiled.
“Okay, okay, I agree. So, would you call that a ‘date’?
“A date? Ah, yeah, a friendly date…So, when are you available?”
“It’s my day off tomorrow, is it alright with you?”
“Yeah, sure, I’ll be picking you up around 9:00 am tomorrow at your auntie’s house okay?”
“Sure, 9:00 a.m.…”
“Well then, it’s a date…I have to go now, and for you, take an early rest. You’ve been working hard…”
“Okay, I’ll go off to bed early. Goodbye, and see you tomorrow…”
Kenneth was very happy all night that he could hardly sleep. He was very eager about the things that could happen the next day. Meanwhile at Nicole’s place, she was getting her things done for the date. She’s also happy for she met a good friend in Kenneth’s identity.
The next day, both woke up early to get ready for their date. At exactly 9:00 am, Kenneth fetched Nicole at her auntie’s place. He borrowed a motorbike from one of the bellboys at the hotel. Kenneth knocked on the door of the house, and unexpectedly, a more radiant Nicole opened the door. Wearing a white blouse over a yellow tee, and light blue skirt, she indeed looked very fresh and stunning. Kenneth was speechless for a couple of seconds.  
“Are we going now?” Nicole brought Kenneth back to his senses.
“Oh, yeah, yeah, let’s go” Kenneth led Nicole to the motorbike.
“Wow, where did you get this motorbike?”
“I borrowed it from a bell boy at the hotel, cool huh?”
“Yeah, it’s been a long time since I last rode a motorbike.”
“Really? Well then, hop on!” Nicole and Kenneth wore the safety head gears. They first headed off to the market, where many souvenirs from the island were sold. There were many tourists, but this didn’t stop them from dropping by every stand, they just enjoyed looking at the items.  
Their next stop was at a popular grilling house near the park.  
“I’ve tried their grilled fish here, but you know, I like your aunt’s grilled fish better” Kenneth whispered to Nicole, this made her smile naughtily.
“I bet, when you go back to Seoul, you’ll miss all my auntie’s dishes.”
“Yeah, I’ll miss all of those, but most especially, you.” Nicole looked at Kenneth ridiculously.
“Me? So I’m now the house’s specialty then.”
“Yes you are!” And both of them laughed.  
After eating a sumptuous meal, they decided to have a brisk walk at the park.
“Wow, the flowers are lovely! You won’t find these in Seoul right?”
“Yeah, it’s more like of the countryside. And also the air, it’s cleaner here. I’ll surely miss this air” Kenneth inhaled deeply.
“Oh! Hey, want to go ride a bicycle?” Nicole pointed out to the bicycles that are for rent.  Kenneth then took Nicole’s hand and rented two bicycles. They strolled around the park like kids. Never in his whole life did Kenneth ever enjoy a trip to the park except for this one. Nicole’s cheerful personality and sunny smile made him feel that life’s really wonderful. After strolling, they bought ice cream and cotton candy; they were really like kids who were able to escape from their cribs.  
Afternoon passed, and sunset made its way, this time, Kenneth took Nicole to his favorite part of the island, the seashore. They walked along the shoreline, and without uttering a word, they looked at how night and day divided the sky. The temperate waves and the flocks of birds were very relaxing; basically the whole view was exquisite, but perfect for Kenneth because the most beautiful thing he ever saw was beside him.  
As Kenneth stared at Nicole’s face, he noticed the tears flowing down on her cheeks.  
“Nicole, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Come, let’s have a seat” Upon seating, Kenneth began to ask questions,  
“Kenneth, actually, the reason why I’m here in Jeju is because…I want to move on, move on from the death of my fiancé.”
Kenneth was shocked knowing this. All the while, she was trying to be happy just to forget about her bad experience.  
“It was merely a month and a half ago when he died in a car accident. I wasn’t able to do anything to save him. Things happened so fast, and now, he’s not by my side anymore. I always wanted to share this kind of view with him, but now, it’s impossible.”  Tears kept on falling from Nicole’s eyes. Kenneth felt his heart was pounded so many times. He then took out a hanker chief from his pocket, and gave it to Nicole.  
“Sorry, I shouldn’t let you see me like this.”
“It’s okay, you could tell me anything you want. I’m just here to listen.” Nicole felt comfortable with Kenneth, as she told him everything that was in her heart. Likewise. Kenneth was glad that getting to know the Nicole behind the sweet smile and lively personality…
When it turned dark, Kenneth collected some wood sticks, and lighted a bonfire.  
“Kenneth, don’t you have anything to tell me? I mean, I’ve been talking things here, but you’re not telling anything about yourself at all. All I know is that you’re a pediatrician based in Seoul. Please tell me more about yourself.”
“About me? Well, I’m not really an interesting person. I came from a nice family, we stayed in the US for about fifteen years, then I studied and graduated. And now, I’m a doctor in Seoul. I want to serve the people in my country, rather than the Americans.”
”Oh I see, well, don’t you have a girlfriend? I think it’s about time for you to settle down.”
“Well, I had one in the US, but we already broke up several years ago, when I decided to practice my profession here. Maybe, if I’m really meant to end up with somebody, that person will come at the right time. The same for you Nicole, I know someone better will come your way.”
“Actually, I haven’t thought of loving anyone. But if it is part of moving on, then I’ll gladly accept whoever that person will be.”
“Yeah, just like in a book I read ‘Refusing to love again after a heartbreak is not the most sensible thing to do, you have to set yourself free, never close that door, for a closed heart is the worst prison of all’. Don’t worry Nicole, things will come at the right time.”  
It was already getting cold, so Kenneth took off his coat and wore it to Nicole.  
“In three days time, you’ll leave the island, I’ll surely miss you.”
“”Me too, but you also live in Seoul, so maybe we’ll just bump up to each other one day.”
“Yeah, but I’m still not sure when I will come back, maybe a week, a month, or a year. But I still have a life to life, so I have to fix myself up and return to Seoul.”
“Let’s just not lose contact okay?”
“Sure” Kenneth and Nicole smiled at each other, and that was only when Nicole realized how beautiful Kenneth’s eyes were under his eyeglasses.  
“Gee, you have such beautiful eyes Kenneth, why hide it under those eyeglasses? Wait, let’s see how you look without the eyeglasses.” Nicole went closer to Kenneth, and took off his eyeglasses, and what showed her was a pair of big, round, brown, dazzling eyes.
“Wow, you should see how handsome you are without those eyeglasses!”
“What do you mean? That I don’t look handsome when I’m wearing my eyeglasses?”
“Not really, it’s just that you look more handsome without it. It’s time for you to wear contact lenses, I tell you.”
“I already tried that when I was in high school, but it felt very weird.”
“Come on, that was years ago, why don’t you just give it a try again?”
“Well, I still don’t know. If I’d feel strange, then I wouldn’t do my work well.”
“Is that so? But I really want to see you wearing no glasses. Hopefully, when we see each other again, you’re wearing contact lenses already.”
“I still don’t know, I need further convincing.”
“Further convincing? Um, okay, well, I think, I think you really look dashing without those glasses, not yet convinced? Okay, here’s a deal, when we meet again, and I see you wearing no glasses, then, I’ll take you for a date again, this time in Seoul. I’ll pay for all the expenses, so what do you think?”
Kenneth couldn’t resist Nicole’s sweet smile, which were haunting and persuading him to say,  
“Okay fine, it’s a deal”.
Nicole extended her hand for a handshake.
“So it’s a deal Mr. Kenneth Yin, hope to see you without those glasses.”
“Let’s see then Ms. Nicole Jin” Both laughed at their foolishness, how childish to make this kind of deal.  
After three days, Kenneth’s departure back to Seoul came. Nicole and her auntie accompanied Kenneth to the airport.
While waiting for Kenneth’s flight, Nicole’s auntie went out earlier, so that the two could have a talk.  
“So this is it, I have to go now.”
“Don’t talk like that, it’s as if we’ll not see each other again.”
“I’m not saying that, I’m just telling that I’ll not be around anymore, no one will cheer you up when you feel down.”
“Is that so? You mean to say that you’re the only one who could do that? Come on!”
“Fine, fine…I may not be around, but I’m just a call away okay? Call me anytime.”
“Yes doctor! Oh, before you go, here’s something for you.” Nicole handed over a blue box. Kenneth opened it, and was uncertain of what he saw; it was a Peter rabbit figurine.
“Don’t you think this is too child like for me?”
“Of course not, that is meant for your clinic, your patients are children, and they would like seeing cute stuffs like that!”
“Ah, okay…”
“Not only that, take off the cover.” Kenneth took off the cover, and saw a friendship bracelet.
“Don’t you like it? Look, I have one too.” Nicole showed the bracelet on her right wrist.  
“I hope you’ll always wear it, as much as I will do.”
“Sure, I’ll always wear it. Take good care of yourself okay? Don’t over tire yourself. Enjoy your stay here, and see you again in Seoul.”
“Yup, take care too. It’s not because you’re a doctor, you could already do whatever you like. Monitor your meals, and lessen your vices.”
“Yes Dr. Jin”
“All passengers flight #1198 to Seoul, please proceed to the departure area. The plane will leave in ten minutes. Thank you.”
“I have to go now, for real, goodbye.” Kenneth pulled Nicole into a tight embrace.  
“When will I ever embrace this angel again? If I could just clip her wings and make her mine.” Kenneth thought.  
They parted, and Kenneth started walking farther and farther, until he vanished from Nicole’s sight.  
Faith let them meet and become good friends, but will faith let them meet again and become more than just good friends? Ü



Chapter 2


Thoughts about Nicole were pondering on Kenneth’s mind all throughout his flight from Jeju to Seoul. He couldn’t help but smile by remembering every moment they had together. Indeed, knowing Nicole was the best part of his vacation in Jeju Island.  
Coming out of the arrival area, Kenneth caught a sight of Allan and Judith, who were waiting for him.  
“Don’t you have your duties? Why bother and fetch me here?” Kenneth approached the couple/  
“It’s our day-off, so we just decided to fetch you.” Allan said.  
“Allan’s right, so come on, let’s have a meal at our favorite resto.”
“Well, I don’t feel like eating there, I want to have some spicy octopus.” Kenneth smiled as he remembered the Arirang restaurant.  
The couple was surprised, Kenneth always wanted to eat at their favorite restaurant, and all of a sudden, he would like to eat spicy octopus somewhere else.  
“You got that taste from Jeju right?”  
Kenneth smirked “Let’s go, I’m hungry.”
The three drove off to a nearby Korean traditional restaurant to eat Kenneth’s request, the spicy octopus.  
“Why all of a sudden you like spicy octopus?” Allan asked as he drunk a glass of water, because he had red after having a bite of the dish.  
“Well, let’s just say that spicy octopus reminds me of the good times I had at Jeju.” Still, a smile was on Kenneth’s lips.
“Good times ei? Will you tell us some of those “good times” you are talking about?” Judith looked challengingly at Kenneth. He’s not a kind of guy who’ll always be in a bright smile.  
“Frankly speaking, I met this lady at Jeju. She’s very charming, and bubbly, and she always cheers me up.”
“Wow! So that’s why your eyes are brightly twinkling with joy!” Allan was so happy for Kenneth.
“That’s good news, so, you’re together now? Wait, isn’t that too fast?”
“To tell you the truth, we’re not together. Actually, I’m not sure if we’ll be together. Yes, I like her, but I still don’t want to pursue it to a higher level, because I know she’s not yet ready for it.”
“How will you know if you won’t give it a try?”
“Judith is right, why not give it a try? Don’t tell us that you lost your “Mr. Confident” attitude. You’re the one who inspired me to court Judith before, and look, I’m happily married to her!” Allan proudly said.  
“I’m not sure guys, you see, she’s still in a state of coping up. Actually, she just lost her fiancé about two months ago in a car accident.”
“Oh I see, well, this may not be the right time, but you still have to try it. What do we know? Maybe it happened to her because you’re the one who’s meant for her. I’m saying this with respect to her late fiancé.” Judith explained.  
“Also, everything happens for a reason Kenneth,. You wouldn’t meet her for nothing, the same with her. If you really like her, then go! We’re here to support you! Aja!” Allan raised his fist to show how supportive he was.  
“We’re just here all the way, aja!” Judith also raised her fist.
Kenneth just smiled widely, and continued eating.  
Meanwhile, back in the island, Nicole was walking along the coastline. She was again thinking about her late fiancé, how she wished that Kenneth was with her to cheer her up. Then, she suddenly realized that she wasn’t longing for her fiancé that much, instead, she was now longing for Kenneth. Kenneth was a big help for her in coping up. Maybe after a few days more, she could already go back to Seoul, and start a new life without her fiancé.  
It was already late in the evening when Kenneth arrived in his apartment unit. He was so tired from the trip that he went straight to his bedroom, and laid on his bed. Looking at the blank ceiling, he was thinking of what might Nicole be doing, s she thinking of him? Perhaps not, most certainly she’s thinking of her late fiancé. After lying for several minutes, Kenneth stood up, took his bath robe, and went to the bathroom for a warm shower.  
After taking his shower, Kenneth heard his mobile phone ringing, so he rushed out to answer the call, not even looking at who it was.  
“Hey, did I disturb you?” A sweet familiar voice answered on the other line.
“Ms. Nicole Jin, it that you?”
“The only one!” and she gave off a soft laugh.  
[email protected] Missing me already? We just saw each other this morning!”
“Is it bad to call a friend?”
“Well, no…”
“So, how was your trip? And your arrival?”
“Tiring, then when I arrived, I took my friends for a lunch of spicy octopus, however, your aunt’s spicy octopus is still the best I’ve ever tasted. “
“Oh really? Well, my auntie misses her favorite customer.”
“Hmmm…how about her niece?” Nicole wasn’t speaking for a couple of seconds.
“Hello? Nicole? Still there?”
“Oh, yeah, yeah, still here…”
“You haven’t answered my question yet, you miss me already?”
“A bit…”
“A bit? Why?”
“Why do I have to tell you? I just miss the guy who always keeps me company.”
“Is that so? That’s why you’re calling me up even at this time of the night?”
“Um, sort of. I just want someone to talk with. But if I’m disturbing you, it’s fine.”
Kenneth immediately answered “NO! I’m very much available for you to talk with.”
“Oh, don’t be too loud, you will make me deaf!” And both of them laughed.
The two talked all night until Nicole got sleepy at around 2:30 am. When they hang up, both of them were still smiling, and kept looking at the friendship bracelet they have on their right wrists. They’re really comfortable with each other. Little did Nicole know that Kenneth feels something more than friends for her.  
Two days later, Kenneth was back to his duty, everyone in the hospital was glad to have him back, especially the nurses who admire him. He was again back to his normal life, but memories of Jeju and Nicole comes back to him whenever he glimpses on the friendship bracelet, and the Peter Rabbit figurine which he placed on his working table at the clinic.  
On the same day, Nicole arrived back to Seoul. With a refreshed and a different outlook, she’s ready to live a new life. She didn’t tell Kenneth that she was already back, Nicole wanted to fix things up first before meeting him again.
Arriving home with her parents, she remembered the times her fiancé would give her a ride home, but those were just good memories now, good memories that she’ll treasure, and must now be set aside.  
Nicole took her phone and dialed Kenneth’s number, but she remembered that she will surprise him. Maybe after a few days, she will meet up with him. When they talked on the phone that evening, Nicole of course didn’t tell Kenneth that she has just arrived from the island.  
The next day, Nicole was fixing up her things to get ready for work again. As she was fixing some documents, she felt a little dizzy, maybe it was just because of her skipping of meals, but no, she had been very fond with eating lately. However, Nicole didn’t bother this, and continued fixing her documents.
That night after talking with Kenneth, Nicole got a glimpse on the calendar, and remembered something very important. She had a sleepless night thinking of that “thing” she remembered.
Judith had just finished her appointment with a patient, when her assistant allowed the next patient to enter the clinic.  
“Good morning doctor”
“Good morning too, Ms. Jin” Judith’s patient was Nicole, what could be wrong with her?
Kenneth was walking through the hallway, making his way to Judith’s clinic, when she saw his angel who went down from heaven.
“Nicole?!” Kenneth was very surprised.
“Kenneth?!” Nicole was also surprised. Of all places in Seoul, who would know that they’d meet in the hospital?
“Why, why are you here?” Kenneth worryingly asked. Is there something wrong?
“Ah, nothing really, I just had a check-up, that’s all…I didn’t expect that we would meet here.”
“Yeah, of all places. Also, you didn’t inform me that you were already here! Trying to surprise me?”
“Um, yeah, sort of…”
“Since this is our first meeting here in Seoul, want to have lunch with me? I’d be out in about 15 minutes. I just have to fix some paper works.”
“Oh, I’m afraid not. You see, I’m preparing to go back to work, and I’m pretty busy right now. Maybe sometime we could go out for dinner?”
“Ah, yeah, sure. Well then, we better have our separate ways now. Just call me if you need anything, okay?”
“Yup, okay, bye…” As Nicole was walking farther from Kenneth, her lips turned from a smile to a frown. She was trying to set back the tears from her eyes, but she can’t, so she just walked faster until she reached the parking lot. In her car, she was crying so hard. What could have been the result of her check-up?
Kenneth noticed the gloom in Nicole’s eyes, he was very curious why, and so, he entered Judith’s clinic, and asked her what was wrong with Nicole that she had a check-up with her.  
“Nicole Jin? Oh, the patient who just went out? Actually, nothing’s wrong with her, in fact, she’s nine weeks into her pregnancy. Why? Do you know her?” Kenneth couldn’t believe his ears, Nicole’s pregnant? He was so shocked that he was out of words.
“Kenneth? Anything wrong?” asked Judith.  
“Ahh…Nothing, well, Ms. Jin is just a friend of mine, that’s all. I’m just surprised knowing that she’s pregnant.”
“And so was she, she wasn’t aware of it. I told her to come once a week for a check-up.  I told her that her husband would be very happy with it, but she didn’t reply. Well, it’s normal for a woman to be shocked with that kind of news. Anyway, Allan and I will be eating out, want to come?”
“Ah, sorry, I have many paper works to do, I’ll just order for a delivery. See you later, enjoy your lunch.”
Kenneth went out of the clinic, he looked outside of the big window, and thought hard about Nicole, and her condition. Could this be a hinder for his love? Ü










Chapter 3


Back into his clinic, Kenneth still can’t believe what he just heard. He was worried for Nicole, how would she face her present condition? She’s just starting to live a new life without her fiancé, but now, she’s facing another dilemma. Another thing was, how about the two of them? When thins are starting to go well between the two of them, a living memory of Nicole’s fiancé would come into the way.  What could Kenneth do for Nicole? He doesn’t know how to face this predicament. The once very skilful and adventurous Kenneth suddenly turned into a lost lamb.  
On the other hand, Nicole who had just stopped crying decided to drive to the church. There, she sought help from God; she sought strength, guidance and wisdom, for she badly needs these through her pregnancy. Afterwards, she went to the grave of her fiancé, there, she cried all her heart out. Why did he have to leave her in a situation like this? How would she face this without him? When she’s already starting move on, then suddenly a baby would come into her life.  
That evening, Nicole’s parents noticed that their daughter was pale and wasn’t eating much.  
“Nicole, is there anything bothering you? Do you feel well my child?” Mr. Jin worryingly asked.  
“Um, maybe I just got too tired of fixing things for my work. No need to worry dad.”
“Are you sure Nicole? Maybe you need a check-up with the doctor.” Mrs. Jin advised.
“No need mom, maybe I’ll just need some rest, so if you may excuse me, I’ll now go to my room. Good night.”
Nicole walked out of the dining room and proceeded to her room. She leaned back on the door, and started to cry. How would she tell her condition to her parents? Maybe they would understand, but she still doesn’t know how she would tell it to them.  
As she was wiping off the tears from her eyes, she saw her friendship bracelet.  
“How will I tell this to Kenneth? Will he understand?” As though by custom, Nicole picked her mobile phone up and called Kenneth. Meanwhile, Kenneth was drinking beer and was already half way through his fourth bottle, when his mobile phone rang. He picked it up, and when he saw Nicole’s name on the screen, he was reluctant to answer it, but then, he thought that Nicole might need his company, his support, and so, he answered the call.
“Nicole?” Kenneth answered.
“Kenneth…” Upon hearing his voice, Nicole burst out into tears. This freaked Kenneth out.  
“Nicole? Nicole? Tell me what’s wrong, Nicole please calm down.”  
Still sobbing, Nicole told Kenneth, “I don’t know what to do Kenneth, I went to the hospital for a check-up, and it resulted that I’m pregnant, I’m still shocked up to now Kenneth, I don’t really know how to face this. You’re the first one who I’ve told this, because…because, I know you would understand me, right?” It took a few seconds before Kenneth could reply. It shocked him to know that he’s somehow “special” for Nicole.  
“Um, you know Nicole, I learned about your condition from Judith this morning. I was also shocked, this is a very serious matter. Well, what I can promise you is that I would just be here for you Nicole. If I have to acknowledge your child as mine, I would. I’ll support you all the way Nicole, I promise.” Kenneth almost declared his feelings for Nicole, good thing he was able to control it.
“Thank you very much; I knew you’re the right person to talk with. But you don’t have to take up the role of my child’s father, it’s too much favor for you.”
“It’s really just fine with me Nicole…um, when do you plan to tell this to your parents?”
“I still have to get a good timing. I’m scared and nervous, but maybe they’ll understand, hopefully.”
“Of course, they’re your parents. You know, I found out from the parents of my patients that grandparents are very happy upon having a grandchild, so you really don’t have to worry, it will be bad for your condition…Um, how about your fiancé’s family? Do you plan to tell them?”
“Hmm, I’m not yet decided with it, but most probably yes, they still have the right to know.”
“Yes, I agree...But if you really need a father for your baby, I’ll just be here okay? You know, I really like kids.”
“Well, a godfather will do.” Nicole laughed softly
“That’s good, stop crying, just laugh and be happy Nicole. Everything will turn out fine. Trust me.”  
After talking for several more minutes, they hung u, Kenneth finished his fourth bottle and went to bed, but he was still thinking about Nicole’s condition. He also has to be strong to help Nicole face the dilemma, even if he’ll only be just a friend for her. As for Nicole, after hanging u, she took a warm bath and retired to her bed. She was gently caressing her yet flat tummy. At first, she thought that maybe her fiancé didn’t want any other man to have her heart, but it’s not right to think about it. Everything happens for a reason, and the little angel growing inside her is a gift that would bring everlasting joy to her life.  
A few days later, while they were having dinner, Nicole announced her pregnancy to her parents.
“What did you just say Nicole?” Mr. Jin was astounded.
“Um, I’m two and a half months pregnant dad. I’m very sorry to disappoint you.” Nicole held back her unshed tears.  
“Oh dear Lord, that’s good news Nicole, if the child’s father was alive. What do you plan to do now? Will you tell it to his family? Certainly they’ll acknowledge your child.” Mrs. Jin calmly told her daughter.  
“Yes, I plan to tell them mom, however, whatever happens, I’ll still be keeping my child. After several days of thinking about it, I’m now ready for my child. I’ll do everything for my baby.”
“We never regretted raising such a good and wise daughter like you Nicole. We know you would always do the right thing.  As your parents, we’ll be with you all the way. We love you very much Nicole.” This statement from her father deeply moved Nicole, she started crying, and her parents embraced her lovingly.  
Right after Nicole entered her room, she picked up her phone and called Kenneth.  
“I already told them Kenneth, and you were right, it turned out just fine. I thought I’ll faint because of my nervousness before that.” Nicole happily told him.  
“See, I told you. But wait, you said you were about to faint earlier? How do you feel now?” Kenneth was anxious.
“Well, I feel good right now, though I sometimes feel dizzy and feel like throwing up, but Dr. Kim said that it was just part of the early stages of pregnancy. I’ll get over this in a few weeks more.”
“Yes, just do what Judith says you to do. You’ll be going to her clinic tomorrow right? Want to meet up and eat lunch together?”
“Oh that would be nice, sure, let’s just meet up at the entrance of the hospital okay?”
“Okay, see you then. It’s a bit late now, better have a good sleep, it’s for the good of the baby. Sweet dreams and sleep well.”  
“Same to you Kenneth…oh, one more thing, thank you very much. You’ve been so much help to me.”
“No problem Nicole, I’ll always be here for you. Good night.”
After hanging up, Kenneth told himself “I should be the one who’s thanking you Nicole for coming into my life and adding meaning into it.” Yet, he thought that maybe they were really just meant to be just friends.  
The next day, after her weekly check-up with Judith, Nicole went to the entrance door of the hospital where Kenneth would meet her. Kenneth then has just finished his last patient, and he hurriedly went to their meeting place. He called out to Nicole who was waiting for her, and when she turned to look for him, Kenneth was dumbfounded Nicole was getting prettier each and every day. His heart was beating unusually, it was like as if time was slowing down, and he would just like to be with Nicole and be amused with her glowing beauty. But the fact that they could just be friends brought Kenneth back to reality.  
“Sorry for keeping you waiting, I have had so many patients for this morning. So, how was your check-up?”  
“Good, Dr. Kim told me that my baby is just fine, and my diet is doing well for the both of us.”
“Oh I see, well that’s good. You’re in good hands with Judith, and after you give birth, I’ll take care of the baby, okay?”
“Isn’t that too much help Kenneth? I mean, you’ve been very supportive to me and my baby, and you still want to take care of my baby even after birth?”
“That’s nothing Nicole, I’m a pediatrician, of course it’s my duty to keep kids healthy. And as the future godfather of your child, I’ll make it a point that my godchild will be healthy.”
“Hmm, well, you’re right, as a future godfather, you should keep your godchild healthy! Don’t’ forget about the discount okay?” Both of them laughed.  
“Okay, come on, let’s get ourselves something good to eat.” Kenneth led Nicole to his car and drove out to a nearby Italian restaurant.  
While eating, Nicole noticed that Kenneth was still wearing eyeglasses.  
“Hey, you still didn’t do my request.” She pouted.
“What request?”
“that you will wear contact lenses.”  
“Oh, that, well, since I arrived here in Seoul, I didn’t have time to bother with such things.” Nicole frowned and looked disappointed with Kenneth.
“Pregnant women are very sensitive to their emotions.” Kenneth thought.
“Okay, okay, I’ll try to find time and get myself a pair of contact lenses. Satisfied? Don’t look at me like that Nicole, I feel uneasy.” Suddenly, Nicole gave out a sweet smile and continued eating. Kenneth can’t help but adore the angel in front of him.  
“I decided to tell my condition to my fiancé’s family this weekend.” Nicole suddenly brought up.
“Oh, okay…will your parents come with you?”
“Maybe, I’m getting nervous again.”
“It’ll be fine, just like last night, believe me…” Kenneth held onto Nicole’s hand to show his support.  
After eating, Nicole took Kenneth to an infant store to have a window shopping.  
“Isn’t it too early for this Nicole?”
“Well, it’s just a window shopping, come on!” As they looked at every item, they would imagine the baby using those stuffs. They roamed around the stores just like kids who were very eager for toys. The salesladies were very envious of the couple, for they seemed to be happy together and were very excited for their unborn baby. They really make a good pair. Kenneth noticed this, and he was smiling to himself. How he wished he was really the father of Nicole’s child.  
It was already dark when Kenneth drove Nicole off to her place.
“Thank you for spending your free time with me Kenneth.” Nicole said as she closed the car door.
“No problem Nicole, I also had a good time.” Then, a car parked in front of the house, it was Mr. Jin’s car.  
“Oh, daddy’s here, let me introduce you to him.” Nicole pulled Kenneth to her father’s car. Mr. Jin went out and saw her daughter with a very decent looking man.
“Hi dad, let me introduce Kenneth to you, he’s a friend whom I met in Jeju. He’ll be my child’s godfather.”  
Kenneth bowed “Good evening sir, I’m Kenneth Yin , a residence pediatrician at Daeju Hospital. Pleased to meet you.”
“Ah, pleased to meet you too Kenneth, James Jin here, just call me Uncle James…Oh, it’s already dinner time, come in and eat dinner with us.”
“Oh, no need sir, oh I mean, Uncle James.”
“Come on Kenneth, don’t be shy, let’s go inside now.” Nicole slid her arms into each of the two men’s arms and proceeded to the house.  
Nicole introduced Kenneth to her mom, and they had dinner together. The four had a very nice conversation, Kenneth felt very comfortable with Nicole’s parents, since he missed his parents who were left in the U.S.  
“It’s good to know that our godchild already has a pediatrician and godfather in one.” Mrs. Jin said.
“Yes, but don’t you have plans of having children of your own? Are you in a relationship right now?” Mr. Jin inquired.
“Oh, I’m not currently in a relationship Uncle James. Sure, I want kids of my own, but I think the right woman hasn’t come yet, or maybe we already met, but it’s not yet the right time for us to get together.” Kenneth was referring to Nicole who was attentively listening to what he was saying.  
“Don’t worry Kenneth, your time will come, and you’ll have lots of children. My baby would have so many playmates. Isn’t that fun?” Kenneth straightly looked at Nicole’s eyes and gave out a light laugh.  
An hour and a half later, Nicole led Kenneth to his car.  
“Thank you again for the very sumptuous meal Nicole. I also enjoyed your parent’s company.”
“You’re welcome, it seems like my parents like you too.  You cold come here anytime, you’re very welcome here.”
“Really? So does it mean, I could be a family member? You know, my family is in the U.S.” Nicole pretended to be thinking very hard, and when their eyes met, Nicole laughed sweetly.
“Sure, so you’re my oppa Kenneth?”
“Am I that old for you?”
“But you said you wanted to be a family member, so you must be my elder brother since I don’t have any siblings. “
Kenneth gave off a deep sigh “Well then, I’m your oppa from now on.”
“Yehey! I have an older brother now! Oppa!” Nicole hugged Kenneth tightly.  
Kenneth was surprised, suddenly, his heart was beating fast, and he could feel his face turning hot. “Nicole really is still young, yet very captivating.” Kenneth thought.  
“It’s getting cold now, you better go inside Nicole. Remember, you’re going to be a mother, do what the doctor says. I’m leaving now, good night.” Nicole nodded and waved goodbye to Kenneth.
“Bye oppa! Take care and good night too!”
In his apartment, Kenneth was still thinking about what happened earlier.  
“”I guess our relationship could only go this far.” And he glanced over their friendship bracelet, which was meant really just for “friendship”.
The weekend has come, and Nicole with her parents went to her fiancé’s family. The Jins were warmly welcome, just like before when Nicole’s fiancé was still alive. After some chit-chats, Nicole announced their intention for coming. Of course, the family was very surprised, they has mixed emotions, but the glee was prevailing. They were very willing to give their name to the child, but the problem is, the couple was not married before their son died. Nevertheless, they would still acknowledge and support the child. Nicole was relieved, and she remembered what Kenneth said; as always, he was right. It did turn our fine. She can’t wait to tell him what happened.  
“That’s very good to know. You see, I’m right again!” Kenneth smiled as Nicole called him hours later.
“I think you rather be a psychic than a pediatrician! What do you think?” Nicole jokingly said, and Kenneth laughed in reply.  
“Oh, I have to go now, dad wants me to do something. ‘Til next time, bye” Nicole hung up, and always, Kenneth was in a smile. Never did a smile leave him after taking to Nicole.  
“Who was that?” Allan asked, Kenneth was having a drink with the couple in a cozy bar near their hospital.  
“It was Nicole right?” Judith said, and a grin was Kenneth’s answer.  
“Are my suspicions right that Nicole was the girl you met in Jeju?” Judith suspiciously eyed on Kenneth, however, he kept silent.  
“So, that silence answers a ‘yes’ to Judith’s question? Uh oh Kenneth, you very lucky guy. How could you fall for someone who’s carrying the child of another man?”
“It’s not her fault, when I learned about her condition, I realized that we could only be friends.”
“You realized it, but not yet accepted it. Am I right Kenneth Yin?”  
Kenneth took a sip of his whisky and held out a sigh.  
“I’m trying to get used to it Judith. As of now, I’m already satisfied seeing her happy. It’s not important if she can’t give back my love, what’s important for me is I could freely express my love and consideration, though I could see that she’s not noticing it.”
“Oh boy, our friend Kenneth has a contagious disease, he’s love-sick! Let’s drink up!” Allan raised his glass and took a shot. While Kenneth’s large brown eyes stared at his whisky as he swayed the glass with his hand. Now, his feelings for Nicole are much clearer. He truly loves her, a love that is more than friendship. But how long will he keep this?  
Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. The baby grew bigger each day, and Nicole was having a hard time. Good thing, Kenneth was always with her. Although she would always call him “oppa”, Kenneth always acted more than just an older brother, he acted like a real expectant father, he was very supportive, and attentive to her needs. There were even times when Kenneth would fetch Nicole from her Lamaze classes, the people will then mistake him for Nicole’s husband. There were so many circumstances similar to this, but it seemed that Nicole really didn’t care. For her, Kenneth is her very supportive and trustworthy “oppa”. Little did Nicole know that before Kenneth started acting like a real expectant father, he asked permission from her late fiancé.
It was in the middle of autumn, Kenneth went to the grave of Nicole’s fiancé. There, he confessed his feelings for Nicole. Never did he feel this intense for someone, and he’s willing to do anything for Nicole. He promised that he’ll protect and care for Nicole and her child whatever it takes, even if their relationship won’t go beyond friendship. Would there still be a possibility for his love? Ü



Chapter 4


It was a fine spring day when Nicole gave birth to a very healthy baby boy, she named Shane Lawrence. Everyone from both families was very happy. Of course, even Kenneth, he was with Nicole during her labor, and when he first laid his eyes on the newly born baby, he instantly fell in love with him.

“Aww… He looks like his very handsome grand pa.” Mr. Jin proudly said.
“You think so dad? But his ears and eyes are like mine.” Nicole said as she planted a light kiss on the baby’s forehead.
“But the other family said that the baby got most of his looks from them.” Mrs. Jin was pilling out an apple for Nicole.
Nicole laughed sweetly “Is that so? Well, Shane got his traits from both families. What’s important is he’s healthy.” She can’t seem to take off her eyes from the little angel.

Subsequently, a knock from the door was heard.
“Come in” Mr. Jin answered.
The door slowly opened, and a well poised handsome man entered, it was Kenneth.
“Good day, I’m here to check on my new patient, Shane Lawrence Jin.” Kenneth went beside Nicole, and he joyfully glanced at the baby.
“Such an adorable child, and very healthy too.” Kenneth looked closer at the baby, and Nicole noticed something was different with Kenneth.
“Oppa, you’re not wearing glasses anymore?” She was surprised and ecstatic.
“Oh, you’ve noticed…um, just a change of look.”
“Gee, after several months of convincing, you finally decided to wear contact lenses!””
“Oh careful, careful, the baby might wake up…Well, I’ve been too busy with other things these past few months, that’s why it was just not that I had the time to use contact lenses.”
“Well, Nicole’s right for convincing you to wear contact lenses. You look more handsome Dr. Yin.” Mrs. Jin complimented, both mother and child surely have a good taste!
“Ah, really? Why, thank you auntie. Um, if you may excuse me, I’ll just have other rounds to do. See you later.”
“Oppa!” Nicole called when Kenneth was near the door.
“Yes?” He looked back.
“Ah, thank you for being there during my labor. I…I felt more secured. Thanks a lot.”
“Oh, it’s nothing…get more rest okay? Bye.” Kenneth smiled and left the room.
“Kenneth is indeed a good friend, don’t you think he’s suitable to be my grandson’s father?” Mr. Jin sounded serious about what he said.
“Dad?! Kenneth is just…um, a very very very good friend, that’s all.”
“But why would he be so supportive and attentive to you throughout your pregnancy if he doesn’t have any special feelings for you?”
“Oh dad, don’t think of such things. My baby Shane is more important now.” once again, Nicole kissed the little angel in her arms.
“But what if it’s true?” Nicole thought.

Every time Kenneth would pass by the nursery, he would always gaze at baby Shane, even though he’s not of his own flesh and blood, there’s still some special feeling overwhelming Kenneth every time he sees Shane. Maybe because he could see Nicole’s charm in Shane, the innocent sweet image of baby Shane was really like of his mom.

One time, instead of the nurse from the nursery section, it was Kenneth who brought baby Shane to Nicole’s room.
“Knock! Knock! It’s time for baby Shane’s breastfeeding.” Kenneth entered the room. For the first time, Nicole felt shy with Kenneth’s presence, eve though Kenneth had already observed several breast feedings of baby Shane before. Ever since the say when her father suggested Kenneth to be Shane’s father, Nicole kept thinking if Kenneth likes him. That’s why she suddenly felt shy.
During her breastfeeding, Nicole wasn’t saying a thing, very unusual for the outspoken Nicole; Kenneth noticed this.
“Are you feeling okay Nicole? You’re not in your jolly shape.” Kenneth worryingly asked.
“Ahh…yeah, I’m fine, really.” But Nicole wasn’t looking at Kenneth.
“Come on Nicole, I know you. It would be bad for you and for Shane if you would continue to be like that.”
Nicole slowly turned to face Kenneth, surprisingly, Nicole was blushing.
“Um, oppa…you’ve been so kind to me ever since, and I just thought…are you…” Nicole’s sentence was interrupted when Mr. Jin entered the room.
“Oh the most adorable baby is here! Look Nicole, I bought Shane more clothes and toys!”
“Good day Uncle James.” Kenneth bowed nodded.
“Oh, hello Kenneth, come, I also bought some sushi, let’s share it.”
“Thank you for offering Uncle James, but I just ate my meal; maybe we could have a drink together one time.”
“Sure my boy! I’ll keep your word for that okay?”
“Yes uncle…Ah, I have to excuse myself now, the resident doctor’s will just have a meeting in a short while. I have to go now, I ordered the nurse to fetch baby Shane later. Will talk to you some other time Nicole. See you then, bye Uncle James.”
When Kenneth left, Nicole was biting her bottom lip.
“Dad, I was about to ask Kenneth if he likes me when you came in.”
“Really? Oh, I should have stayed a bit while at the store then. Don’t worry, there’ll be other times.”
“I hope so dad, maybe when I gain courage to ask him again.”

At the meeting, Kenneth cannot focus because he was thinking of what Nicole wanted to tell him.
“Has she already noticed my feelings? Probably not, but, it can be. But how? Will she accept me? Oh focus on the meeting Kenneth Yin.” Kenneth just grinned and slightly shook his head.

Nicole and baby Shane were discharged from the hospital five days after. The new grandparents were very excited to show Nicole baby Shane’s nursery; fully furnished with toys and everything the baby needs. Baby Shane was really the prince of the Jin’s residence. Time by time, his paternal grandparents visit him, he was really dotted by his grandparents, and Nicole was very thankful for this. Nonetheless, something’s still bothering her-and it is Kenneth.

Just like any other night, Kenneth called Nicole after she has placed baby Shane to sleep. Nicole thought that maybe it’s time to ask Kenneth again.
“Oppa, I know it’s a bit late, but can we meet up at the park near our house?”
“Why Nicole? Is something wrong?” Kenneth was very concerned.
“I would just like to discuss something with you. I can’t talk about it on the phone.”
“Well, okay, wait for me, I’ll be right there.”
Kenneth hurriedly went to the park to see Nicole. When he arrived, she was there, sitting on a bench under a tree. He sat beside Nicole, but silence was prevailing between the two of them for a couple of minutes.
“Oppa…” Nicole finally uttered.
“Yes Nicole?”
“The reason why I wanted to meet you was…um, remember in the hospital? I was about to ask you something when my dad entered the room. I would just like to ask you then if you…” All of a sudden, Kenneth got so nervous, his heart was beating so fast, as if something in him wanted to burst out.
“I love you Nicole” Kenneth declared; he, himself couldn’t believe he said it. After how many months of hiding it, he finally confessed his love. He turned to face Nicole with his soulful eyes that were about to shed tears.
“I know that what I’m feeling now is not right. But I’ve already loved you since the day I saw you poignant during the trip to Jeju. I wanted to take away your sadness, I wanted to get to know you, and when I finally did, I wanted to tell how much I love you, but when I learned that you’re pregnant, I just decided to hide it. Though, I promised your late fiancé that I’ll continue to protect and care for you even of you won’t give my love back. Sorry, but I can’t hide it anymore.”
“You’ve already answered my question…” Nicole bowed down her head, trying to hide the tears that were about to fall.
“So you noticed it already? But when?”
“After I gave birth to Shane, sorry if I noticed it late…”
“You don’t have to be sorry for anything Nicole. In fact, I should be the one who’s saying sorry; sorry that I love you. I hope nothing would change between us, though I think it’s impossible.”
Nicole sighed deeply, trying her best not to cry.
“Oppa, you see, I’m still very confused, but you don’t have to be sorry for loving me, hence, I want to say thank you…Thank you for loving me all these times. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I couldn’t imagine myself now if you weren’t beside me, helping me through all things. As much as I want to give your love back, I still have to make sure that what I feel for you is also ‘love’. Oppa, if you could give me enough time to think about things between us, maybe...we could give ourselves a chance to be together. I’ll let you know if it’s a ‘yes’ when I send you a red rose. Childish, but I think I just want it to be this way.”
“Um, but if your answer is a ‘no’?”
“Well, I’ll send you a white one.”
”Okay then Nicole, I’ll wait for the rose, may it be a red or a white one.”
“Thank you Kenneth.” Nicole suddenly embraced Kenneth. This was when tears fell down from Kenneth’s eyes. How he wished Nicole would send him a red rose, so that he’ll be ale to hug Nicole like this many times in the future.
Kenneth sent off Nicole to her house before going home.
“Good night Nicole, sleep well.”
“You too oppa, take care on your way home.” Kenneth smiled, patted Nicole’s arm and walked back to his car.

That night, Nicole prayed to the Lord that if Kenneth is really the man she’s destined to love again, then may He give her 3 signs, just 3 signs. After praying, Nicole looked out of the window, and all of a sudden, a falling star was seen.
“Oh my God, was it a sign?” yes, the first sign arrived so fast. Two more signs to go and Kenneth will get the red rose.

Three nights later, Nicole was putting baby Shane to sleep when he suddenly squeaked looking out of the window. There was again a falling star. The second sign has come indeed. Nicole didn’t know what to feel, but one thing’s for sure, one more sign and she’ll be together with Kenneth. Thinking about this made her heart flutter, was it love? Perhaps, depending if the third sign will come.

Meanwhile, Kenneth was uneasy thinking if Nicole has thought over things about them. How long does he have to wait for the rose? He doesn’t know, but he’s willing to wait as long as he’ll receive the red rose. Days passed, but Nicole still hasn’t received the third sign. Will it still come? God only knows.

At the Jin’s residence,
“It’s said in the news that the weather tomorrow will be great for picnics, why don’t you bring Shane to the park? It’ll be his first time to go there.” Mr. Jin suggested.
“It’ll be great, sure, I’ll bring Shane tomorrow to the park. Mom, want to go with us?”
“Oh that would be nice, but I have something important to do tomorrow.”
“More important than your handsome grandson?” Nicole was using her charm to convince her mom.
“Oh you really, okay, okay, I’ll go with you.”
“Thanks mom! I knew you would do anything for your precious daughter and grandson. Well then. It’s time for Shane’s sleep. Say goodbye to grandpa and grandma Shane.” Nicole held on to Shane’s little hand and waved it to her parents, then they proceeded to the nursery.

Nicole was singing a lullaby to Shane when something sparked from the window. Nicole went beside the window to see what was it, and she could hardly believe what she saw. There was a shower of falling stars! Then Mr. Jin came in the room.
“It was also said in the news that there’ll be a shower of falling stars. This only happens once in 40 years, incredible right?” but Nicole didn’t answer.
“This is it! This is the third sign I’ve been waiting for!” Nicole’s heart was beating fast. She then took her mobile phone and sent an MMS message to Kenneth.

At that time, Kenneth was also watching the falling stars when his phone rang, and his eyes grew in disbelief upon seeing the MMS message Nicole sent. It was a red rose! A message came along with it:
“Meet me at the park.” Just like a lightning, Kenneth took his coat and went off to the park.

Coincidentally, upon seeing each other at the park, heavy rain poured in. Was it a miracle? Probably, a miracle of love. Even though soaking wet, they slowly approached each other. They lovingly gazed at each other’s eyes. With his huge hands, Kenneth gently caressed Nicole’s face, and slowly, he captured her lips in a passionate kiss. This was the moment he’d been dreaming of. Before it was just a fantasy, but it has now come into a reality. All the love he hid from her for almost a year was expressed in the kiss. As for Nicole, it was just now that she again felt a rage of emotions…They stood there, kissing away all their love under the rain.

When their lips part, they once again gazed at each other’s eyes, full of love and passion.
“I love you Nicole Jin, I love you very, very. Very much!”
“I love you very, very, very, very, very much too Kenneth Yin!” The couple laughed at their foolishness, and they embraced each other tightly.
“We’re soaking wet! What do we do now?” Nicole asked.
“I don’t know! I can’t think of anything but you!” Kenneth laughed.
“Silly!” Nicole jabbed Kenneth’s chest. “Come let’s go to my house.”

When they arrived at the Jin’s residence Nicole’s parents were still awake and were drinking coffee in the living room. Nicole was the first one to enter the living room.
“Nicole where have you been? You’re so wet!” Mr. Jin was bewildered when Kenneth followed Nicole.
“Good evening Uncle James, and Auntie Alma, I know it’s already late, however, it was a long story.” Kenneth bowed.
“Oh, before you tell that ‘long story’, go up and dry yourselves. Nicole, lend Kenneth your dad’s clothes. Also, stay here for the night Kenneth.” Mrs. Jin ordered, and so, Nicole and Kenneth proceeded to the stairs to Nicole’s room.

”Maybe your parents would be very surprised when they learn that we’re together now.” Kenneth went out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel.
“Actually, they’ll be very happy. They really want you as their son-in-law.” Nicole was also drying her hair.
“Really? Wow, that’s great, the whole family like me to be your husband!”
“Even Shane?”
“Yes, even Shane. He’s very comfortable with me, it is because he’s at ease with me, and thus, he likes me.”
“Well, you’re right, but it doesn’t mean that we can get married already.”
“Of course, we just got together!” Nicole who was seating on the bed stood and hugged Kenneth.
“Yes, we just got together, but never will we part okay?” then Kenneth kissed her forehead.
”Never my love” Kenneth hugged Nicole closer.

”Mom, dad…” Nicole entered the living room, followed by Kenneth, they were holding each other’s hand. Seeing this gesture, Mr. and Mrs. Jin gave out a wide smile, as if they already figured out the good news.
“Good heavens! You’re together already?!” Mr. Jin joyfully inquired, and a nod was the couple’s answer.
“We knew this day would come! We’re very happy!” Mr. Jin applauded to joy.
“Come, sit, sit, and tell us every detail.” The old couple was very excited to hear their daughter’s “new love story”.
“Um, actually, to start with…about a month ago, I confessed Nicole my love that I have hidden for the longest time we’ve known each other. I thought our friendship would end there, but-“
Kenneth looked at Nicole cueing her to continue the narration.
“But, I told Kenneth that I’ll think about our relationship, if I’m already ready to accept him, then I’ll send him a red rose, but if I choose to keep our friendship, I’ll send him a white rose.”
The couple lovingly stared at each other. Nicole’s parents couldn’t help but giggle because of the young couple’s sweetness.
“That same night, I asked the Lord that if Kenneth’s really the right man I’ll love, then may He give me 3 signs. Instantly, as I looked though the window, a falling star appeared. I knew that was the first sign. Three nights later, I saw another one again, and finally, the third sign was the shower of falling stars this evening. I hurriedly sent Kenneth a red rose via MMS message…”
“It was also said the message that we’ll meet at the park, as soon as I read the message, I quickly went to the park, and when we met, heavy rain started to fall, that’s why we’re so wet…I’ll take this chance to tell you Nicole, and also to you uncle and auntie…I will never leave Nicole, never will I let her be hurt by my actions. She’s the most wonderful ting that has happened to me. I’ve never been so passionate for someone as I am for Nicole. I’ll care and protect her until my last breath, no, until eternity. As for Shane, I’ll love him like a real son who came from my own flesh and blood, I promise that…”
Nicole and her parents were deeply moved by Kenneth’s avowal.
“We really do hope that you’ll keep your word for that Kenneth, even before, we could obviously see your love for our daughter, and now that you’re together, nothing’s going to hinder you from showing your love. We entrust Nicole to you Kenneth, you’re already part of our family.”
”Thank you very much for trusting me Uncle James, I’ll do my best not to disappoint you and Auntie Alma.”
”Okay, in relation to the topic, when will the two of you tie the knot?” Mr. Jin jokingly asked.
“Dad?!’ Nicole responded, and the four of them laughed.

After a few more chats, the two couples decided to call it a day (night rather), and retreated to their rooms. Before going to the room, Kenneth and Nicole dropped by baby Shane’s nursery first.
“Would it be okay to Shane’s father if Shane will call me ‘daddy’?”
“I think so, remember, he also gave way for us to be together.”
”Yeah, and I’m very thankful to him for that. Well then, from now on Shane will call me ‘daddy’.”
“But Shane cannot speak yet.”
“I know, but let’s start to teach him how to call us, mommy and daddy, fun right? We’re like a real family.” Kenneth turned his sight from Shane to Nicole.
“So, come one wife, let’s go to sleep now.” He tease fully grinned.
“Wait, wait, let’s just make it clear that you’ll sleep on the floor, and I’ll sleep on my bed, okay?”
“Yes master, as you wish!” and they retreated to Nicole’s room.

Lying on their positions, the two still can’t stop their sweet talk…
“Will we still consider our ‘friendship bracelet’ as a token of our friendship?” Kenneth looked at his bracelet on his right wrist.
“Of course, that’s why it’s called ‘friendship bracelet’. We could always buy a new token for our relationship.”
“Okay, um, a ring probably? Don’t worry, we’ll buy it one of these days.”
“Hey, how about our calling? You know, when Shane’s father was still alive, we call each other ‘cupcake’, cute right? How about us?”
“Hmm…salt and pepper? Haha, no…cookie and monster? Definitely not…gee, it’s hard to think.”
“How about our favorite ice cream flavor? What’s your favorite?”
“Hazelnut, how about you?”
“Me? Cappuccino…that’s right! I’ll call you cappuccino, and you’ll call me Hazelnut! Fun right? We’re like teenagers!”
“Yeah, but I find it good too, hello hazelnut.”
“Hi there cappuccino! Gosh, maybe we just need to sleep, it’s already past one. Good night and sweet dreams cappuccino.”
“Sweetest dreams my hazelnut, I love you.”

Finally, fate made its way for the two hearts be one. With its sweet beginning, will it still be sweet as their love pass through future trials?


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Chapter 5


Kenneth was awoken by the alarm of Nicole clock. As he opened his eyes, he saw Nicole fixing herself up, how he wished he would see her every morning as he open up his eyes. Nicole then sensed that her cappuccino’s already awake.
good morning cappuccino. Nicole leaned to kiss Kenneth on the cheek.
good morning too Nicole, oh I mean, hazelnut.
sorry if my alarm clock woke you up, I always have to wake up by 7 am to feed Shane. You could go back to sleep if you want.
oh, no need, actually, I have to get fixed because I have a duty at 10 am.
oh I see…” Nicole was a bit disappointed; she was planning to have a picnic with him and Shane. Kenneth noticed the disappointed look on Nicole.
well, I could tell my assistant that I have an important affair to attend to.
A sudden twinkle appeared in Nicole eyes, followed by a big smile.
really? That great!Nicole hugged Kenneth tightly causing the both of them to fall.
love you so much cappuccino!
same here hazelnut, I love you too.
They were about to kiss when Kenneth thought of something, ait!he exclaimed.
haven brush my teeth yet.
uh, neither do I, I also just woke up remember?
h yeah, right.And so, they kissed, what a good morning treat! :P

Wow, our baby Shane is going to his first picnic! That why he dressed up/Mr. Jin was playing with his grandson.
Have you brought all the things Shane needs? The diapers? Bottles? Powder? Sweater? Water? Towel? Milk? Mrs. Jin was vigorously checking if Nicole had prepared everything Shane will need when he goes out. It Nicole first time to take Shane out, and so, she has to double check the things she’ll bring.
Yes, have it all in the bag mom, and thank you for letting Kenneth serve as your replacement.
I’ll bring them back around 6 pm uncle and auntie. Kenneth carried Shane bag and the basket.
No problem Kenneth, we know they’re very safe with you. Mr. Jin handed Shane over to Nicole.
Enjoy your first picnic Shane. He kissed the baby head.
I’ll be back late grandpa and grandma, enjoy your time together! Nicole waved Shane little hands; Shane was smiling, obviously, he was having fun with the dotting of his family.

At the park, Kenneth laid the cloth for them to seat on. Baby Shane was very happy seeing the colorful flowers, the people, and the sky, practically everything around him.
It good that he exposed to these things once in a while, maybe we could have a picnic like this at least twice a month. Kenneth carried Shane.
Sure, anything for Shane wow...look, he really likes you, he smiling so bright.
Just like his mom. Kenneth amorously gazed at Nicole.
Oh, stop that look Shane baby, do you know who carrying you? He daddy Kenneth, call him da-ddy. Shane big round eyes that were like of his mother were starring at Kenneth, as if he studying every detail of his Daddy face. Then he raised his small hand to him. Kenneth held it gently, the little angel may not be biologically his, but he had the paternal feeling. He could feel his heart overwhelming with love for Shane and Nicole, he couldn’t ask for more.
In due time, we’ll have our own children, and we’ll be a one big happy family. Nicole was very touched with what she seeing.
I suppose with what you said by one big happy family is you want to have many kids, am I right hazelnut? Kenneth still can take off his eyes from the baby.
Well, not really, actually, I just think of having two more kids, is it okay with you cappuccino?
Anything you want hazelnut, don worry, it will come at the right time.
Yes of course…” They spent the whole afternoon happily. The couple took Shane for a walk with his stroller; they bought balloons of different colors, according to Kenneth it good for the development of the child imagination. The people at the park were envious; the three looked like a real happy family. There was also an instance when one of Kenneth patients with her mom approached Kenneth.
i Dr. Handsome! his patient called him.
Oh, hi there Jessie, how are you?
I very fine Dr. Handsome, I very healthy too! It because I always eat fruits and vegetables just like what you said.
That very good!
Nice to meet you here Dr. Yin, I did’tn know you’re already married. The kid mother said.
Oh, welles, this is my wife, Nicole, and our baby, Shane.
Good afternoon mam .Nicole nodded, though she was surprised with Kenneth answer.
You look like a very good couple doctor, also your babyh, excuse us, we have to go now. Say good bye to doctor now Jessie.
Bye Dr. Handsome! the kid waved.
When the kid and woman were gone, Nicole faced Kenneth.
I didn’t know wee already married, and you let your patients call you Handsome huh?
Don’t you like it? It better than to say that wee not yet married. Also, don you agree with my patients if they call me Handsome Kenneth winked at Nicole.
Okay fine, no objections. Nicole chuckled.
See, so you better get used to it ey, since we’re already near the jewelry shop, let buy rings, so that whenever I introduce you as my wife they wouldn’t doubt if we’re really married.
The three went to the jewelry shop nearby, Kenneth and Nicole chose a simple ring band made of silver, and they had their names engraved on it. The salesladies were very dazzled with Kenneth good looks, at the same time, they were very jealous because he already has family and it seems like they’re very happy.
When they already got the rings, they wore it on each other finger.
I will patiently wait for the day we exchange our vows in front of the altar. As I patiently waited for the day we let ourselves have a chance to go beyond our friendship. Kenneth said as he wore the ring on Nicole finger.
Thank you for patiently waiting for me, and now that we love each other, I will give you everything my love can give. It also a way of letting you know that I’m very thankful that you love me despite of my situation. Nicole said as it was her turn to wear the ring on Kenneth finger.
They did this in the jewelry shop, the salesladies were very green in envy, but they were also touched, they were like watching a romantic movie.

The couple were seating on a bench under a tree, while bay Shane was sleeping soundly in his stroller.
”Cappuccino…” Nicole was leaning her head on Kenneth shoulder.
Yes my hazelnut?
Is it okay with you if we go to Shane father grave not? I just want him to see Shane.
Kenneth felt a bit jealous, but he thought that he shouldn’t, because it Shane real father, and Nicole late fiancee Besides, he now and will continue to be Nicole love, and Shane father.
Okay hazelnut, if that what you want.

They drove off to the cemetery.
Hello cupcake, I now with our baby Shane. You know he’ll forever be your remembrance to me. He the fruit of the love we shared for many years. Don’t worry, Shane will grow up knowing you as his father, however, you already know that Kenneth s my new love, and will also be Shane stepfather. Kenneth promised to protect and care for us right? He told you before... I very thankful that you let Kenneth love me. Actually, I think you talked with God to give me someone whom I’ll be with, that Kenneth and Shane. Even in your after life, you still managed to make me happy. Thank you very much for that.
I also thank you for letting Nicole love me back. Just like what I promised, Il always be here for Nicole and Shane, I guarantee you. I know you’re also happy up there, so you don have to worry about anything. I love Nicole and Shane more than my life…” Kenneth held Nicole hand firmer. They looked at each other fervently.
Once again, thank you for giving me Kenneth. Il love him till perpetuity.
l love Nicole till perpetuity comes to its end.

At around 6 pm., Kenneth brought Nicole and Shane back to their house.
Wow! Look, our baby Shane brought home balloons. Did you enjoy your first picnic with mommy and daddy? Oh, come here my angel. Mr. Jin carried Shane.
It good for Shane to go out once in a while, Shane enjoyed his first picnic. Kenneth said.
That very good, if Il have the time, Il bring Shane out. Oh, eat your dinner here with us Kenneth. Mrs. Jin was preparing dinner when they arrived.
Oh thank you very much auntie, I would love to spend more time with all of you.

After eating dinner, Nicole and Kenneth went to the garden to have some private time together. Hand in hand, they walked along the small garden of Nicole house.
Oh it really feels so good to have someone beside you. Kenneth tightened his hold on Nicole hand.
It really does cappuccino, please promise me that we’ll still have a moment like this when we grow old, okay?
Let the stars in the sky be the witness of my vow. Ms. Nicole Jin, Il never leave you, you’re the only one who owns my heart .Kenneth placed Nicole hand on his left chest.
his heart beats only for you. This will keep on beating until you want it to. Every beat of my heart is for you, and every breath I take is for you. Il live for you, you and you only.
Nicole took off her hand and placed both of her hands on Kenneth face.
Mr. Kenneth Yin, you may not be my first love, or the father of my first child, but you’ll be my only one until the end. When I met you in Jeju, I thought you’ll just be a good friend but I didn’t expect that you’re the one who’ll give me another chance to love again. Right now, loving you is all I want to do.
Time seemed to stop, their eyes were reflecting how much love they have for each other.

Let’s dance. Kenneth whispered to Nicole ears.
But there no music cappuccino.
Do we need music? I’ll just sing for you. Kenneth wrapped his arms around Nicole waist, and Nicole clung her hands on Kenneth shoulders. They began to sway, and Kenneth began singing David Pomerand orn for you
(insert lyrics)
The lovers were having their own world, totally unaware of their surrounding. That why they didn’t notice that Nicole parents were watching them. Mr. and Mrs. Jin were very grateful that Kenneth came to Nicole life, and gave her another chance to love again.

Kenneth and Nicole relationship grew lovelier each and every day. No one can deny that they’re very in love with each other.
Kenneth would act as a father and at the same time, a pediatrician for Shane. Every time Nicole would bring Shane to Kenneth for a check-up, the nurses would get very envious, because the three indeed looked like a family.

One day, Nicole took Shane for a regular check-up.
Hello cappuccino! Shane is here for another check-up. Nicole, carrying Shane entered the clinic. Seeing the two most important people in his life, Kenneth brightly smiled and stood up from his seat to approach Nicole and Shane.
Hello Shane! How have you been my baby? Oh daddy missed you a lot! Let me carry you.
Kenneth carried Shane, and kissed him on the forehead. Nicole pretended to look jealous.
Why does Shane get a kiss, while I don get any? Nicole pouted.
Oh, I see that my hazelnut is getting jealous over a little baby? Of course I also missed my hazelnut! Kenneth pulled Nicole and kissed her on the lips. The long and tender kiss really expressed how much Kenneth missed Nicole.
Still jealous hazelnut?
Well, not anymore. I now know how much you missed me, even though we last met yesterday.
Shane squeaked out to get his parent attention. The couple looked at the adorable little angel, not almost a year old.

After the check-up, Kenneth and Nicole decided to take Shane to the mall, and at the same time to prepare things for Shane first birthday celebration. On their way to the parking lot of the hospital, they met up with Allan and Judith.
And who is this adorable little prince I seeing? Allan went near to Shane, he has been longing to have a child of his own, but Judith still can’t set her duties aside.
Good to see you again Nicole. I can see that you’re blooming. Judith greeted.
Oh yes Dr. Park, Shane has been my source of joy.
Wait, have you forgotten the man beside you? Kenneth protested.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Nicole sweetly laughed.
You know, I’ve never seen Kenneth this happy before. I wish the both of you a much stronger relationship. Just don’t forget about in your wedding okay?
Of course, you’re my best of pals. Also, you guys are Shane godparents.
And when will that wedding be, huh? Allan queried. Nicole and Kenneth looked at each other, they still haven discussed about it, because they still wanted to get to know more of each other.
Soon…” Kenneth answered.
Alright then, just inform us when you already proposed to Nicole. Oh, I remember the time when you told us that you met a very charming and bubbly girl in Jeju, and now, you already have her heart! You’re really one tricky guy Kenneth!
Honestly speaking, up to now, I still can believe that wee together. It all like a dream. As of now, I very contented and happy. Anyway, we have to go now. We still have to prepare for Shane first birthday. See you again tomorrow. Bye! Kenneth carrying Shane proceeded to the exit, followed by Nicole who just bade goodbye to Allan and Judith.
While driving their way to the mall, Kenneth can help but smile while Nicole was playing with Shane. The little angel was very entertained; he had already started saying syllables, the he turned to look at his daddy, he was trying to reach out to Kenneth. Surprisingly, Shane spoke out the syllable da Both Nicole and Kenneth eyes grew in disbelief. Kenneth hurriedly stopped the car at the side of the road.
Shane, baby, what did you just say? Wow hazelnut, did you hear that? Shane called me!
Wow, Shane speaking is really improving! But wait, isn’t it unfair? He called you first! As if understood, Shane clung to Nicole and spoke, ma
Oh, you’re truly adorable! Mommy loves you very much! Nicole showered kisses on Shane.
Just a little more time, and Shane could already call us mommy and daddy! Very good job Shane! I’ll buy you new toys once we get to the mall.

At the mall, Kenneth and Nicole carefully inspected every item which will be needed for Shane first birthday party. Time passes really easily, in just a week, Shane will turn one.
It just like yesterday when I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t know what to do then…”
It was also just like yesterday when we first met in Seoul. I you just know how happy I were to see you again. I felt like I saw an angel, but when I learned that you were pregnant, I felt like my whole world will fall apart. Kenneth emotions were clearly seen in his gorgeous eyes; to comfort him, Nicole held onto Kenneth hand.
That now only the past cappuccino. The important things are the present and our future together.
Nicole? A lady called Nicole from behind. The couple turned to see who it was, and Nicole was surprised to see that it was her late fiancé’s elder sister.
Oh, hi elder sister. Nicole bowed.
I didn’t expect to see you here! It seems like you’re preparing for Shane birthday? Oh, let me see my dear nephew. Shane was happy to see his aunt, even though he only sees her and his paternal grandparents once a month.
My, my, our baby Shane is growing more and more handsome everyday!
Oh yes, um, elder sister, maybe you’ve already met him before. This is Kenneth, my boyfriend.
Nice to meet you, I Kenneth Yin, I also Shane pediatrician. but instead of a nice greeting, the lady just nodded. Evidently, she not in favor of Kenneth, not because of his status or appearance, it because of his early relationship with Nicole.
Anyway, I have to go now. See you next week at the party, take good care of Shane.
Yes elder sister. Then the lady left without a word to Kenneth.
Looks like she doesn’t like me. Kenneth observed
Don’t get bothered by her cappuccino. She just really like that, but when you get to know her more, you’ll see that she nice.
Well, I don have plans to know her more, it you whom I want to know more.
Nicole slid her arm to Kenneth.
Fine then, but let first do what we’re supposed to do okay?
As you wish, my hazelnut.

A week after, Shane birthday came. Nicole and her parents have already fixed everything, from the invitations up to the souvenirs. Everyone was very happy to see the one-year-old Shane in his Tigger costume, because the party theme was Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Nicole, looking very lovely in her baby pink dress with a white blazer was quite busy accommodating every guest.
sorry I a bit late, I just finished some paper works at the clinic. Kenneth approached Nicole. Every lady in the party turned their heads as Kenneth entered the venue. He was looking very cute in his all-white suit, and a rabbit head band. Though feeling a bit conscious with his rabbit head band, Kenneth still managed to have his composure.
Wow, you look very cute with the rabbit head band! What up doc? Nicole teased.
Hey stop fooling me around, here, wear this, you left it in my car. Kenneth handed over a pink pig head band, just like of Piglet ears.
Oh! I thought I placed this somewhere, thanks. Nicole wore the head band, and then let out a sweet naughty smile. Kenneth chuckled, he really can get enough of Nicole.

The birthday boy is looking for his parents. Mr. Jin, carrying Shane approached the couple.
www, my little angel looks so cute in his costume. Come to daddy Shane/Kenneth carried Shane/.
Cappuccino, Shane paternal family just arrived. Come, let welcome them.
hello auntie, uncle and elder sister We’ve been waiting for you.
sorry if we just arrived. You know how busy we are in our jobs. Shane grandpa said.
it okay uncle, what important is that you’re now here for Shane. Oh, let me introduce you my boyfriend, Kenneth.
hello, nice to meet you sir and madam. Thank you for coming to celebrate Shane first birthday. Kenneth greeted.
Thank you, and nice to meet you too Kenneth. The old man replied. However, the two ladies didn’t

The party turned out great, as expected. Everyone had fun, and they all went home with smiles on their faces. Of course, the birthday celebrant had loads of fun, it his first time to be in a party. However, all throughout the part, never did Shane paternal grandma and aunt bothered to talk to Kenneth. The coldness between them could really be felt. But this didn’t stop Kenneth from acting like Shane real father.

That night, after putting Shane to sleep, Nicole and Kenneth went to the garden to have some talk. While standing and gazing out to the stars, Nicole suddenly embraced Kenneth.
hank you, and sorry. She said. hank you for being Shane stepfather, from the start, you already treated him like a real son. I very thankful for that sorry, if Shane paternal family is cold on you. Please understand them, it had just only been more than a year since my fiancée died. Maybe, they still can accept the fact that I have another man in my life. I really sorry. Kenneth completely understood; as he was stroking Nicole silky hair, he said,
understand hazelnut, I can fully understand why they’re acting like that. We can blame them, but it not our fault that faith has brought our hearts together to become one.
Yes, it not our fault that wee really meant to love each other. Well, let just not bother them, they’re not of any help to our relationship. Let just think of our relationship, only our love, only the two of us.
Nicole raised up her head to look at Kenneth eyes, full of passion and love for her. Slowly, Kenneth bend down his head to capture Nicole lips in a warm loving kiss.

As time passes, their love grows deeper and lovelier. Everything seems perfect, but every happiness has a counterpart of sadness. What could possibly go wrong with such a strong relationship?



Here's the lyrics for David Pomeranz's song "Born for You" too many billion people running around the planet what is the chance in heaven that you'd find your way to me tell me what is this sweet sensation it's a miracle that happened though I search for an explanation only one thing it could be... that i was born for you it was written in the stars yes, i was born for you and the choice was never ours it's as if the powers of the universe conspired to make you mine until the day i die i bless the day that i was born for you too many foolish people try to come between us none of them seem to matter when i look into your eyes now i know why i belong here... in your arms i found the answer somehow nothing would seem so wrong here if they'd only realize that.... i was born for you and that you were born for me and in this random world, this was clearly meant to be what we have the world could never understand or ever take away until the day i die i bless the day that i was born for you... what we have the world could never understand or ever take away and as the years go by until the day i die i bless the day that i was born for you...


Chapter 6 (Finale)


Faith was really munificent to let a broken heart love again. Two hearts met, fell in love, and become one.

After a year and a half of relationship, Kenneth finally decided to propose marriage to Nicole. He cannot wait for Nicole to be his wife. He was planning to have a romantic proposal to Nicole after his trip from a conference in Japan. He could hardly sleep thinking of how he would propose to Nicole. Almost everyday, he would practice in front of the mirror, after practicing, he would laugh at his foolishness. Indeed, love has done so many changes in Kenneth. He had never been this mushy and affectionate to his former girlfriend.

Speaking of former girlfriend
The phone at Kenneth clinic was ringing.
Hello, this is Dr. Yin pediatric clinic, how may I help you? his assistant answered.
Hello, may I speak with Dr. Yin? a sophisticated womanly voice spoke from the other line.
Sorry mam, but Dr. Yin is currently attending a conference in Japan. You may leave a note for him. May I know who calling?
Erika Huh, please tell him that I’ve just arrived from the U.S. When will he come back?
In two days time mam.
Okay, I’ll just call again after two days, thank you. Then she hang up.
Erika Huh, a young interior designer from the U.S. was Kenneth ex-girlfriend. She also came from an elite family that migrated in the US. when she was just seven years old. Kenneth and Erika have known each other since grade 7, they were classmates, and also neighbors. With such a beautiful face, slender figure, and intelligent mind, no wonder Kenneth quickly fell for Erika. She was his first love. They’re been together since Kenneth courted her in junior high, until they graduated from college. Erika already wanted to marry Kenneth after graduation, however, Kenneth wanted to practice his profession in Korea. This led to their break-up. Kenneth sacrificed his relationship for his service to the people of his country. And after five years of separation, Erika came to Korea to get Kenneth back.

That night at Nicole house,
l’ll be back in two days hazelnut. I terribly miss you and Shane. Kenneth was making an overseas call to Nicole.
e miss you too cappuccino. In fact, while playing this afternoon, Shane called out to you. He really misses his playmate.
Wow, really? Don worry, we’ll have more play times together when I come back, and also our sweet times Kenneth teased.
Well then, hurry up and come home playmate Nicole teased back.
Oh if I could just fly off now hazelnut, I would! It seems like two days is so long. I want to be by your side now.
Don be too excited cappuccino, you will not be able to sleep then.
But I couldn’t already sleep well since my first night here! Good thing Kenneth was able to hide the real reason of his sleepless nights.
Oh my gosh, then you have big eye bags now?
Why? You wouldn’t love me anymore if I have eye bags? Just tell me, Il quickly buy tons of cucumbers and creams to take this off!
Nicole laughed, is that so? Well, you don have to, I love you just the way you are! I’ll love you even of your eye bags will grow as big as your eyes. Plus, you don have to spend too much, you will need the money for our future family.
Kenneth was bewildered, future family? Don tell me, you’re-?
Huh, no! I not pregnant, what I mean to say is, sooner or later, we will get married and have a family.
Oh, yeah, yeah, right was just shocked with the thought if you’re carrying my baby already.
ell, that will come at the right time cappuccino, wait, I can hear Shane crying. Talk to you again tomorrow cappuccino. Miss you and love you! Bye!
After hanging up, Kenneth took the engagement ring from his pocket. l just wait for two days, and we’ll be together forever Nicole. He thought.

The moment Kenneth stepped out of the airport two days after, he immediately proceeded to the restaurant where he will propose to Nicole. He checked every single detail of the romantic dinner which will happen that night. He had the balcony of the restaurant filled with red and white roses. A musical combo will also play for them, and of course, the menu for the dinner.

After fixing up the final details for his proposal, Kenneth dropped by to his clinic to get some paper works done. His assistant didn’t tell Kenneth about Erika, because Erika called earlier and told that she will just meet with him at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Nicole was getting ready for their dinner. She was having a strange feeling, like there something going to happen that night. Will it be a good one, or a bad one? She doesn’t know.
Da-ddy ma-mmy...Shane spoke as he was trying to reach for their picture located at Nicole desk.
You miss daddy so much right? Don worry, daddy is already here in Korea, but you will just see him tomorrow, and you’ll get to play with him again. Mommy will go out with daddy tonight, so don give
grandpa and grandma a hard time, behave okay? Shane smiled as an answer.

It was already 6 o’clock, and Kenneth doesn’t have enough time to fix himself up in his place, that why he just changed his clothes in the hospital, and sprayed on his perfume. When he was done, he hurriedly went to the parking lot. However, Erika saw Kenneth ride in his car, and so, she decided to follow him. Kenneth made his way to the restaurant, where he will meet Nicole. Kenneth went to the balcony, while Erika sat on a chair where she could see Kenneth. A few minutes passed, and Nicole arrived,
Sorry for making you wait. Dad just finished some works before dropping me off here. However, Kenneth greeted Nicole with a tight hug.
Oh I missed you so much! I very happy to see you and hug you again!
Yup, I missed you a lot tooey, what a minute, I told you not to spend a lot on such things, then what are these roses for?
Well, actually…”
Erika suddenly entered the scene.
Kenneth, long time no see! I missed you! The couple turned to look who was it-Kenneth was stupefied.
Wow, good thing you remembered me, after five years of separation. How are you?
Who is she? Nicole inquired.
Erika then looked arrogantly at Nicole from head to toe, and in her mind, she was comparing herself to Nicole.
Well, Erika is…”
Let me introduce myself to you dear, I Erika Huh, Kenneth girlfriend for more than about 10 years, nice to meet you. Erika extended her hand for a handshake. Though surprised with Erika sudden appearance, Nicole tried to keep her composure, and extended her hand.
Nice to meet you too, I Nicole Jin, Kenneth present girlfriend. Nicole snobbishly smirked.
Both ladies looked at each other superciliously.
Erika, why are you here in Korea? Kenneth roughly asked.
Well, let just say that I have some unfinished business to settle. Erika answered.
Okay, um, if you may excuse us, I just have something important to tell Nicole.
More important than talking to me after 5 years?
Yes, so please…”
I’ll just be at the other table. Talk to you later. Then Erika left.
Kenneth noticed the annoyed look on Nicole,
Sorry for the disturbance hazelnut.
It’s okay cappuccino, but may I ask, what qualities did you like about her? Yes, she pretty, but she looks so snobbish and arrogant.
Hazelnut, don tell me you’re jealous? Come on, she just a woman from the past. Remember what you always tell me? What important is the present and our future together. Anyway, let have a seat, our night had just started.

After eating their meals, the musical combo started playing the couple theme song, David Pomerand orn for you This was the cue for Kenneth proposal.
Exactly two years, five weeks and 3 days ago, I met an angel in a trip to Jeju Island. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with that angel, I wanted her to be mine, but I didn’t have the strength to tell her. But one day, a miracle happened and we got together. Now, even if I’ll be selfish, I want to have this angel for the rest of my life. Kenneth stood up from his seat and kneeled in front of Nicole.
Will this angel let me have her forevermore? Kenneth took out the ring from his pocket.
My angel Nicole Jin, will you marry me?’” This was Nicole second time to be asked for marriage, but still, she can control her emotions, tears started falling down from her eyes.
Yes I will Kenneth Yin, Il be yours forevermore.
Kenneth wore the diamond ring on Nicole hand, they stood up and embraced each other tightly.
Erika saw all of these, and she was very furious, then she left the restaurant.
We’ll see who going to get Kenneth Yin in the end. She thought.

Along the way to Nicole house, both still can stop talking about the things for their wedding. Then Nicole suddenly brought up the topic about Erika.
I thought Erika would talk to you after, but she left already.
Maybe she has something important to do.
Well it seems that she still likes you.
Hazelnut, why are you saying that? We’ve broken up a long time ago.
But I could sense it. You know, women have the instinct of knowing if their man is liked by someone.
Whether or not she still likes me, I don have anything to do with it anymore, wee now engaged. Let leave that topic because wee now near to your house.

When Nicole and Kenneth entered the house, they saw that Nicole parents were still awake.
h Kenneth! Good to see you again my boy! Mr. Jin patted Kenneth arm.
Good to see you again too uncle.
Oh, dad, mom, we have some great news.
What is it Nicole? Oh, don tell me, you and him, the two of you? Mr. Jin had already thought of it.
Nicole then showed the diamond ring on her left hand. Her parents almost jumped to joy.
We knew it! Wee very happy for the both of you! So when the big day? Mr. Jin joyfully asked.
Two months from now uncle, I can wait for Nicole to be my wife. But, is it fine with you? Is two months too fast?
No, not at all my son! In fact, it would be better if you have the wedding one month from now!
Dad, are you giving me away already? I can see that you want me to leave this house right away! Nicole complained.
Of course not Nicole, your mom and I just want you to be happy! Am I right honey?
Yes, your dad right Nicole, we want the best for you, and this is the best we know for you!
Okay, but two months is just right for me to have enough time to prepare.
Whatever you say Nicole, let celebrate for your engagement! Honey, bring out the wine, Nicole prepare some snacks for us. Mr. Jin ordered.
The two couples drank to glee all night, it looked like Nicole parents won the lottery.
My children, as soon as you get married, let Shane have a playmate right away , okay?
Oh dad! Nicole was a bit shy of his father naughtiness.
Don worry uncle, we’ll try our very best. Kenneth rode away with the topic.
ish, don call me uncle anymore, its Daddy from now on my son! Here, let have a toast, cheers!

It was already 2 am when they finished celebrating. Mr. Jin insisted Kenneth to spend the night at their house, since it was already dangerous to drive late at night after drinking alcohol.
Nicole was fixing up her bed for the two of them when Kenneth hugged her from behind, he rested his head on her shoulder.
I feel very sleepy now hazelnut.
Just wait a little while, I about to finish fixing the bed cappuccino.
In 2 months time, we’ll be sleeping in one bed forever, I can wait ill our wedding day comes.
Patience cappuccino, it just 2 months. By the way, when will we inform your family in the U.S.? Do you think they will come in our wedding?
They should come, it the most important day in their child life. I’ll call them one of these days, don worry.
I’m very grateful that your family permitted our relationship. When I first talked to them on the phone, I thought they reject me because of Shane.
Did you really think of that? My family is really nice, they understand our situation. In fact, they’re eager to meet you and Shane. They also asked me if I have plans in adopting Shane as my son, and give him my name.
And what did you answer?
I said yes, I want to adopt Shane, that is if you will agree on it, will you hazelnut?
f course cappuccino. Since the day we got together, Shane considered you as his daddy.
No problem then hazelnut, by tomorrow, we’ll start preparing things for our wedding. Oh, I really sleepy. Kenneth laid on the bed, and pulled Nicole to him.
Behave and sleep now, I don want to hear any complains okay? Kenneth cuddled Nicole closer to him. So, Nicole just turned off the lamp and tugged back to Kenneth embrace.

Days passed, Kenneth and Nicole wedding was getting nearer. They were very busy preparing for the big day. Everyday after work, they would meet somewhere and discuss about the finished details for their wedding. Then one day, Erika intervened into the scene again. Kenneth and Nicole were supposed to meet at Kenneth clinic, after their work. Just before Nicole went to the clinic, Erika went to the clinic first.
Hello again Kenneth. Erika entered the clinic.
Oh, Erika what brings you here?
Isn’t it bad to visit my boyfriend?
Ex-boyfriend you mean. So, what can I offer you? Tea? Coffee?
Nothing would do, except for you. Erika went nearer to Kenneth.
Erika please, I already engaged to Nicole.
Hush down my dear, don you miss me? I missed you a lot. I missed your hugs, your touches, and most especially your kisses. Erika was trying to seduce Kenneth, but would this work?
The nearer Erika gets to Kenneth, the nearer Nicole gets to the clinic. Kenneth was trying to push Erika away from him, but she kept on going nearer to him.
Kenneth dear, I know you’re just playing with Nicole to forget your longing ness for me. Now that I here, you don have to fool yourself around anymore. Finally, Erika kissed Kenneth, he was hesitant about the kiss, but he thought that maybe after the kiss, he could stop Erika from wanting him, so he just kissed back (what a clever mind he has! I being sarcastic here girls :p). Just in time, Nicole entered the clinic and saw the two kissing. Seeing that someone has entered the room, Kenneth pushed Erika away from him.
Oh, look who here. It your fiancée Kenneth. How are you dear? Erika pathetically asked.
Nicole, hazelnut, don get me wrong, I…”
Dou don have to explain Kenneth, I’ve seen it with my two eyes, and it already enough to explain that you cheated me! How could you do this?! Kenneth approached Nicole to calm her down, but she wouldn’t allow him to touch her.
Never did Shane real father do this to me! You’re so cheap Kenneth, as cheap as the woman beside you! The wedding is off. Here your damn ring, I don want it anymore, and I don want to see you ever again! Nicole threw the engagement ring to Kenneth and ran out of the clinic. Kenneth picked the ring and ran after Nicole, but he wasn’t able to catch up to her.
ey what wrong Kenneth? I saw Nicole crying when she went out. Allan drew near to Kenneth.
It my fault, I shouldn’t have kissed Erika.
Erika? Erika Huh? She here in Korea?
Hey, nice to see you again Allan! Erika followed Kenneth.
Erika! Why are you here? Allan was very surprised.
Well, I here to get Kenneth back, and as always, I got what I wanted.
You’re very selfish Erika. I don know you anymore! To tell you the truth, I just kissed you back because I feel pity for you. If you thought you already got me, you’re absolutely wrong! Nicole is the only one for me, always remember that. If I have to kill myself just to have Nicole forgiveness, I will. So would you please get out of my sight? And go back to the U.S.! Kenneth was very enraged that he didn’t care if everyone in the lobby would hear him.
Allan would you please take this woman away from me, because I might do something unpleasing to her. I’ll just follow Nicole, something might happen to her.

Nicole took the bus, not knowing where to go. She was crying intensely, all of her drams and plans seemed to vanish after the incident. Her mobile phone was ringing, but when she saw Kenneth name on the caller ID, she immediately turned her phone off.
Kenneth was swearing himself for doing such thing. He didn’t know where to find Nicole. His thoughts were all messed up.

Not wanting to bother her parents, Nicole didn’t go home, instead, she decided to proceed to her boyfriend grave; it was already sunset when she got there.
So this is the feeling of being cheated. I thought everything was going well between the two of us. I thought he’ll be the one for me, but I was wrong, very wrong. I asked for signs if he really the right man, but look at what happened. I very hurt, it was just like when you left me. I don know what to do. No one could really say if a relationship will last forever, a perfect relationship could later on turn into a harsh break-up, that the sad reality.

Going back to Kenneth, he just decided to go to Nicole place, surely, she won spend a night without Shane.
We thought Nicole was with you. What happened? Mrs. Jin asked.
It’s a long story mom, but I trying to settle it down as soon as possible.
Da-ddy! Shane called out from his crib. Kenneth then went to Shane and carried him.
Hello baby, you know, I have something to tell you daddy is very bad, because I made your mommy cry. Daddy is very stupid, but I didn’t intend to hurt her, believe me. Now, Il do my best to win her back, so that we’ll still be together, so that I’ll still be your daddy. I love you and your mommy very much Shane. I really do. Kenneth kissed Shane on the forehead, then tears started to shear from his eyes. As if feeling his father pain, Shane cleansed away the tears using his little hand. Seeing this, Mrs. Jin was very touched.

Moments later, Nicole arrived at the house, Shane called out to her, and the first thing she saw was Kenneth carrying Shane, Nicole immediately took Shane away from Kenneth.
Are you stupid or crazy? I told you not to show up to me again!
Yes, I might be stupid or crazy, but if you would just let me explain. Please hazelnut…”
Don call me hazelnut! And I don want to hear you explain! I hate you Kenneth Yin!
Mr. Jin heard the couple quarrying.
What the problem with the two of you? Your wedding happens in a month, now, you’re fighting?
Dad, I sorry, but I calling the wedding off. Nicole said.
What do you mean, call the wedding off! You’re breaking up with Kenneth?
Yes dad, excuse me, Il just go to my room, because I can stand this view. Nicole headed to her room with Shane, who was gazing at Kenneth.
Son, let talk about this. What wrong?
Kenneth sighed deeply and began telling about what happened. As parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jin indeed felt bad for their daughter, but they understood Kenneth point in doing it.
Better let Nicole cool down first. Don worry, we will do our best to help solve this problem.
Yes, so you better go home for now Kenneth. Continue preparing things for your wedding, surely, Nicole won let you go.
Thank you for completely understanding. I really do hope this problem will be settled very soon. I can afford to lose Nicole and Shane.
Kenneth left the house with a heavy heart, but with the hope of reconciling with Nicole very soon. When he was about to ride his car, he heard Shane crying and calling out to him. He looked at Nicole window, but the curtains were blocking the view. Kenneth could feel his heart breaking apart, but he couldn’t anything.

For days, their world seemed to be in total darkness. Both cannot sleep or eat well. They can seem to do anything well. However, Kenneth kept on fixing things for their wedding. Then one day, Erika returned to Kenneth clinic.
Why are you here again? I told you to get out of my sight?!
Do you really love Nicole this much? Erika asked.
Why do you have to know?
Well, I thought I could have anything I want. I thought that after 5 years of separation, you will still love me, because wee been through a lot in our relationship. But I guess I lost this match.
What do you mean?
I mean, I give up. I’ve heard many say that if you really love someone, you will let that person free, if it will grant that person happiness. And I thought, I love you enough to set you free. I want to see you happy. You don have to worry anything about me, I have many suitors waiting for my in the U.S.
That the Erika I loved before. Well, what can I say? I also wish you happiness, I want to see you with a boyfriend when I see you again. Also, sorry for the hurtful things I told you the last time we met. I was just really frantic about what happened.
No need for that Kenneth, I should be the one saying sorry for intervening into your relationship. I hope things would settle between the two of you. Better do your best to win her back, if not, I’ll come back and take you with me to the U.S., am I making myself clear Kenneth Yin?
Yes, Erika, I will…”
So what your plan to get her back? I want everything to be settled before I go. I don want to bring the guilt in my conscience.
Well, I planning to do something…”
And what that something mister?

That night, Nicole has just placed Shane to sleep when she heard someone singing outside. She glanced at the window, she saw Kenneth, standing outside, of their house holding a bouquet of red roses. He was singing Nicole favorite song l give you all
Hazelnut, I missing you terribly! Please forgive me! I love you very much! Kenneth shouted so Nicole would hear.
Nicole parents who were standing at the main door were very touched with Kenneth serenade, they’re expecting a good response from Nicole, but
You’re really crazy Kenneth Yin, do you think I would forgive you with a serenade? No, I not forgiving you! Nicole closed her window. Kenneth was again broken hearted, but he very determined to get Nicole back that night.
l wait here until you forgive me! Kenneth stood there for several hours, Nicole parents insisted him to go inside the house because it really cold, but he refused. He will stand the cold until Nicole has forgiven him. For more hours, Kenneth stood outside the gate, waiting for Nicole to forgive him. Nicole still won forgive him, and was about to sleep when heavy rain poured in. She suddenly thought of Kenneth, but when she looked out of her window, Kenneth wasn’t there anymore. She didn’t see that he was just on the sidewalk, soaking very wet.
The next morning, Nicole woke up and went outside for a morning air. The morning dew was really refreshing, but all of a sudden, she saw Kenneth lying on the sidewalk, unconscious.
Oh my god! Kenneth, Kenneth, can you hear me?! Wake up! Dad! Mom! Help! Nicole called out to her parents. Immediately, Kenneth was brought to the hospital. He has a high fever because of the rain. Nicole and her family were waiting for the results of Kenneth check-up. When Allan came out of the emergency room, Nicole hurriedly approached him.
Allan, how Kenneth?
He has a high fever, but I already let him have medicine, he’ll be fine later on.
But how long before he regains consciousness?
We’ll know as soon as his body temperature goes normal.
I see, but that won take long right?
Let pray for it, he hasn’t eaten well for days now, so his energy had dropped. Oh, excuse me, I have to check on some other patients. See you later.
Nicole cried, it her fault, if not for her, Kenneth wouldn’t be in the emergency room, suffering from a high fever. She should have already forgiven him, However, she can do anything now but wait for Kenneth condition to improve.

Kenneth was transferred to a private room after a few hours. Nicole stayed beside him, she was really guilty for what happened.
Cappuccino very sorry, I so sorry. I’ve let my pride get in our problem, if I haven, we should have been happy by now, waiting for our wedding day. I very sorry cappuccino, please wake up now, Shane missing his daddy, and I missing my cappuccino. Promise, when you wake up, Il never fight with you again. When we’ll have a problem, we’ll talk about it calmly. We’ll compromise. I love you very much Kenneth, I very sorry. Nicole started crying again.
Im I dead already? Why am I seeing an angel? Nicole was surprised, Kenneth has regained his consciousness!
Cappuccino, you’re awake already!
Have you forgiven me now hazelnut?
Crazy! Of course! Nicole slapped Kenneth arm.
Ouch! That hurts! Ah, hazelnut, I have to confess another sin, will you forgive me?
What is it?
We conspired with Allan, I told him to tell you that I’m in vulnerable condition, when I am not. I was already awake when I arrived in the emergency room, and I heard everything you said.
Oh you!!! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! Nicole slapped Kenneth over and over.
Ouch! Ouch! Is that my punishment?
No, that not all! From now on, you will be the one to wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, and feed the baby!
Does that mean, our wedding is going to pursue?
Don you want it Mr. Yin?
Of course I want it Ms. Jin! It all that I wanted! and they hugged each other, coincidentally, Nicole parents and Shane, together with Allan and Judith entered the room.
Mission successful! Allan exclaimed.

At long last, the big day has come. Everyone was very happy for Kenneth and Nicole. All their love ones were there. Allan served as the best man, while Judith as the bride maid. Shane was the ring bearer, and since he still can walk properly, grandpa James carried him along the isle. Nicole was looking very stunning in her ivory white tube gown, with ruffles and lace as designs. While Kenneth was looking very manly and dashing in his white tuxedo. They exchanged their vows which moved everyone in the ceremony, and at the end, they were pronounced as man and wife.
his is just the start of our dreams, will you come with me all the way? Kenneth asked.
Yes, Il come with you anywhere our dreams will take us. and they sealed the ceremony with a passionate kiss.




Mommy! Daddy! Look at my drawing! Shane, now 5 years old came running to his parents.
Look, here daddy, mommy, grandpa James, grandma Alma, daddy in heaven, daddy heaven dad, daddy heaven mom, daddy heaven sister, grandpa in the U.S., grandma in the U.S., grandma Kathy, my little sister Kimberly, my twin siblings carried by the stork, doggies Butterscotch and Caramel, and of course, me! Shane pointed out to each person (and dog) in his drawing.
Wow! Shane draws very good, don you think daddy? Nicole kissed Shane.
Of course, Shane very talented, just like mommy and daddy.
Wait! I helped oppa Shane with the coloring! Two-and-a-half year old Kimberly protested to her parents, she has her mother annoyed look. Kenneth and Nicole laughed, their little princess is really adorable and charming just like her mother.
Okay, as prize for your hard work mommy will prepare your favorite ice cream and cookie snack!
Hey! The two kids were very delighted.

After marriage, the Yin family moved to a beach house in Jeju Island. Jeju has so many good memories for Kenneth and Nicole, and so, they decided to raise their family there. They’ve been very happy since their first stay there. Kenneth was now doing his duties in a hospital in the island, while Nicole was helping her auntie in the restaurant. Every weekend, Nicole parents would visit them, or the family goes to Seoul. It has been such a simple, yet a rosy life for them.

It has been a habit for the couple to walk along the seashore at sunset. And now that Nicole is five months pregnant with their twins, she advised to have a brisk walk everyday.
he sunset here in Jeju never changed, it still serene and relaxing, just like the first sunset we shared more than 6 years ago. Kenneth supported Nicole with her walking.
Yeah, I could still remember that first sunset we had together, it was also our first date right?
Well, you told me that it was a friendly date. If you just know, the night before that, I could hardly sleep thinking of what might happen!
Really? It looks like you really fell for me that quickly.
Yup, I’ve fallen for you since the first time I saw you at the airplane, and now, I madly in love with you! I very willing to spend all my next lives with you. You made me the happiest person in the world hazelnut.
Same here cappuccino, I can imagine my life without you.
Neither do I hazelnut, faith has really brought us together to love each other and to give the world beautiful children, right babies? Kenneth caressed Nicole tummy, then he suddenly felt the babies kick.
Did you feel that cappuccino?
Yes, I did, wow! It very amazing, perhaps they want to let us know that they agree with what I said.
Maybe you’re right, they’ll be as adorable as Shane and Kimberly.
Precisely, and Il be the happiest father in the world!
You’re really crazy!
Yes, I am crazy, crazy in love with you! No doubt, you’re carrying twins !Kenneth wrapped his arm around Nicole.
As endless as the sea, as infinite as the azure sky, my love for you will be immeasurable. Kenneth vowed.
Everything I do, and will do, it for your happiness, for you chose to love me among the rest, even though I not the best. You’ve seen the real me, and still, you loved me for who and what I am. Nicole answered back.
Mommy! Daddy! Look, we found a beautiful shell! Their little angels came running to them. Truly, life beautiful, if we’ll make it one.

That the end of my second fan fic! It shorter than the first one, but I did my best to make it better (I hope you noticed it). Actually, I planned to post this on my first anniversary with oppa JDG last June 18, but I wasn’t able to finish it then. And so, this is my treat for my upcoming 16th birthday this December, and also for Christmas. =) If you just know, half of chapter 6 was made during a strong typhoon which struck the Philippines last September 28, and as I writing this other half of chapter 6, I using a flashlight to serve as my light. Yes, there no electricity (since yesterday), and it very hard for me to read while writing. Nonetheless, it just fine with me, as long as you will appreciate this story (hehe). Therefore, this fan fic has another sentimental value for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading it! I don know when I’ll make another one, but I have many stories in mind. Il just surprise you again =) I have to end it here for now, my eyes are already tired and I the only one awake in the house. See you again on my next fic! God bless everyone. AAE FOREVER! ^^

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