Actress In Disguise

Written by: jamie

Chapter 1.     ‘The Beginning’ 1

Chapter 2.     ‘Rescue Operation’ 4

Chapter 3.     ‘No Matter What’ 8

Chapter 4.     ‘Shanghai Blunder’ 14

Chapter 5.     ‘My Adorable Firstborn’ 18




Chapter 1.                      ‘The Beginning’


“Oh!” Shan Mei nibbled at her bottom lip, wondering how she could have got herself into such a predicament. Xiang Zhe would roar at her if she agreed to Director Lee’s suggestion, as it was, he was already throwing his weight around, pressuring the crew with his presence.

Director Lee thought he had gone out of his mind too, but the way the script was going, and the expectations and demands of the TV viewers, he had not much of a choice but to propose that Shan Mei considered shooting that passionate kissing scene with the main actor Jang Dong Gun.

“Can’t you use a substitute for this scene?” Shan Mei shuddered at the thought of Xiang Zhe’s face if she ever allowed another man to kiss her, even if it was only playacting. His proprietary air towards her was well known throughout MBS, although the thought of being kissed by a gorgeous heartthrob like Jang Dong Gun was quite appealing.

“How is the filming going?” Xiang Zhe enquired from behind, wrapping a possessive arm around her waist. Shan Mei jumped guiltily, “Xue Zhang, you frighten me!” She lifted her head to gaze at her husband’s handsome face, unable to hide her joy, her heart melted instantly with love for him.

“Err…we are discussing the final scene…” Director Lee cut in, seizing the opportunity to get Xiang Zhe’s consent, speaking before he had the time to change his mind. A glance from the stern austere handsome face was sufficient to prevent anyone from uttering another word.

“I am trying to get Mrs. Yin to agree to this scene…” He thrust the script at Xiang Zhe, and decided that discretion was still the best way, retreating slightly, distancing himself from Xiang Zhe to cushion himself from the expected outrage. He waited and Xiang Zhe did not disappoint him.

“What!!!!! Are you nuts? Do you think I would agree to such a, such a….” For once, the normally detached and calm Yin Xiang Zhe not only loss his cool, but also failed to express his thoughts. He turned a furious face towards his wife. Shan Mei swallowed nervously, “I am still discussing with Director Lee…”

“No need for further discussion!!! I will never allow it!!!” Shan Mei caught Jang Dong Gun’s amused expression in the background, well,,,.she had an idea.

“Xue Zhang, why are you objecting, we are only acting…”
“Over my dead body!!! You are not to kiss another man, you are mine exclusively, do you understand?”
He shouted, ignoring the audience he was attracting. A sudden thought flashed across his mind and he glared at Shan Mei suspiciously,
“Oh, I see, you’d like to do it, wouldn’t you? He is your idol…“ He said accusingly, jealousy surging through his body.
“That’s not true…”Shan Mei hastened to assure her possessive husband whose thunderous expression was rapidly alarming the filming crew.

“I have an idea, why don’t you replace Jang Dong Gun in this kissing scene? You look alike enough, and the camera can capture angles where your features are most similar.”

“What a splendid idea!” Director Lee was overjoyed, that should resolve the problem. Why hadn’t he ever thought of it? He gave Shan Mei an affectionate pat on the shoulder, his face beaming. SM gazed up expectantly at XZ, “Xue Zhang, what do you say?”

Xiang Zhe grabbed Shan Mei’s hand, dragging her towards the dressing room.

“Have you gone out of your mind? Are you trying to make your husband a laughing stock, I am the CEO of Wen Rong Corporation, not a damn actor, and a substitute at that!”
“Then I have no option but to do it with Jang Dong Gun…” SM threatened. She had read the script and understood why Director Lee had added that kissing scene which was originally not included in the script.

“Shan Mei!”

“Please….nobody needs to know it’s you….to the eyes of the world it would be Jang Dong Gun acting the part….please, Xue Zhang.” She implored, her eyes pleaded with him.

“I should never have agreed to let you become an actress, even if it is to save a crisis.” He sighed in frustration. What was it in her that he could never refused her requests. He recalled the events leading to Shan Mei’s turning from a newscaster to actress.


MBS’s drama of the year “Forever Love” had a little role for Shan Mei as a newscaster. Director Lee approached her as she was voted the most popular newscaster in Korea, citing the reason that will boost the viewing rates for the drama. Shan Mei readily agreed, she was just playing herself, doing Director Lee a favour. Of course she would also be able to play a part beside her idol Jang Dong Gun. Shan Mei was to make a guest appearance in the second episode. Her guest appearance was so overwhelmingly received that the viewing rates soared to an all time high in Korea. At the same time, the main actress met with an accident and had to give up her role. Director Lee was frantic searching for another popular actress but to no avail. They had thought of Chae Rim but she was preoccupied with the filming of another drama. The initial plan was to have Jang Dong Gun paired with the supporting actress, it was not met with acceptance, the viewers flooding MBS with phone calls and e-mails, demanding that Shan Mei played alongside Jang Dong Gun. There was a mad rush to write Shan Mei into the story, the scriptwriter working 18 hours a day, but the most challenging and difficult hurdle was to persuade the CEO of Wen Rong Corporation to agree to his wife’s new role.

Shan Mei never knew Xiang Zhe had so much time available until she attempted to be an actress for the sake of MBS. He’d pop up unexpectedly in the studio or at the filming location, especially when Shan Mei was filming with Jang Dong Gun. Pressuring Shan Mei and the rest of the filming crew with his presence. He acted very much like the jealous husband. It became a joke to the rest of the filming crew, teasing SM unceasingly.

Cheju Island

Jang Dong Gun was filming the last scene with Shan Mei, holding on to her hands tightly,

JDG: “I will not have it end this way, my love…”
SM: “Promise me, you will come back to me safely, just promised me you will be back…”
JDG: “If anything should happen to me, know that my last thoughts are with you and our baby…”

Shan Mei’s tears flowed freely down her cheeks, Jang Dong Gun’s expression agonized as he gazed at her beautiful face. They gazed lovingly at each other. Xiang Zhe sizzled with jealousy in the background, how dare she looked at another man that way, he didn’t care if she was just acting, he never knew his wife was such an accomplished actress. Jang Dong Gun moved to take Shan Mei into his arms in a passionate embrace, and then bent his head. Xiang Zhe’s fists clenched, moving towards the two lovebirds threateningly.

Director Lee: “Cut!”

He turned towards Xiang Zhe, “Mr Yin, please move into position”

Xiang Zhe walked towards Shan Mei, taking her into his arms, his fury apparent for all to see. Shan Mei shivered, even through her tears, she could see her husband’s rage, and felt it in the way he held her. This would not do, there was supposed to be a loving and agonized aura between the two of them.

Director Lee: “Action, scene 36”

Xiang Zhe bent his head, his lips on hers hard and punishing.

Director Lee: “NG! Mr. Yin, you are supposed to give her a passionate kiss. All your emotions are there, you loved her, you had to leave her, you were not sure if you will survive the mission, insert those emotions into that kiss!”

XZ: “I am not a damn actor!”

Director Lee shook his head, looking at Shan Mei helplessly. Shan Mei lifted her fingers to gently stroke Xiang Zhe’s right cheek, the lion needed appeasing, she whispered, “Xue Zhang, it’s you I love, only ever you.” Xiang Zhe felt his anger leaving him instantly. His sweet wife could wrap him round her little finger. He took her fingers and slowly brought them to his lips.

Director Lee: “Ready…action, scene 36 take 2”

XZ bent his head, both his hands holding SM’s tear-streaked face, “I love you, baby, so much…” before capturing her luscious lips in a passionate kiss. He loved her, he had to let her go, he wasn’t sure if she would come back to him. All the emotions he felt all those years ago were injected into that kiss, except that a few years back, he didn’t have the chance to be this intimate with her.

Director Lee: “Cut, brilliant!”

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei continued kissing; this was no playacting. They were loss in a world of their own. The cameraman continued shooting the scene despite Director Lee’s instruction to finish off. As if Xiang Zhe’s thoughts were transmitted to Shan Mei, she too was remembering the day she had to break up with him to take care of You Zhen. She had loved Xiang Zhe so much, but was duty bound to sacrifice that love because she was so frightened for You Zhe. He was becoming a walking skeleton who had loss the will to live. Shan Mei feared he would take his own life. Who could understand her turmoil? On the one hand gripped by her own fear and on the other pressured by aunty to assist You Zhen.

XZ: “Sweetheart, your lips are speaking to me.”
SM: “I love you so much, never let me go.”

They embraced each other tightly, refusing to let go. Shan Mei buried her face in his chest. Xiang Zhe bent his head to search for her lips again. They were so engrossed with each other they hardly remembered they were supposed to be playing a part. The filming crew gathered around to watch, touched by the aura of love they portrayed so convincingly. Director Lee had a sudden inspired idea, and signaled to Jang Dong Gun.

Long moments later, Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei emerged from their drugging kiss to find the whole crew grinning at them. Shan Mei blushed prettily. Xiang Zhe wrapped a protective arm around her waist, glaring at the audience they had attracted challengingly.

Director Lee: “Shan Mei, come over and prepare for the final scene.”

SM: “Final scene? But I thought we had just completed the final scene.”

Director Lee grinned wickedly, exclaiming, “You had. Both of you performed so amazing well that I am inspired to give a happy ending to this drama. Jang Dong Gun will come back from his mission safe and sound. Your job now is to run straight into his waiting arms.” At the scowl on Xiang Zhe’s face, Director Lee quickly suggested that he should act in that scene, giving Jang Dong Gun an apologetic look. It was very difficult to film an intimate scene when a possessive husband was around, one who was moreover their big boss.


The audience went crazy over the final scene of the drama “Forever Love”. Jang Dong Gun won the best actor award for that year and Shan Mei most talented new actress.

At the breakfast table, Xiang Zhe was reading the newspaper, Shan Mei attending to their one and a half year old son who was speaking excitedly to his mother. “Mummy and Daddy….” He pointed enthusiastically at the newspaper Xiang Zhe was holding up. There was a photograph of Jang Dong Gun and Shan Mei together, waving to the audience as they held up their awards. “Mummy and Daddy indeed…” grumbled Xiang Zhe beneath his breath. Shan Mei patted her husband’s cheek consolingly, “Director Lee gave me this script….” She began, “No, not again….” Groaned Xiang Zhe, his expression brightened as an idea flashed through his mind, well, there was one way to stop her from this foolish idea of being an actress…..

~ End of ‘The Beginning’ ~

Chapter 2.                      ‘Rescue Operation’

Written by: jamie

Zhen San Mei switched off her laptop. She had just completed preparing the questions for her chat show with Multi-Millionaire Tycoon, Alec Su. She decided to get a cup of coffee before proceeding to the recording studio. As she walked out of Studio One, she distantly saw a woman hurrying towards her direction. She rubbed her eyes, staring opened mouth at the vision approaching her. She couldn’t be the popular actress Chae Rim, could she? What business had she with Zhen Shan Mei? Chae Rim bowed courteously as she reached Shan Mei. She was so lovely, thought Shan Mei. The TV screen did not do justice to her looks. Director Lee had invited Chae Rim to pair with Jang Dong Gun in their latest drama, “A Constant Heart”. Shan Mei was delighted with that piece of news. They were her idols.

Chae Rim surveyed the wife of CEO Yin Xiang Zhe intently. Director Lee was not mistaken in his deductions. He had claimed that Shan Mei bore a strong resemblance to Chae Rim in looks and character, but above all that patented Chae Rim honeysweet smile. She took an instant liking to Zhen Shan Mei, who was still staring wide eye at her. “Mrs. Yin…” Chae Rim began. “Please call me Shan Mei.” Shan Mei flashed her own branded smile, and spoke to her warmly, her eyes curving into the shapes of a half moon. This time, it was Chee Rim’s turn to stare. How did one react when she feel as if she was looking at her own face and smile?

CR: “I have something of the utmost urgency to discuss with you.” Shan Mei pulled Chae Rim to a nearby meeting room. They took the seats opposite each other.

CR: “I am pregnant…”

SM: “That’s splendid news, congratulations!” Chae Rim had got married a year ago to popular singer Lee Seung Huang. It’s time they had a baby. But what had that got to do with Zhen Shan Mei?

CR: “My husband had demanded I decline the invitation to act in ‘A Constant Heart’. I am in a dilemma as I have signed a contract with MBS. Director Lee would agree to release me only if I could persuade you to replace me in my role. And having seen you, I must agree with him. We do look alike.”

SM: “Gee, thanks. You are so beautiful…”Shan Mei broke off as Chae Rim chuckled in amusement. Shan Mei scratched her head with a silly smile on her face. If they resembled each other, she was complimenting herself indirectly. Shan Mei was tempted to accept the proposition, but Xiang Zhe had opposed adamantly to her acting career. He’d not want anybody else to touch his wife, he said, especially not Jang Dong Gun whom his son had confused as his father!

Mmm, maybe there is a way to persuade Xiang Zhe into agreement. There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes when she said: “I would love to help you, if you could agree to my terms..”

Yin Xiang Zhe was typing furiously on his keyboard in the study, he had to complete the proposal to streamline the structure at Wen Rong Corporation in time for Monday’s meeting. Weekends were time spend with Shan Mei and their son, he had no intention to allow work to disrupt their time together. As it was, his son still couldn’t tell the difference between him and Jang Dong Gun and that really rankled at him. He felt a pair of arms hugging him from behind, her face pressing against his nape.

SM: “Are you finished yet?”

XZ: “Mmm, just a little bit more.”

SM: “I wish to discuss something of importance with you.”

He knew it! He had this gut feeling when he entered their home this evening she was up to something. He turned around slowly, grapping both her hands and gazed deliberately at her flat stomach. He had been trying to get her pregnant the past few months, rather it’d be more accurate to say since the morning he decided to end her hopes of becoming an actress. His ploy was not successful this round. He had been discreetly observing her, but there was still no indication of an impending pregnancy.

XZ: “If it’s about your acting career, forget it.”

SM: “I want to help Chae Rim, she is pregnant and Director Lee refused to release her from the contract unless I agree to play the part.”

XZ: “Getting that popular are you? Negotiations fail.”

SM: “Xue Zhang, those kissing and hugging parts with Jang Dong Gun with be done by Chae Rim, she has agreed to it. Pleaseee, I promise you I am not pregnant. Coincidentally, Xue Zhang,” she continued tongue in cheek, ”there is a saying that if you put too much effort on something, you’d get stress up and the results may not be what you desired.”

She told him tartly, retrieving from her bag the pregnancy self-test kit to show him the negative results triumphantly. Xiang Zhe glared at her in disbelief, the little minx! He knew he was fighting a losing battle. It was widely spread throughout MBS that if you couldn’t go through the front door with Yin Xiang Zhe, try the side window with Zhen San Mei. As long as Zhen Shan Mei agreed, Yin Xiang Zhe was doomed.

Xiang Zhe was away for a few days in Tokyo participating in a business conference. He was not due back for another two days. Shan Mei read the script and was filled with anxiety. The filming of ‘A Constant Heart’ was progressing smoothly and she enjoyed herself immensely. She had gotten to know Jang Dong Gun very well. He was helpful and friendly, given her some useful acting tips. Strange that for someone who looked so amazing like her husband, Jang Dong Gun did not manage to send her heartbeat thundering with excitement.

She frowned, nibbling her lips. She was afraid of heights and wonder if she would get hysterical over that scene. She would be hanging on top of a six storey high building, with only a few thin TV aerial wires to hold her. Jang Dong Gun was supposed to rescue her from falling to her death.

The crew was all set for the scene. Shan Mei had buckled on the safety harness under the clothes she was wearing. The lanyards were swung across the concrete railing. The crew had taken the required safety measures. Shan Mei closed her eyes tightly. She clenched and unclenched her hands to calm herself, struggling to control her nervousness.

“SM, are you ready?” enquired Director Lee. Jang Dong Gun walked over to Shan Mei, patting her shoulder reassuringly. Shan Mei swallowed and nodded her head.

“Get into position then.”

Xiang Zhe strode into his office and immediately intercom his secretary. He had not informed Shan Mei he was back, he had wanted to surprise her.

“Ms. Kim, can you let me know where my wife’s filming location is today.” Her reply sent him running out of the office in lightning speed.

Xiang Zhe looked up and saw Shan Mei hanging from the top of the six-storey building, both her legs dangling, her hands holding on tightly to the wires of the TV aerial, which by the looks of it, could snap anytime.

“Holy Cow!” He shouted, dashing towards the stairs of the building as if the demons were after him.

Shan Mei was sobbing with fear. She didn’t need to be an actress to act in this scene. She was getting hysterical, crying out for help, her voice becoming hoarse. Director Lee signalled to Jang Dong Gun to move into position when a lunatic wearing Armani business suit burst into the scene, running to save his wife, frantically pulling her up to safety. Shan Mei fell into Xiang Zhe’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Her legs were shaking in reaction. Xiang Zhe wrapped his arms tightly around her, roaring down at her,

“You ridiculous child! What are you trying to do to me? Don’t you know life is not worth living without you?” He was trembling with fear.

“I am not a child!” she cried harder. “Stop crying, sweetheart, you are breaking my heart.” Xiang Zhe soothed, his hands still trembling with reaction as they stroke her hair gently.

Whilst the rest of the crew were stunned into inaction, one of the cameramen was still shooting the scene. He was alert and knew that when Zhen Shan Mei was filming, they had to be very proactive and creative, ready to change the script anytime. Life was never predictable when she was around.

For an actor of Jang Dong Gun’s calibre, he was taken aback. He had gotten ready to act the knight in shining armour when the lunatic Wen Rong boss stole his limelight with his stormy rescue operation. He had to thank Chae Rim for the opportunity to witness the normally cool and collected Wen Rong CEO act like an idiot for his adorable wife. He shook his head in amusement, but was deeply touched by their intense love for each other.

Director Lee was sure he was getting himself hung when he approached Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei. She was still clinging tightly to her husband.

“Mr. Yin, I am sorry but Shan Mei would have to film this again. Dong Gun was supposed to rush into the rescue, brilliant though your wife’s acting, we can’t use it as you were not appropriately dressed.” He turned to point at Jang Dong Gun who was clothed in a pair of faded jeans and beige jumper as compared to Xiang Zhe’s expensive Armani business suit.

“The scene wouldn’t tie with the story the way you are dressed. The character Dong Gun is portraying has never worn a business suit in his life.” He further explained. Xiang Zhe threw him a murderous look. “She will not be filming, can’t you see she is hysterical with fear?’ Xiang Zhe shuddered to think what would have happened if he had not appeared at the scene.

“Mr. Yin, please..’

“Change the script, do whatever, my wife will not be re-shooting this!” He insisted.

Zhen Shan Mei must have been born under the lucky star. Jang Dong Gun’s character became so endearing to the viewers because of the Armani suit. The scriptwriter explained away the inconsistency, claiming that the hero had stopped to change into an Armani suit to propose to the heroine. The audience loved it as that had added a romantic dimension to the character Jang Dong Gun was playing, and his shyly comical look at the shop was very amusing to the TV viewers.

For the next few months, husbands and boyfriends were asked to purchase that particular Armani suit by their wives and girlfriends as it was tagged with the epitome of ROMANCE. As for Yin Xiang Zhe, his particular suit had to be hung in the closet until the fashion cooled down. From time to time, he’d take a look at the favourite suit in his closet with soulful eyes….

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei brought their son to the celebration cocktail party for ‘A Constant Heart’. While Xiang Zhe was engaged in a conversation with one of the producers at the other end of the room, Jang Dong G walked over to greet Shan Mei. Her son saw Jang Dong Gun and waved excitedly, “Da…” his voice stopped midway, his little face crestfallen. He turned away, burying his face between his mother’s breasts. “He is not daddy.” Her son complained disappointedly.

“No, precious.” Shan Mei gave Jang Dong Gun an apologetic look. “Let me introduce you to uncle Dong Gun.” Jang Dong Gun leaned forward to pat the little fellow’s face affectionately.

“Hello uncle, you look like my daddy.” He gave Jang Dong Gun an accusing stare. Then spotted his father across the room. “Daddy!!!” He raised his voice.

Xiang Zhe heard his son calling him, lifted his head and saw Jang Dong Gun beside Shan Mei. Oh no! His son was not going to embarrass him by mistaking Jang Dong Gun as his father, was he? But no, Xiang Zhe beamed. He was waving vigorously at him.

Later that night, Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei decided to take a stroll in their garden after putting their son to sleep. The stars were shining brightly and Shan Mei was reminded of the night with Xiang Zhe before they began courting.

“Xue Zhang, do you still think the person who marries me is the luckiest man on earth?” Xiang Zhe shook his head slowly. Shan Mei pouted, glaring at him sulkily. Xing Zhe suppressed a smile.

“The man who marries you is the happiest and blessed guy on earth!” He told her lightly, his deep love for her visible in his eyes. How he thanked God he had not listened to all those who claimed he should marry someone more capable.

“And I would make you happier if you’d….”Shan Mei struggled out of his arms, dashing back into the house. He found her bending over the toilet bowl, vomiting away. “Are you okay?” He cleaned her up with a wet towel. She nodded weakly. Then it occurred to him his ploy was successful and he asked joyously, “Are you…” Shan Mei nodded shyly, jabbing him gently on the chest, “It’s all because of you-lah…”

YAHOO! His plan had worked! His sweet angel was pregnant with his baby again. His joy was short lived when his impish wife, after stealing a look at him under her eyelashes, decided to drop him a bombshell,

“It’s such a coincidence Director Lee passed me a script today, enquiring if I’d be interested in acting the part of a pregnant woman…”

~ End of ‘Rescue Operation’ ~

Chapter 3.                       ‘No Matter What’


Written by: jamie

Shan Mei cooed at her tiny daughter, holding her lovingly against her breast. She bent her head slightly to sniff the baby’s lovely soft scent. Her baby daughter’s eyes squinted before they opened, focusing her gaze at her mother as she opened her almond shape eyes.

“She’s lovely, isn’t she?” She asked her husband.

Xiang Zhe turned around to face his wife. Their daughter was the most exquisite baby he had ever laid eyes on. His heart had melted with love for her the moment he saw her. Now a month old, she was growing into the spitting image of her mother.

“My little darling, would you like Uncle Dong Gun to be your godfather?” Shan Mei cooed at her daughter again. Xiang Zhe choked at the act of drinking his coke.

“No way will Uncle Dong Gun be MY DAUGHTER’s godfather!” He growled, his body tensed in instant rejection of such a ridiculous idea.

“Xue Zhang! It’s so sweet of Jang Dong Gun to send me to the hospital. Your daughter was so impatient to come into the world, she took all of us by surprise! Don’t you think it was Divine Providence JDG happened to be there?”

“What nonsense! The whole filming crew was there, anybody could drive you to the hospital!”

Xiang Zhe wished Shan Mei would cease antagonizing him with Jang Dong Gun. He was still smarting over the incident. Jang Dong Gun was there for Shan Mei when their daughter decided to make her appearance, while he had still been in Tokyo. To top it all, he had remained with Shan Mei until she delivered the baby. Was it any wonder the rumourmongers insinuated the possibility that their daughter was the result of a love affair between Shan Mei and Jang Dong Gun?

Shan Mei stole a look at her furious husband. The volcano was about to erupt she had better keep her mouth shut. Their son burst into the nursery at that moment. When he saw his mother carrying his baby sister so lovingly, he threw her an accusing stare, complaining with obvious displeasure.

“Mummy, you are carrying HER again! I need my mummy too!” He stretched out both his little hands pitifully towards Shan Mei, his brows knitted together in a dark frown. Xiang Zhe moved across the room to scoop his son up into his arms. Shan Mei was still in confinement and should not be carrying the weight of her son.

“I want MUMMY!” Their son protested and struggled vigorously in his father’s arms.

Shan Mei stared at father and son; both were frowning at her with similar expressions on their faces. Thick dark browns crossed above huge twinkling eyes. The message they send through the brooding pout on their lips was loud and clear, they were both extremely annoyed with her.

Her eyes softened with love as she gazed at the two most precious men in her life. Both desperately needed appeasing. She was definitely caught in a dilemma. How was she going to get herself out of this predicament? The events leading up to this scenario flashed before her eyes.


“Ms Zhen, will you agree to make this movie? Jang Dong Gun highly recommended you as the most suitable actress for the role.”

Director Chen tried persuading the popular newscaster turned part-time actress, Zhen Shan Mei. He had heard how protective and possessive her husband was, but such minor issues would not deter a director of his caliber. With the recommendation of Jang Dong Gun, he had watched the two dramas she acted in, and shared similar opinion as him that Zhen Shan Mei was gifted with a natural acting talent and had great potential to make it big. The role of the heroine was just tailored made for her. Though the fact that she was already four months pregnant was initially a major concern, after thorough consideration they decided it should not post too much of a problem as there were no violent or action oriented scenes for the heroine.

The movie was about the life of an ex-undercover agent, who had decided to give up his highly risky profession and the difficulties he encountered when he tried to settle down into a normal life with his heavily pregnant wife.

“Director Chen, I am very honored to be given this opportunity. As you know, I am pregnant and my husband has put his foot down on my acting career.” Shan Mei rejected the offer.

“Ms. Zhen, can I make an appointment with you tomorrow, just take a look at the script.” Director Chen was very persistent, and Shan Mei finally agreed to meet up with him.

In Yin’s residence the following night, Shan Mei paced back and forth the living room, wondering how she was going to break the news to her husband, Yin Xiang Zhe. Could she blame it on the raging hormones of a pregnant woman, or on him for leaving her three months at home alone when she was pregnant and needed his support? Xiang Zhe had to spend three working months in Tokyo on a joint venture project with Tokyo Broadcasting Station.

When she met up with Director Chen in the afternoon, she was in one of her difficult moods, unhappy with Xiang Zhe because of a newspaper report linking him with a beautifully sexy Japanese actress. At his insistence, she had reduced her workload at MBS for the duration of her pregnancy, retaining only the job of hosting “Good Morning Eve.” How could he then take off to Tokyo, leaving her to cope alone?

Shan Mei made a face at the imaginary Xiang Zhe. Well, served him right for abandoning her when she was so emotional. Let her think of a good way to drop that bombshell on him, that she had signed an agreement to act in Director Chen’s latest movie, and her co-star was again the gorgeously dashing Jang Dong Gun. It wasn’t him alone who could be seen with a beautiful actress, she too could partner a handsome hunk like Jang Dong Gun…


“MUMMY!” Shan Mei returned to the present at her son’s cry. Tears were glistening in her son’s eyes now. She laid the baby down at her crib quickly. It was obvious whom she needed to pacify first. She patted the seat beside her as she sat on the chair next to the crib.

“Come here, darling!” She urged. Xiang Zhe lowered his son to the ground, and the toddler ran straight into his mother’s welcoming arms.

“Mummy, why are you always carrying that brat?” He pointed to his baby sister in disgust.

“Bao Bao, she is your baby sister and she is tiny and helpless. You are a big boy now and growing stronger each day, you don’t need mummy to carry you so often.” Shan Mei soothed his son, stroking his hair tenderly.

“I need!” He insisted.

“When you were a baby, mummy carried you and nobody complained. Bao Bao should be fair to your little sister. Tell you what, mummy will make you vanilla ice-cream top with strawberries for desert, how about that?” The little boy buried his head deeper into his mother’s chest.

“I don’t want mummy to pay so much attention to the baby! … Alright, since Bao Bao is growing stronger each day, I shall give chance since SHE is so helpless, but I want my desert now.”

He said possessively. Wriggling out of Shan Mei’s arms, placing his little hand unto hers and pulled Shan Mei to her feet, guiding her out of the nursery towards the kitchen downstairs. Shan Mei threw a helpless gaze at her husband as she passed him, silently instructing him to take care of their daughter as she followed her son out of the nursery. Her husband still looked furious, Shan Mei gave an inward groan; she was in serious trouble.


“I am not as easily appeased as our son.” Xiang Zhe brought up the subject again.

“Xue Zhang, you once said that you didn’t know you were alive until you started rescuing me from my follies. Are those lies?” Shan Mei decided that attack was better than defense and applied that strategy.

“What has that got to do with Jang Dong Gun being the godfather to our daughter?” He asked cautiously.

“It has to do with the consequences of my follies. Accepting to act in the movie was my impulsive and foolish act. Oppa Dong Gun sending me to the hospital was the consequence. Asking him to be our daughter’s godfather was the consequence of the consequence!” Shan Mei blurted out incoherently.

“Zhen Shan Mei, I am warning you, if you don’t begin to talk sense…” Xiang Zhe threatened.

“Well, the reason Oppa Dong Gun send me to the hospital was because our daughter decided to arrive two months earlier than scheduled. It fits into the scene of the movie perfectly….”

“Are you telling me that they were shooting the scene when Jang Don Gun send you to the hospital...’ Shan Mei nodded her head slowly. Oh no, that incredulous look on his face, his expression was getting more thunderous by the second, and there were further bombshells to throw at him….

“And Oppa was waiting outside the labor room for so long because, well, they were also shooting that scene. What the newspapers reported wasn’t true, that Oppa was so concerned for me he waited for me until the baby was delivered.”

“Go on…”

“Unfortunately, the filming crew couldn’t film the loving scene where Oppa and I carry the baby in the hospital room because our daughter was born prematurely and needed the incubator.”

“Am I correct in assuming there are a few more scenes you needed to complete with Jang Dong Gun, and with MY daughter?” His voice started to rise.

“Oppa and I in the hospital with our baby, the christening party and…” she supplied the information helpfully.

“Tell Director Chen he can forget about the whole business. If I hadn’t been in Tokyo, you would not be making a movie at all!” He roared.

“Xue Zhang, you are absolutely right – if you hadn’t been in Tokyo, but you were! And your wife had signed a contract! Oh, I see, what you say are all a pack of lies… you said you would willingly rescue me from all my follies, and now you are only shouting and being furious with me…” she broke off and started to sob.

“Shan Mei…” Xiang Zhe ran his fingers across his hair in frustration. Then moved forward to gather his wife into his arms. Her tears never failed to defeat him.


“Now Shan Mei, we need to spice up the story a bit. There is a kissing scene with Jang Dong Gun.” Shan Mei groaned, she was in real trouble, only the filming crew in MBS knew the truth behind all those kissing scenes with Oppa Dong Gun, and so far they had been tight lipped and nobody had leaked out the story.

“Ahem.” Jang Dong Gun coughed lightly behind her.

“Shan Mei, filming going smoothly?’ Shan Mei’s eyes popped out in amazement, it couldn’t be… oh yes, that was definitely the deep magnetic voice of her husband.

“Mr. Yin, how nice to meet you finally.” Director Chen greeted Xiang Zhe warmly, shaking his hands.

“I am just relating to Shan Mei that I would like to add a passionate kissing scene between her and Dong Gun …You know, the kiss they shared in the drama ‘Forever Love’ was so brilliant I was moved to tears, and I can tell you that’s rare occurrence for a director.” Director Chen joked unsuspectingly.

Shan Mei watched the storm clouds gathering in her husband’s face and he turned to look at her accusingly. To Shan Mei’s astonishment, Xiang Zhe didn’t object, and she was taken by anxiety.

“Dong Gun, Shan Mei, moved into position! Scene 279, take one, action!” Director Chen signaled to the filming crew.

Jang Dong Gun gathered Shan Mei into his arms in a passionate embrace, he could feel Shan Mei trembling and guessed the reason. He too had been surprised at the silence of the Wen Rong CEO. “Relax…” he whispered to Shan Mei, before cupping both sides of her cheeks with his large hands, he lowered his head to claim her lips…. just before his lips touched hers…

“((((CUT!)))))” A lunatic shouted in a thunderous voice, moving with the speed of lightning to remove Zhen Shan Mei forcefully from Jang Dong Gun’s arms. The filming crew was stunned into inaction.

“What???” Director Chen was dazed for a moment, and then comprehension dawned on him.

Of course, it was reputed that Yin Xiang Zhe was an indulgent but possessive husband. Director Chen narrowed his gaze; at certain angles his resemblance to Jang Dong Gun was remarkable.

Xiang Zhe pulled Shan Mei roughly to the side. He couldn’t bear to see her intimate with another man, he tried to be the indulgent husband, but this alone was beyond his tolerance.

“Sweetheart, I am not allowing you to film this!” He winced at his dictatorial tone. This would surely raise her hackles and tempt her to disobey his ‘command’ as she would interpret it.

“Xue Zhang! If you shoot this scene, the media will get to know about it… please, please let me do it with Oppa, just this once.” Shan Mei pleaded.

“((((NO))))! This is out of the question.” Xiang Zhe roared.

“Xue Zhang!” Shan Mei stomped her foot in protest. What was wrong with her? Here she was arguing over a scene she had been reluctant to do anyway.

“I say ((((NO))))! Do you hear, NO-NO-NO!” His face was contorted with temper and his eyes flashed dangerously.

Director Chen summed up the situation from the distance, realizing that he had to act very quick and in a very diplomatic way. He moved rapidly to where Jang Dong Gun was standing watching the cartoon pair with an arrested expression.

“Mr. Yin, I say you are a life saver!” retorted Director Chen in a loud voice, halting the heated argument between Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei.

“Umm…. Your resemblance to Dong Gun is just amazing. Why don’t you shoot this scene with Shan Mei? Being husband and wife, your on-screen chemistry would sure sizzle and excite the audience! Yes, that’s it, what a brilliant idea!”

Director Chen was well pleased with his ingenious excuse. On the one hand saving the Wen Rong Boss the embarrassment of explaining his reckless act, on the other creating a classic kissing scene for the film.

And so, Yin Xiang Zhe won this round with Director Chen’s timely assistance.


History repeated itself! Jang Dong Gun and Zhen Shan Mei won the Best Screen Couple Award for the movie she collaborated with him. The audience raved about the passionate kissing scene between Jang Dong Gun and Zhen Shan Mei, and it was the most talk about topic for months – only they weren’t aware that in truth, it was Yin Xiang Zhe and Zhen Shan Mei….

As Yin Xiang Zhe and Zhen Shan Mei arrived at the theatre for the opening of the Movie Premier, camera lights flashed unceasingly at the handsomely matching couple.

“Mr Yin, how do you feel to have someone as gorgeous as Jang Dong Gun kissed your wife?”
“Mr. Yin, aren’t you jealous?”
“Mr. Yin, doesn’t it bother you that your lovely wife has a number of intimate scenes with Jang Dong Gun in the movie? Does she obtain permission from you before filming these scenes?”
“Mr. Yin, Jang Dong Gun and Ms. Zhen made a handsome pair, the little baby girl resembled them both! How do you feel when Mr. Jang, Ms. Zhen and your baby daughter acted together and projected such a convincing aura of a happy family?”
“Ms. Zhen, how does it feel to have someone as gorgeous as Jang Dong Gun kissed you?”
“Ms. Zhen, do you compare Jang Dong Gun and your husband’s kissing techniques?”

Unending questions were thrown at Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei. They just nodded their heads and smiled in acknowledgement. Yin Xiang Zhe’s hand around Shan Mei’s waist though betrayed his actual feelings to his impish wife.


“Xue Zhang, do you still feel that rescuing me from my follies made you feel alive?” Shan Mei asked with guilt. This foolish act of hers was truly memorable they wouldn’t be able to forget it for ages.

“Mmm….” Xiang Zhe nodded his head firmly.

“I would, and let me lay down to you once and for all the terms and conditions attached to this statement. No. 1, the consequence of the folly should not contain a kissing scene with another man. No. 2, the consequence of the folly should not include the disruption of our children’s lives. No. 3, the consequence of the folly should not entail your husband masquerading JDG. No. 4, the consequence of the consequence of the folly should not …”

Xiang Zhe continued to recite his list of 50 ‘don’ts’ in his terms and conditions to Shan Mei. After some time, Shan Mei suddenly retorted.

“Xue Zhang, the title of this song is my answer to you….” She promptly went over to the CD player, selecting a CD from the rack. Moments later, Xiang Zhe heard the lively tune of Boyzone’s ‘No Matter What’ :-

No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
What we believe is true

No matter what they call us
However they attack
No matter where they take us
We'll find our own way back

I can't deny what I believe
I can't be what I'm not
I know our love forever
I know, no matter what

If only tears were laughter (ooh)
If only night was day (ooh)
If only prayers were answered (hear my prayers)
Then we would hear God say (say)

No matter what they tell you (ooh)
No matter what they do (ooh)
No matter what they teach you
What we believe is true

And I will keep you safe and strong
And shelter from the storm
No matter where it's barren
A dream is being born


No matter who they follow
No matter where they lead
No matter how they judge us
I'll be everyone you need

No matter if the sun don't shine (sun don't shine)
Or if the skies are blue (skies are blue)
No matter what the end is
My life began with you

I can't deny what I believe (what I believe, yeah)
I can't be what I'm not
(I know, I know) I know this love's forever
That's all that matters now
No matter what

No matter what (no, no matter, no)

No, no matter
That's all that matters to me
[Repeat X 7]

“No_ Matter_ What, I am your wife and you shall shelter me from the storm and consequences, and no matter what our love shall be forever!” she declared impishly, her cheeks dimpled.

The little minx! Xiang Zhe shook his head in amusement. Oh, life was definitely unpredictable when she was around, she had lighted up his life and he wouldn’t settle for anything less. He took her into his arms, closing his eyes as they danced to the tune, revelling in the contented happiness of just being with her.

“Xue Zhang, I have this idea….” The tranquillity of the moment was short-lived. What was his feisty little wife up to again …

~ End of ‘No Matter What’ ~

Chapter 4.                       ‘Shanghai Blunder’


Written by: jamie

“Xue Zhang, our daughter is only a year old, I can’t accompany you to Shanghai, she is too young.”

Shan Mei pleaded with Xiang Zhe, he was adamant she should make the journey with him. Yin Xiang Zhe was attending the International Film Conference in Shanghai. Traveling together with him was MBS’s newly promoted Executive Director Jin Xian Da.

“Shan Mei, Director Chen has specifically requested that you join us in the opening night’s dinner. You have been over stretching yourself lately, juggling between being a loving mother, outstanding broadcaster and loving wife. With so many things on the agenda, it’s no wonder you didn’t perform your duty as a loving wife well….”

Xiang Zhe deliberately provoked his wife. Shan Mei had been properly repentant after she acted in the last movie. She had first-hand experience of the disruptions and destructions half-truths reported could cause to their family life in the entertainment industry. Shan Mei had declined every drama and film offers from various well-known TV and movie producers. She could not forget Xiang Zhe’s displeasure, his face turning cold and inscrutable at the provocative questions the reporters directed to them at the Movie Premier a year ago, questions that meant to twist the truths, questions that were intended to create trouble and draw the crowd.

Being a doting and indulgent husband, Xiang Zhe did not utter a harsh word to her, though he had laid down 50 ‘What She Ought Not To Do’. Despite her impish response to his conditions, Shan Mei had been badly shaken by the ordeal they went through with the reporters on the night of the movie premier, and the newspaper headlines splashed the next day were even more outrageous and unbelievable.

The one good thing that came out of the nasty experience was the growing friendship she shared with Jang Dong Gun, the leading actor she had collaborated with in her short acting career. He had called to console and advise her how to deal with the newspaper media. After much persuasion, Xiang Zhe eventually agreed to have Jang Dong Gun as their daughter’s godfather.

“What? …. I am a loving wife!” A punch fell mercilessly on his muscular chest at that dig. She knew he was trying to provoke her into agreeing. She wasn’t his wife for 5 years for nothing. Shan Mei knew her husband’s tricks well. But sometimes she would fall into the trap he carefully weaved when she was preoccupied or distracted.

“Then why can’t you accompany me? We can go for a vacation, just the two of us without the two little light bulbs around! I have missed being alone with you ….”

Xiang Zhe pleaded shamelessly, gazing soulfully at her. It was unthinkable that after all these years, she still grew weak in the knees at a glimpse of those gorgeous eyes. Shan Mei stared open-mouthed at him, mesmerized.

“I just …. gave you…. the reason, our daughter…..” Shan Mei said with effort, unable to withdraw her gaze from him, all she wanted to do was ….

“Al-right, just a few days….” She found herself agreeing.

“That’s great! Thank you sweetheart….” He dropped a quick kiss on her lips and sped out of their bedroom. Now that he had seduced her into agreeing with his drop dead gorgeous eyes, he had to draw up the itinerary for the vacation, and oh, his angel would have a third honeymoon she’d never forget.

“Why, that sneaky cheat!” Thoroughly embarrassed, Shan Mei stomped her feet in frustration. What a silly idiot she was!


The Revolving Restaurant, Orient Pearl TV Tower, Pudong, Shanghai

It was such a coincidence that Jang Dong Gun would be in Shanghai filming his latest movie during the period Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei was scheduled to be there. Shan Mei agreed to meet up with him the two days Xiang Zhe would be busy at the conference with Xian Da.

“Do you have to disguise yourself like this?” Shan Mei stared at Jang Dong Gun, fascinated. He wore an ugly looking hat, combined with a pair of thick dark glasses, dressed in black baggy pants and oversized shirt. He shrugged his shoulders, and smiled.

“It works, isn't it? You didn’t recognize me.” Shan Mei had jumped when he tapped her on the shoulder, and he just managed to stop her scream, placing his hand over her mouth.

“How is my little daughter, is she missing me?” He asked affectionately.

Shan Mei would never have guessed that a man like him, so popular and suave, would be that enchanted by a little baby girl. And their feelings for each other were mutual. Her baby daughter loved Jang Dong Gun, her head turned and searched for him whenever he visited them. He would make her gurgle with laughter, and she would shout excitedly in her baby language.

“What do you think? She adores you.” Shan Mei teased.

“Well, someone has to, since her mother is immune to my good looks, having eyes only for her husband. And her father would gladly throw me out of the window whenever he sets his eyes on me…” He blinked at Shan Mei.

“Hey, if you continue speaking along those lines, rumourmongers would surely pick up a few lines and report my infidelity for the whole world to read.”

Shan Mei warned, laughing. Jang Dong Gun grinned, sitting back on the chair, fixing his gaze steadily at Shan Mei.

“You shouldn’t waste your talent, you are a talented actress, acting comes naturally to you.” He said finally.

Shan Mei smiled demurely. Xiang Zhe and their children were the most important people in her life. She would not risk their happiness just because she had a passion and talent for acting.

“What about acting in a comedy? There won’t be any sizzling hot passionate scenes, your husband will not object.” He suggested.

Shan Mei shook her head firmly. “No more acting, I am a broadcaster and shall remain a broadcaster.”

Ballroom 1, Shangri-la Hotel, Shanghai

“Shan Mei, what a pleasure to see you again!”

Director Chen greeted Shan Mei enthusiastically. After collaborating with her in the last movie, he had been trying to coax her into accepting another role in his movie. Her partnership with Jang Dong Gun was so perfect and their camaraderie so exceptional he would not be so easily deterred from pursuing his purpose. However, some desperate measures were needed to entice the delightful broadcaster into agreement. He frowned slightly at her husband who had clued himself to her the whole evening. How was he going to get the opportunity to speak to Shan Mei with her possessive husband around?

Xiang Zhe smiled smugly to himself. Tonight he was going to seduce Shan Mei and they would have a wonderful romantic night together. Since the birth of their children, the two little light bulbs had spoilt his romantic schemes many times. This was the first time they took a vacation together without their presence after their birth.

A mother being a mother, Shan Mei had begun to fret about her two babies at home before they departed for the Opening Night’s Dinner. He planned to ply her with wine until she became tipsy when they returned to their bedroom. He would then have a warm loving wife in his arms and their night would just be sooooo romantic …….. He grinned wickedly. Xiang Zhe carried out his plan when they arrived at their dinner destination. Shan Mei was already tipsy, her cheeks spotting a becoming rosy hue.

“Xiang Zhe, let me introduce you to Mr. Han, he is the director of Shanghai Broadcasting Corporation. Can you join us a while on our negotiations? Shan Mei, be a good girl and release your husband for a while….”

Shan Mei opened her mouth to deny that charge, it was Xiang Zhe who had clued himself to her like an octopus, and now that she was feeling a little tipsy, Jin Xian Da had to come into the picture. Xiang Zhe was sorely tempted to hit Xian Da, that oversized teddy bear just didn’t know when he was unwelcome! Exasperated, he reluctantly released Shan Mei.

“Sweetheart, I’ll be back soon.” He planted a quick kiss on her forehead, pulling Xian Da with him towards the direction of Mr. Han.

At the other end of the ballroom, Director Chen seized the golden opportunity to approach Shan Mei.

“What about acting in my next movie? It’s a comedy, just tailor made for you and Jang Dong Gun.” He began.

“I am honoured, but I have already said I won’t be acting anymore….” Shan Mei said hesitantly. Her mind grew blur, she suddenly felt lightheaded, she couldn’t think.

Xiang Zhe swore under his breath when he saw Director Chen engaging in a conversation with his wife. Director Chen wore a satisfied expression on his face and Shan Mei…. He quickened his footsteps, reaching her just in time to hear the parting words of Director Chen.

“I’ll call you tomorrow to sign the contract. I assure you, you’d not regret it, Shan Mei.”

Xiang Zhe groaned. Although he could deduce the sequence of the conversation between Shan Mei and Director Chen to arrive at his parting words, he wanted to hear from Shan Mei.

“Shan Mei, what’s that all about?”

“I don’t know, I feel so tipsy I just couldn’t think. I simply agreed and nodded my head to whatever he said.” Shan Mei leaned against Xiang Zhe, she couldn’t seem to hold her feet on the ground any longer.

“Oh no…” Xiang Zhe groaned again in dismay.


“I thought there is no kissing scene in this movie.” Shan Mei stared at Director Yin in disbelief.

“Shan Mei, this is a romantic comedy, of course there are kissing scenes, but they are done in a very comical and accidental manner to amuse the audience “ Director Yin explained patiently, he then continued, “Who told you there won’t be any kissing scenes?”

Shan Mei immediately turned towards Jang Dong Gun, eyeing him accusingly.

“Hey, I said there won’t be any ‘sizzling hot passionate scenes’, that was my exact words, I didn’t mention about not having any kissing scenes.” Jang Dong Gun defended his innocence.

“But I thought, I thought ….” Shan Mei stammered. “Ai-yuh, I am doomed, Xue Zhang will never agree to it.” Her brows knitted together, raising her arms to conceal her expression, she dropped her head against her arms in childish protest.

“How am I going to tell Xue Zhang-lah?” Raising her head, she stomped both her feet under the dining table. “Excuse me, I have to go.” She ran out of the restaurant.

Director Chen and Jang Dong Gun exchanged an amused glance, and burst out laughing. The part was just perfect for this child woman, who could have believe she was the wife of the coolly collected Wen Rong CEO?


Yin’s Residence, Seoul, Korea

“No, I won’t allow it, I have already given you my top 50 ‘What Zhen Shan Mei Cannot Do’ in her follies, do you want me to remind you?” Xiang Zhe growled at her.

“It’s all your fault, you are the one who made me break your first and third commandments. Commandment number 1, the consequence of the folly should not contain a kissing scene with another man, and number 3, the consequence of the folly should not entail my husband masquerading JDG…. But it’s all because of you that I break the commandments! You plied me with wine and made me tipsy, I hadn’t a clue I was agreeing to film a movie! All these devious scheme just because you wanted a soft womanly body to hold at night! It’s all because of you-lah!”

Shan Mei argued, glaring crossly at Xiang Zhe, tears of anger and frustration spilling out of her eyes.

“Hey, that’s not true. I wanted a soft womanly body, but only ever yours….” He protested weakly, he knew it was his fault, but he had wanted to bully her into declining filming those kissing scenes.

“Bad Daddy! You are making my mummy cry!” The little boy ran into the hall, seeing tears in his precious mother’s eyes, he accused his father crossly, with arms akimbo.

“Young man, you should show respect to your elders. I am your daddy here!” His son’s stance of defiance reminded Xiang Zhe of the way he had defied his own father.

“You are bullying my mummy!” He moved towards Shan Mei, closing his little hands over hers in comfort.

“How dare you accuse your father like this?”

Xiang Zhe walked across to scoop his son into his arms. Bao Bao studied his father’s face, then glanced at his mother’s warning look. He decided he had misjudged the situation. Slightly embarrassed, the little boy leaned forward conspiringly against his father chin, whispering softly into his ear.

“I think I have misread the situation. I forgot for a while mummy is a crybaby.” He quickly wriggled out of his father’s arms, making a hurried retreat.

“Why, that little …..” she stared at the departing figure of her son.

“Well?” Focusing on her husband again, Shan Mei raised a brow challengingly.

Why did she have to be so alert when he needed her to be blurred? His scheme in Shanghai had backfired. Not only was Shan Mei returning to her acting career, the most vexing for him was having Jang Dong Gun playing the lead actor, and HE had to masquerade him again. No way would he allow another to kiss his wife.

“Let’s have this gentleman agreement, shall we?” The devious mind of his was working overtime again.

“This is your last movie, and I won’t ply you with wine again.” He said, placing both hands on her shoulder.

Shan Mei’s heart melted under his hopeful gaze. He was the man she loved, and despite being a little minx occasionally, she would always listen to him and would try her best to please him. She nodded her head gently.

“I love you, minx!” He murmured.

“Before marriage it was ‘I love you, sweetheart!’, after five years of marriage it became ‘I love you, minx! …..” Shan Mei grumbled. Her husband silenced whatever she was about to say. He bent his head to claim her lips.

For a while, there was silence, then,

“Xue Zhang, Jang Dong Gun asked …..”

“Oh no, not again…” groaned Xiang Zhe …..

~ End of ‘Shanghai Blunder’ ~

Chapter 5.                       ‘My Adorable Firstborn’


Written by: jamie

Yin Xiang Zhe threw himself whole length onto the bed. It had been a long tough day, the steamy shower didn’t help to relieve the lump of tension he could feel building up against his nape. His beloved wife Zhen Shan Mei was busy attending to their two kids, her focus so absorbed on her children that she hadn't even notice his presence. It’d be wistful thinking to hope his sweet wife’d attempt to ease some of the burden he felt weighing down on him. Xiang Zhe thought with annoyance. In moments like these he wished wholeheartedly that their kids would disappear into thin air.

Shan Mei frowned at her firstborn son, Bao Bao. He was being particularly difficult tonight, first demanding that she bathed him, then he pleaded for a ‘mummy special baked” chocolate cake topped with a thick layer of frosting, and now he’s complaining about the condition of his shoelace. She was sorely tempted to smack his little butt. Fortunately her baby daughter had been unbelievably obedient, and was now sleeping soundly in her baby cot, otherwise…. she shook her head helplessly. Her heart though was with her husband, she had noticed the moment he entered the house how weary and exhausted he looked. Their gaze met in a tender exchange for a moment but when he saw how preoccupied she was with their children, he had quietly walked up the stairs with his shoulders drooped after dinner.

“Bao Bao, you’re already five years old. If you need to change your shoelace, you know where the new ones are kept.” She reprimanded her son impatiently.

“I want mummy to change them for me.” Bao Bao pouted.

“Do you want mummy to smack you, be independent and go get them yourself!” Shan Mei commanded, directing a no-nonsense look at her son.

“It’s all Daddy’s fault, you’re impatient with me because you want to be alone with him. Mummy has been inattentive the moment Daddy came home…” Bao Bao accused. His chin jutted out rebelliously. Shan Mei heaved a sigh of frustration. Bao Bao was growing up fast. It got more challenging reasoning with him every passing day.

“Bao Bao, didn’t you notice how exhausted Daddy was? What do you like to do when you’re tired?” She prompted.

“Snuggled up against mummy.” Bao Bao replied slowly, his eyes rounded in wonder.

“You mean when Daddy is tired, he likes to snuggle up against mummy too? But he should be snuggling up against his own mummy – grandma. Though grandma is a little old and wrinkled, it’s more comfortable with mummy yes?”

Bao Bao rolled his eyes upwards, blinking his eyes deliberately at her cheekily. He leaned forward to hug his mother affectionately with his little hands. Shan Mei couldn’t hold back her giggle. Her son was a mischievous imp, and that look reminded her so much of Xiang Zhe. She wrapped her arms around him and patted his shoulders.

“Behave yourself! There are two counts of disrespectful remarks there…” Shan Mei composed herself to put up a stern face, but couldn’t quite conceal the amuse twinkle in her beautiful almond shaped eyes.

“One, I shouldn’t have blame Daddy; and two, I shouldn’t have remark how old and wrinkled grandma is; and …” he added in a small voice, burying his little face deeper into his mother’s breasts, he continued shamefaced, “Bao Bao should behave himself when Daddy is tired.”

Shan Mei tightened her arms around Bao Bao. Tears of consolation shimmered brightly in her eyes as she nodded her approval. Now that her son was pacified, her attention switched to her husband. She put Bao Bao to bed before making her way slowly towards the direction of the master bedroom.

Xiang Zhe turned his body around, lying face down on the bed with his eyes closed. Shan Mei gazed at her husband lovingly as she sat silently at the edge of the bed. Her heart ached at the sight of fine lines visible at the corner of his eyes. She moved nearer to him, placing her hands lightly on both sides of his nape and started to massage. Xiang Zhe sighed with pleasure when he felt his wife’s fingers on him. The tension of the day evaporated without a trace at the tender ministration of his wife.

“Is that better?” Shan Mei asked gently.

“Hmm, that feels divine. What took you so long? I thought you’d never come ….” Xiang Zhe grumbled.

“Your mischievous imp of a son kept me!” Shan Mei hit him hard on his shoulders.

“Ouch, that hurts! I never thought I’d need to compete with my son for my wife’s attention, and always surface the loser! You didn’t notice me, your attention was all focus on Bao Bao…, and don’t stop, I need that massage…” He uttered a string of unintelligible complaints. Shan Mei turned her husband gently round to face her. She gazed at him thoughtfully.

“Now are you ready to tell me what is bothering you?” She prompted softly. In a swift movement, Xiang Zhe sat up with a sigh, drawing Shan Mei into his arms.

“It’s the development project at Cheju Island, we ran into some tricky opposition from a group of natives, they have issued some serious threats if Wen Rong should go ahead with the project.” Xiang Zhe did not mention they had issued him death threats.

“What are their concerns?” She asked.

“They just didn’t want to move from their homes… Shan Mei, just hold me, will you? I just want you to hold me.” Shan Mei embraced her Xue Zhang tightly, stroking the few strands of hair that had fallen off his temple caressingly. Just like the way she would comfort her son.


“What is Yin Xiang Zhe’s weakness? Surely that hard headed entrepreneur has a weakness we can exploit.” Lao Da smashed his fist against the wooden table. That Yin Xiang Zhe had been adamant about proceeding with the development project with or without their consent ate at him. No one, but no one would dare cross him.

“His wife, Zhen Shan Mei, the sweet alluring actress who co-stars with Jang Dong Gun in the movie ‘Mad About You’. She is the popular newscaster at MBS who turned an actress.’ Xiao Di eagerly provided Lao Da with the answer.

“Zhen Shan Mei? His weakness is a damn woman? An uncompromising man like him soft over a woman?” Lao Da roared with laughter, as if he found the piece of information highly unbelievable and amusing.

“It is no secret Yin Xiang Zhe adores his wife. It is rumoured Zhen Shan Mei had an affair with Jang Dong Gun, and their daughter was the result of that affair. But Yin Xiang Zhe just refused to acknowledge that, and even allowed Jang Dong Gun to be his daughter’s godfather. Zhen Shan Mei could twist her little finger round Yin Xiang Zhe… Without a doubt, Lao Da, Zhen Shan Mei is his greatest weakness, and he would agree to anything we demand should she fall into our hands.” Xiao Di’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“What are you waiting for? Move then …” Lao Da bellowed.


Yong Xi and Shan Mei returned to MBS Building after a morning’s outdoor reporting.

“Oh, I am really tired. Age is catching up I guess, I never felt such exhaustion a few years back.”

Yong Xi commented with a smile. Shan Mei grinned at her cheekily.

“I think it’s the children who have tired senior. They are hyperactive, ask me, I know how it feels.”

“We are spotting baggy eyes because of our children. What about you? Is Xiang Zhe planning for a third child?” Yong Xi asked with a laugh.

“He’d need my cooperation!” Shan Mei blurted out without thinking, and blushed when she realized how it would have sounded to Yong Xi.

“We have not discussed on the possibility of a third baby…” She hastily added. It’s already too late, Shan Mei thought. She was already carrying a child under her breast, she hadn’t told Xiang Zhe yet; she’d need to break the news to him soon …

The duo was so engrossed in their conversation they didn’t notice the two men walking closed behind them. Before either could react, they had grabbed Shan Mei and pulled her forcefully inside a navy colour Honda Jazz.

“Tell Yin Xiang Zhe to expect our phone call!” One of the men shouted at Yong Xi and the Honda Jazz sped off. Yong Xi was stunned into inaction for a whole minute, this couldn’t be happening – Zhen Shan Mei had been kidnapped? She dashed inside MBS building. She didn’t know how to break the news to Xiang Zhe, she hurried towards the direction of her husband Xian Da’s office.

Xian Da and Yong Xi couldn’t forget the look on Xiang Zhe’s face when they broke the news to him inside the conference room. Bleak anguish flashed across his face for a moment before his face hardened into an inscrutable mask. Yong Xi was shock to see the vacuum in his eyes as he turned around to look at them, as if his soul had left his body the moment he heard that his wife had been kidnapped. She shuddered and prayed fervently that misfortune should not befall Zhen Shan Mei.

“Keep this news away from the press and media!” He barked at Xian Da before disappearing quickly out of their sight.

“What is he up to?” Xian Da whispered. He ran worriedly towards the direction where Xiang Zhe had disappeared.


Zhen Shan Mei ran as fast as she could away from the hut the kidnappers had locked her in. She sped towards the direction of the woods where she hoped it would camouflage her whereabouts. Never in a million years would she imagine that the skills she picked up in her acting career would help save her life.

Lao Da and Xiao Di were the kidnappers’ names. They had dumped her inside the empty hut and tight her up with a rope, stuffing a handkerchief inside her mouth so she couldn’t cry for help.

“I want to see Yin Xiang Zhe begging on his knees for the life of his lovely wife! I shall strip him of every ounce of his high and mighty arrogant ways….” There was a crazed look in Lao Da’s eyes that send shivers down Shan Mei’s spine. She kept her silence, not wanting to antagonize him or the other man named Xiao Di.

She heaved a sigh of relief when they rushed off, deserting her alone in the hut. It’s fortunate they hadn’t watched the movie ‘Mad About You’. The heroine she played was a magician, and one of the first tricks she learned from her coach was how to untie a rope and unlock a door.

How was she going to get herself out of this dreadful place? She had to contact Xiang Zhe, but how? Shan Mei disappeared deeper into the woods with those questions in her mind.


“Xue Zhang, Xue Zhang, please come, I am in …..” Xiang Zhe heard Shan Mei’s voice in his heart.

“Shan Mei…” He whispered agonizingly. Where was his wife? The last two hours had felt like a century. He was going quietly crazy, imagining how horrified Shan Mei must be. He clenched his fist, and unclenched it again. Inspector Wu and his team had been notified and they interrogated Xiang Zhe for the past hour.

“Xue Zhang, Xue Zhang, please come, I am in ….” It’s Shan Mei’s voice again.

“Xue Zhang, have you received my telepathy message?” A demented Xiang Zhe stood up abruptly and dashed out of his office.

“Xiang Zhe, where are you going?” Xian Da called out in alarm, “what if the kidnappers call for ransom?” Xian Da found himself speaking to the four walls.


Shan Mei squatted down in exhaustion. She had lost track of the amount of time she had been on the run. It was fortunate she happened to glimpse the highway not long after escaping into the woods, she followed the trail of the road though she kept herself out of sight, hiding in the woods. She was afraid the kidnappers would discover her whereabouts. She almost cried with relief when she spotted the road sign. It was then she broke down in tears, murmuring repeatedly, “Xue Zhang, Xue Zhang, please come, I am in …….” Shan Mei was hungry, frighten, tired and pregnant, “Where are you when I need you?… Xue Zhang, have you received my telepathy message?” Immense fear overcame her and she cried harder.

Xiang Zhe could feel Shan Mei’s fear as he drove, heading towards the direction of Cheju Island, near the site they planned to develop. His gut feeling told him Shan Mei was there, it felt as if he was guided by an invisible hand, for he kept hearing Shan Mei’s voice. “Hang on there, sweetheart, I am on my way.” He encouraged as if his wife was right there with him. Xiang Zhe slowed the car down automatically when he reached a deserted junction off the highway….

When Shan Mei opened her eyes again, it was late afternoon. She had cried herself to sleep. She struggled to sit up, trying to clear the fog from her mind. Was she imagining the sound of a car engine coming from her left?

“Shan Mei, Shan Mei, sweetheart, where are you?” Xiang Zhe shouted out loud in anguish. He was going quietly out of his mind, driving round the area in circles. He finally stopped the car. No one had phoned for a ransom, Xian Da informed him. He got out of the car, releasing the emotions he had kept tightly under control since the moment he learned his adorable wife had been kidnapped.

She must surely be dreaming. “Xue Zhang…” she whispered, stumbling out of the woods with uneven steps, she hastened towards the direction of that beloved voice.

“Xue Zhang….” Her voice grew stronger, tears of joy spilling out of her eyes.

She looked a pitiful sight, soot covering her face, her hair in a mess and he could see scratches and bloodstain all over her arms and feet, inexpressible relief engulfed him at the sound of her sweet voice. He thought he was hallucinating, shaking his head to clear his vision, fearing she was a mirage conjured up by him in his desperation.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again, do you hear, you crazy child!” He chided her, wrapping his arms tightly around her, he bend his head to claim her lips in a desperate kiss. Unable to believe he had finally found her.

“Did they hurt you?” He enquired when he finally released his gripping hold. Shan Mei shook her head. Xiang Zhe anxiously started to examine his wife thoroughly.

“Did you receive my telepathy message?” Shan Mei asked weakly. Her husband nodded his head grimly. Everyone thought he had gone mad, but his heart was not deceived. A love as strong and constant as theirs, somehow they could simply communicate to one another despite the distance and obstacles between.


Xiang Zhe rushed Shan Mei straight to Wen Rong Hospital. He couldn’t believe the sight that greeted him when he arrived at the hospital. Somehow, the news had leaked to the media and the press as a group of reporters crowded round the entrance of the hospital. Thinking quickly, he swerved the vehicle round, and headed towards the back, a reserve parking area for the doctors.

Gui Cheng, Zhen Su, Yin Senior, Xian Da, Yong Xi, Zhao Di and, Xiang Zhe’s eyes widened as he caught sight of Jang Dong Gun, Director Chen and Director Lee amongst the group of concern friends waiting for them in Wen Rong’s VIP room. His precious bundle had buried her head against his chest, tightening her arms around his neck.

“What is this, a welcoming party? Where is Dr. Im, where is the doctor?” He roared at them, forgetting his manners in his anxiety.

“Shan Mei, Shan Mei, how is she?” Gui Cheng was the first to reach them. He had been beside himself with worry.

“I am fine, Papa” Shan Mei mumbled into Xiang Zhe’s chest.

She refused to look at the crowd. She didn’t want them to see her dirty tear streak face, she was shock to see so many people in the VIP room, with Oppa Dong Gun and the two directors there also. She buried her face deeper into her husband’s chest. Dr. Im appeared right then, frowning a little at the crowd he saw.

“Where is my patient, can you guys wait outside, I’d like to examine my patient.” He commented without mincing his words.

“Mr. Yin, apart from the few cuts and bruises, your wife is alright. You can take her home after I clean her wounds. Be gentle to her, she’s probably still in shock.”

“Ms. Zhen, you’d a very fortunate young lady, and a very brave one. Not many can survive such an ordeal….”

“Am I really alright… my baby….he’s not hurt?” Shan Mei asked hesitantly. Xiang Zhe jerked in surprise.

“Shan Mei, the baby is fine…Now allow me to clean your wounds” Dr. Im patted her cheeks affectionately.

“Shan Mei?” Xiang Zhe gazed at his wife in query. Shan Mei nodded her head in confirmation.


To Xiang Zhe’s annoyance, the crowd adjourned to their residence when Shan Mei was ready to be brought home. Yin Bao Bao flew into his mother’s arms the moment she stepped out of the BMW.

“Bao Bao was very worried, did those bad man hurt you?” He asked with tears in his eyes. Shan Mei looked up questioningly at her husband, how did her son know? Somewhat affected by the tense atmosphere, her one and a half year old daughter too dashed into her arms in unstable steps, bursting into tears, for once ignoring the presence of her adored godfather, Jang Dong Gun.

“Hey, my precious darlings, mummy is okay, now hush, stop crying….” She was pained at the sight of her upset children. She hugged them tightly against her breast.

“Mummy, you are not allowed to step out of this house! I won’t let the bad men take you, you are Bao Bao’s mummy …” Bao Bao declared earnestly, lifting his head to gaze at Shan Mei, his eyes serious.

“Come, you are all Daddy’s precious jewels. Daddy won’t let anyone hurt you… let go of mummy, she needs to change out of her dirty clothes and take a shower.” Xiang Zhe moved forward, gently leading them into their home.

“I am glad that Shan Mei is fine. We shall make a move, I’ll visit her in a few days.” Jang Dong Gun patted Xiang Zhe’s shoulders in understanding sympathy.


Camera lights flashed unceasingly when the limousine stopped in front of the building where the Premier Gala for the movie ‘Mad About You’ was held. The first to appear from the car was a little handsome gentleman in a dark colour tuxedo. He looked at the group of reporters fearlessly, then turned around to glance at the breathtakingly beautiful woman who followed him out of the limousine.

“Mummy…” He caught hold of her hand. Close behind Zhen Shan Mei was her doting husband, the gorgeous looking Yin Xiang Zhe.

“Zhen Shan Mei, what is the idea of bringing your little son with you to the Premier Gala?”

“My name is Yin Bao Bao. I want to watch the movie my mummy acted in.” Yin Bao Bao told the lady reporter boldly.

“Mr. Yin, don’t you mind another man pawing your wife. I heard you are very possessive, how could you allow Jang Dong Gun to co-star with Ms. Zhen in not one but four dramas/movies, everyone of them with a certain amount of intimate and passionate kissing scenes?”

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei tried to push Bao Bao quickly inside the building, away from the group of reporters. But Bao Bao stood his ground, refusing to move.

“Bao Bao..” Shan Mei whispered to her son.

“Uncle Dong Gun and my mummy don’t kiss!”

“Young man, I am sure you haven't seen the drama your mummy and Jang Dong Gun acted in…”

“Of course I have. It was Daddy who kissed Mummy, not Uncle Dong Gun, Daddy would not allow it.” He continued importantly, “like you, I used to confuse uncle Dong Gun with Daddy when I was little, they look very alike. But I can tell the difference…..”

“Bao Bao, get going.…’ Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei dragged their son forward. The little fella was talking like an adult and the reporters were getting excited over him. When had he watched the dramas and movie she had acted in, Shan Mei was perplexed.

“How can you, you are just a little boy!” Another reporter said with unkind mirth. Bao Bao glared at him with dislike.

“I am their son, of course I can tell! Mummy can tell too, ‘cos when Daddy comes home, I have to compete with Daddy for Mummy’s attention, have to call her three four times before she realized I am calling her, and she’d tell me to do everything myself because I am already five years old. She doesn’t behave like this with Uncle Dong Gun, she’ll notice everything I am doing, down to the way my shoelace is tied…. And I overheard Daddy telling Mummy he’ll not masquerade Uncle Dong Gun again in any damn movie….Mummy and Daddy are always cuddling, kissing and stuff, it’s really disgusting….” Bao Bao grimaced expressively.

“BAO BAO, GET GOING BEFORE I SMACK YOU!” Xiang Zhe growled at his son, forcibly lifting him up, and walked quickly away from the crowd of reporters with his wife close beside him.

“Daddy, I haven’t finished speaking…”Bao Bao squeaked in protest.

Perhaps it was a blessing that Jang Dong Gun chose that exact moment to arrive. The reporters flooded him with questions, he arched his eyebrows in surprise at the first question.

“Is it true Yin Xiang Zhe masqueraded you in all the kissing scenes?”

“What about their daughter? Is she your daughter?”

Jang Dong Gun hesitated for a moment, he decided to reveal the truth once and for all.

“Yes, Yin Xiang Zhe acted in all the kissing and intimate love scenes with his wife, Zhen Shan Mei. They are happily married and love each other deeply. Never have I seen a couple more devoted to each other. There is never any doubt about the paternity of their daughter, she is 100% the daughter of Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe. Shan Mei, Xiang Zhe and I are now very close friends. I hope you will report the truth this time…. How did you guess it?”

“Yin Bao Bao told us….” Jang Dong Gun chuckled at the piece of news. Well, he wasn’t surprised. The little man was a cheeky imp full of tricks!


Shan Mei read the headlines reported in the various newspapers with tears of pride in her eyes. The wisdom of children sometimes put the adults to shame, she mused.

“The Amazing Revelation of Yin Bao Bao”
“From the Mouth of the Innocent Yin Bao Bao”
“The Truth Revealed – Yin Bao Bao’s Side of the Story”

“A mother third time round, and you’re still such a crybaby.” Xiang Zhe teased her.

“I am not a crybaby’” She responded with a pout.

“Isn’t it funny that after all these years, you have never changed your response whenever I call you a crybaby. It’s always ‘I am not a crybaby!’” He mimicked her down to her adorable pout.

“Xue Zhang!” Shan Mei hit him hard on his chest, gazing up at him with happy tears.

“Our baby is growing up fast.’ She said.

“Thank you for giving me such a mischievous son, he is just like his mother, couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and blurt out everything in his mind.”

“Why you hateful bully! Bao Bao is like you.” Shan Mei’s fist fell on his shoulder in anger.

“No no, he might be my replica in looks, but his behavior is definitely like his mother’s, impulsive and unreasonable.”

“I am not unreasonable…. he is intelligent, mischievous and a great tease like you!” She countered spiritedly.

“Much as I love our son, it’s his mother I am crazy about, besotted with …” Xiang Zhe planted a light kiss on her forehead. He led her towards the piano, it occurred to him that it’s been ages since he played and serenaded to her.

Shan Mei leaned against the piano, just like she did all those years back, when he had first played and sang to her. Shan Mei melted at the intense love unashamedly revealed in his eyes as he serenaded to her, her eyes blazing with an emotion as deep and trusting as his.

Girl you are to me,
all that a woman should be and I dedicate my life to you always..
A love like yours is rare, it must have been sent from up above.
And I know you'll stay this way, for always.

And we both know, that our love will grow
and forever it will be, you and me. (yeah)
Ooh you're like the sun, chasing all of the rain away.
When you come around you bring brighter days.
You're the perfect one, for me and you forever will be.
And I will love you so, for always.

Come with me my sweet, let's go make a family.
They will bring us joy, for always.
Ooh boy I love you so, I can't find enough ways
To let you know, but you can be sure I'm yours for always.

(Ooh...ooh...I will love you so for always.)

“Xue Zhang, have I been a great trial to you? My acting, the rumours …” Shan Mei asked timidly.

“Sweetheart, how can I complain when you have enriched my life and brought me so much happiness? You have given me two beautiful children, a third one on the way … but I have endangered your life, they kidnapped you because of me ….”

The two kidnappers Lao Da and Xiao Di were drugs traffickers, the development project at Cheju Island would have interfered with their drug trafficking activities, they kidnapped Shan Mei in the hope of forcing Xiang Zhe into abandoning the project.

“Xue Zhang, you are to me, all that a man should be and I dedicate my life to you always…. I love you and want to share my life with you always… I will never be afraid, because I have you with me always ….”

The wave of tenderness, warmth and overwhelming joy that engulfed his heart at such a heartwarming declaration of love was just beyond description. Xiang Zhe drew his lovely angel into his arms, kissing her deeply and passionately. How he loved her! Was it already twelve years since the day he knocked her with his car and she had fell right on top of his car bonnet? Somewhere deep within his heart, Shan Mei would always be the little girl with curls who had entered his life so unexpectedly.

“Mummy, Daddy…”

Yin Bao Bao ran into the living room. He had heard his father playing the piano upstairs. When the music stopped, he went searching for the music sheet Uncle Dong Gun had given him the other day. Uncle Dong Gun said it was the music scores for the theme song in the movie ‘Mad About You’. Bao Bao didn’t know how to play, the scores was too complicated, he had thought of asking his Daddy to play for him, but what greeted his innocent eyes when he entered the living room was….

“Ugh! Mummy and Daddy, you are at it again, kissing and stuff, it’s disgusting!” Bao Bao said in disgust, frowning at his parents.

“Can’t we have a little privacy in this house anymore?” Groaned Xiang Zhe.

“Not since the birth of Yin Bao Bao, darling…” grinned Shan Mei.

~ End of ‘My Adorable Firstborn’ ~

~ The End of ‘Actress In Disguise’ Series ~

Hi Ladies, I said 'Shanghai Blunder' is the final in the series of 'Actress in Disguise' and so it is. The above is written in an effort to tie up the loose ends in 'Actress in Disguise'. I have named the story 'The Amazing Revelation of Yin Bao Bao'. So, the truth is eventually revealed from the mouth of a baby... Hehehe .... Thanks firefly, for suggesting to leak the truth out... I originally intended to post this at the end of the month, but as usual, the 'couldn't resist' bug defeated me .... Have a great week ahead everyone!


25 July 2004 Update

Hi Ladies, looks like I have to eat my words. I have decided to rename "Actress In Disguise" complete series as follows:-

1. The Beginning
2. Rescue Operation
3. No Matter What
4. Shanghai Blunder
5. My Adorable Firstborn