AAE Chemistry of Love

Written by PENSHOPPE
Kenneth Yin
Nicole Jin
Ericka Huh
Warren Kim

Chapter 1 part A: "Hello there, Mr. Snob!". 1

Chapter 1: part B.. 2

Chapter 2: part A "Hmp!". 3

Chapter 2: part B "Hmp!". 4

Chapter 3 part A: "My obba". 5

Chapter 3 part B: "My obba". 6

Chapter 4: part A "The nerve!!!". 7

Chapter 4: part B "The nerve!!!". 8

Chapter 5 part A: "Is it destiny?!". 9

Chapter 6 part A: Closer to you". 11

Part B of chapter 6. 12

Part C of Chapter 6. 12

Part D of Chapter 6. 13

Chapter 7: The Confession". 15

Chapter 8: “The unexpected". 19

Chapter 9: “". 23

Chapter 10: “To be or not to be ". 27

Chapter 11: Someone Better ". 31

Chapter 12: The heart decides ". 38

Chapter 13: It’s you, finally ". 44



Chapter 1 part A: "Hello there, Mr. Snob!"


“Free at last!” Nicole shouted as she came out from the train which came from her province, Incheon. She didn’t mind the people staring at her ridiculously. For this was her first time to visit Seoul alone, and this will also be the start of her college life.

Nicole just graduated from high school, and when she got the opportunity to get a scholarship in Seoul University, she immediately grabbed on to it. She always dreamed of living independently, and so, this was her chance…

“Kim Soon apartment…Hmm where could it be? Ah here it is!” Nicole ecstatically ran into the building to check her room and suddenly she bumped into a rusty looking man, he was wearing an army green colored jacket, old dirty black pants and an old baseball cap, looking like a gangster. “Oops sorry sir” Nicole apologized, “Next time, you should be careful with your moves girl!” the man snobbishly replied and left. “Girl?! I’m not a girl anymore! I’m already 20! Are people here in this apartment like this?!” Nicole annoyingly stumped to what the man said. “He’s really like that, just ignore him, by the way are you the new boarder?” The landlord patted Nicole’s shoulder. “Oh yes, good morning sir, my name is Nicole Jin, nice to meet you.” ”Oh Nicole, such a sweet name, by the way my name is Cheuy, come along now, I’ll lead you to your room.”. And as the two were walking through the hallway Cheuy was interrogating Nicole, “So, tell me about yourself Nicole”, “Um, I just arrived from my home province Incheon, and I’m here to study Food Technology in Seoul University.” “Oh I see, wow you’re so brave to take up Food Technology in that university, I heard there are a lot of terror teachers there. That’s why I didn’t enter in that university.” Cheuy proudly said, it made Nicole chuckled because of Cheuy’s funny expression. “So what university did you enter?” Nicole innocently asked, she was expecting to get a funny answer. “Ah…At…Okay, you got me, I didn’t enter college, I was forced to manage this apartment. But who will think that I didn’t enter college? I’m a fine looking man! Right Nicole? Answer me!” Nicole sweetly smiled and answered “Yes sir, you indeed look like a professional!” and both laughed.

“Ah…My own room at last!” Nicole jumped on her bed. Being the only girl in the family, Nicole was pampered by her parents, and somewhat over protected. That’s why it was a big surprise to Nicole that her parents permitted her to study in Seoul.
Suddenly, she thought of the man she bumped into. Nicole never liked dirty looking guys, but she realized that the man earlier has lovely eyes, thinking of this Nicole blushed. “Nicole! What’s happening to you?! Are you crazy? That man is too old and snobbish!” Nicole shouted and covered her face with her pillow. And then her cell phone rang, “Hello?.. Oh mom! Yes, I just arrived. Thanks for fixing everything I need for my stay here… The other tenants? Oh, I still haven’t met with them yet, except for the land lord Cheuy, he’s funny, and I hope the others are like him. May I speak to dad?...Hi daddy! Yes, I’m behaving, promise I’ll be a good girl for your sake… What?! A boyfriend? Come on dad! You know I don’t have any plans of having a boyfriend or even get married! I want to be forever your precious daughter!... Yes, I could manage everything dad, remember I’m independent now!...Well then, good bye dad, I love you both, don’t worry about me I could take care of everything, bye!” After hanging up the phone, Nicole thought of her father’s question about her plan on having a boyfriend “A boy friend ei? Well, I think I’ve changed my mind. I want to have a boyfriend!”.

With a sunny smile, Nicole went out of her room to wander around Seoul and get familiarized. When she closed her door she caught a sight of the man she bumped into earlier. His room was just beside of Nicole’s. Nicole bowed, but the man just went inside his room. “Hmp! How snobbish!” Nicole lost her smile. While taking her walk down the stairs, Nicole met Ericka. “Good afternoon, I’m a new boarder here, my name is Nicole Jin, and you are?” “Ericka Huh, just call me Ericka. Nice to meet you Nicole, I stay in room #27, you?” “Room #30” “Room #30? So you live beside Mr. Snob’s room?” “Mr. Snob’s room? Is he the rusty looking man?” Ericka whispered “Yes, we call him Mr. Snob, the reason is obvious, have you seen him?” “Oh yes, I bumped up with him when I arrived earlier, he is really snooty. Like, what’s the matter with him?” Ericka came closer to Nicole and said, “Don’t tell this to anyone, but I ‘heard’ that he is a gangster, he became one after his family was killed by some gangsters.” “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe that’s why” Nicole frowned in hearing the concise story of ‘Mr. Snob’. “Oh, don’t frown Nicole, you’ll lose your sweet face. Are you free this evening? I want us to take dinner together, don’t worry it’s my treat.” Ericka smiled at Nicole, retrieving Nicole’s smile. “Yes, I’m free this evening. Actually I don’t have anything important to do now. Can you tour me around, friend?” “Why not, friend!” Both happily held arms together and strolled around Seoul the whole day...^__^

Chemistry of Love:Chapter 1 part B "Hello there, Mr. Snob!"

Chapter 1: part B


That evening in a pub…

“Kenneth! Good too see you again!” Allan waved at the approaching Kenneth “Here take at seat, so how’s life, it seems that you’ve changed your image from a mister suave to a gangster, is that the new fad?” Allan asked as Kenneth sat down and lit up a cigarette and grinned, “Still the same...the same worthless life” “Come on Kenneth! There’s more to live for! And that’s why I’m here talking to you now, I want to propose you something” Kenneth was stirred with Allan’s statement “What proposal?” “The university is in need of chemistry teachers and…” Kenneth reacted just before Allan finishes his sentence “Allan, you know I don’t want to teach anymore! My life is ruined after my family was murdered by those heartless gangsters!” “Calm down Kenneth, it’s not the end of the world! After your family was murdered, you’re always like that! Think about it, I’ll be waiting for your answer.” Allan left the pub. Kenneth held a deep sigh, how he wish that everything was okay. He remembered the days when he was still a professor in Seoul University and a happy family man. This all changed when the incident happened three years ago. From that day on, Kenneth’s life became miserable: he was fired out of his job, he lost a lot of friends, and only a few were left, and Allan was one of those people.

While walking home from their leisurely walk, Ericka and Nicole again saw ‘Mr. Snob’. “Hey Nicole, there’s Mr. Snob.” Ericka pointed out to the man who entered the apartment building. Nicole noticed the sadness in his face, she could vividly see it through his lovely eyes. She felt bad for ‘Mr. Snob’.

Ericka and Nicole went to Ericka’s room to have chat. “I think I’ll like it here in Seoul” Nicole amiably said. “That’s good Nicole. May I again ask how long will you be studying here in Seoul?” “Four to five years, after that I want to have my masters abroad, probably in London. How about you? How many years left before you finish your course in Interior design?” “Um, three to four years, after that I would perhaps get married.” Nicole was shocked with Ericka’s plan “Get married? Are you sure? After finishing college, you would just get tied up? And most important of all, to whom?!” “I still don’t know, but I’ll start my search for that man. You see Nicole, people have different goals in life. As for me, I want to share my achievements with ‘someone’.” “Huh?” Nicole was bothered with Ericka’s ‘goal in life’, in her mind she was thinking “How could people be like this? Am I still young not to understand these kinds of explanations?” Ericka noticed the trouble in Nicole’s face “Nicole, have you been in love?” Nicole oddly looked at Ericka “Huh? In love? Not yet.” “Oh that’s why, you know Nicole you should also start searching for the ‘one’. You’re now in college, and you’re old enough to fall in love. You need ‘someone’ to protect you, especially because you’re here in Seoul. These days, it’s scary to walk alone at night.” “Who needs a protector? I can protect myself! About the boyfriend thing, a while ago I just decided to have a boyfriend, but not now.” “That’s good, at least you have a plan on not being an old maid! Hey, during the day have you found any guy attractive?” Nicole blushed as she thought of Mr. Snob, Ericka jokingly said “Ooh, I think you like Mr. Snob! Am I right Nicole? You like Mr. Snob!” Nicole blushed intensely, confirming Ericka’s speculation, Ericka’s eyes widened “Nicole! That’s just a joke! Tell me that’s a joke!” and Nicole shyly replied “I found his eyes lovely, that’s all” “Nicole! I didn’t know you have a bad taste on guys!” Ericka threw a pillow at Nicole and this started a pillow fight.

Returning to her room, Nicole saw that ‘Mr. Snob’s’ door was slightly open. To her curiosity, she took a peek inside. Nicole’s eyes widened to see Mr. Snob alone in his sofa, only a lamp beside him was open and, he was crying. Nicole also noticed the picture he was holding, apparently Nicole couldn’t see who were or was in the picture because of the gloominess. ”Who’s there?!” Mr. Snob noticed that someone was watching him. Nicole panicked and hurriedly ran to her room, leaving a hanker chief in front of the door. Mr. Snob picked up the hanker chief and he saw an “NJ” embroidery, thinking of who it was, he just returned to his room.

Nicole had a sleepless night, she kept thinking of why Mr. Snob was crying. She didn’t realize that her hanker chief had fallen. While Mr. Snob had decided to invigorate his old life…^__^

Chemistry of Love: Chapter 2 part A "Hmp!"

Chapter 2: part A "Hmp!"


“WELCOME FRESHMEN!!!” a banner placed at the frontage of Seoul university was the first thing that Nicole saw as she was about to start her college life.

“Good luck Nicole! You can do it! Aja! ;-)” This was the SMS message Nicole received from Ericka. “Oh how thoughtful” Nicole smiled, and suddenly a sound of a rushing car was heard from behind. Nicole looked behind, and saw a guy wearing cool sun glasses, khaki jacket over a maroon turtle neck shirt paired with khaki pants came out of a red Ferrari car. Most girls were in awe at the ‘airy’ guy, but Nicole was not impressed with the guy. She doesn’t like guys who are too confident about themselves. The guy just passed by, but when he came by Nicole, he looked at her and smiled. Nicole was shocked and at the same time puzzled. “Who’s he? Why did he smile at me?” these were the questions that run in Nicole’s head. “Ah! Whatever!” Nicole just walked to her designated class room.

As Nicole sat down on a seat, she saw the guy at the other end of the room. “He’s cute right?” Nicole’s seat mate asked her. “What do you think? He’s such a hunk!” “Uh, he looks fine to me” “Aw! Come on! He’s very popular, don’t you know? He’s the son of a big business tycoon. By the way, my name is Cielo, you are?” Cielo offered a hand to Nicole, and Nicole gave hers, “Nice to meet you Cielo, my name is Nicole Jin. You said he’s popular, right? That’s why he acts like one” “Well, you have a point there, he’s…” Cielo stopped in the middle of her statement when the guy came towards their seat. “Hi chick! Let me in introduce myself, my name is Warren Kim, son of business tycoon Han Kim, and you are?” when Nicole was about to answer Warren, the dean entered the room and everyone took their seats.

“Good morning and welcome freshmen! I am your dean, Allan Kyo, just call me Sir Allan. I expect that all of you are mature enough to prioritize you studies, you’re not in your high school days now. This is a totally different stage in your life. Now, your subject professors will introduce themselves. Good day and college years ahead.” And then a demure looking woman took Allan’s place “Good day freshmen! I will be your professor for Math. My name is Judith Young, just call me Miss Young. I’ll be meeting up with you later for your overview at our activities for this semester, I’ll also further discuss my regulations and expectations in my class. Is that clear?” “Yes Miss Young” the students answered. “Fine, see you again later, 10:00 am at the math building, room 1A. I won’t accept late comers”. “She’s strict, I bet that’s why she’s still single” Cielo whispered to Nicole, and Nicole gave a warning look at Cielo because she noticed that Judith was looking at them. “I won’t spoil gossips in my class” Judith said before she left her place, she was referring to Cielo and Nicole. Warren also noticed to whom Judith was referring to, so he looked at Nicole and smiled. Nicole became annoyed at the ‘overconfidence’ of Warren, so she pocked out her tongue to Warren. Warren became more attracted to Nicole. This was the first time that a girl didn’t flirt on him. And then the other professors introduced themselves, but one professor was not present. “Class, you’ll probably meet your chemistry professor tomorrow. We’ll not be having a get-to-know session in our class, because I want you students be the ones to interact with your fellow students. So, class dismissed, you may have your break now. Don’t forget your class with Miss Young at 10:00 am.” Allan discharged the students.

Nicole and Cielo were eating together on the school grounds, when Warren came to Nicole again. “Won’t you mind if I eat with you? What’s your name again?” and Cielo answered “Ah, my name is Cielo Yee, 20 years of age, birthday February 5, 1985, height 5’3, weight 45 kg, status single…” “Sorry, but I was not asking you, I’m asking the cute girl beside you” Warren said rakishly, Cielo was embarrassed. Nicole became more annoyed with Warren and she started yelling at him “You’re such an arrogant person! How could you be like this to girls?! Is that the kind of man girls crave for?! Don’t act like that just because you’re rich and popular! Now, speak up! Defend yourself!” Warren became speechless of Nicole’s sermon. “Hmp! Come along now Cielo, there’s no reason for talking to this jerk again!” Nicole pulled Cielo “But Nicole!” “No buts Cielo! Let’s go!” Nicole and Cielo left Warren. “Nicole ei?” Warren finally knew Nicole’s name...^__^

Chapter 2: part B "Hmp!"


In the teacher’s lounge…

“Oh where could Kenneth be?! I cannot contact him, his phone is out of coverage.” Allan was worried, because Kenneth just confirmed his answer last night. Now, he’s no where to be found. “Up to now you’re not yet used with Kenneth. Maybe he’s just taking a day long stroll to freshen up his mind. He’ll keep his word, I know” Judith calmed Allan down. Abruptly Judith’s phone rang, it was Kenneth. “Hello…Kenneth! Why didn’t you come on the first day of school? Allan is worrying dead, you should see his face right now…So when will you come?...Ok, tomorrow? Be sure to come here on time, you know I don’t like late comers…Yes…Yes…So, See you then, bye.” Judith folded her phone after speaking to Kenneth, the conversation left a smile on Judith’s face. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, so you still like him?” Allan asked Judith “Oh Allan, past is past!” “Ok fine!” and Allan left Judith alone in the room. Judith again smiled as she remembered her past with Kenneth. Kenneth was Judith’s first love. They were classmates during high school. And during those times, Judith never had the strength to profess her real feelings for Kenneth. Kenneth treated Judith as his sister, but little did he know that Judith wanted more than friends.

In Judith’s math class…

“To start my lesson, I would first like to state my rules and regulations so that you’ll know how you will act in my class. First of all, I don’t like late comers. Second, submit all your requirements on time. Third, no talking in my class unless I tell you to do so…” “Uh, this will take forever” Cielo complained to Nicole. Nicole just looked at Cielo, trying to remind her that their teacher just said no talking without her permission. “Since you didn’t had the chance to introduce yourselves a while ago, I’m giving you this time, before we proceed to our over view. So who goes first?” Judith asked, then Warren raised his arm “I’ll go first Miss Young!”. Most of the girls in the room were making “flirts” out of themselves while Nicole again was irritated at the ‘over confident’ personality of Warren. “Hello to all! I expect that majority in this room knows me all ready. But then, I will still introduce myself for the sake of a cute girl I just met this morning (he was referring to Nicole)…My name is Warren Kim, son and heir of Han Kim, owner of Kim Realties, 21 years of age. My interests, car racing, ice hockey, and girls” Warren grinned, and the girls giggled in hearing Warren’s interests. “If anyone of you wants to ask me a question, just raise your hand”, Warren started a question-and-answer session. Cielo wanted to raise her hand, but Nicole stopped her. “Mr. Kim, may I remind you that this is not a talk show, this is a class. You may now return to your seat Mr. Kim.” Judith reminded Warren, and so Warren went back to his seat which is located at the first row. Then he looked back to where Nicole was and he winked at her. “Okay, next?” No one volunteered so Judith just looked in her attendance book to select the next one. “Go in front, Ms. Nicole Jin”. And so, Nicole stood up and walked towards the front. She faced her classmates with her unique sunny smile “Good morning new classmates, I am Nicole Jin. 20 years of age, I graduated high school in my home province in Incheon. My interests, reading, cooking, hmm…and smiling. I look forward on being friends with all of you. Thank you” Nicole bowed and returned to her seat.

After the long first day of school, Nicole is ready to go home. While walking through the side walk, Warren stopped his car beside Nicole. “Hey Nicole, right? Hitch in, it’s dangerous to walk alone at this time of night.” Warren offered “No thank you Mr. Kim, I can take care of myself.” “How snobbish, I thought you want to be friends with all of your classmates?” “Hmp! Sorry, I forgot to say that I don’t want to be friends with arrogant people!” Nicole walked faster, leaving Warren. “One day, you’ll fall for me Nicole Jin, I will assure that.”.

While walking home Nicole saw the poster of the new movie showed in the mall. She was tempted by the movie, because the main actress was her idol, Chae Rim. So, Nicole decided to watch the movie. The film ended around 10:00, and it’s really dark. Nicole pretended to be brave and started walking since the apartment building is just nearby. And as Nicole was walking through the dark alleyway, two goons blocked her way. “Hey miss, give us all your belongings if you still want to see the sunrise.” Nicole was shocked, because in their province these kinds of incidents only happen once in a blue moon, and she could only see it in the television or in the movies. Nicole became speechless, and it made the goons angry. “Hey? Aren’t you going to give us your stuffs? Hurry!” And still, Nicole didn’t speak “Bro, I think this girl needs a lecture, hey come here I’ll give you a smack!” The other goon pulled Nicole’s arms, this urgently gave Nicole the signal to fight over and defend herself. “Let me go!” Nicole pulled back her arm “Hey, little miss is now speaking! Come here to papa, I’ll give a reward” Then the two goons started harassing Nicole.

Afterward, Kenneth was walking by the same alleyway and he heard the commotion. “Hey bro, what do you think you’re doing?” Kenneth tapped one of the goons from behind, then the goon looked back and Kenneth punched the goon’s face. “And who do you think you are?!” the other goon was alarmed seeing his partner with a bleeding face. “Get lost! If I’d ever see you again roaming around, you will get more than that! GO!” then the goons ran as fast as they could. Kenneth approached Nicole “Are you okay?”, Nicole fixed herself before facing Kenneth “Hmp! Those scaredy cats! By the way, thank you…” before finishing her statement Nicole faced Kenneth and she was astounded by what she saw. What or who could it be? ^__^

Chapter 3 part A: "My obba"


“You?!” Nicole’s eyes widened, both of them were surprised with each other. “Aren’t you the new tenant beside my unit?!” Now, it’s revealed that Kenneth Yin and Mr. Snob are just one. “Yes, oh before I forget, thank you very much. How can I ever give back the favor?” Nicole bowed. “Hmmm…soju and noodles would be fine. Will you?” Kenneth suggested. “Well then, come it’s my treat.” Nicole agreed even though she only has a thousand won in her wallet..

In the noodle stand…
Nicole was quiet and she was just looking at Kenneth. And Kenneth noticed this “So, why are you here in Seoul?” Kenneth asked, so that Nicole will speak up. “I’m studying Food Technology in Seoul University” “I see, you know, you shouldn’t be walking alone at this time. Don’t you have a boyfriend to send you home?” Nicole blushed upon having an eye contact with Kenneth, she bent down her head “None yet, and I still don’t plan to have one. I must focus in my studies in able to maintain my scholarship.” “Oh so you’re a scholar, nice to hear that. Keep it on, so you would be able to attain your dreams, not like me.” Kenneth frowned in saying the last three words. “Why sir?”, Nicole became curious “Uh, nothing, just forget it” Kenneth tried to hide his emotions, but it could still be seen in his lovely eyes. “Cheer up sir! If you’ll continue to frown your wrinkles will not vanish!” Nicole tried to cheer Kenneth up, and she succeeded, Kenneth finally smiled. “Oh such a lovely smile” Nicole thought. ”You’re one cheerful girl, what’s your name? I forgot to ask” “Nicole Jin, just call me Nicole, you sir?” “Aish, Nicole don’t call me sir, I feel so old when I’m addressed like that. Just call me Kenneth, Kenneth Yin. Or better yet Obba Kenneth, so that there would be significance between our age, okay?” Nicole smiled and replied “Yes Obba Kenneth”. Then their eyes met and both smiled.

Upon reaching the apartment, Kenneth and Nicole bade good bye to each other. Nicole closed the door and leaned back “He’s not snobbish after all” Nicole again smiled and blushed in remembering their eye contact. In the other room, Kenneth was in his kitchen, getting water from the refrigerator when he saw the hanker chief he picked up in front of his door. He then thought that it might be Nicole’s.

“Good morning world!” Nicole shouted as she opened her window to breathe the cool air of the morning. While in Kenneth’s room, he was fixing himself to go to the university. He was a bit nervous, because it has been three years since he last taught.

Nicole went out of her room and met Ericka “Hey, how was your first day in the university?” Ericka waved to Nicole “Fine, but I have this arrogant classmate. He thinks he’s the coolest guy.” “Really? Is he cute?” “Not at all! He looks like a jerk!” “Oh, so you think Mr. Snob is better looking than him?” Nicole instantly answered “Yes”, but then she realized that she shouldn’t have said it. ”In fairness Ericka, Obba Kenneth is not really a snob after all” “Huh? What did you call him? Obba Kenneth? And when did you start calling him ‘obba Kenneth’?” “Just last night, he saved me from two goons.” Ericka was surprised with what happened to Nicole last night. “What?! You mean you were blocked by two goons? I told you it’s dangerous walking alone at night! How are you? Were you hurt?” Ericka was starting to panic, but Nicole calmed her down “Calm down, I’m fine Ericka, it was just really a coincidence that those goons were there. Luckily, Obba Kenneth was there to rescue me. I’ll be careful now Ericka, I promise.” “Make it sure Nicole, if not…” Ericka stopped talking upon seeing a sedate looking man, wearing a white polo with a blue neck tie paired with back pants. “Good morning Nicole” the man greeted. Then Nicole turned to face the man, “Obba Kenneth is that you?!” “Yes, it’s me” Kenneth smiled. Nicole smiled too in seeing a better looking Kenneth, he’s not a gangster looking man anymore, now he’s a clean and demure looking man. “By the way, this is Ericka, I believe you all ready know her because she’s been staying here for more than a year.” Ericka bowed and Kenneth returned the bow. “Well then, I got to go now. I have a job to do. See you later girls” Kenneth left Nicole and Ericka. Ericka looked at Nicole with a big smile “Did you see that?!” “I told you!” Nicole replied, then both giggled.

In the teacher’s lounge
“Good morning Allan”, Allan heard a familiar voice from behind and when he turned back, he was delighted to see Kenneth. “Oh Kenneth! At last you made up your mind! Welcome back to Seoul University! I see you’re back to your real image my boy!” “I just thought that nothing will be the same if I would just mock around. Once again, I owe it to you Allan, thank you very much.” Kenneth and Allan hugged, as if they haven’t seen each other for years. Subsequently, Judith entered the room, and when she caught a sight of Kenneth, she smiled “Kenneth! I knew you would come! It’s been a long time! Good to have you back!” Kenneth then faced Judith “I know, I missed you! Come here and I’ll give you a hug!” And so, Judith hugged Kenneth. Kenneth was so happy to be with his real friends. “Hey, you have a class within fifteen minutes. Are you ready?” Judith asked Kenneth “Never been ready! After three years, I’ll again be a professor. I really missed teaching.” Then Allan butted in “Really? I thought you missed us, that’s why you came back.” The three of them laughed...^__^

Chapter 3 part B: "My obba"


In room A-1…
“Good morning Nicole! It’s such a very beautiful morning, right?” Warren gave a bouquet of red roses to Nicole, but she refused to take it “It’s so sweet of you to bother Mr. Kim, but I can’t accept it, sorry.” “Hey, do you know how much these roses are? It’s more expensive than your allowance!” Nicole was intimidated with Warren’s words so she started yelling again “You bastard! You jerk! Yes, your roses might be expensive, but don’t ever intimidate my allowance, for my parents work hard just to give me my allowance!” Nicole took the roses from Warren and slapped in on his face. Everybody in the room witnessed what happened, and they were all shocked and speechless, how could Warren Kim be answered like this? “Now, what’s your say Mr. Kim?!” After taking off the petals from his face, Warren looked at Nicole intensely “Ms. Jin, remember this day, for now on I will do everything to get you fall for me!” Nicole went angrier with Warren’s vow. Everybody started making ‘mushy’ sounds. “Stop it guys! Ok, I’m taking you in a challenge Mr. Kim, if you’ll be able to make me fall for you, then…” “Then we’ll be engaged immediately, deal?” Warren made the agreement, Nicole thought hard with Warren’s condition “Okay, I agree, so it’s a deal Mr. Kim?” “A deal Ms. Jin” Warren extended his hand to Nicole, and Nicole extended hers too, in agreeing to the deal. Both looked at each other’s eyes challengingly. Suddenly, Allan went inside the room, he saw that Nicole and Warren were the center of attention. “Ms. Jin, Mr. Kim, what’s the happening?” Allan asked the two “Oh nothing sir” then both resided to their seats, but they were still looking at each other.

“Now, let’s start the class. As I told you yesterday, you will meet your chemistry professor today. I now introduce to you your chemistry professor”. The door opened, and a demure, clean looking man entered the room, he then greeted the class “Good Morning freshmen, I am your chemistry professor, Kenneth Yin, call me Sir Kenneth.” Nicole couldn’t believe her eyes, it was Kenneth/ (former) Mr. Snob! He’s her chemistry professor! “Oh my gosh!” Nicole whispered to herself, Cielo noticed Nicole’s expression “Nicole, you know him?” “Yes, he’s my neighbor. I didn’t know that he’s a professor.” Kenneth looked in his attendance book to have a roll call, and when he saw Nicole’s name, he was surprised, oh how could have forgotten that he will be teaching chemistry in the Food Technology department?

Everyone left the room after Kenneth’s class, except for Nicole, she was still fixing up her things. Then Kenneth went back to the room because he forgot something. “Sir Kenneth” Nicole called to Kenneth “Oh Nicole! You’re still here, don’t you have any plans on having your break?” “I still have sir” “Aish, how many times do I have to tell you don’t call me sir?” “But you just said earlier in your class that we students must call you ‘sir’. Have you forgotten?” “Oh yeah, but still, you could call me ‘obba’ when we’re outside the university. I think this is a sign that I’m getting no younger.” Then both laughed. “Won’t you mind if we’ll take snacks together?” Kenneth asked “Why not obba, oh, sir”. Then the two left the room together, and Warren saw them…^__^

To be continued...


Chapter 4: part A "The nerve!!!"


Written by PENSHOPPE

Kenneth Yin
Nicole Jin
Ericka Huh
Warren Kim

While walking along the corridor, Warren was wondering why Nicole and Kenneth were together. “Do they know each other? Are they relatives, friends or what?”, these were the questions that were boggling in Warren’s mind.

In the cafeteria…

“Oppa, I didn’t know you’re a professor here in the university, why didn’t you tell me?” Nicole asked. “Probably, because it was just this weekend when I decided to return in the university. And, we only had the chance to talk just last night, right?” Kenneth smiled after sipping his coffee. “Oh yeah, how foolish of me, it was just last night.” The sunny smile in Nicole’s face makes Kenneth feel light and young. What’s with Nicole that makes anyone feel comfortable every time he or she is with her? “Oh Nicole, there you are! I’ve been looking around for you!” Cielo approached Nicole. “Take a seat and eat with us” Kenneth offered, “Oh thanks sir, I still haven’t taken my breakfast, that’s why my tummy is grumbling.” Cielo took a seat beside Nicole and started eating Nicole’s sandwich. “Hey! That’s mine!” Nicole protested. Kenneth was so delighted to socialize with youngsters again, after 3 years of oblivion.

Warren then entered the cafeteria, he saw Nicole, Cielo and Kenneth eating together. And so, he came towards their table. “May I eat with you guys?” Warren inquired. Before Nicole could answer no, Kenneth answered yes to Warren’s request. Warren winked at Nicole before sitting beside her, and Kenneth saw this. “It’s good to know that professors here in the university are approachable, right sir?” Warren asked, he was simply trying to find out what’s with Kenneth and Nicole by asking indirect questions. “You’re right Warren, profs here are really nice, so sir can I have piece of your cookie? I’m still hungry” Cielo took a piece of cookie from Kenneth’s plate. Nicole gave Cielo a look which indicates that she should have a little consideration for herself. “Oh sorry Nicole, but I’m hungry. It’s your fault! If we went out the room together, then I wouldn’t be so hungry. By the way, why did it take you so long to get out of the room?” “Um, I was just fixing my things, and…” “and I asked her to take her snacks with me” Kenneth finished Nicole’s sentence. “The two of you are friends sir?” Warren asked in a sterling manner. Kenneth smiled and answered “We’re neighbors Mr. Kim. Her unit is next to mine, is there any problem Mr. Kim?” “Oh nothing, I just wondered why you were together with my girlfriend.” Nicole, Cielo and Kenneth were shocked “Girlfriend?!” Nicole stood up. “Oh Ms. Jin, I thought you told me that you still don’t have a boyfriend?” Kenneth was clarifying the situation, but it went out the opposite way. “Tell me Warren Kim, when did I start to be your girlfriend?!” then Warren stood up “Just this morning honey! Don’t you remember? Ok, I’ll let you remember” Warren went nearer to Nicole, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her! Everyone in the cafeteria was stunned! And when Nicole was finally released from Warren’s arms, she took her drink from the table and spilled it on Warren’s face. This was the second time for the day that Nicole Jin splattered something on Warren Kim’s face. “Now who are you calling ‘honey’?” “Of course, only you honey” Warren cleaned his face with his hanker chief. “Ms. Jin! Mr. Kim! Stop this! Can’t you have a little respect for me? I’m your professor, and you’re quarrelling in front of me!” Kenneth stood up. “Sorry sir” Nicole apologized and ran out of the cafeteria. “Nicole, wait up!” and Cielo poked out her tongue to Warren and ran to follow Nicole.

Nicole went to the school grounds to freshen up. “Oh the nerve of that jerk!” then she suddenly thought of their kiss, she can’t believe that she just had her first kiss! “But this is not the real first kiss Nicole!” she blurted out. “Nicole! Nicole! Are you okay?! Oh I can’t believe he could do that in front of so many people! But you know Nicole, I think he really likes you, no kidding!” “Oh stop it Cielo, if he thinks that I would fall for him with just a kiss, he’s dreaming!” “Um let me ask, was that your first kiss Nicole?” Nicole blushed answering ‘yes’ to Cielo’s question. “Ms. Jin and Mr. Kim, please proceed to my office” Allan called through the university radio. “Oh shocks! What will they do? Will they take back your scholarship? Oh I hope not! I will pray hard Nicole! Promise! I’ll be right here! You can do it! Aja!” Cielo was worried and began to be exaggerate again. “Don’t be pessimistic Cielo, I’ll take care of it. But do pray for me and keep your fingers crossed” “Aye aye Nicole!” Cielo saluted and Nicole left.

Warren and Nicole met in front of the door of Allan’s office. Even if they don’t speak, their emotions could be clearly seen in their eyes, both fiery. “So explain to me what happened in the cafeteria” Allan started the session. “Uh…My girlfriend and I just have a quarrel in the cafeteria sir, sorry about that” Warren answered, he was still insisting himself being the boyfriend of Nicole. And knowing the outspoken Nicole, “I ask pardon, Sir Allan, he’s not my boyfriend! He’s just making it up. I spilled soda on him because he kissed me without my permission!” “Ok fine, I admit it, she’s not YET my girlfriend, and I kissed her without her permission, I should be the one to be blamed, I will accept all consequences.” “Good thing that you admitted your fault Mr. Kim, as for your consequence, I should first meet with your parents. When could they come?” Warren suddenly looked sad “They’re not in the country sir, it has been a month since I last saw them.” Nicole suddenly felt bad for Warren, maybe that’s why he’s been acting like that. “Okay, just let me know when they arrive. As of now, the two of you could go. Make sure that you would not make any commotion again. Do I get myself cleared?” “Yes sir” “You could go now, you’re all ready late for your next subject” the two left the room. “I now understand why…” Nicole said before she headed off. “Understand?” Warren was puzzled with Nicole’s words...^__^

Chapter 4: part B "The nerve!!!"


After the long day of school, Nicole was walking along the corridor and she met Kenneth. “I’m terribly sorry for what happened this morning sir. I didn’t mean to do it, but it’s his fault.” Nicole bowed as an apology. “That issue was already settled. Next time, you should control yourself, so you wouldn’t get into trouble. Okay?” “Okay sir” “Hey it’s not school hours anymore, you could call me obba again” Nicole smiled “Yes obba”. “Good...are you going straight home now Nicole?” “Yes obba, I have to do some advance readings, why?” “Have you forgotten my advice that you should not walk in the streets alone?” “No I still remember obba, but it’s just 5:30! When I’m still in my province, going home at 7:00 is not dangerous.” “Incheon is different from Seoul Nicole, it is more peril here. Oh well, since I’m not in the mood of doing an overtime I’ll go with you. I’ll just get my things in the teacher lounge”.

When the two reached the teacher’s lounge, they saw Judith, she was having an overtime. “Hey still here? You should lessen your workaholic attitude, how will you be able to find a man to marry you?” Kenneth joked Judith “I don’t need to find a man who will marry me Kenneth, in fact I have a lot of suitors!” Then she noticed Nicole “Oh, good afternoon Miss Young” Nicole greeted, and Judith just smiled back. “You’re with her?” Judith asked “Oh yes, she’s my neighbor, she’s also your student right?” “Isn’t she the one who made a scene in the cafeteria this morning?” Judith superciliously inquired. Kenneth and Nicole just kept quiet. “We’ll be going now, don’t over use your energy Judith, and be careful on driving back home.” Kenneth reminded “I know, good bye.” And the two left Judith in the teacher’s lounge. Judith then took a deep sigh “When will I have the courage to confess you my love?” she thought.

While walking home, Nicole was in a deep thought. “Hey, you’re so quiet. Is there something wrong? If it’s just because of what Judith said, forget it, she’s really like that.” Kenneth was trying to break the ice. “Well, I wasn’t really thinking of that, I was thinking about…Uh forget it! It’s senseless.” Nicole didn’t spill out that she was thinking of Warren’s condition. He’s very pitiful, she thought. “Oh, so you were thinking of Mr. Kim, I’m I correct?” Kenneth guessed it right “Oh okay, you got me obba. Yes, I was thinking of him, he’s pitiful.” “Pitiful? How would he be pitiful, he’s rich, popular and I must say, handsome too” “As I understand, he’s acting like a geek, so he could get the attention of his parents. That’s why he’s pitiful.” “Oh, I didn’t know you’re good in understanding one’s feelings Nicole. Maybe you could explain to me what is the reason why I returned back to the University?” “Hey I’m not a psychologist! You should know the reason, because it was your decision.” Kenneth smiled, Nicole never failed to bring a smile to his face. “Fine, maybe you should take a part time job of being a consultant.” “Consultant for what?” “For the feelings, you will earn big there” “Well, that’s a good idea, I’ll think about that”. Suddenly the wind blew hard, “Oh!” Nicole shouted. “What’s wrong Nicole?” Kenneth was worried, what might have happened to Nicole? “Something went inside my eyes!” “Oh, come” then Kenneth went near to Nicole and blew at her eyes. “Oh thank you very much obba”, Nicole thanked Kenneth, and then their eyes met, there was something different in their eyes. It has been more than a minute before they stopped looking at each other’s eyes intimately. Nicole didn’t realize that she blushed. After that, all the way back to the apartment building they were not speaking to each other. They were baffled, why suddenly they became shy to talk. In front of their doors, they finally spoke, but just to bid good bye.

In the Kim’s residence…

Warren was drinking red wine while watching television, and suddenly his phone rang. “Hello?...Oh mom! I miss you, when will you and dad be coming back?...Oh , so you still have to extend for a month…I understand…School? This was the second day, and it went out quite well…Okay mom, just call me again, take care and I love you both.” And Warren hanged up the phone. Then he saw Nicole’s picture in his cell phone. He never thought that he would suddenly become a paparazzi. He took pictures of Nicole, and made these pictures his wallpaper and screen saver. “It’s just the second day of school Nicole Jin, I still have four years to make you fall in love with me.” Warren said, while looking at Nicole’s pictures.

That night in Kenneth’s apartment unit…

Kenneth was having a dream…

”Honey, where are you going? Mae-mae, tell daddy where you’re going.” Kenneth was wondering where his wife and daughter will go. “Daddy we’re just visiting you, mommy and I miss you so much” Mae-mae, Kenneth’s daughter sweetly answered. “Honey, it’s good to know that you’re back to your real self, I’m happy for you. You know, it’s also the right time for you to find a new woman, who will love you and be there for you.” Tim-hae, Kenneth’s wife said “A new woman? But Tim-hae, you’re the only one. And why would I find a new one, if you’re here with me?” Kenneth was confused. “Bye, bye daddy!” Mae-mae waved her small hand and they suddenly vanished. “Tim-hae, Mae-mae! Where are you?!” Kenneth was worried “Don’t be sad Kenneth, I’m here”, a familiar voice was heard from behind. Kenneth looked back and saw a figure of a woman, he cannot clearly see the face of the woman. It was so blur. And Kenneth woke up. “It was just a dream” Kenneth whispered, and he took a picture of his wife and daughter from his desk. How he missed them. But who was the woman in his dreams?...^__^

To be continued...


Chapter 5 part A: "Is it destiny?!"


Written by PENSHOPPE
Kenneth Yin
Nicole Jin
Ericka Huh
Warren Kim

“Good morning obba! Have you taken your breakfast?” Nicole greeted Kenneth, she just came from a coffee shop nearby. “Good morning to you too Nicole, hmm.. the aroma of that coffee tempts me. Won’t you mind if you accompany me to the coffee shop? If it’s not a bother to you, besides it still early. Will you?” “Why not obba? My first class will still be at 10:00 am”.

In the coffee shop…

The two were bursting with laughter. “Oh that joke cracked me down! I didn’t know you’re naughty obba! It’s not obvious with you looks” “My looks? Hey are you telling me that only teenagers could joke around?” “Hehe, it’s not that obba. What I mean is, your serious look. It’s not obvious that you like to joke around.” “Oh, my serious look? If you’d just know me three to five years back, you will see a very different me.” “Oh really obba? Can you demonstrate me a look from the past?” Then suddenly Nicole saw a spark in Kenneth’s eyes and smile, “Is this the look he was saying? Oh how gorgeous” Nicole thought. Kenneth noticed that Nicole suddenly became speechless “Hey! Don’t over adore my looks! I might go to jail!” “Hey! Don’t be over confident obba! Don’t be like…” all of a sudden, Nicole stirred her hot coffee and it spilled on her. “Nicole!” Kenneth went beside Nicole, he was so worried. Then the waitress assisted Nicole to the comfort room. “Are you okay Nicole?” Kenneth was still worried when Nicole came back. “Feeling better now, oh that was so hot, good thing my clothe was thick and the coffee didn’t burn out my skin” “You should be extra careful Nicole, you’re making me dead worried” Nicole was a bit surprised “Dead worried? You don’t have to obba, actually…Ahhh!!!” Nicole tripped on the carpet and she fell on Kenneth’s arms. For the second time, they looked at each other’s eyes intimately. Nicole thought of the predicament they’re into, and she urgently stood up “Oh, I now know that I’m a big jinx. Look, for this morning, I was spilled with hot coffee and I tripped in a public place. What about this afternoon? What might happen to me next?” Kenneth smiled and looked at his watch “Oh, no one knows. Well, time’s so fast, it’ all ready 8:45, you still have to get ready for your first class.” “Oh, time really runs fast…When you’re having fun” Nicole just whispered her last phrase.

Seoul University…

Nicole was walking towards the door of her classroom, and when she opened the door, she was shocked because party pops started popping and confetti flew around the room. Her classmates were making ‘mushy’ sounds again, Nicole instantly knew it’s Warren’s idea. “What is he up to again?” She thought. Speaking of Warren, he then went to Nicole, he offered her a big cake with a dedication “I’M SORRY!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!”. Nicole was speechless, she didn’t know how to react to Warren’s move. “So Nicole, will you forgive me?” Warren asked, and everyone made the mushy sounds louder, it was making Nicole more tensed. Good thing, the professor came in, and everyone retreated to their seats.

Why is the classroom like this? The professor asked, and everybody pointed at Warren. “Mr. Kim, it’s you again?” “Yes, sir. I hope you didn’t mind. I’ll be the one to clean up the mess, I promise.”. “Whoa! What did Warren eat that he started acting weird?” Nicole was surprised. “Oh well, after dismissal you should clean the room Mr. Kim.”.

After their class, Warren was left and he started fixing up the room. Then Nicole returned to the room because she forgot some notes. “Is this what you’re looking for?” Warren was holding Nicole’s notes. Nicole approached Warren and took her notes “Thanks are you done fixing up the room? Well, it’s your fault so you must face the consequences” “Apparently, it’s not my fault, it’s actually your fault.” “And why did it become my fault?” “I did it to surprise you, it’s for you.” “Did I tell you to surprise me?!” Nicole’s head was getting hot again “Hey, are we getting into a fight again? I all ready said sorry right?!” Warren was trying to calm Nicole down “But you’re still insisting that it’s my fault” Nicole looked like a child who was reasoning, this made Warren smile. “Hey, what are you smiling at? Are you getting nuts?” “Yes, I’m getting nuts because of you!” Warren took the confetti he has collected and threw it at Nicole. Surprisingly, Nicole didn’t react violently, in the contrary she started laughing and she also took some confetti and threw it on Warren. It looks like they’re playing and are starting to get close. Simply, Warren wrapped his arms around Nicole. “Hey! What are you doing?!” Nicole was alerted “Oops, sorry, I was just a little carried away.” “Really? Oh, I should go to my next class now. How about you? When’s your next class? You might be late now” “Oh, how sweet of you Nicole to think of me! Hmm… As I observed, you are starting to fall for me!” “Of course not! Hey, we know each other for only a month! Don’t you think that’s too short for someone to fall in love?” “For me, it’s possible, how will you explain what happened to me? I fell in love with you the very first time I saw you.” “Oh, come on!” Then Nicole left Warren...^__^

Chapter 5 part B: "Is it destiny?!"

After the long day of school, everyone was off to have some fun. It was a Friday, and so the students are able to hang around.

“Ericka, let’s meet in front of the park. I’ll be waiting!” Ericka was walking while reading Nicole’s SMS message to her, and suddenly she heard a loud horn. She didn’t realize that she was in the middle of the road. “Hey, are you getting yourself killed?” A man wearing blue Lacoste polo paired with khaki pants went out of the red Ferrari car. “Oh, I’m so sorry sir. I wasn’t looking were I was going. I’m terribly sorry sir.” Ericka bowed. “Okay, next time look where you’re going” The man went back to his car. “Oh, he’s so cute!” Ericka saw sparks in the man. “Could he be the ‘one’?” She thought.

“Sorry, I’m late” Ericka apologized to Nicole. “Yes, you’re ten minutes late, and as punishment, you should treat me dinner.” “Oh, your too much, I would not be late if not for the guy I met.” “A guy?” “Yes, a guy, a very gorgeous guy. Okay, the story is, I was reading your SMS message to me then I didn’t realize that I was standing in the middle of the road, then this car horned me and the guy came out. I saw sparks on him, and I think he’s the ‘one’!”. “Don’t be silly Ericka! How would you know, if it was the first time you met?” “Nicole, don’t you believe in ‘Love at first sight?” “Oh, here we go again! Let’s just eat, maybe you’re hungry. I told you not to skip meals.”.

In a restaurant…

“Hey, I told you to treat me dinner but, I didn’t tell you to bring me in this fancy restaurant. The food here is expensive.” Nicole was so amazed with the ambiance of the restaurant, never in her life that she had the chance to eat in a very fancy restaurant. “Oh, it’s okay Nicole. I really want to spend this night in a very unique way, for I met him at last.” Ericka was so inspired because of the guy, she was acting like she’s on cloud 9. “Oh gosh, you were really stricken by Cupid! Well, at least I get the chance to eat in this kind of restaurant because that guy, hehe.” Coincidence, Warren entered the restaurant, and he saw Nicole. “Hey Nicole! Good to see you here!” he approached her. ”Oh Warren! What a coincidence that we meet here.” Nicole greeted “That voice, sounds familiar” Ericka thought, and when she turned around to see who was Nicole talking to, her eyes got big, it was HIM!!! Warren saw Ericka, and he was also surprised. “You two know each other?” Nicole asked “She was the girl who was standing in the middle of the street. I didn’t know you know her. Oh it’s really destiny that things are linking between the both of us, am I right Nicole?” “Uh, honestly, I don’t know Warren. Oh, by the way, Ericka this is Warren and Warren, this is Ericka.” Oh no! What have they got into?! Warren was the guy Ericka was referring, she likes him, but he likes Nicole! “Won’t you mind if I eat with the two of you?” “Oh sure, our pleasure” Ericka replied. All the time they were eating, Ericka couldn’t help but adore Warren. Her eyes were glued to Warren. Good thing, Warren didn’t notice it because his eyes were glued to Nicole. “I’ll send you girls home” Warren offered “No need Warren, we—“ “Oh, thank you very much Warren!” Ericka butted in.

In front of the apartment building…

“Thank you very much for the ride Warren! Oh, can I get your cell phone number?” Ericka was so ecstatic. “You’re welcome. About my number, I’ll just send it to Nicole and just get it from her, okay?” “You know my number?” Nicole asked “Of course! I have my resources! Good night ladies!” Warren winked at Nicole and he left. “Oh he’s so gorgeous Nicole! Just give me his number when he sends a message to you. Okay, good night Nicole!” Ericka went to her unit.

In Nicole’s unit…

“Oh! Why is it like this?! Why him?! Why her?! What am I going to do?!” Nicole sighed, she was standing in her balcony. “What’s the problem Nicole?” Kenneth asked, his balcony was next to Nicole’s. “Oh obba, I didn’t know you’re there. Have you heard what I said?” “You’re so noisy, I couldn’t go to sleep, so I decided to go here and know what’s going on with you and why are you so noisy.” But in Kenneth’s mind, he really intended to go to the balcony to talk to Nicole, he feels really happy every time they talk. “Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you. It’s because of…Argghh! Why is there destiny?! I really don’t like it!” Nicole was so troubled, she almost went into tantrums “Calm down Nicole! You know, destiny is destiny, what will happen, will happen, you couldn’t stop it. So, what happened?” “Obba, what will you do if your close friend likes this person, but this person likes you?” “Hmm…that’s a hard question…Gee…I don’t know…Well it depends if you like that person.” “But if you don’t like that person?” “Well, if I’m in that case, probably I’ll make them a couple.” “Whoa! Good idea! That’s right! Oh you’re so smart obba! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Good night obba!” Then Nicole gave Kenneth a flying kiss and she went back into her room. “Why are you so cute and adorable Nicole?” Kenneth said after Nicole left him. Nicole never fails to live a smile in Kenneth’s face.

In Ericka’s unit…

“So Warren likes Nicole, hmm… Sounds interesting…I will get him from you Nicole, if it’s the last thing I do” Ericka was thinking while smoking. Her undesirable plans could be seen in her eyes. What is she up to?...^__^

To be continued...


Chapter 6 part A: Closer to you"


A semester has passed by, and Warren still hasn’t made Nicole fall in love with him. And all of a sudden Erika often visits Nicole in the university. Her real intention for this was to get closer to Warren.


“Time really flies, and our first semester is now over. Also, you haven’t done anything to impress me Mr. Kim” Nicole blurted out to Warren.
“Hey, it’s just the first year in college. We still have three and a half years to go Nicole. No one knows what will happen during those times. So be wary Ms. Jin”
“Hmp! Let’s just see!” Then Allan went into the room along with the other professors including Kenneth.

“Good day freshmen. As we all know, our first semester has ended. And congratulations to all of you, because no one failed in any of the subjects. Let’s give an applause for your job well done freshmen” and everybody in the room applauded, all of them were so happy.

Coincidentally, Nicole and Kenneth’s eyes met, and he winked at her! Nicole’s face suddenly turned red. “What has gone to obba?” she thought.
“Okay, as for your reward freshmen, we’ll be having a field trip!” Allan announced, and all of the students were so excited.

“Okay, okay, settle down now. I’ll be discussing about the details…So where will I start?...We will be having our filled trip this coming Saturday. Where? In the forest reserve of the Hoju mountains. It may not be so related to your subjects, but you will learn much there. It will be an overnight stay. We will be having cottages there. Of course, girls and boys would have separate cottages. Since it’s a forest reserve, any vehicle will not be allowed to enter. So no one can bring his or her car because we’ll be riding in one or two buses and it will take us to the foot of the mountain and we will hike from there to be able to get to the venue. The professors who will be going with you are, hehe of course me, Ms. Young, Sr. Chun, Sr. Han, Ms. Lee and Sr. Yin. So you guys better behave! You should start preparing your things. And don’t forget to bring your thickest sweaters or jackets, it’s very cold there in the mountains. That’s all for now freshmen, have a good week ahead."

“Oh Nicole! I’m so excited! We’ll be having our very first field trip as college students! Hehe, and Sr. Chun will also be coming.” Cielo went beside Nicole.
“Sr. Chun? I didn’t know you like Sr. Chun. As I remember, you told me that his nose was too big.”
“Oh that’s not true Nicole! Actually, um, I just started liking him last week, when he gave me his extra sandwich!”
“Oh brother, it’s all about food for you right Cielo?”
“You got it right Nicole! We better start buying stuffs for the trip later after school, okay?”
“Uh, gee, I don’t know Cielo. To tell you frankly, I haven’t got my allowance for this week. So, I’m not sure when I will buy my stuffs.” Warren heard this, and so he went to Nicole
“Don’t worry Nicole, I’ll take care of it. I have a surplus of stock in our house. If you like, why don’t you drop come with me after class and choose from our food stock. Good thinking right?”
“Oh it’s so sweet and thoughtful of you Warren, but no thanks. I could get it from my savings. So if you would excuse me, I’ll be going to the library.” Nicole stood up and exited the room.
“That’s what I like about you Nicole” Warren said to himself...^_^

Part B of chapter 6


In the library…
Nicole was alone in the table and was having a difficult time understanding the book she was reading. Kenneth went out of one of the shelves, and he saw Nicole.

“Having a hard time Nicole?” Kenneth leaned behind Nicole.
“Oh obba, oh no, sir I mean, you scared me.”
“Is my face scary?”
“I was not referring to that sir, I was referring to what you just did.”
“Fine, I can see that you’re having a hard time understanding what you’re reading. Let me see it.” And so, Nicole gave the book to Kenneth.
“Hmm..oh why can’t you understand this? It’s so simple.” Nicole’s brows knitted “Hello! Of course, you’re a professor, and I’m only a student!”
“Shh…remember we’re in the library Nicole, no speaking out loud.” Kenneth reminded
“Oh well, you see, this is simple…” Kenneth sat beside Nicole and started teaching her. Then Warren came in the library, and he saw Kenneth and Nicole, together.
“And why are they together again?” Warren was jealous.
“Ehem, Nicole may I borrow your notes in STAT 1?” I was absent in that class, remember?” Warren butted in.
“Huh? Notes in STAT 1? As far as I know, you were never absent in that class”
“Uh, oh yeah! Sorry, just human! By the way, want to have lunch with me?” Warren just reasoned so he would destruct them.
“Harhar, no need Warren, I still have to study and study more.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be with her. I’ll make sure that she’ll be eating.” Kenneth told Warren.
“Oh thanks sir” Warren left the two.
“He’s very pursuing in his courting, when will you answer him ‘yes’?” Kenneth faced Nicole.
"I still don’t have t5he time for ‘mushy’ things sir. Okay, let’s get back to work”
“As you say ma’am” Kenneth smirked...^_^

Part C of Chapter 6


“Hi there Nicole!” Erika waved in seeing Nicole in the university grounds, and Nicole waved back.
"Don’t you have class by this time Erika?”
“Hmm, none! I dropped by just to see you, aren’t you happy?!”
“It’s like, every other day you visit me here. Hm, if I know…”
“If I know what?”
“Hehe, nothing! Ok, since you’re the one who visited me, you should be the one to treat me!” Nicole tucked her arms into Ericka’s, and they went to the cafeteria...

In the cafeteria…

As expected, Warren was in the cafeteria, he was waiting for Nicole, because he knows that every afternoon, Nicole would be there hanging around with their other block mates. And when Nicole and Erika entered the cafeteria, he smiled and called Nicole.

“Oh hi Warren!” Erika greeted.
“Oh, you’re here again, Erika right?” Warren noticed Erika
“Oh yes, my name is Erika. If you would remember, I’m the one who was almost bumped by your car.”
“Yes, yes, I remember! You’re the one who always visits Nicole! Okay, since you’re good friends with Nicole, I’ll treat the both of you. So, what do you want?”
“Oh, I want 2 slices of chocolate mousse cake and a sandwich and…” Cielo entered the scene.
“Oh Cielo, your ears are really sharp when it comes to food!” Nicole giggled.
“Ok, ok, let’s take our seats now, and I’ll buy for you ladies.”
“Warren is really dedicated on his courting ei?” Cielo said after Warren left the table. “Well, I think so but…” Nicole’s phone rang.
“Hello? Nicole Jin speaking…Oh yes sir…I’ll be right there sir.” And she hung up the phone.
“Who was that Nicole?” Cielo asked
“Oh, it was sir Byun, he was asking me if I could help him check the exams he gave to us.”
“Why does it have to be you?”
“I’m a scholar remember? So it’s my obligation to help the university in any ways. Sorry Erika I cannot entertain you now, besides, Cielo is here to keep you company. See you later in the apartment! So, got to go now, just tell Warren. Bye!” Nicole went out of the cafeteria, and Warren saw her.
“Where did Nicole go? I saw her going out of the cafeteria.” Warren asked as he reached the table.
“Sir Byun needed her assistance so she left” Cielo answered.
“Well then, it’s only Nicole who left, we’re still here. Come on let’s eat. I’m hungry, I didn’t eat lunch before going here. Warren take your seat here.” Erika offered the chair beside her. And so, Warren sat beside Erika.
“Um, Erika, may I ask, do you have a boyfriend?” Cielo smelled something fishy. “Ah, right now? None, um, but I like someone…” Erika was like making a simple move referring that she was talking about Warren.
“And who is that lucky guy?” Warren asked. He was being nice to all of Nicole’s friends in able to win their favor. But Erika was pretending to be shy to tell who the ‘guy’ was.
“Oh come on Erika, tell us! Unless it’s Warren whom you like!”
“Hey, don’t joke like that Cielo! If you’ll continue that, then I’ll take your sandwich!” Warren warned Cielo.
“Um, um, ahhh..guys I have to go, I almost forgot, I have a class at 4:00 pm, okay, see you again soon! And thank you for the treat Warren!” Erika was so red, she just made an excuse to escape from the conversation.
“Hey, she was the one who made up the topic intriguing, then she’ll be the first one to escape from it. Aish! Did you see her face? It’s obvious that the answer to my question was ‘yes’! I knew it! That’s why she kept on visiting Nicole, so that she would see you!” Cielo was getting exaggerated again with her gestures, and it was making a scene in the cafeteria.
“Hey, cut it off Cielo! Can’t you see? Everyone is looking at us! Lower down your voice, and don’t make those exaggerate gestures.”
“Ok, but tell me, you could sense that she likes you right?!” Cielo was looking Warren staright in the eyes, and this makes Warren feel odd.
“Hey quit that nasty look Cielo! Fine, to answer your question, no, and I don’t care! So, may we continue our eating?”.
“Hmp! I don’t like her, she’s so mysterious…Hmm, this sandwich is good!” Cielo took a bite of her sandwhich.
“You’re really a food lover Cielo! I think I should call you ‘Food monster’” And the two laughed...^_^

Part D of Chapter 6


In the Automated Teller Machine booth…
“Thank goodness my allowance has been sent to me! I could now buy the things I need for our trip!” Nicole finally received her allowance, then her phone rang. “Hello?...Mom! Yes, I all ready received it, thank you very much! I could now buy things I need for the trip….Huh? Didn’t I mention that we’ll be having a trip to the Hoju forest reserve?...Oh sorry mom! So I still have to ask permission from dad?..Ok, so may I speak to dad?...Hello dad! Since I’m your only princess, may I ask your permission for me to go to our overnight stay in the Hoju mountains?...Ahhh…please daddy! Promise, I will bring enough jackets, sweaters, and all the necessities, please let me go! Please! Pretty please!...Yehey! I knew you will permit me since I’m your only lovely princess! Thank you daddy! Promise, I would take care of myself. You see, I was able to survive a semester living independently! Hehe…okay dad, take care of yourselves there! Mwah! Thanks again dad!”
Nicole hung up the phone, and again, she had her sunny smile on her face.

In the convenient store…

While walking by the stalls of the convenient store Nicole saw Kenneth entering the store, so she called up to him.
“Obba!” “Hey, buying things for the trip?” Kenneth approached Nicole.
“Yup, luckily I got my allowance today, so I am able to buy things for the trip. How about you? Have you packed your things for the trip obba?”
“Um, honestly, not yet, I’m not that kind of person who will always be ready for things.”
“Ahh, you should obba! You should be organized so that everything will go smoothly.”
“Hehe, you’re just like my wife, Tim-hae. She would always scold me for not fixing up things early.” Kenneth smiled held on Nicole’s head.
“Aw, I’m sorry obba. Anyways, let me help you fix your thing later, okay?”
“Sure, it’s good to know that I have my little assistant now! Are you done buying the things you need? Wait for me, I’ll just buy something. Then let’s walk home together, unless you still have an appointment with a suitor.” Nicole’s lips pouted
“Obba! I told you, I don’t entertain suitors! If you’ll continue teasing me I’ll leave you!”
“Fine, fine, wait for me.” When Kenneth left Nicole suddenly thought
“But if you are to be my suitor, then why not?”. But she came to realize their situation
“Oh! Nicole, you’re thinking weird again! Stop it!”.

In Kenneth’s apartment unit…

“Sorry if the place is not tidy. I don’t have the time to fix it. Anyways, you volunteered yourself to help me fix my things right? So, let’s start.” Kenneth placed the things he brought on the kitchen table. And Nicole was moving around to observe the place.
“Yeah, I suggest you hire a cleaner, so that your unit will not look so…um…untidy! Hehe…Ok, let’s start. Where is your luggage bag? The clothes you need? The note you have to bring? The flashlight? Your bathing needs? Oh, don’t forget your jacket and sweater!”
Nicole was acting like a concerned mother, and it was making Kenneth smile.
“Ok, ma’am, I’ll get it. Please wait ma’am.” Nicole was also smiling,
“Are like wives lie this? Hehe… it seems like I’m starting to like this!”.

While Nicole and Kenneth were fixing his things, Nicole caught a sight of a picture of Kenneth, with his late family.
“They’re both beautiful.” Nicole said, then Kenneth took the picture
“You’re very right”, his eyes were getting wet
“Um, for sure you miss them so. May I ask, what do you do to forget your loneliness even for a while?” Kenneth looked at Nicole straight in the eyes and said
“You” Nicole was shocked
“Me? And why?”
“Because of….Your childlike acts! I remember my daughter Mae-mae with you.”
“Oh! So I’m childlike ei?! I think I better go home now, because I discovered that I’m still a child and I cannot perform womanly acts!” Nicole stood up and was about to exit the room when Kenneth called up to her
“Hey wait Nicole! I was just a joke! If you’ll believe in it, then you really are still a child!”. But Nicole continued to walk to the door, and before she closed the door she pocked out her tongue to Kenneth.
Kenneth smiled and said “It’s not really because of that Nicole, it’s because of your lovely smile that never fails to fill my heart will delight.”…^_^


Chapter 7: The Confession"


by Penshoppe (",)

Kenneth Yin (XZ)
Nicole Jin (SM)
Erika Huh (YM)
Warren Kim (YZ)
Allan (XD)
Judith (YX)
Cielo (ZD)

Chapter 7: The confession

It’s the night before the trip, and everybody has packed their things. Allan said that the bus will leave at 4:00 am, and so, everybody should be there before that time. If anyone will be late, he or she will be left by the bus. The only way to catch up was to commute from Seoul up to the venue.

“Ok, I’ll alarm you by 3:00 am” Nicole set-upped her alarm clock before going to sleep. While in the other unit, Kenneth was watching a football tournament in his favorite sports channel after packing up his things, not realizing that he had already slept in the couch.

The next day,
“Hey, had anybody seen Nicole?” Warren was carrying a bunch of things like 2 sleeping bags, 2 bags of snacks. He had prepared two sets of everything necessary for him and Nicole. “Aw, how sweet of you to bring enough snacks for us!” Cielo came from behind looking mischievously at the bags of snacks Warren was carrying.
“What do you mean ‘us’?! It’s for me and Nicole ONLY!”
“Hmp! Fine! I’m on a diet anyway!” Cielo snubbed and turned her back on Warren.
“By the way, where’s Nicole?” Warren asked but Cielo wasn’t answering.
“Hey, I’m asking you Cielo, where’s Nicole?! Hello! Cielo Joo, I’m talking to you!” Warren was controlling his temper, but how much he tried, he still can’t avoid his bad temper.
“Hmp, I’m pretty hungry, and I can’t think when I’m hungry. Maybe a bag of chili seaweeds there would do. So that I could think and tell where Nicole is.” Cielo was really impish when it comes to food, so she would do anything for it.
“Okay, okay, here’s a bag of chili seaweeds, so can you now tell me where Nicole is?” Warren was almost begging, Cielo answered “I don’t know, hehe!” then she ran away like a dog who just stole a meat from his master.
“Oh you lil’ rascal!” Warren was so irritated “Where Nicole Jin could have gone?!”

“OH MY GOSH!” Nicole suddenly jumped off from her bed realizing that her alarm clock didn’t alarm because she forgot to buy new batteries for it! How could she be so careless?! Looking at her wall clock she almost had a heart attack seeing that it’s already 3:50 am!!! So she moved as fast as she could, hoping that she would still catch up with the bus.

After closing the door of her unit, so did Kenneth. “We’re very late obba! Let’s move on quickly!”. The two ran down quickly to the stairs as if a horrible monster was chasing after them.
“Did you wake up late Nicole?”
“Yeah, I forgot to buy new batteries for my alarm clock so it didn’t alarm, how about you obba? Why did you wake up late?”
“I fell asleep while watching tv, and it was already 4:45 when I woke up”
The two were chasing their breathes, and upon reaching the meeting place, they almost collapsed.
“Gee! Where’s the bus?!” Nicole almost fell to her feet because of exhaustion.
“Phew! I’m afraid they already left” Kenneth was also trying to recover the air he hadn’t breathed during their running.
“Aw! I knew this would happen! What would we do?”
“What else? We have to take the bus, then from the station there, we would walk up to the venue, well it’s actually ‘climb’ up to the venue. Let’s wait for the bus”.
After 10 minutes, the bus arrived. Nicole went inside the bus first, then her hanker chief fell, when she was about to pick it up it was just when both of them realized that they were holding each other’s hands all these times. Nicole immediately took off her hand and proceeded walking to their seat with such a red face.

During the trip, Nicole wasn’t talking to Kenneth because she was still shy about the incident. Later on she fell asleep. When Kenneth noticed this, he gently placed Nicole’s head on his broad shoulder. He was so delighted looking at the sleeping beauty beside him. All throughout the trip, what he only did was to look at Nicole’s face. He didn’t notice that they have already reached their stop.

When Kenneth learned that they had already passed their stop, he immediately ordered the conductor to stop the bus.
“Nicole, Nicole, wake up, we’re now going off the bus”
“Oh! I’m very sorry obba. I fell asleep because I was tired of all the running we did.”
When they got off the bus, Nicole was very surprised why they got off to a place which looks very deserted, no houses, no people, only a road and a few plants.
“I’m very sorry Nicole, I wasn’t aware that we already passed through our stop”
“Why didn’t you notice?! It’s already 6:30 am! For sure they’re now at the venue! Oh I’m dead meat! How would we get there from here?!”
Realizing that she was already raising her voice, she just grabbed her bag from Kenneth, turned around and started walking.
“How couldn’t he notice that we’re already at our stop?! Arghhh!!!!!”

“Are you sure that’s the right way?! Hey it’s still a bit dark, there could be hoodlums around there…hey! Could you hear me?!” Kenneth was calling out to Nicole, but it seems like Nicole wasn’t hearing anything. So he ran as fast as he could to catch up with Nicole who was already a bit far from him. When he finally caught up to her, he grabbed her arm “Phew! At my age, running very fast is not very easy you know!” Nicole faced Kenneth with her brows knitted,
“Then why did you run?! Did I ask you to run?!” This is all your fault!”
“My fault?! My fault?! If you haven’t fallen asleep, then I would not get drawn over you during the whole trip!” Uh, oh! Kenneth already spilled it out! Let’s see what Nicole’s reaction is…
“Huh?! What did you just say?!” she was so puzzled what Kenneth was talking about.
“Oh forget it! Let’s just start walking!”

“And after ten years, we’re not still there! Do you really know the way?!”
“Of course I know! Why? Are you tired already?”
“Me? Tired?! Of course…yes! I’m still human you know!”
“Hehe, ok I’ll carry you”
Before Nicole could react, Kenneth swept her off her feet and carried her on his back.
“Hey! Put me down! Obba! Put me down!”
“I thought you were tired?”
“Um, yeah, oh okay! Continue walking, it’s already 7:45, aja! Aja!”
“Yes ma’am” Kenneth smirked.

Kenneth kept on walking for another 15 minutes when they finally reached the stop.
“You could out me down now obba. I know you’re already tired carrying me and our bags.”
Nicole jumped off from her obba’s back.
“So this is the bus stop we were supposed to arrive, so…” Before Kenneth could finish his statement…
“Okay! I get the point. We still have to climb to reach the venue right?”
“Yeah, but let’s rest first. We’ve got a long way to go”
The two sat on the waiting shed, and shared their snacks.

“I wonder why no one’s calling me. Maybe they totally forgot me because they’re too busy having a good time.” Nicole gave out a deep sigh, while looking at the sky, and then she turned to face his obba.
“How about you obba? Have you received any call or message from them?”
“Um, none, that’s weird. Wait, I’ll check…wait, uh….aish! I left it at home! Oh, I’m really getting old!”
“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I told you to fix your things early! Look what happened. Maybe they’re already calling you. Wait, I’ll check mine…..uh….wait….” Nicole’s eyes got big after checking her pockets and bag.
“Oh my gosh! I also left it at home! Oh my gosh!”
“Haha! Fix m things early ei? Look who’s talking! Hehe!”
“Hmp! Whatever! Maybe they’re now worrying to death. Let’s go! Kaja!”
"Aye, aye captain!”

At the camp…
"What could have happened to Kenneth?” Judtih was very worried and was waking back and forth the lounge.
“I can’t contact him either. Oh Kenneth! He’s making us worry too much!’

While Judith and Allan were worrying about Kenneth, Warren and Cielo were worrying about Nicole.
“Your friend is making me nuts! Where could she be?! She doesn’t even answer her phone!” Warren can’t get his cellphone off of his hand. He was trying to call Nicole for the nth time already, but still no answer.
“Hmmm…she seemed well when I talked to her yesterday. What could have happened? It’s not like her to not answer her phone…Hey have you noticed? Even Prof. Yin is not here. Maybe…Oh my gosh! Maybe…”
“Shut up Cielo! You really have a malicious mind! No, they’re not together, so stop that dirty imagination of yours!”
“Hmp! I’m just saying the possibility. Their rooms are just a wall apart, everything is possible,”
Warren was already irritated, so he just left Cielo.

“Are we there yet? I’m so exhausted!”
“You’re whining up again! We’re almost there.” Nicole and Kenneth were still walking for 2 ½ hours now. So they kept on walking and walking up to the afternoon. This was when Kenneth started getting worried if they’re tracking the right way. Suddenly….”Ahhh!” When Kenneth heard Nicole scream he alertly checked her behind. Nicole slipped on a rock and fell “Ouch! My ankle hurts!”. Kenneth quickly took medicine from his bag and aided Nicole’s ankle.
“Can you stand up?”
“I think I can’t”
“Okay, I’ll carry you on my back again”
“But obba, feel like a burden seeing you having a hard time carrying me”
“Don’t be silly, besides you have no choice, it’s either I’ll carry you, or you’ll be left here, alone!”
“Ahh…I don’t want to be left here! Okay fine, I’ll ride on your back again. But don’t complain if your back hurts after we got there.”
All of a sudden, a sound of an empty tummy was heard from Nicole.
“Hehe, maybe before we proceed, let’s first take our lunch okay?” Nicole’s face turned red because of embarrassment.

So they sat under a pine tree to have their lunch, or should I say late lunch? Hehe…
“You cook very good Nicole, these sushi rolls are the best I’ve tasted”
“Harhar, don’t fool around me obba, I know they’re good, but not the ‘best’”
“I’m not fooling around. I’m telling the truth, Well, actually, it tastes exactly like my wife’s sushi.” Kenneth’s face saddened remembering his late wife.
“On Sundays, we would always have picnics. We were really happy then”
“Oh obba! I know you miss them badly. Hmmmm….want some more sushi?” Nicole smiled sweetly and offered the last piece of sushi,
”Who could resist such a beautiful smile and sushi?” Kenneth thought.

After eating the last piece of sushi, Kenneth confessed Nicole that they seemed to be lost.
“What are you talking about?! I thought you know the way?! Aish! Obba!” Nicole stood up as if her ankle was not broken.
‘What do you mea we’re lost?! We are walking for more than 5 hours already, and now you’re telling me that we’re lost?! Wah! What have I done badly? Why am I suffering this much?! Wah!!!”
“Well, I’m not really saying we’re lost, I’m just saying that maybe we’re not in the right track”
“Duh! What’s the difference?! Arrggghhh!” Nicole started walking, but because of her ankle, she fell again.
“Hey, you’re not wonder woman okay? Let me carry you”
Luckily, a farmer came to pass by, “Mister! Mister, may I ask, is this the right way to Hoju forest reserve?” Kenneth approached the farmer while carrying Nicole.
“Oh definitely not sir. You should have gone the other way when you reached the bus stop.”
“Gee, we’ve been walking for more than 5 hours, it will be very late if we’ll continue our way. Is there any hotel or any room we could stay overnight?”
“There’s none sir, if you want, my hut is near here, you could stay there for the night.”
“Wouldn’t it be a bother to you mister”
“Of course not, right mister?” Nicole insisted.
“Hehe, yes, of course, we should go now, it’s getting dark”

Upon arriving at the farmer’s hut, Nicole got off of her obba’s back.
“So sorry with my small hut”
“Oh it’s very fine sir, in fact we’re very thankful that you let us stay in your hut, even if you don‘t know us. By the way, I’m Kenneth Yin.” Kenneth extended his hand to the mister.
“Yes Kenneth, I’m Jee-hu, nice meeting you and the beautiful lady you’re with.”
“It’s Nicole, Nicole Jin sir” Nicole smiled and extended her hand to the mister.
“You should take a rest first. I’ll just prepare dinner. Feel yourselves at home Kenneth and Nicole.”
‘Thank you very much sir” both replied.

After having dinner, Jee-hu invited Kenneth to have a drink of soju. Of course, Kenneth wouldn’t refuse, as this was one way of thanking the good man.
“May I ask you Kenneth, is that pretty girl you’re with, your wife?” Jee-hu whispered to Kenneth
“Oh no, no sir”
“Yihee admit it. You know, you look very good together.”
“Hey guys, wouldn’t you kind if I join you?” Nicole sat beside Kenneth.
“You should be resting now, we have a long way to go tomorrow”
“Oh obba! Just a sip! Please give me a glass Mr. Jee”
“Hehe, sure” the mister gave a glass of soju to Nicole, and she finished drinking it in just one gulp!
“That’s enough Nicole, go to bed now. I’m ordering you as your professor.”
“Yeah, yeah, sure, good night”
After Nicole left, Jee-hu asked “Professor? She’s your student?! Tsk, tsk, tsk, do her parents know?”
“Sir, she’s really just my student”
“Okay, as you said prof, hehe…cheers!"

It was already late at night when Nicole woke up and decided to have some fresh air outside. When she went out she was surprised seeing Kenneth smoking outside.
“Obba! Why are you still up?”
“I should ask you the same thing”
“Hehe, I just want to breathe some fresh air, but it seems like with your cigarette around, I won’t be able to have ‘fresh’ air”
“Oh, I’m very sorry” Kenneth threw his cigarette away.
They had a 5 minute of silence, Kenneth can’t stop himself from looking at Nicole, she was very charming, more charming under the moonlight.
“Uh…um…does you ankle still hurt?”
“Oh, a bit, but I could now stand and walk. Thanks by the way”
“Oh you’re welcome. As your obba and professor, I have to keep you safe at all times.”
“Gee, thanks” Nicole smiled at Kenneth, and their eyes seemed to be locked at each other. They did nothing for the next 3 minutes, but to just look and smile at each other.

Suddenly, raindrops started falling from the sky, later on it started to rain heavily. The two ran to the shed of the hut, and sat down at the entrance of the hut. Both were so wet, and so, Kenneth took a blanket and towel from his bag to dry Nicole, not bothering if he’s also so wet.
“You might get sick obba, I’m fine, you should dry yourself up”
But Nicole didn’t hear any response, so she turned around to face Keneth, and when she looked at his eyes, she saw a different spark.
“I love you…I love you Nicole Jin”
Kenneth bent down his head to capture Nicole’s lips. Both cannot explain the feeling they’re having when their lips touched, but one thing’s for sure, they were both pleased. When their lips part, they looked deeply at each other’s eyes.
“I love you Nicole”, once again, Kenneth said the sweet words. Nicole smiled sweetly and answered “I love you too Kenneth Yin”. Without any hesitation, their lips again kissed, a passionate kiss, and they embraced each other tightly.

“When did you realize that you love me obba?”
“From now on you’d call me ‘oppa’, ok?”
“Yes, oppa, so please answer my question”
“Well, to tell you honestly, I don’t even know exactly when. Maybe when I saw you in my dreams. I wasn’t sure of my feelings then, so I kept it for a long time. How about you? When did you realize that you love me?”
“Hmmm….probably when you saved me from those gangsters. I also kept these feelings for a long time. Oppa, please tell me this is not a dream, because if it is, I don’t want to wake up anymore."
“No, this is not a dream my love. I’ll make sure that I’ll always be by your side, loving you”
“Me too oppa, no matter what they say, I’ll always be here, loving you. l will love you up to the last air I breathe, and up to my last heart beat. I love you Kenneth Yin”
The new lovers spent the whole night in each other’s arms…this was the time they’ve been waiting for.

The next morning, Jee-hu was surprised seeing the two sleeping together in each others arms on the floor of his dinning area.
“Not lovers ei? Hehe” So not to disturb them, he quietly left the hut, feeling very happy.

The first one to wake up was Nicole, for a couple of minutes, she was looking at her oppa’s gorgeous face, she was asking herself if this is true. She gently caressed Kenneth’s face, and kissed him lightly on the lips. She gently took off her oppa’s arms which was keeping her warm all night. She couldn’t believe herself that they had confessed their love last night.
Kenneth was waked up by the aroma of coffee Nicole was preparing.
“Good morning oppa”
“Good morning my love” he placed a light kiss on Nicole’s lips, which made her face so red.
“Here, I prepared breakfast, well, I don’t know if you’ll call it ‘breakfast’, because it’s only coffee and bread.”
“It’s very fine with me, like what they say ‘It’s the thought that counts’” Kenneth smiled.
They had a very sweet breakfast together.

While Jee-hu was walking his way to his land, he encountered Warren and Cielo on the road.
“Mister, have you seen a girl, around the age of 20, she has a shoulder length dark brown hair, almond shaped eyes and….”
“Oh! You mean Nicole?”
“Yes! Yes! Nicole’s her name, how did you know? Where is she?”
“They got lost yesterday, so I let them stay in my hut last night. Oh, they’re really sweet together!”
Warren and Cielo were disturbed at what the man said.
“They?!” She was not alone?”
“Yeah, that’s why I used the word ‘they’ because she’s not alone, tsk, tsk, tsk, do you know how to speak properly? Well, she’s with Kenneth Yin, oh the lovebirds look very good together. Just this morning I saw them sleeping together at my dinning area! Hehe, those kids!”
“What?! Sleeping together with Professor Yin?!’ Cielo was very surprised.
“Where’s your hut mister?”
“Oh just go straight to that track and you’ll find my hut, by the way, are you friends with them?”
Right after hearing the directions, Warren hurriedly ran to the trail, followed by Cielo.
“Hehe! Kids today are really different. But that guy looks like me in my young age! Hehe!”

Nicole and Kenneth were very sweet when suddenly Warren and Nicole came.
“Nicole!” Warren cried out
The four were very surprised being together in such an unexpected predicament…
What will Nicole and Kenneth do?
Will they reveal their relationship?
How will Warren react to this?
Find out on the next chapter of “Chemistry of Love”^_^


Chapter 8: “The unexpected"


Kenneth Yin (XZ)
Nicole Jin (SM)
Erika Huh (YM)
Warren Kim (YZ)
Allan (XD)
Judith (YX)
Cielo (ZD)

Chapter 8: The unexpected ~Penshoppe

“Warren, Cielo, what are you guys doing here?!” Nicole was very startled, “How could have they known that they were here?” she thought.
“I kept worrying about you since yesterday, and now I would find you flirting around Prof. Yin?!”
“And who said that you have to worry and search for me?!”
“Nicole! Of course! I’m not just a friend, I’m your suitor! Of course I’m worrying about you! Let’s go!” Warren approached Nicole and dragged her out, but Kenneth got hold of Nicole’s other hand.
“Warren Kim, you don’t have the right to drag Nicole around...my Nicole!”
Warren turned around on hearing Kenneth’s words.
“What do you mean ‘my Nicole’ huh?!”
“Because, I’m now Nicole’s boyfriend” Warren and Cielo were speechless of what Kenneth declared. When Nicole got off from Warren’s hold, she went beside her oppa.
“You heard it right, he’s now my boyfriend”
“But how could it be? You and him? Ahhh…” Cielo was very shocked and puzzled.
Warren just ran so that he would not show the tears of sorrow falling down his eyes.
“I’m very sorry Warren” Nicole also fell into tears.

When Warren reached the camp site, his eyes were so red from crying.
“Mr. Kim, where have you been? One of our regulations in the camp is do not go out the camp premises without permission from the facilitators” Allan asked. But Warren didn’t answer, instead, he just went straight to his cottage.
“Mr. Kim! Mr. Kim!” Allan cried out to Warren
“What’s wrong?” Judith approached Allan
“I also don’t know Judith. By the way, have you contact Kenneth already?”
“Not yet. It’s such a big loss that he’s not here”
“Yeah, maybe that’s why you’ve been having a bad mood since yesterday”
“Allan! Stop it! Come on, we still have to wrap up the program”
“Whatever you say” Allan followed Judith.

When Warren reached the cottage, he slammed the door which shocked his roommates.
”Hey dude, having a bad mood?” One of them asked.
Because of his anger, Warren threw away his cellphone. Then, one of the guys picked it up.
“What a babe! Hey, wait, this is Nicole right? Wow, cool, you made her picture your wallpaper. Way to go dude!”
Warren’s furious eyes looked directly at the guy, this made him shut. Warren was placing all his stuffs into his luggage, but to his irritation, he threw it like crazy and started crying. He was badly hurt of Nicole’s announcement. His roommates were trying to clam him up, but he kept on crying hysterically.One of them called Allan for help.
“Warren, Warren, talk to me, what’s wrong?” But Warren wasn’t answering, he stopped crying but wasn’t talking.
“We should call up his parents to fetch him. He doesn’t seem to be in a good condition” Allan told his colleagues.
“What could have happened?” Allan was very worried.

Meanwhile at Jee-hu’s hut…

“I couldn’t believe this would happen, Warren was very hurt. Tsk, tsk, tsk, that poor guy. He had been trying to contact you since yesterday. Where’s your cellphone anyway?” Cielo was desperately asking Nicole, but Nicole wasn’t answering. She was still shocked at the incident earlier.
“Cielo, I’d better talk to her first” Kenneth asked Cielo to leave them for awhile.
“Okay, but should I contact Prof. Allan to inform them that you’re here?”
“I think so, go ahead, I’ll just talk to Nicole for awhile.”
After Cielo have left, Kenneth sat beside Nicole and embraced her. Tears began to shed from Nicole’s eyes.
“How could have I hurt Warren this much? I’m so selfish! I’m just doing things for my own good, not realizing that I’m already hurting people.” Nicole cried out to Kenneth.
“Hush now sweetheart. We could get through this together. Remember what I told you last night? I’ll always be beside you, loving you” Kenneth whispered to Nicole. Being in Kenneth’s arms, Nicole never felt danger. For her, the safest place she could be was in her oppa’s warm embrace. Nicole lifted her head from her oppa’s chest.
“I believe you oppa, I know you’ll be by my side at all times. I love you oppa”.
Kenneth bent down his head to kiss Nicole, when all of a sudden…
“Prof. Yin, I’ve talked to Prof. Allan. He said, they’ll be coming." Cielo entered the hut.
“Oh! I’m very sorry, I disturbed you” Cielo was so embarrassed, but Nicole and Kenneth were more ashamed, both their faces turned hot red!
“Sorry, but what were you saying Cielo?” Kenneth fixed himself up.
“I’ve already called Prof. Allan, and he’ll come along together with Ms. Judith”
“Is that so? We have to fix our things then Nicole, oh, I’ll do it instead. Just wait here”
After Kenneth left, Cielo hurriedly sat beside Nicole.
“Hey, feeling better after being with Prince Charming? Ooh..I envy you! He’s so handsome and suave!” Nicole looked at Cielo reminding that Kenneth could hear her loud voice, but after a few seconds, they burst out laughing. Kenneth was relieved hearing her love’s sweet laugh again.

A few moments later…
“Kenneth! Hey this is Allan!” Allan called out. Kenneth went out of the hut and approached Allan and Judith.
“Hey, we’ve been worrying to death since yesterday! Why didn’t you even contact us?!” Judith said angrily, but seep inside, she was very pleased to see Kenneth safe.
“Oh, it’s a very long story. Wait I’ll call Nicole and Cielo.”
Nicole and Cielo went out and bowed to their seniors.
“I’m very upset you weren’t able to join us Nicole. It was such a good learning experience for the students, and being a scholar, it’s a big loss for you” Allan said.
“I regret not joining the activity sir, due to certain circumstances, I wasn’t able to reach the venue. I’m very sorry sir” Nicole apologized.
In hearing this, Kenneth thought “So you regret what happened last night?” he gazed at Nicole, little did he know that Judith was looking at him.
“We should go now, the bus will be leaving soon.”

During their walk to the bus stop where they would meet up the others, Kenneth was with Allan and Judith, while Cielo and Nicole were behind them. As much as they wanted to held on to each other’s hands, they couldn’t, for they have decided that they’ll reveal their relationship at the right time.

When they reached the bus stop, a white BMW car passed by. Nicole and Kenneth saw Warren inside the car.
“I called up Warren’s parents, but they're not in the country, so they just sent their car to pick him up. It’s strange, he went outside the site, and when he came back, he was crying like crazy, very devastating. When I asked him what’s wrong, he’s not answering. What could have happened to him?”
Nicole was deeply distressed of what she heard about Warren. Her eyes became moist, but she tried her best not to cry. When Kenneth saw how troubled Nicole was, he wanted to comfort her, but with their situation, he can’t. The pain was double for him.

In the bus…
“Nicole, you better see this, girl. Warren threw this thing, so I picked it up” Nicole’s block mate handled Warren’s cellphone. Nicole was very surprised seeing her photo displayed as the wallpaper.
“When I checked it out, I saw the gallery full of your pictures. Man! Warren is very obsessed with you” Nicole browsed the phone to check, and then she saw this video of her. Warren was taking a shot at her while they were having an experiment in the laboratory. At the end of the video, Warren said, “This is Nicole, the girl whom I love so much. One day, she’ll be mine, I’ll assure that.” This time, Nicole couldn’t bear her tears anymore.
“Aw, Nicole, don’t cry. Sorry, I didn’t know you’d be hurt seeing these things.”
“It’s okay, I’ll not cry anymore. You could go back to your seat now…Um, can I keep his phone? I’ll just return this to Warren when we meet.
“Sure Nicole, just promise me you’d not cry again over that phone okay?”
Nicole nodded.

It was lunch time when they reached Seoul. Everybody went on their own ways.
“Hey Kenneth, since you weren’t able to be with us yesterday, you should be the ‘it’, and treat us for lunch! That’s your punishment!” Allan said.
“Yeah, I know this place, so let’s go?!” Judith acclaimed.
“Um, sorry friends. I’m pretty tired, I just want to rest at my place. I’ll just treat you next time, promise.”
“Oh boy, what could we do?! Ok, next time, we’ll keep that in mind. Well then. Got to go, bye!” Allan hitched on a taxi, only Kenneth and Judith were left.
“It’s very strange, haven’t people thought that you and Nicole have a relationship seeing the both of you together always?
“Well, I don’t care, what’s important is I know the truth”
“What truth?”
An incoming call to the rescue! Judith’s phone rang, and Kenneth sighed out in relief.
“Kenneth, I need to go now, an emergency happened. See you on Wednesday”

While walking home, Kenneth came to pass by the noodle stand where Nicole treated him when he saved her from the gangsters. This memory placed a sweet smile on his lips. Since it was lunch time, he bought lunch for him and Nicole.

Kenneth pushed on the doorbell to Nicole’s unit. When Nicole saw his oppa’s lovely face on the LCD of the digital door bell, she hurriedly opened the door.
“Lunch delivery for a very special girl”
“Aw, thank you oppa” Nicole embraced her oppa, not concerning if anyone would see them.
“Ok, that’s enough payment for my special delivery ma’am. Should we now go inside and eat this before it gets cold?”
“Yeah, hehe, come in”.

After a delightful lunch, both sat on the couch. Nicole showed Kenneth some of her baby pictures. They were both laughing while Nicole was sharing the blissful events in each picture.
“Now I have confirmed that you’re squeamishness is inborn!” Kenneth laughed.
“Haha…and this squeamish lady you’re talking about is your girlfriend” Nicole raised her brow on him.
“Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Sorry! Haha!”
“Oh you!!!” Nicole started hitting Kenneth’s chest. To stop Nicole’s punches, Kenneth embraced his angel, and gazed at eyes with passion. They kissed each other passionately. There were no words which could dictate them what to do, it was their burning desire for each other which does the job. It was very unexpected. But half way through, they returned to their senses and realized that what they’re doing wasn’t proper.
“I’m very sorry Nicole. I should have controlled myself.” Kenneth fixed himself up.
“No need to explain oppa, I know. I’m very sorry too.”
“Don’t worry Nicole, I could wait until the right time comes.”
“Thank you oppa, I knew you would understand.”
“Yes, you still have 4 years to finish college. I don’t want to be a hindrance to your dreams.” He kissed her on the forehead. Suddenly, the door bell rang…
“Who could it be? Wait, I’ll check it out” Nicole’s face turned pale seeing that he people on the other side of the door are--her parents!
“Oppa! My parents are here! What should I do?!” Nicole was already panicking, but Kenneth just calmly came towards Nicole.
“Why don’t you open it? It’s your parents. I’m sure you missed them so much”
“But what about us?! What would they think?!”
“I’ll take care of it”
So, Nicole bravely turned the knob and opened the door.
“Nicole! My baby! We missed you so much!” Nicole’s mom embraced her only daughter tightly, Nicole could hardly breath.
“Baby, how’s life here in Seoul?” Nicole’s father asked, but then, he saw Kenneth, he was a bit confused what was a man doing in her daughter’s unit.
“Good afternoon ma’am, sir. I’m Kenneth Yin, Nicole’s…professor. Nice to meet you”
Nicole didn’t know what to feel, if she would be relieved or be angry on how Kenneth introduced himself.
“Oh nice to meet you prof, but may I ask, why are you here in my daughter’s unit? Anything wrong with her grades?”
“Oh no, no. I just live beside her unit, we’re also good friends, so we often eat together.”
“Yeah, he takes good care of me, just like an obba. Speaking of obba, where’s my lil’ bro?”
“Oh, he didn’t come with us because he said he had to study for the exams.”
“Wow, good for him. Come in, I’ll just prepare some drinks and snacks.”
“Um, if you may excuse me, I’ll leave now.” Kenneth didn’t want to disturb Nicole’s precious time with her parents.
“Sure obba. Thanks again for the lunch” Nicole waved goodbye to her obba, oh, I mean, her oppa…

After Kenneth has left, Nicole’s mom went beside her.
“Your prof is handsome. Aren’t you attracted to him?”
Nicole’s face turned red “Mom?!”
“Oh, my baby is now turning into a lady!”
“Uh, but mom, if ever I like him, will you accept him as your son-in-law?”
“Well….I still have to think about it. We still have to consider your situation. Why you really like him?”
“Ah…” Luckily, before Nicole could answer, her dad went into the conversation.
“Hey enough with that ‘girl talk’, you could do that later. I really missed my baby. Talk about your life here”…
“Phew! Thank you dad for saving me! Hehe!” Nicole thought.

The three of them sat on the couch and Nicole began her story. Her parents were so proud of their daughter for being such a responsible student.
“We’re very happy and proud for bringing up such a responsible daughter like you Nicole. We hope you’d maintain it until you graduate.” Her mom praised.
“Yes, no love affairs until you graduate” Her dad stated
“Dad?!” Nicole exclaimed
“Why?! Don’t tell me you already have a boyfriend here! Oh Nicole, you’re still very young and delicate! Above all, you’re still my baby!”
“What do you mean ‘my baby’?! Nicole is ‘our’ little baby!” Nicole’s parents hugged her as if she’s still a baby! Nicole’s parents really love her so much, and they still don’t want Nicole to lend her attention to any other people, especially to any other man.
“Aww…mom, dad…please forgive me…You love me so, and treat me like a baby. But I’m a lady now. A full grown lady who’s in love” Nicole’s conscience was struggling on her mind.

Now let’s see what’s happening to Warren…
“Nicole…Nicole…What are you doing to me?!” Warren was very furious talking to himself at the mirror of his bathroom. Warren was badly hurt with the incident. This was when he learned how was so into her. He wasn’t sure if what he’s feeling was love, obsession or infatuation. All he know was, he would do anything to have Nicole’s affection, but how could he do that?…

All of a sudden, the whole Kim mansion was alarmed with the breaking sound of the mirror in Warren’s room. The servants hurriedly rushed to Warren’s room. They were all shocked seeing Warren at one side of the bathtub, his fist swelling with blood.
“This is a serious matter, we should now call up sir and madam.” The butler ordered the servants.

That night, Nicole went out to buy some leeks her mom needs to cook her favorite noodles. On the way back, she met Erika.
“Hey Nicole! Haven’t seen you these past days. I missed you so much!”
“Yeah, both of us were very busy with school. So, where have you been?”
“Oh, somewhere out there…looking for cuties hehe…”
“You really! Still boy watching even at night!”
“Don’t you know?! My eyes are clearer at night! Hehe! By the way, how’s Warren?”
Nicole's smile turned into a frown hearing Warren’s name.
“Uh, him? Uh…he’s fine…I think”
“Why? Haven’t you talked to him? Come on, he’s really serious with his courting! It’s impossible if he’ll survive a day without seeing you!”
“Um, really? Well, I don’t know. Um, I have to go. My parents arrived, and I have to bring these leeks to my mom. See you again one of these days! Bye! Take care! Mwah!” Nicole bid goodbye. When she left, “What’s up with her?” Erika was very curious.

Erika continued her strolling around the city, looking for cuties. Then when she reached the park, she saw a familiar figure. Then it came near to her. Erika’s eyes widened seeing Jason--her ex boyfriend.
“It has been a long time sweetheart!” Jason came nearer, but Erika couldn’t move from her place.
“You? Why…why are you here in Seoul?!”
“Why? Is it bad visiting my sweetheart? Hey, I missed you so much. I miss the days we had in Busan, we used to…”
“Stop it! I don’t want to hear anything about our past!”
"Why sweetheart? Don’t you want to reminisce your ol’ days? Being a…”
Erika didn’t want to hear anymore words from Jason, so she managed to ran away from him.
“You think I’ll not find you!? Dream on! Run as fast as you want, but you can’t get away from me and your past!”
Erika ran to her unit, and locked the door immediately.
She fell crying “What does he want from me?! Why is my nightmare still running after me?!” Why?! Why?!”
What nightmare was Erika talking about?
What does Jason want from her?
Find out on the next chapter of “Chemistry of Love”^_^


Chapter 9: “"


Chemistry of Love
~ by Penshoppe

Kenneth Yin (XZ)
Nicole Jin (SM)
Erika Huh (YM)
Warren Kim (YZ)
Allan (XD)
Judith (YX)
Cielo (ZD)


It was a very hurtful night for Erika as she reminisce her past. What she did is to drink off her emotions into several bottles of soju.

At a very young age of 10, Erika started living with her arrogant aunt, due to a car accident which killed her parents. Her family was rich, but when her parents died, all their finances and realties were taken by their relatives. Enough money to support her education and a monthly allowance were only given to Erika.

With this situation, Erika was forced to have a part time job to suffice her other needs. She gets up early in the morning to deliver newspaper to each household in her neighborhood. When she reached the age of 16, she met Jason, a gangster in their town. After several months of knowing each other, they went into a relationship. Being together with Jason, Erika learned how to drink, smoke, and even use forbidden drugs. No one restricted her in doing these things.

There was even a time before, when the bar where they were having their ‘session’ was raided by the authorities, they were all put into jail. Luckily, Erika was bailed by his uncle, and they also paid the authorities to not include Erika in the record. From that time on, Erika never communicated with Jason again. For her sake, she was sent to Seoul to study.

When she stepped onto the streets of Seoul, she decided that she’ll forget all the things about her past and start a new life in Seoul. However, she never thought that past would haunt her.

The sound of the doorbell woke up Erika. Although she wasn’t feeling well because of her hang over from her last night’s drinking, she managed to get up and look who’s at the door. Looking at the digital LCD, she was relieved that it was just Nicole, and not Jason.

“Good morning Erika! I had the time to prepare breakfast for my parents, so I decided to give you and sir Yin too”
“Thanks Nicole, so sweet of you” Erika was looking very pale
“Erika, are you ok? You look very sick. What’s wrong?”
“Aww…yeah…but I can manage myself, don’t worry” Suddenly Erika felt very dizzy and couldn’t stand well.
“Erika! Wait, I’ll take you inside. Be careful…” After Nicole placed Erika on her couch, she went out to call on her parents.
“She has a very high fever. Who can we contact to inform that Erika is sick?”
“Ahhh…actually, the only thing I know is that she’s staying with her aunt before. I just don’t know how to contact her.”
“We should take her to the hospital” Nicole’s father called the ambulance.
“Mom, dad, I’ll catch up with you later. I’ll just fix the things she needs. I’ll also try if I could find the contact number of her relatives.”

Nicole’s parents went off with the ambulance. Everyone in the building were worried.
Nicole was standing in front of the building’s door as she watched the ambulance go farther and farther. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“She’ll be fine” Kenneth’s voice was heard from behind.

“Oppa!” Nicole was surprised
“You’re worrying to much, look, you’re starting to look older than me!” but no matter how hard did Kenneth would try, he still couldn’t make Nicole smile.
“I should fix up Erika’s things now”
“Let me help you Nicole. Remember, for every burden you’ll be having, I’ll always be here, beside you, and I’ll do everything to aid those sorrows you have”
With such sweet words, Nicole was able to smile even a bit.
“Thank you oppa, same here….saranghae”
Nicole whispered the last word.

While fixing up Erika’s things, Kenneth saw the bottles of soju placed under Erika’s table.
“Nicole, I think it’s because of these” he showed the bottles
“Oh my God! What could have gone into Erika? Why did she do this?”
“Probably, she’s having a very big problem. Haven’t she talked to you about anything?”
“None, we didn’t have much time to talk because of our hectic schedules in school. I’m very worried...”
To cool Nicole down, Kenneth embraced his precious sweetheart.

Okay, enough with the ‘mushy’ part. Let’s check on Warren, how is he? Has he gone crazy?

At the Kim’s mansion…
Right after Mr. and Mrs. Kim received the call from the butler, they hurriedly went home.

Upon arriving at the door of the mansion, they heard a loud sound of glasses breaking, it was from Warren’s room. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ran to their son’s room. They were ratified seeing their only child acting like crazy.
“Warren, baby, that’s enough, mom’s here now. I’ll take care of you” she approached Warren with a hug. Feeling very safe in a mother’s hug, Warren cried like a child to his mom.
“Warren, listen to me, no one could ever make you feel inferior without your consent. Always remember that, so, Warren Kim, be strong and stand up!” Mr. Kim wanted Warren to be strong to face all challenges, he desperately needs this, especially when he takes over the Kim corporation. His father’s words stocked into Warren’s mind.
“Stop crying Warren Kim! From now on, not a single tear would drop from you eyes” Warren promised himself.

2 days have passed by, and, luckily, Erika got well and was discharged from the hospital. Not even one of her relatives visited her, even when Nicole called up all of them. So it was Nicole’s parents who took care of her. Erika was very thankful to Nicole’s parents, because of this, their stay in Seoul became longer, it also meant that Nicole wasn’t free to do her ‘stuff’ for 2 days.
“We’ll be leaving now, take care of yourself girls” Nicole’s mom hugged the 2 girls.
“Are you sure you can take care of yourself Erika?”
“Yes Mr. Jin”
“Besides, I’m just a few steps away from her” Nicole exclaimed.
“Alright, if you need anything, just call us okay?”
After some other farewell thingies, Mr. & Mrs. Jin left. Erika and Nicole went inside Erika’s unit to have a chat before going to school.
“You have such outstanding parents Nicole, I envy you”
“I know, and I really love them. Before, I thought of never getting married and just live with them. I want to serve them until their last hours, that’s how much I love them”
“You really should serve them as pay back for all the things they’ve done for you, but, wait, why ‘before’?”
“Well, it’s because, um, can you keep a secret?”
“Of course, what are friends for? Besides, I consider you as my bestfriend. So, just get it coming, tell me…”
“Okay, since I also consider you as a very good friend, I’ll tell you. Just promise me to keep it a very top secret okay?...Well, um, how should I say this? Um…me, and Sir Yin are…lovers”
Erika was speechless for a couple of seconds.
“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I knew this would happen! Oh, I’m really a psyche!”
“What do you mean? Even before, you could already sense something between us?”
“Yeah…duh! It’s obvious by the way you two look at each other…Well, I could notice it, I just don’t know about the others”
“Really?! Oh my gosh, they still shouldn’t know. Oppa and I have talked about it already. The right time would come for them to know”
“Yeah, you’ve made the right decision. I wish that on that right time, everything would go smoothly…So, how about Warren?”
“Ah…actually, he was one of the first people to know. He was very frustrated that day when he found out. We haven’t met since that day. I feel very sorry for him. I know I’m the reason for the sorrow he’s having.”
“Well, it’s really very devastating to know that the person you love cannot love you because someone already owns her heart. I couldn’t blame him for the grief he’s experiencing”
“Yes, I wonder if he’ll be showing up in class today. Oh! Speaking of class, I have to go now, I’ll be late for my first subject today.”
“Okay, while I’ll be going back to my room to rest and regain energy so I could go back to school again. See you later. Take care.”
“You too…and one more thing, about the secret, please don’t tell it to anyone”
“No problem”
Nicole and Erika parted in front of Nicole’s door. How long could Erika keep this secret? Could this be a favor for her in planning to get Warren from Nicole? Well, better read on…

Upon stepping on the university grounds, Nicole felt her heart pounding very hard. It was a very unusual feeling for her. She could sense that something different would happen to her that day.

While walking towards the building of her first class, a sound of a rushing car was heard from behind. It was a very familiar sound, but where and when have she heard this sound before? The red Ferrari car rushed just like a wind and it stopped in front of the building. A guy in red v-neck shirt, paired with black leather jacket, a multicolored scarf and chocolate brown pants came out from the car, it was Warren. He walked towards the building as if he didn’t even see Nicole. Everyone was in an ‘awe’ with the different aura of Warren. Nicole didn’t know how to react, although she was already expecting that this could be Warren’s attitude when classes resume.
Nicole was in a deep thought while walking along the corridors when she bumped on Warren.
“You okay?”
“Uh yeah, sorry, I wasn’t looking to where I was going”
“Ok, it’s also my fault, be careful next time”
Then Warren continued walking. The people there were surprised, before, Warren couldn’t even allow Nicole to be bumped off onto anything, he would always be there to keep her from any harm, but now, it seemed like things started to get cold between the two of them.

Nicole was having her snacks in the cafeteria with Cielo when Warren entered and bought some snacks too, but it was very unlike of him to buy only one snack, which before, he usually bought a pair of any snack for him and Nicole. After buying, he just left the cafeteria without even saying a word to Nicole.

During the whole day, never did Warren approach Nicole to talk to her or tease her, very opposite to what he usually did before the incident happened.

Nicole was very lame that day, whenever she would have a free time between her classes, she would just go to the library to read some books to keep her company.
While she was waiting for a class, she dropped by the library to read when she received a SMS message.
“My angle has been very lonely this day, maybe her wings are broken that’s why she couldn’t fly. Please go to the aquatic stadium, and I will fix your wings so you could fly again my angel.” It was a message from her oppa. Without any second thought that someone might see them, she hurriedly went to the aquatic stadium.
“Oppa!” Nicole went near to her beloved oppa.
Kenneth took Nicole’s hand, “I know you’re having a hard time, maybe this would help” he drew her closer and kissed her on the lips. Nicole was surprised, so she pushed Kenneth aback.
“Oppa! Someone might see us!”
Kenneth smiled and said “No one would see us, students are not allowed to go inside the stadium if they don’t have any classes here. “
“Then why was I able to come in?”
“I just asked the janitor to leave the door open”
“Of course I needed dome tome with my angel” Kenneth once again kissed Nicole.
For the next 15 minutes, the two sat beside the pool, and started talking about the things happened to that day, specifically about Warren.
“Well it seems that he’s trying to be strong so that he wouldn’t show the pain he was feeling inside.”
“Probably, but I’m afraid for him. With his attitudes, he might do something undesirable”.
“Then you should be careful, understand?”
“Yes oppa… Oh, I have to go now, see you later” Nicole stood up and gave Kenneth a flying kiss. Kenneth was very thankful that someone like Nicole entered his life when he thought it was already the end of it all.

Several weeks passed by and still Warren was acting strange. As if he never knew love, a love that made him a slave for a period of time. Wherever he would have an activity with Nicole, he would treat her just like how he treats his other classmates, there were no special treatments. Nicole was feeling very odd, she was used to be pampered by Warren.

Time flies so fast, another semester had passed away, and still no change with Warren’s attitude.
Nicole spent her summer in Incheon.
“You looked troubled Nicole, what’s wrong?” Nicole’s dad sat beside her.
When Nicole arrived in their house, she was already looking very troubled, it was not like the typical bubbly, sweet Nicole.
“Nothing dad, maybe I was just very tired because of school”
“Are you having a hard time? Maybe you’re pressuring yourself to hard to maintain your scholarship.”
“Well, yeah…”
“Oh, I know we shouldn’t have allowed you to study there. You’re still very young to leave alone.”
“Dad, no, I could manage everything. Maybe I just need some rest.”
“Okay baby, come here…” Nicole rested her head on her father’s shoulder. Then Mr. Jin started singing the lullaby he used to sing to her when she was still a child. Tears began to fall from Nicole’s eyes. Mr. Jin knows that there was a deeper reason for his beloved child’s tears.

Every night, when her parents and brother are already asleep, Nicole would call her oppa. Never did he left her mind. How she wished they could be together with her parent’s consent, but it’s not yet the right time.

Now, let’s check on Erika….
Just like what she do on her free time at night, she goes bar hopping.
While sipping a glass of vodka at a bar, a guy seated beside her and ordered the same drink.
“You still like vodka, me too…” the guy said as he lighted his cigarette. Erika was surprised when she turned to face the guy.
“Jason?! Why are you following me?”
“I told you before, I would never leave your side. That was my promise, don’t you remember?”
“But that was already the past! I have a new life now. So please, leave me alone”
“Hehe, stop kidding me Erika, if you’re having a new life, then why are you still a bar girl? You cannot take that attitude of yours, never”
“Well, let’s just see about that. One day, you’ll see me as a very successful woman.”
“Okay, I’ll be waiting for that day…hehe” Erika was insulted, and so, she just left Jason behind.
“We’ll see about that Erika…haha…”.

Time is like a wind, it passes each and every one of us so quickly. Another semester has begun. They’re now in the second year of their college life. What’s in store for them this school year?

Ncioe just came from her chemistry class, she was walking down the corridor when Warren ran towards her and dragged her out to the stairs.
“Warren?! What’s…..” before Nicole could continue, Warren started kissing her, what has gone into him?! Has he gone totally crazy?!
Nicole was trying to push Warren away, but he was to aggressive. This was when Nicole started screaming for help. By that time, Kenneth was walking down the corridor when he heard Nicole’s scream. He hurriedly went to the place where the scream came from. A big punch was Kenneth’s approach to Warren.
“And what do you think you’re doing to Nicole?!” Warren didn’t answer, instead he just fought back. The two were already making a commotion.
“Warren, Kenneth, please stop it!” Nicole pleaded.
The Allan came to stop the fight. When Allan managed to separate Warren and Kenneth, Warren shouted. “It’s not because you’re my senior, you could get Nicole form me!”
Everyone was surprised and started murmuring.
“You heard it right! Nicole Jin and Professor Yin are lovers! A professor and a student, isn’t it pathetic? It disgusts me!”
“Kenneth, is that true?” Allan was very shocked.
What would be Kenneth’s answer?
Is this the ‘right’ time Nicole and Kenneth were waiting for?
Well, find it out on the next chapter of “Chemistry of Love” ^_^


Chapter 10: “To be or not to be "


 “YES, it’s true” Kenneth answered Allan’s question. They cannot do anything but to reveal the truth. This confession startled everyone.
“Kenneth, Ms, Jin, please follow me to my office” Allan ordered. He swept off the people to give way. Everyone were murmuring about them, but the two just tried to ignore them, instead, Kenneth held Nicole’s hand, he could feel the nervousness Nicole was having.

Allan locked the room of his office so that no one would interrupt them.
“Kenneth, you know the regulations in our university right?”
“You know that no one in the faculty could have a love affair with students right?”
“Then what the heck do you think you’re doing?! Do you now what predicament you have gone into?!” Allan raised his voice in anger.
“I know, and I’m willing to face any punishment the university would give me, but please, don’t take Nicole’s scholarship.”
“And how could I possibly do that?! Nicole Jn, you know the consequences for breaking the regulations, especially for scholars right?”
“Yes sir, I know that not only will my scholarship be taken away, but I could also be terminated from the university”
“So you it after all, the why did you still get into the relationship?!”
“Sir, when you feel love, you’ll be strong to face all the consequences.”
“Ms, Jin, don’t lecture me about love, with my age, I’ve gone into more experiences than you. I just don’t know what happened to the man beside you” Allan was pertaining to Kenneth
“So what would be happening after we get out of this room?”
“I’m afraid, but I still have to do what’s in the rules, and you both know that I mean. I would be calling up your parents Ms. Jin...”
“Oh my goodness! Sir please…”
“You said you were ready to face all the consequences when you entered the relationship, and now you’re begging me not to call your parents?!”
“Don’t worry Nicole, I’ll talk to them” Kenneth said to calm Nicole.

Behind the door of Allan’s office were Judith and the other professors.
“Kenneth is really sneaky! All the while, he was having an affair, and take note, to his student!”
“Yeah! he could already be her uncle!”
“But in fairness, he has a good taste! Am I right that Nicole Jin is the girl who Warren Kim is courting?”
“Yes, maybe that’s why he was acting strange these past months”
The professors were gossiping and murmuring about the issue.
“Are you professors or gossips?! Don’t you have classes that’s why you’re all here?” Judith was very irritated.
“And look who’s talking. Who do you think you are to say that? You’re also a professor and you don’t have anything to do with them too” one of them said.
And before Judith could answer back, the door opened.
“Professors and staffs, please go back to your work. It is inappropriate for students to see their seniors acting like this, we should be their role models” Allan ordered.

A few hours after Allan called Ms. & Mrs. In, they rushed into Allan’s office.
“Mom, dad..” Nicole stood up.
Mrs. Jin walked towards Nicole and slapped her face.
“After all the things we did for your good, this is how you will repay us?!”
“Mrs. Jin, let me explain” Kenneth went in front of Nicole to stop Mrs. Jin’s beating.
“And you! You took advantage of my daughter’s innocence!” Mr. Jin held on to Mrs. Jin to prevent her from doing any more violent actions.
“Mr. and Mrs, Jin, please calm down, and let’s talk about this calmly” Allan offered them to seat down on the couch. Mr. and Mrs. Jin sat on the couch with Nicole on their side, facing Kenneth.
“Now. Let’s begin. Kenneth Yin would explain his side first, please try not to let him finish his statement first before reacting”
“First of all, I’m very sorry Mr. & Mrs. Jin. We kept our relationship from you. We decided to tell it on the right time, but we didn’t expect tat it would be this day. Never did I took advantage of Nicole’s innocence. I really love her, and I’m ready to face all consequences, as long as we’re together…”
“Mom, dad, please, forgive us. I didn’t intend to hurt you, I did all things I can do to make you proud of me, but, it just so happened that I fell in love. I am also ready to face all consequences, as long as we’re together.”
“But Nicole, why do you have to hide this from us? We’re you’re parents, and from the start, you know you could tell us anything. “ Nicole’s dad asked calmly.
“ I was afraid that you would take me away from here”
“Now that we already know, we’ll take you away from here, especially from him!” Nicole’s mom was very angry.
“Honey, honey, calm down. We have to settle this peacefully.”
“Before you decide what to do with your daughter Nicole, we have to talk about the consequences…As for scholars like Nicole, not only will she her scholarship be taken away, she would also be suspended, or worst-terminated. And we know that it would be hard for Nicole to transfer to another university because of her record.”
“Then could there be some other way for Nicole to continue her studies?” Kenneth asked
“Well, there is, it is if she would study abroad. Will you agree to that idea Mr. and Mrs. Jin?”
“We still have to think about that, it would be very expensive for her to study abroad, if she wouldn’t find any scholarship.”
“Okay, so let’s leave it this your decision. As of now, Nicole would be suspended for 2 weeks, because we still have to discuss it with the university chancellor. As for you Kenneth, you will also be suspended for 2 weeks. We’ll try to find someone to take your class. You already know the other consequences.”
“Are you done sir? “ Mrs. Jin asked
“Well, as of now, yes”
“Then, we’ll just hear it from you after 2 weeks.” Mrs. Jin stood up and dragged Nicole out of the room…There as noting she could do but to have her last look at her oppa.
“Nicole!” Kenneth ran after them, but Allan stopped him.
“Let’s leave it for now. For sure, this would not be the last time you’ll see her.: Allan offered Kenneth to have a drink at the pub to take away his pan, even for a while…

The ambiance of the pub was very solemn, jazz music was played, and the light at the counter and stage only gives light to the place. Allan and Kenneth sat on the counter as they ordered a bottle of wine.
“I can’t believe you would dot his Kenneth”
Kenneth smirked and said, “ You would not know when, where, how and to whom you will fall in love.”
“Oh boy! Love! Love! Love! It really does bring happiness and pain to everyone!”
“Allan, why do you think this is happening to me? Merely 3 years ago, my family was taken away from me, and now, they want to take Nicole away. When will this sufferings end?” tears flowed out from Kenneth’s lovely eyes. Allan wasn’t able to say anything, instead, he just sat beside Kenneth and listened to his sentiments.

If tears are shedding from Kenneth’s eyes, also with Nicole…Nicole was forced to ride their car, she was taken back to their house in Incheon. Many things were in her mind, like if she would open the door of the car and jump off just to go back to Seoul, she was thinking of these kinds of things just to be with her beloved oppa Kenneth.

Kenneth was drunk, but he insisted Allan not to bring him home, he could still manage to go back alone. Faith is really cruel at times, because Kenneth came to pass by the noodle stand where they first talked to each other, this memory pierced his heart, and how much more when he passed by the unit?
When Kenneth entered his room, his body fell on the couch, Everything was swaying in his sight, and then, all he could see was Nicole, her smile, her laugh, her frown, her cry, everything about her. Was he already hallucinating? Well not really…but almost there!
This was their case day after day for 2 weeks. Night and day, they feel pain and sorrow, longing for each other’s presence. If they could just hide in the clouds at day and fly off to the moon at night.

Then suspension date was over…Nicole was very excited to go to Seoul, that she could hardly sleep the night before. Kenneth also know that this would be the day he could see Nicole again, so he fixed himself up to look pleasing when he sees Nicole.

When Nicole entered the campus, she felt very eerie, everyone was talking about her, every eye was on her, but she should be tough. She was walking to Allan’s office, she met Judith. Nicole just nodded and proceeded on walking. When she reached Allan’s office, he learned that Allan was still on a meeting, and would be back after lunch. So Nicole just wandered around the campus, hoping that she would bump up onto her oppa.
Nicole passed through the laboratory, Cielo was inside the laboratory and ran outside to catch up with Nicole.
“Hey Nicole!! I missed you!” Cielo hugged Nicole tightly
“I missed you too….um, I think you have a class, you should go inside now”
“It’s okay, our class hasn’t started yet. The prof who replaced Sir Yin is always late…Hey wanna go inside?”
“Ahh…no, thank you, I still have to do some other things”
“Aww, come on! Don’t be shy, let’s go!” Cielo pulled Nicole into the laboratory.
“Hey guys! Look who’s here!” Cielo announced
‘Ah…Hi guys, I just dropped by: Nicole bowed to her block mates
“Nicole! You just don’t know how we missed you! Come, come, sit her” one of her friends offered, Nicole sat on the chair they offered her, she didn’t notice that Warren was sitting at the far back of the laboratory . After a little chitchat, the professor entered, and Nicole couldn’t do but just sit and attend the class. For that class, they had an experiment, dangerous substances would be used, so they needed extra care, this is where Nicole’s good at. So everyone asked help from her, but when she saw Warren, her concentration was disturbed.
Accidentally, one of the students mixed different formulas that resulted to a massive production of poisonous gas. It hurriedly spread throughout the room. Everyone was panicking and started running through the exit. The whole building was alarmed, this time, Kenneth was in the teacher’s lounge talking to Judith, when they heard about what’s happening in the laboratory. They rushed to the laboratory to help the students evacuate not only the room, but all the students in the building.

Because of the rushing people trying to get out of the room, Nicole wasn’t able to o out of the room. She was trapped inside the laboratory, she could hardly breathe, all was getting blurry in her sight, until a figure of a man caught her sight before she faints.

Everyone was already out of the building when they found out that Nicole was missing. They started screaming and yelling out that Nicole was still inside the laboratory. When Kenneth learned about this, he ran through the building, but before he could enter the building, a figure of a man carrying a woman came out, it was Warren, carrying Nicole. Everyone was relieved and at the same time surprised.
“Nicole!” without any hesitation, Kenneth took Nicole from Warren and rushed her to the clinic.

In the clinic, Nicole could hear the voice of her oppa beside her, and so, she opened her eyes even though it was a bit hard for her. She was right, it was really her oppa beside her.
“Oppa..” she called out
“Nicole, thank goodness you’re alright now...” Kenneth took Nicole’s hand and gently kissed it.
“I thought you will not be able to escape from the building. You scared me”
“Oppa…I thought I would never see you again, I thought it would be the end of everything” tears began to fall from Nicole’s eyes
“Oh my love…” Kenneth embraced Nicole
“Oppa, after this, what would happen next? I don’t want to be parted from you again”
“Me too, if we could just stop time and escape from here…I love you very much Nicole”
“I love you with all my heart and soul oppa”

“Nicole are you” waved off the curtain of the clinic and found the two in each other’s arms.
“Ehem, ehem!”
“Warren, what are you doing here?”
“Why am I here? Maybe your ‘oppa’ can answer it”
“Ahh…well, Warren saved you from the accident. I was about to save you but he already took you out of the building”
“Now, do I have the right to check on you?”
“Oh I see…okay, before anything else, thank you so much for saving my life Warren. How could I ever repay you?”
“Well, one thing, maybe we could have dinner tonight?” Warren didn’t care if Kenneth was there. Nicole looked at Kenneth for consent, and he permitted her to go.
“Um, okay, this evening, where?”
“I’ll fetch you at your unit”
“But, I don’t stay there anymore”
“No buts, I’ll pick you up at 7, okay?”
“I’ll see you then, by the way, thanks Sir Yin for permitting her.” Then Warren left.
“I’m sorry oppa”
“It’s okay, I know you’ll not fall for him, because I know you’re so into me”
“Yeah, you’re right! Hehe…”

After Nicole was discharged from the clinic, she went straight to Allan’s office.
“Good to see you again Ms. Jin, are you alright now from the incident earlier?”
“Yes sir, I’m fine now, thank you for the concern”
“I don’t want to make this conversation long, so I’ll tell you what we’ve decided. Sorry to say, but we cannot accept you in the university anymore..”
“But Sir Allan?..”
“BUT, since you’ve been doing well in your academics, we decided that we could recommend you to a school abroad. The only thing is, you should be the one to search for your sponsor. We’re just responsible for the recommendation you need, but I’ll tell you, with your record it would be hard for you to find a sponsor. I’m telling you this because, somehow, Kenneth’s my friend.”
“I see…I’ll do my best to find a sponsor, and thank you for telling me how hard it would be”
“I know you could do it, but, this is a personal question…how about Kenneth? If ever, when you go abroad, what about him?”
Nicole wasn’t able to speak for a few seconds, she was also troubled how she would deal with it.
“Um, honestly sir, I also don’t know”
“Well, as a senior, I suggest you him give him up” Nicole was shocked with Allan’s words.
“Why would I give him up sir? We love each other so much. I couldn’t live without him”
“Nicole, you’re saying that because you’re still at the point of your relationship where you really need him, but when you go abroad, you’ll be busy and forget about him. Believe me...and about Kenneth, I know he’s still just in the situation wherein he needs someone to help him cope up with the loss of his family. It’s not that I’m playing the bad guy here, but I’m just telling the truth Nicole.”
With these hurtful words, tears began to flow out of Nicole’s eyes, like a faucet. She didn’t want to hear anymore hurtful words, so she just ran off from Allan’s office.
“No it’s not true! We love each other!”

In Kenneth’s unit…
Kenneth was a glass of champagne when his doorbell rang.
Thinking that it was Nicole, he didn’t bother to see the LCD, thus he just opened the door.
“Kenneth…” It was Judith, and she’s drunk.
“Judith, why are you drunk? Is something wrong?”
“Yes, something is wrong, and it is my heart… my heart is swelling because of you…”
“Yes, all these years I’ve been keeping these feelings for you. I thought that I should burry my love when you got married, but when your family died I gained hope that you’ll be mine, but now, you have Nicole. Don’t you know how much pain I’m feeling right now?! I’ll take this chance to say this while I’m drunk, I LOVE YOU KENNETH YIN!”
“Judith, you’re just dunk, come inside so you could take a rest” Kenneth assisted Judith inside, he didn’t see that Nicole saw them, and what’s worst was she misunderstood it.
“Maybe Sir Allan was right. He might have been just using me to cope up the pain he’s having. Maybe this is not love, maybe this is not true love.. All the while, I thought this love is for real… But I was wrong…” Nicole thought.
Could this be the end of their love story? Well, this fiction is not yet finished, so might as well keep o reading the last 3 chapters of “Chemistry of Love” ^_^


Chapter 11: Someone Better "


 “Judith, why did you have to get yourself drunk?”
“So I could be brave enough to tell you how I feel Kenneth, I love you”
“Judith, this isn’t appropriate, you know I love Nicole”
“Why do others get your attention, while all these years, I’ve been beside you, and still you haven’t noticed me…”
“It’s because I treat you as my sister”
“Oh boy! As a sister only, but how about me? I treat you more than a brother…”
“Judith, you’re drunk, this is not the right time we talk about this”
“And what’s the point if I’m drunk?! I could still think straight…”
“No, o…you better go doze off first, and we’ll talk about this tomorrow..”
“Tomorrow? Promise?”
“Yes, tomorrow..”
Okay….oppa..” and Judith went off to sleep in Kenneth’s couch.
“You’re so stupid Kenneth, why didn’t you even notice how Judith feels about you?!” Kenneth blamed himself for the pain Judith was having.

Warren was about to park his car when he saw Nicole standing in front of the building, crying. Warren quickly went out of his car.
“Nicole, what’s wrong?” but Nicole just kept on crying.
“Oh, let’s just talk about it on the way” Warren and Nicole went inside the car.
While on the way, Warren cannot ask Nicole anything, because he was also feeling pain seeing that Nicole was crying.

Instead of going to the restaurant where they were supposed to have dinner, Warren drove off to a hill, from there, they could see the lights of the busy city of Seoul. Nicole already stopped crying, but she was still sobbing. After stopping the engine, Warren faced Nicole.
“Tell me Nicole, why were you crying?” Nicole then faced Warren
“Warren, was I wrong falling for Kenneth?”
“What do you mean Nicole?”
“Just before you saw me in front of the building…I saw Kenneth with Ms. Judith”
“Oh that man! I knew he wouldn’t do anything good…See what happened? You shouldn’t have gone into a relationship with that guy! Look at you now, you’re crying just because of that darn man!” Warren was starting to raise his voice, and this made Nicole cry again.
“Aww…stop crying Nicole…” Warren embraced Nicole.
“I’m very sorry Warren, I’m very sorry because I’m crying for another man…”
“It’s okay Nicole, what’s important, is you already know his true color…by the way, I’m also sorry for the incident two weeks ago. I was just carried away with my feelings. I won’t do it again, I promise….As for now, I would just be here for you Nicole…I love you…”
Nicole didn’t answer, but inside, she’s thankful that in times like this, there would still be someone who would be willing to be her crying shoulder. How she wished her feelings for Kenneth would fade away quickly, and give her love to Warren. However, this seemed impossible.
Warren kept Nicole company for the whole night. He didn’t care if he wouldn’t be bale to attend his class for the next day, what’s important is he would be there for Nicole.

Sunrise woke Warren and Nicole who had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.
“Oh! I still have to go back to Incheon…”
“I have to tell my parents about the university’s decision about my scholarship.”
“Oh…the thing that you told to me last night?”
“Yes, know it would be throbbing for them to know, but I have no choice”
“Want me to bring you home?”
“No thanks, you’ve done enough things for me…you just don’t know how grateful I am”
“It’s nothing Nicole…you know that I’ll do anything just for you, because I love you”
“Warren…thank you for your love…don’t worry, I’ll think about it….I just have to straighten things up”
“Yes, I’ll be waiting patiently for that Nicole”
“Thank you Warren” Both smiled at each other…will this be a start of a new love? How about Kenneth oppa?! Gee…

That morning was also when Kenneth and Judith talked about the matter between them.
“I’m very sorry for my actions last night Kenneth, I’m very ashamed”
“It’s okay Judith, but do you know what were you saying last night?”
“Yes, I could still recall ever word I said. I was really such a fool. So, what can you say?”
“Well, you know my current case, I still can’t decide now, because I love Nicole. I hope you would understand. As of now, we would still treat each other just like before, okay?”
“No problem, I could wait, I’m very good in waiting. Look, I kept my feelings for almost 7 years already”
“Thank you Judith, thank you for completely understanding.”

At Incheon…
“See what you did?!” Nicole’s mom stood up in surprise and anger of the university’s decision.
“But mom, if I could find a sponsor, everything would be easy.”
“But, Nicole it would be really hard to look for a sponsor when you already have a record.”
Her dad explained
“I know dad, but what’s important here is my grades, I have high grades, and there must be someone that would understand and be my sponsor.”
“If you wouldn’t be able to find a sponsor, then we have no choice but let your brother to stop schooling, so that we could pay for your studies abroad.”
“Dad! I don’t want Niclaus to stop his schooling, he’s already in high school and he’s a very good student. I won’t let it happen. I’ll find a sponsor soon”
“You should! Wait, did you sleep at your unit last night? Did you meet u with that prof?” Her mom inquired
“Mom, I don’t want to talk about it please. We’re talking about my studies here”
So you’re saying he’s another topic? He’s the reason why you’ve been terminated from the university”
“Mom, I’ve decided to break up with him, so you wouldn’t feel bad.” Wow, that’s fast, well, Kenneth doesn’t know this.
“Good! I know you’re smart Nicole, you just made the right decision. Somehow, I feel relieved in knowing that”
But Nicole still couldn’t believe that she has broken up with her oppa (well, on her side). She left the family room and locked herself in her bedroom. She still can’t help herself cry about her oppa. Then her mobile phone rang, when she saw her oppa’s name, she just took the phone’s battery off.
“How come she didn’t answer her phone?” Kenneth thought.
“Did something wrong happen to her?” he tried to call her again, but still no answer, this made Kenneth worry.

Nicole kept crying in her room, her heart says that she should talk to her oppa, but her mind commands that she shouldn’t have any communications with him anymore, this is another hard situation for the two of them. Why is fate so rude on them?

The next morning, Nicole was woken up with her mom knocking at her door.
“Nicole? Nicole, wake up now, someone’s here”
“Huh? Someone? Who could it be?” hoping inside, she wished that it was her oppa, but, duh, as if her mom would call her up just to let her see Kenneth, so, it’s impossible that it’s him. Nicole fixed herself up, she wore her casual attire, a yellow tee and her shorts, having her hair tied up.
“Mom, who’s looking for me?” She walked through their receiving room.
“I am, good morning Nicole”
“Warren?! How? How did you know where I live?”
“I have my sources. By the way, I bought you some hash browns, these are your favorite when you were in Seoul right?”
“Oh, so nice of you to bother. Ahh…so what brings you here?” Nicole sat beside Warren.
“Is it bad to visit a special friend?”
“Well, no…actually, I was really surprised, you came very early and unexpected, that’s why I didn’t have time to fix myself” Nicole looked a bit irritated, but this _expression is what Warren likes the most, that’s why he always teases her.
“Woah! That’s not a case, you still look the same…well, actually, you look better.” Nicole blushed
“Hey, quit it out! So early, you’re already teasing me!” She threw light punches on him
“Okay, okay, I surrender! Hmm…with the way you act, it’s like as if you don’t have a heart problem” They paused for several seconds.
“Aish! I almost forgot, did you have your breakfast already? I’m hungry, come, let’s eat” Nicole pulled Warren to their dining room.
“You dummy, you shouldn’t have said that” Warren told himself.

“Mom, dad, Niclaus, this is Warren, a friend and block mate of mine. He surprisingly visited me, so I didn’t have time to prepare things up. He’ll be having breakfast with us.”
“Sure” her mom agreed. It seems like Nicole’s mom likes Warren.

During their breakfast, Nicole’s family inquired things about Warren, as if he was some kind of star or something. And they found out that he was the only son and heir of a business tycoon. This made Nicole’s family very fascinated.
“Hmm…so you went here all the way from Seoul at a very early hour…ah, are you my sister’s suitor? Because only suitors do these kinds of things. So, are you? Are you?” Niclaus asked.
“Ahh…yes…I’ve been courting Nicole for almost a year now.”
Nicole’s eyes widened in hearing this, and also did her parents.
“One year?! Wow! You’re so patient, and perceiving! So that’s why my sister was so busy during her stay in Seoul! Hehe…but wait, one year of courting, sis, why didn’t you still answer Warren ‘yes’?”
Nicole was having a hard time thinking of what to answer to her brother.
“Well, I think your sister still needs some time to think about my love for her, and I think your parents still haven’t permitted her to have a boyfriend” Warren answered for Nicole.
“Oh, it’s just Nicole who doesn’t want to get into a relationship!” Surprisingly, Mrs. Jin said.
“Is that so? Anyway, sorry sir, ma’am, this was the first time that I met you, I should have visited before.”
“It’s okay Warren, in fact, it’s good to know that there’s someone who protects and cares for our daughter during her stay in Seoul. You could visit us anytime you want.”
“Thank you Mrs. Jin” It looks like Warren already got the favor of Nicole’s family. Does this mean that it’s really farewell for oppa Kenneth?

The family continued chatting until they got to the university topic.
“With my dad’s contacts, I’m sure Nicole would get a scholarship. Don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. Jin, I’ll help Nicole, but I think, she needs to stay in Seoul.”
“But, maybe you still don’t know that Nicole couldn’t stay in her unit anymore”
“Oh I see, well that’s not a problem, she could stay at my house. My parents wouldn’t contradict”
“Really?! Oh how could we ever repay you?!”
The Nicole intruded, “Wait, wait, I’m the subject here, but you still didn’t ask my opinion. Isn’t it too abusive if I would stay at your place Warren?”
“Of course not! There are a lot of space at my house, and you’re very welcome there. So, will you go back with me to Seoul later?’
“Yes, yes, we must waste no time Nicole. You must fix your things now, and your father and I would just talk to Warren, okay? Niclaus go to your room too we just want to have Warren in private”

When Warren and Nicole’s parents were left at the family room, they began to discuss about Nicole and Kenneth. They learned that despite the relation between Nicole and Kenneth, Warren was still waiting for Nicole (well, we know that it was a bit of a white lie, for Warren was ‘out-of-action’ when he found out that Nicole and Kenneth were together)
“With what we learned from you, we could entrust Nicole to you Warren. We know that you wouldn’t let Nicole get any nearer to Kenneth. She has a better future with you, as her parents, we know”
“Thank you for entrusting Nicole to me ma’am, sir…but, I don’t want to force Nicole. I would wait for her until she learns how to forget Kenneth. I’ll just be here to take care of her, and support her all the way through. I’ll do anything I could for Nicole. You could get my word for that.”
Little did they know, that behind the door, there was Nicole, listening to all their conversations. She was touched by what Warren promised. She promised herself to try the best she could to give Warren back all the favors he has given to her.

After eating dinner, Warren and Nicole bade goodbye and left for Seoul.
“Warren, I really don’t know how to repay you, I’m sorry…”
“Nicole, just like what I’ve said, I’m just here for you, I’ll do the very best I can for your good. Don’t worry, I’ll wait until you’re ready to give me your love”
“Warren, I do hope that the day would come, and I’ll give you my love”
Warren smiled “I’ll keep that in mind Nicole”
“Thanks Warren” Nicole smiled back.

“By the way, what will you do with the things you left at your unit?”
“Oh, they’re not much, so I think my dad would just pick them up one of these days, besides, I don’t want to go there anymore…Um, would it really be okay with your parents if I stay there?”
“Yes, of course. When they will know that you’re the girl I love, they’ll gladly want you to stay”
“If they’ll know that I’m the one you love, then they will expect us to be together”
“Well, haven’t thought of that yet. Hmm…then, let’s get together”
“Warren?!” Nicole was surprised. Then Warren stopped the car beside the road.
“Warren Kim, I thought you’ll wait for my love? And now you’re talking about it again?”
“Nicole Jin, do you really think I’m that stupid? Of course I’ll keep my word. But for my parent’s sake, we could just act it out. What do you know, it may fasten your change of heart for me. So what do you think?”
“Hmm…Give me time to think”
“Ok, I’ll give you the rest of the time until we reach Seoul”
“You skeeze! Hmp, ok until we reach Seoul”

After a few hours, they already arrived in Seoul…

“Now, we’re here in Seoul! So, Nicole Jin, what’s your decision?”
“Hmm…fine, we’ll ‘act’ like we’re together. Just act ok? Oh, why did I get into this?!”
“Yes, just act!”
“But, for how long?”
“Until when you already learned how to love me”
“Well, it almost doesn’t make any difference. It would be reel up to it becomes real”
“Yeah, correct, that’s why there’s no escaping from me Nicole Jin”
“You’re like blackmailing me! You’re such a bully!”
I’m a bully indeed…haha…”
Wait, that line was familiar, when did Nicole hear that before?
“Oppa…”Nicole remembered her oppa Kenneth with that line. Why is everything connected to him? Nicole frowned.
“Nicole, hey! What’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me you’re hungry again, we just ate dinner.”
“Oh, oh! I’m not hungry, I just thought of something. You, aren’t you hungry?”
“Ahh…well, a bit, hehe…”
“Hehe, you’re not only a bully, you’re also a food monster! So, where do you wanna eat? I’ll treat you, at least pay you, but in my own small simple way.”
“Hmm…a bowl of noodles and a bread would do” Uh, oh, not again! Another remembrance of Kenneth!
“Ahh…ok, do you know any good noodles stand around?” Nicole was hoping that Warren wouldn’t want to eat at the noodle stand where she and Kenneth often eat at.
“Well, I know this noodle stand near your apartment building…but, the chef at the mansion cooks the best noodles”
“Phew!” Nicole was relieved.

Upon reaching the Kim mansion, Nicole was mesmerized with how beautiful and big the mansion was. When they arrived at the mansion, the maids and the butler went in front to greet Warren and Nicole
“Welcome back Sir Warren, have you taken your dinner already?” the butler asked.
“I’ve eaten dinner already, but I’m now craving for our chef’s noodles.”
Oh yes, it will be served immediately” the butler ordered it to one of the maids.
“By the way, I would like for all of you to meet Nicole, my girlfriend” Warren pulled Nicole closer to him.
‘Ah, good evening to all of you. I’m Nicole Jin” All of the maids and the butler were surprised, never did Warren bring a girl at the mansion before.
“Good evening and nice to meet you Ms. Jin” the butler greeted.
“She’ll be staying here for a couple of months, so treat her well”
“Yes Sir Warren” they answered all together.

When the two entered the mansion, the maids were murmuring.
“She’s pretty, but she doesn’t seem to come from a rich family”
“Yeah, and why would she live here?”
“Maybe they’ll be getting married soon!”
“Oh my gosh!”
“Hey stop those gossips! Get back to work!...But I agree with you, she’s really pretty” The butler commented. Ü

Warren led Nicole to the guest’s room, which would be her room for a while.
“Wow! It’s very big and pretty! A family could already live here!” Nicole was very dumbfounded, she started walking around the room.
“Gee, I have my own plasma television! Wow, everything is here, and the bed is very big and comfy!” Nicole sat on the bed.
“I’m glad you liked it”
“Like? I love it!”
Haha…if you need anything, my bedroom is just beside this room”
“Really? Okay….ah, when will I meet your parents?”
“I’m not sure when this week, they’re on a business trip abroad….Hey, let’s go down, I think the noodles are already cooked.” Warren took Nicole’s hand.
“Warren Kim!” Nicole looked warningly at Warren.
“Hey Nicole Jin, remember, we’re acting here? Hehehe…”
“Oh boy!” Nicole couldn’t do anything to contradict Warren.

Okay, change topic, let’s now looks at Kenneth, what could have happened to him?
“Hey Kenneth, why don’t we get into a vacation together? It has been long since we last enjoyed ourselves.” Allan was drinking with Kenneth at his apartment. But it seems that Kenneth was in a deep thought.
“Kenneth Yin, hello!”
“Ah! Yes, yes, you were saying?”
“Still thinking of Nicole?”
“I can’t help it Allan, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’m also worried, she hasn’t answered any of my phone calls.”
“Kenneth, let me ask you something. Haven’t you even thought that Nicole would lose her feelings for you?”
“Never, never would Nicole do that. I know her”
“Then why isn’t she answering your calls? Kenneth you see, Nicole is very young, and there are so many things around her. So maybe…”
“Allan, if you would just say such things to Nicole and me, I’d better go home”
“Kenneth, just face reality. You don’t own Nicole, plus, you still have a life to live. You should think about your life, now that you’re terminated from the university.”
“I know how to manage my life, don’t worry. And about Nicole, I know there’s a reason why she’s not answering my calls. Thanks for the drink, I have to go now” Kenneth took his coat and left.
“This is my fault, but I know that this is the best for the both of you” Allan told himself.

It’s really painful for a heart being left out in the air. Kenneth didn’t know where and how he would see Nicole again. When he reached the building, he saw Erika.
“Good evening Erika, have you seen Nicole these past days?
“Oh, Nicole? The last time I saw her was about a week ago. I heard from Cheuy that Nicole will move out. Didn’t she tell you?”
“I see, she still haven’t told me about that, anyway, thank you”
“That’s odd, if they’re together, then he should be the first one to know” Erika thought.

At the Kim’s mansion…
“You really love noodles, don’t you?”
“Of course, that’s why you have to learn how to cook noodles.”
I already know how to cook noodles.”
“Well then, cook for me one of these days, ok?”
“Hey, I’m not you maid here”
“But you’re my girlfriend. Girlfriends must make their boyfriends happy”
“Harhar, I have to go to bed now, goodnight” Nicole stood up from her seat. But Warren grabbed her arm.
“What do you want now?” Warren stood up and kissed Nicole on the forehead.
“I just wanted a goodnight kiss. Good night, sweet dreams.”
“Ahh…you too..” Nicole walked up to return to her room.
What Warren did may be very sweet, but Nicole didn’t feel anything at all. Unlike the kisses she received from her oppa Kenneth, her heart was like about to explode every time he kissed her. Oh how she missed those kisses, but unfortunately, she has to forget all these for the sake of her parents, and now for Warren too.

The next morning, Nicole was again waken up by a knocking at her door.
“I didn’t know it’s so hard to wake you up. I had been here for 5 minutes already!” Warren was the one knocking.
“Oh, sorry…ah, good morning by the way…”
“Good morning, but we have to hurry up, my parents are arriving this morning!”
“Really?! Oh my gosh, we really have to move fast. But, I have a problem…ah…I think I don’t have a very formal attire to wear.”
“That’s all? Okay, I’ll call up my friend at the boutique, so she could pick up a good dress for you, then it would be delivered here in sec. So, take a bath now, I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

After a few minutes, a very beautiful lady wearing white halter dress went down the stairs, it was Nicole. To look more attractive, she had her hair curled up, she didn’t have any make-up on, only a swipe of lip gloss, simple, yet charming and fresh looking. With such beauty, Warren fell more attracted to Nicole, he was in an ‘awe’ while looking Nicole going down the stairs. She was like a princess, and he was her knight in shining armor. Even the butler and the maids were amused with Nicole’s beauty.
“Ahh…Is there something wrong? Do I look awkward?” Nicole was uncertain with the looks on their faces.
“No, no, you just look stunningly beautiful Nicole. The dress fits you well. Are you ready?”
“Well, I have no choice, but to be ready. Before I forget, thanks for this dress”

“They’re here! Sir Warren, your parents are here!” The butler announced.
Warren held onto Nicole’s hand and they went at the door to greet his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Kim went out of the car, they instantly saw Warren and Nicole.
“Welcome back mom and dad. May I introduce to you my girlfriend, Nicole”
“Good morning and welcome back Mr. & Mrs. Kim, I’m Nicole Jin, nice to meet you at last” Nicole bowed.
“Oh, nice to meet you Nicole. Come, let’s talk inside.” Mrs. Kim kindly said.

Nicole didn’t expect Warren’s parents would be so nice to her. She thought rich people are very arrogant, but this time, she was wrong. After a few moments of talking to one together, they got into the topic of the sponsorship for Nicole’s study abroad.
“By just talking with you, we already know that you’re a very intelligent and nice person Nicole. No wonder Warren fell in love with you”
“If you won’t mind, we’ll gladly be your sponsor Nicole, so what do you say?”
“Oh, I’m very happy and thankful to hear that sir, ma’am.”
“Please, don’t call us like that, Nicole you could call us mom and dad, since in the future, you’ll be our daughter-in-law”
“Ahh…well, aunt and uncle maybe would do” Nicole smiled charmingly.
“Haha, Nicole’s still a bit shy…mom, dad, if you’ll sponsor Nicole’s studies abroad, can you sponsor me too? You know, I don’t want to be far from Nicole, I want to protect her, more importantly that she’ll be going to a different country.”
“Haha…sure, why not? You have the same course, it would be a lot easier. So, Nicole, Warren, you now have to fix up your documents….Nicole maybe we could meet your parents one of these days? So we could discuss about your studies.”
“Yes, I’ll call them up sir, I mean, uncle. If you may excuse me, I’ll just call up my parents to let them know the good news.”
“I like her Warren” Mrs. Kim whispered to Warren
“Yes, we’ve always wanted to have a daughter, and now, we have one already”
“I know you’ll like her. Never did I like any other girl than her. I want her to be the girl I’d spend my whole life with.”
“Good for you son, we’ll support you all the way through”
“Thanks mom and dad, you’re the best!”

Will this be another turn in Nicole’s life? A new turn where Kenneth is not included? However, we will still not end here. (and you thought this; the end of this chapter? Haha, you’re wrong! ()

During the following days, all did Nicole and Warren do were to fix their documents so that they could go abroad as soon as possible. All of their friends and acquaintances at the university were surprised ‘Warren Kim is again under Nicole Jin’s spell’ they thought. Of course, would Allan and the other professors not know this news? However, Allan did not tell this to Kenneth, it would just be another burden for him. It would be better if he wouldn’t tell it to Kenneth until Nicole already left, or never tell him at all. Alongside with Judith, this could be her chance to comfort Kenneth.

One time, as Nicole and Warren were having a snack at a café near the university, Erika saw them. She saw how Nicole and Warren were very happy together.
“Maybe this was why she wasn’t answering Kenneth’s calls. Such a playgirl! I thought she would make a way for me and Warren? And now she’s flirting with him. The nerve of that girl” Erika became very furious, how she wanted that she never became friends with Nicole. But, wait, at the first place, who wanted to take Warren by flirting with him? It was Erika right? So maybe she was just very envious that Nicole has it all.
“Oh! Isn’t that Erika?” Nicole saw Erika from the café window, she waved to her, but Erika didn’t wave or even smiled back, instead she just continued with her walking.
“Maybe that wasn’t Erika, she didn’t even smiled at you” Warren said.
“But it was really Erika, something may be wrong” Nicole tried to call Erika’s phone, but no one was answering.
“Too bad, I would want to talk to her before I leave”
“Well, you could do that if you go to her unit.”
“Ahh…Warren, I already told you before, I don’t want to go there anymore”
‘Yeah, yeah, I know, but don’t you want to talk with Prof. Yin before you go? I mean to officially end it all up”
“What I’ve seen is already enough. We don’t have to talk about anything anymore. He already has his Judith with him, so why have me?”
“Well, you said it…I’m really excited to go to England.”
“Me too, it’s my first time to go to Europe”
“Really? Well, since I’ve been there several times already, I’ll tour you around the beautiful places in Europe. We’ll have all our time there, our own private time..”
“What are you talking about? Hey, we’re there to study! No fuss ok?”
“Haha…ok…Oh yeah, your parents are coming tomorrow evening right?”
“Yup, then after three days, off we go to England! Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, here we come!”
“Haha, you silly!” both laughed as of there wouldn’t be any tomorrow.

The couples Kim and Jin met the next day. Mr. and Mrs. Jin, just like Nicole, were very amazed with the elegance and largeness of the Kim mansion. However, they tried not to show how amused they were. Then, at last, the two families met. They talked about the sponsorship, then up to the topic of Nicole and Warren’s relationship.
“Since they’ll be together in England, why don’t we have them engage?” Mr. Jin suggested.
“Yes, yes, we agree with you. After their graduation, they could get married then.” Mrs. Kim agreed.
“Woah! But dad, auntie, isn’t it too early for an engagement?” Nicole appealed.
“Ah, Nicole meant, maybe we could have our engagement after graduating, because we still want to spend some more time being single.” Warren clarified.
“Well, you have a point there. We should also seek for the couple’s opinion, since its their future we’re talking about here. So, what do you think?”
‘Ah, yes, yes, we would have the engagement after their graduation. Besides, we already entrusted our beloved Nicole to Warren.”
“Good, so this topic is done, from now on, we’re a family”
Nicole and Warren couldn’t do anything about it anymore. They’re to be engaged after their graduation

That night, Nicole was having a cup of hot chocolate at the balcony and was in a deep thought.
“I guess there’s really no escaping now Nicole” Warren joined Nicole.
“Yeah, its really a new life now. Maybe this is really my destiny.”
“Well, it would still be about three years from now. We’ll never know what would happen during those three years.”
“But then, whatever happens, we would still be engaged, and then we’ll get married.”
“Hmm, yes, I guess we’re really destined for each other Nicole”
“One thing’s for sure Nicole, just like what I always say, I’ll just be here for you. I’ll be loving you for all of my life. I’ll never let you cry because of me. I love you Nicole” in return, Nicole smiled and hugged Warren.

Is this really the end for Kenneth and Nicole?
Will this situation prove the saying ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’?
Or will distance make their love fade forever?
Better read it on the next chapter ^_^

Chapter 12: The heart decides "


The day has come for Nicole and Warren’s departure to England. Still, Kenneth didn’t know about anything.

At the airport…
“Take care of yourself Nicole. It would be much different there. Oh, my baby, I’ll really miss you” Mrs. Jin hugged her only daughter tightly.
“Don’t forget to mail us ok? By the way, here’s my cap you’ve wanted to have. Take good care of it okay?” Niclaus gave handed over his favorite baseball cap to Nicole.
“Thanks Nick, I’ll really take care of this. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a better one when I get back…Dad, why aren’t you speaking?” Nicole frowned upon seeing her dad who was almost in tears.
“I don’t know what to say Nicole... You know I already miss you so much when you studied in Seoul, what more that you’re now going to a much farther place?”
“Aww…dad, don’t be sad, look, I’m having teary eyes too…promise, I’ll take very good care of myself. Besides, Warren wouldn’t let me get into any trouble there. Aww..dad, please don’t cry..” Nicole hugged and kissed her beloved father who wasn’t able to control himself from crying. Nicole was really a daddy’s girl from the very start.

Warren and his parents were so touched seeing the scene, they didn’t bother to disturb them.
“I promise you dad, mom, Nick, I’ll be stronger when I go to England. I’ll not be a crybaby anymore. Three years will not be that long, time flies, we wouldn’t notice it. I think we have to go now. Take good care of yourselves okay? Don’t worry much about me, I’ll always keep in contact, I promise…Warren, let’s go”
“We’ll be going now, don’t worry about Nicole, I’ll protect her at all times, please count on me”
“Yes, we entrust Nicole to you Warren. Take good care…”
Then the two started walking to the departure area, until they can no longer be seen by their families.

The airplane took its flight, Nicole looked down at the window and bad farewell to Korea, and to Kenneth.
Such coincidence that Kenneth saw the airplane and he suddenly thought of Nicole.
“Its’ goodbye Korea…Hello England” Warren said
“Yeah… goodbye Korea…”

Miles might separate her from the place where she lived and thought many things, especially to love. But as they say, people will still come back to the place where they came from.

It was just a wink an eye, and three years had already passed. Nicole and Warren successfully finished their degrees with honors. They ere able to cope up with the new environment when they arrived. It was difficult to be away from their love ones, but they managed to ease this pain. They helped each other in every difficulty the encountered and they developed their bonding.
“I can’t believe three years had already passed” Nicole was reminiscing all the unforgettable experiences while they were in England.
“Yes, me too. It was just like yesterday when we took our flight to England, and now, we’re taking our flight back to Korea”
‘I’m very excited to show my family the diploma and medals I received. I dedicate these awards to them”
“Correct, we must dedicate our awards to our families. By the way, thanks for helping me out every time I’m having a hard time understanding the lessons.”
“Oh, it’s I who has to thank you. Thank you very much for cheering me up every time I feel down.”
“Well, we complemented each other during our stay there. I therefore conclude that we make a good husband and wife, you agree with me huh?”
“Why not?! Haha..”
“Passengers, we are about to land. Please remain sited until we have already landed. Welcome to South Korea…” The stewardess announced.
“Hello Korea…I’m back…” Nicole thought.

“Nicole! Warren! We’re here!” A banner saying ‘WELCOME BAK NICOLE AND WARREN!!!” was the first thing Nicole and Warren saw when they went out of the arrival area. Big smiles from Nicole’s family greeted them.
“Oh! Mom, Dad, Nick, I’m so glad to see you again!” Nicole gave her family a big hug, how she missed them!
“My, my…our Nicole became prettier!” With her long hair curled up, she indeed looked prettier.
“Oh dad, it was just my hair that changed”
“No dear, your aura really change, you looked sophisticated now, perfect for a fresh graduate.”
“Well, I think we also owe this to Warren. Obviously, he took very good care of our Nicole. Thank you very much Warren”
“My pleasure Mr. & Mrs. Jin, even without you telling me, I would definitely do everything for Nicole’s sake, no need to thank me”
“Oh… you still call us like that? Call us mom and dad too. Since in a short time you’ll get engaged and married.”
“Sure, mom & dad”
“Me too, I’m also your lil’ brother”
“Haha…of course Nick”
Everybody seems to be going well in Nicole’s case, how about Kenneth and the others? What could have happened to them after three years?

Well, Allan and Judith are still at the university. Cielo and the gang also graduated. About Kenneth, well after three years of no contact with Nicole, he has somehow learned to move on (even a bit). Luckily, he was able to teach again, but now in an all-boys academy. During the day, he keeps himself busy with work, but he spends so many sleepless nights thinking about Nicole. It was so hard for him having no news about Nicole. How he tried to search for her, but he didn’t know where to start searching, he tried to search for her house at Incheon, but he failed in finding her house.
He never had the time to look at any other women, even to Judith. Kenneth never left his unit, hoping that one day, he would see Nicole in the area.

Back to Nicole and Warren, they’re having a welcoming party at the Kim mansion…
“We’re so proud for the both of you Nicole and Warren. It’s not that easy to graduate with honors! We’re sure that the two of you will have a good future.” Mr. and Mrs. Kim complimented.
“Speaking of their future, maybe we could now talk about their engagement”
“Ahh..isn’t it too early to talk about that dad? I mean, me and Nicole just graduated, we still want to enjoy our life as single”
“Oh you’re talking nonsense Warren! Didn’t you already enjoyed your single life while you were in England? That is if you lived as singles, since you just lived in one apartment for the past three years..”
“Dad, all we did during our stay there was just study, study, study! Come on dad!”
“Um, well its fine with me if we would have our engagement soon” Nicole intervened the discussion.
“See, it’s fine with Nicole, so when will it be?”
“Oh well, hmm…what do you think about next week? The wedding would be next month. What do you think Nicole?”
“Whatever you say, besides, I’m already used seeing your face every morning, haha..”
“So it’s settled, we’ll call the wedding coordinator immediately”

After the conversation, Nicole and Warren went out to the garden to have some fresh air and private time together.
“Hmm…it looks like you already fell for me Ms. Jin, you’re the one who insisted our engagement to be set earlier”
“Well, maybe it’s just that I’m used to be with you, that I could already live with you for the rest of my life”
“Doesn’t make any difference Ms. Jin. In a month’s time, you’ll be Mrs. Nicole Kim, hmm… sounds good”
“I miss the times we have in England, when we always look at the stars at night, and see the constellations. It was so beautiful and relaxing”
“Yeah, it was one of our past times there. We gaze at the stars until we get sleepy… Hey, look, there’s the big dipper!” Warren pointed out to the sky.
“Where?!” Nicole searched. Surprisingly, Warren kissed Nicole on the cheek.
“You’re the biggest and brightest star for me Nicole…you’ll always be…I love you...”
Nicole just smiled and kissed Warren back. Does this mean that she has totally forgotten her feelings for Kenneth?

The next morning, Nicole and Warren with the help of Mrs. Kim started planning things for the engagement and the wedding. However, during their lunch break, they decided to have a walk around the city, since it was just the second day when they arrived back in Seoul.

Their first stop was the University, where they first met, where Warren fell in love with Nicole, and where Nicole fell in love with Kenneth. The university was like a memory box, many important events happened in the university. As they walked down on the grounds, they reminisced the unforgettable experiences they had there, like when Warren asked for Nicole’s name, but Nicole just snob him. The couple just laughed upon remembering this.
As they walked through the corridors, they saw the graduation pictures. Nicole was very happy seeing her friends’ pictures, especially Cielo.
“Wow! Cielo didn’t change even a bit, she still looks very cheerful”
“What do you expect? Haha…”
Suddenly, they heard a calling from behind.
“Nicole! Warren!”
They turned to see who it was, and they were happy to see Cielo!
“Oh my! It had been three years since I last saw the both of you! Did I hear the gossip right that the two of you continued your studies in England? I mean, the two of you living together there?”
“You really never changed Cielo! You still have sharp sense of hearing!” Nicole tapped Cielo’s arm.
“So, was the gossips right? Huh? Huh?”
“Alright, yes, Nicole and I studied in England. In fact, we’ll be engaged next week. Maybe you could come?”
“Oh! Oh my gosh! That was fast! Ah, I mean, I want to congratulate the both of you, but why this fast? You just graduated.”
“Well, it was Nicole who insisted to have our engagement earlier, right Nicole?”
“Ah…yes, it’s because I don’t like guys following after me, haha, just kidding…well, seriously speaking, I just want to spend my life with Warren” Nicole smiled at Warren.
“Aww..how sweet! You’re so lucky Warren that you have Nicole. Never hurt her ok? Or else, you’ll have to pay!”
“Hehe, yes sir! Haha…” Warren saluted.
“By the way, what are you doing here?”
“Well, as for me, I just picked up some files I need in getting a job. Wait, I should ask you the same thing?”
“Oh, we’re just here to visit, we’ve not been here for three years.”
“Ah, I see…Well, for your information, nothing changed here. Still the same professors, staffs and facilities”
“You mean, even Prof. yin is still here?” Warren asked, and why did he even ask that? Insecurity probably…
“Prof. Yin? No, he was terminated three years ago. But I heard, he’s now teaching at an all-boys academy”
“Good for him” Nicole thought.
“Oh okay..Ah, Nicole, want to go and see the professors? Let’s inform them about the awards we got, and also our engagement”
“Okay… wanna come with us Cielo?”
“Oh, no, I don’t want to disturb you…Okay, I have to go now. Just inform me for the further details of your engagement, you know I won’t let it pass. I’m sure there are many goodies there…hehe...”
“Oh you! Hehe…sure, bye!”

The couple continued strolling around the campus. They invited every person the know to their engagement. Before they left the university, they met Allan and Judith.
“Woah! Good to see you Sir Allan and Ms. Young! We’re about to leave, good thing we caught up with the both of you” Warren greeted.
“Mr. Kim, Ms. Jin, good to see you again too. Before anything else, I want to congratulate the both of you. I’ve heard that you graduated your degrees in England with honors. As the dean of your former college, I’m very proud of you”
“Ah…me too, congratulations to the both of you. Nice to see that you’re back in Korea”
“Thank you profs, actually you also have to congratulate us one more time”
“Well, Nicole and I are getting engaged next week. We’ll be very happy to see you there. Also, on our wedding next month, we hope you could attend.”
“Yes, Warren’s right, we’ll be very grateful if you attend” Nicole was a bit shy, because these people in front of her are the very close to Kenneth, her ‘ex-lover’.
“We’ll see Ms. Jin, we’ll try to include it in our schedule. Once again, I congratulate the both of you. May you have a good future ahead.:
“It’s a bit surprising, in my opinion it’s too early for the both of you to get married. I mean, you still have a lot of things to enjoy while you’re young” Judith was sounding arrogant again.
“Well, one thing I could say about it is, I want to get married this early because I don’t want any other men roaming around MY Nicole” Warren answered seriously. Was he stressing out that Nicole is ‘HIS’ now? That not even Kenneth or any other man could take her away from him?
“Isn’t that being possessive Mr. Kim?”
“Actually, no, it’s also my decision that we get engaged and married this early. I want my life to have a clear future. A life that I’m sure I would have, if I’m with Warren” Nicole bravely answered.
“Very well said Ms. Jin, indeed, you’ve become stronger, that’s good, as for you could manage your life, we’ll support you, right Ms. Young?”
“Well then, I wish you both a happy life together. Excuse me, I still have things to do at the office.” Judith walked to the building.
“I also have to go now guys. See you next week” Allan followed Judith.
“They still didn’t change”
“Yeah…hey, what time is our appointment with the caterer? The dress maker? Also with the invitation maker?”
Well, I’m not sure what time. I know we’ll be meeting them this afternoon. I think the appointments would start at 3:00 pm. The wedding coordinator would inform us…There’s still enough time for us to stroll around, come I’ll treat you ice cream.”
“Ice cream? Do you think that I’m a kid?”
“Nicole, you’re a kid to me, every time I’m with you, I’m carefree, got that? Come, I’m now craving for some rocky road flavored ice cream…” Warren pulled Nicole and they ran together like kids.
They went to the park and bought their favorite flavors of ice cream. They sat on a bench until it stroke 3:00 pm.

After a busy afternoon, the couple finally ended their day. They were resting at the mansion’s garden, when someone called Warren in his mobile phone, it was one if his good friends, and his clique heard that Warren already arrived, and so, as a welcoming party, they invited the couple to a bar that evening.

At the bar…
As the couple entered the bar, a loud yell greeted them “Hey dude, here!” Warren’s friends waved and called out.
Just like any other cliques, the guys gave a warm welcome to the two by doing naughty stuffs.
“Woah! You didn’t inform us that you’ll be arriving! And know, you didn’t inform us that you’re getting engaged. Are we nothing to you?!”
“Hey, I just want to surprise you guys!”
“Oh really?! If not for our ‘source’, then we wouldn’t know you’re here!”
“Source? What source?”
“Well, no one but your dear fiancé! Hehe…right Nicole?”
“Yes, it’s me, I informed them. Aren’t you happy?”
“Oh you little minx!” Warren pinched Nicole’s soft cheeks, as if she was a baby!
“Hey, hey, hey! We’re still here! Hello!” One of the guys disturbed the couple who were again having their world.
“Ph, sorry…so where were we?”
“Well, wouldn’t you even invite us to your engagement party?”
“Oh, yes, of course! Why would I forget you guys?”
“Haha, you just forgot to inform us that you’re back, are you drunk Warren? We still haven’t started drinking!”
“Yes I’m drunk, drunk over my fiancé…” Warren looked sweetly at Nicole.
“Oh stop looking at me like that! I think we should better order now guys…: Nicole called out the waiter.
The gang were having a good time together, they enjoyed each other’s company as if there’s no tomorrow. Nicole then excused herself to the powder room. She was retouching her makeup when someone entered the powder room, surprisingly, it was Erika! When Nicole saw Erika’s reflection on the mirror, her eyes widened, she was so surprised, of all places in Seoul, she would see her there!
“Woah! Erika!” Nicole turned around.
“Nicole?!” Nicole excitedly hugged Erika, how she missed her so much!
“Oh I missed you! How are you?! It has been three years since we last met!” Nicole was so happy to see her, but it was opposite to Erika.
“Yeah, three years…you blossomed into a beautiful woman…about me, I’m just fine, I graduated last year, and now, I’m already working in a good company. In fact, I’m here together with my colleagues, how about you? As I remember, you don’t go to these kinds of places…”
“Ahh…I’m here because Wa-, I mean, my fiancé met up with his old friends here” Nicole still remember how Erika feels about Warren, but what does she know? Erika might have already forgotten about Warren.
“Fiancé?! You’re engaged already?! Wow, isn’t it a bit early?”
“Yeah, I know, but I like it better this way. How about you? Are you with someone now?”
“Oh! Don’t change the topic! Hey, who’s your fiancé? Do I know him? Where did you met him?” Nicole was about to answer when…
“Hey Nicole? Aren’t you done yet?” Warren went in front of the door.
“Oh, is that you Erika? Hey good to see you again!” Warren greeted.
“Oh Warren, good to see you again too…Ah, Nicole, is Warren the guy you’re talking about? He’s your fiancé?”
“Ah, yes, I’m her fiancé, we’ll be engaged next week, you’re invited, go there ok? If you don’t mind, I’ll just take Nicole for a while.”
“Ah, see you again Erika.” And the two left.
“Oh I knew it! I knew they’ll be together! I’m such a fool, why was I so slow before? How wasn’t I able to get him before?! And now, it’s too late! He’s madly in love with Nicole!...Wait, it’s not yet late, they’re not married yet, I could still find a way to separate them…” Now, what is Erika up to? Three years had passed by, and she’s still in love with Warren!
“We’ll see who’s better for Warren, Nicole Jin, we’ll see…” with that kind of talking, for sure she’s up to something unpleasant.
For the rest of the night at the bar, Nicole was feeling uneasy, as if someone’s eying on her. When Warren noticed this, he asked Nicole if something was wrong, if she wanted to go home, but Nicole insisted to stay, that Warren should enjoy his time with the gang, for when they’re already married, he wouldn’t have the time to be like this.

That same night, Allan and Judith were also having a drink with Kenneth at a different bar.
“Judith, should we tell Kenneth about Nicole and Warren?” Allan whispered to Judith.
“Hey, what are you two whispering about?”
“Oh, Allan wants to tell you something” Judith eyed on Allan.
“So, what is it Allan?”
“Ahh..well, because…ah, how will I say this?”
“Come one, what is it? Is it a bad news or good news?”
“Well, I couldn’t tell if it is a bad news or good news…uhm…you see, this morning…ahh..” Allan was nervous that he couldn’t figure out the words to say, and so Judith spilled it for him.
“Okay, Kenneth, it’s because Allan and I met Nicole and Warren this morning at the university” Judith went straight to the point. Kenneth was shocked and speechless, three years of no contact with her wasn’t a joke, he almost got crazy because of her, and one day he would hear something about Nicole, shocking indeed.
After a while, Kenneth was back to his mind,
“Ahh..I was surprised there. Well, you know my past with her…so, how is she? Where did she go for the past three years?”
She continued her studies in England, and she just graduated with honors” Allan said.
“Good to know that, I’m happy for her”
“It’s not that I want to hurt you Kenneth, but, Nicole is getting engaged with Warren Kim next week, and they’ll be getting married next month. They were together in England. Judith said frankly.
Another shocking information for Kenneth! As far as he could remember, Nicole didn’t formally broke up with him, and now he would hear that she’s getting engaged and married to someone! Imagine just how hurtful it was for Kenneth!
Again, Kenneth was speechless.
“I think I had too much alcohol, I think I better go home now” Kenneth took his coat and wore it.
“Okay Kenneth, have a safe trip back home, see you again. Judith and I will be going later”
After Kenneth left, Allan scolded Judith.
“You shouldn’t have told him that. Look what you’ve done”
“Well, it’s for the better, so he wouldn’t expect Nicole will come back to him, and at the first place, you were the one who asked to tell him about Nicole.”
“Yes, but you should have told him gently”
“Gently? Allan, you know that I’m a frank and straight-forward person! You’ve know me for almost twenty years already!”
“Okay, okay, calm down, you’ve drank too much vodka already. We should go now”
“Alright! Alright! Just wait when we meet again tomorrow at the office! You’re dead meat Allan Park, you’re dead meat!”

A few days passed and the engagement is all set up! The day was the only thing they’re waiting for. In two days time, Nicole and Warren would be engaged.

Nicole just finished the appointment with the wedding coordinator for the last look at the preparations for the engagement party, when she got an SMS message, it says…
“Nicole, let’s meet up at the park where we usually go to, I’ll be waiting for you there-Erika”
Nicole was surprised, how did Erika get her number, when she didn’t remember giving it to her. However, she still went to the park. Just like what Erika said, she was there waiting near the fountain.
“Erika, I was surprised, how did you get my number?” Nicole approached Erika.
“Well, I have my sources you know…”
“Oh, like a stalker ei?”
“Hmm…so what brings us here?”
“Well, nothing in particular, I just want to spend time with my long lost friend! Hehe…”
“Really? By the way, I’m sorry…”
“Sorry for what?”
“I know about how you feel for Warren, you know what I mean…I’m really sorry.”
“Oh about that! Forget about it, I’m happy for the both of you…”
“Thank you Erika…Hmm…I’ll treat you, we haven’t seen each other for three years, what do you want?”
“Well, I’m really not that hungry, oh, I know this place, its fun there, let’s go…”
“Oh ok, since I don’t have any remaining appointments for this day, let’s go!”
It was already dark, the streets are again crowded with people who were searching for fun. Erika took Nicole to an alley, a very dark alley. Nicole hasn’t been to this part of Seoul before. It looks like it was a hiding place for gangsters and drug addicts. Nicole started to get frightened.
“Erika, where are we? What’s fun here? It looks dangerous here, maybe we could go to a different place, where there is light and people around, can we?”
Erika wasn’t speaking, and kept walking until someone came out from the dark, it was Jason, and he was holding a Swiss knife! Oh no!
“Erika! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Nicole was pulling Erika, but instead of running with her, she pushed Nicole to the wall. The impact was quite hard, Nicole was badly hurt.
“Jason, do your thing with her” Erika commanded.
“As you say sweetie…” Jason came closer to Nicole, good thing, Nicole still managed to run from him even thought her back was badly hurt. Jason and Erika went after her, Nicole reached the busy streets to get help. She didn’t notice that she still couldn’t cross the road because of the vehicles, all she know was she must get away from Erika and the guy with her, for they will kill her! Nicole looked back to see if they were still chasing her, and they still are! Nicole hurriedly crossed the road, but halfway she stopped because of the fast running cars, but then, Erika was coming nearer and nearer. Nicole bravely ran to the other side of the road, and the unexpected happened…
A rushing truck hit a woman…no, it’s not Nicole, it was Erika. Maybe Nicole was saved by her guardian angel, she was able to cross the road safely, while Erika, tsk, tsk tsk, she was hit by a truck. Everything happened so fast, when Jason saw the lifeless Erika on the road, he ran to Nicole to kill her, but someone was able to stop her from doing so. Nicole was crying hysterically, she was so shocked of the happenings, in just a snap, Erika died.
“Nicole stop crying now, everything’s all right. I’m here now, I’ll not leave you…: Nicole felt a warm body embracing her, it must have been Warren, but no, he didn’t know that she was out with Erika, and it wasn’t Warren’s smell, who could it be? Nicole slowly opened her eyes to see who it was, and her eyes widened in disbelief in seeing her oppa! It was Kenneth! He saved her from Jason!
“Yes, it’s me Nicole, I’ve been longing for you these past three years. I never thought I would see you again in this kind of situation. But I’m very thankful that you’re still alive! Now, you will be brought to the hospital.”
“But, Erika…” she was still worrying about Erika, oh, such a dear friend!
“The authorities would take care of her, some along now” Nicole was brought to the ambulance, Kenneth was with her along the way. Never did Kenneth leave Nicole’s side. He held onto her hand the whole trip to the hospital. Nicole missed this feeling, the feeling of being secured, she never felt this with Warren. Could it be because she still loves him?

At the hospital, Kenneth still didn’t leave Nicole until Warren arrived.
“Nicole, where’s Nicole?!” Warren asked the nurses, they told Warren that Nicole was in the emergency room, he hurriedly ran to check if Nicole was all right.
When Warren reached the emergency room, he drew the door open, and he saw Kenneth beside Nicole.
“Sir Yin, what are you doing here?!”
“I was able to save her from the guy who tried to kill her, she just got a few bruises. She’s away from danger now…”
“Warren…” Nicole called out upon hearing his voice. Warren quickly went beside Nicole.
“Oh my gosh, what happened to you?! When we separated this morning you were in perfect shape! Oh my love, my precious, whoever did this to you would pay!” Warren embraced Nicole. Seeing this scene pierced Kenneth’s heart, it was as if millions and millions of needles were piercing his heart. How he wished it was him, not Warren who’s embracing Nicole at times like this.
“Oppa Kenneth saved me from the guy, we should thank him” Warren approached Kenneth and shook hands with him.
“Thank you very much sir, without you, I could have lost MY Nicole….Thank you…”
Didn’t he emphasize on the word ‘MY’? Before it was Kenneth’s word, but now, it seemed like the world turned upside down.
“No problem, even without you thanking me, I would really help Nicole…especially Nicole…” Uh oh, smells like trouble! But this isn’t the right place and time for this! Good thing, before the trouble started, the doctor entered, he said that Nicole could already be discharged when she regains her energy. The bruises were not that bad.
“I’m glad to hear that doctor, do you think she cold already have a party within two days? It’s because we’re getting engaged in two days…” He purposely wanted to inform Kenneth that he couldn’t get Nicole from him.
“Is that so? Well, yes, just don’t let her get tired, and she shouldn’t move much. So if you may excuse me, I will just check on the other patients.” When the doctor left, Warren again faced Kenneth,
“Just like what you heard sir, we’re getting engaged in two days. If you want, you could come over”
“Well, congratulations to the both of you…I think I have to go now…” before leaving, Kenneth went near to Nicole, he took her hand and said “Take good care of yourself ok? Eat fruits so you will regain your energy…I wish you all the best...” The two stared at each other’s eyes for awhile, but it was disturbed when the door opened, it was Judith who came.
“Kenneth, I heard that you were here, you saved Nicole. How are you now Nicole?”
“I’m fine now Ms. Young, thank you for coming”
“Ah, yes, well I wouldn’t stay long, I would just pick up Kenneth, I was so worried of Kenneth. I thought he was the one hospitalized! Oh, I almost had an heart attack there. So, let’s go?”
“Yes, I was really about to go when you arrived. Bye again, don’t forget what I said ok? See you then…”
“Oh yes, thank you once again for saying me oppa… owe you my life. Thank you again…”
“Anytime you need me, I’ll just be here…bye…” That was only when their eyes part.
“Thank you for coming, see you at the engagement! “ Warren led the two to the door.
Nicole was in a deep thought, ‘Are Ms. Judith and oppa together now? Why do I still feel the same even if it’s the first time we met again after three years? Why do I fell jealous, thought I’m now getting engaged? Well, maybe this is really our fate…’
Now that after three years, their paths once again met, will they still be together?
Or they will their hearts be forever apart?
Will there still be chemistry between the two of them?
Find it out on the final chapter of ‘Chemistry of Love’ ^_^

Chapter 13: It’s you, finally "


“Our engagement will still pursue right?” Nicole asked Warren, holding his hands while they were waiting the signal of the doctor for her discharge.
“Well, it really depends on you, do you still want to pursue it even you’re on a case like that?”
“Yes, I’m fine, I just got some bruises. Good thing my dress wouldn’t show up much of my back and arms”
“You could still think about those kinds of things in that situation? Well, even though you have a skin baring dress, you would still look beautiful”
“Ahh, well okay…Ah, Warren, what will happen to the guy and also to Erika?”
“Of course, that guy must pay for what he did…and Erika, I think the authorities would contact her relatives, so she could have her burial. I really don’t know why she did that to you…has she gone crazy?”
“I don’t know, I really don’t know…” but deep inside, Nicole knew the reason for Erika’s bad act was because of her jealousness, but why did it have to come this far?

It was the night before Nicole and Warren’s engagement, this was the last chance for Nicole to decide whether she would end up with Warren or not.
Nicole can’t sleep thinking of the things her oppa Kenneth said. Does he still care for her as a lover, or just as a senior? If ever he still cares as a lover, then why is he with Judith? And at the first place, why is she bothering about these things while she had already decided to spend the rest of her life with Warren?
“Ohh!!! Nicole Jin, stop it thinking about it! Tomorrow’s your engagement with Warren, so think only about Warren and your future! Argghhh!!! Clumsy me, I have to sleep now!” So Nicole took some sleeping pills from her medicine kit and in a few minutes, she finally fell asleep.
On the other hand, Kenneth drank himself so that he wouldn’t think about Nicole’s engagement the next day. As much as he would like to get Nicole back, he knows that Nicole would have a better life with Warren, besides, he’s not really sure if she still loves him, but with the way they looked at each other earlier, he had a strong feeling that Nicole still feels the same for him.

The sound of the chirping birds woke Nicole, it looks like a very good day is in store for her, she thought. After a few seconds, something got into her mind “Oh! It’s my engagement day!” Nicole hurriedly took a shower and fixed herself up, she has to be at the hotel by 9:00 am, and it’s already 8:30! Maybe she drank too much sleeping pills, and she forgot to alarm her clock! Warren didn’t bother to wake her up, because he wanted her to get enough sleep, and they would just meet up at the hotel.
She arrived at the hotel just on time. The stylists started fixing her hair and makeup. The makeup artist just placed a light makeup on her face, so that Nicole’s natural radiant beauty would appear. Her peach off-shoulder dress fits her nicely, her hair was fixed with small flowers making her look like a fairy. Nicole placed on the necklace with a butterfly shaped diamond pendant, which Warren gave her as a gift when they were in England. Warren often gave her expensive things, but this necklace was special, for he gave the necklace at the night when they celebrated Nicole’s birthday for the first time together.

Nicole was at the dressing room, waiting for the part to start when Warren entered, he was very amazed with Nicole’s beauty.
“You look absolutely stunning Nicole…”
“Ahh… well, thank you, maybe it’s with the expensive makeup they applied on me…”
“No, you natural beauty glows…Wait, is that the necklace I gave you?”
“Ah, yes… I don’t want to wear extravagant jewelries, so I wore this one, simple but elegant. This is my favorite gift from you”
“Hmm…so my love for you isn’t your favorite gift?”
“Stop being mushy!” Nicole aired Warren light punches on the arm.
“Okay, okay, aren’t you used to it? Well, now you have to, because we’ll be together forever! Shall we go now?” Warren extended his arm to Nicole.

The party started, and everyone they invited were there, well, except for Kenneth.
Somehow, Nicole was thankful that Kenneth wasn’t there, because she would just feel uneasy.
The party went out well, and now, they’re officially engaged. In a month’s time, they would be wed.

Looking at her engagement ring, Nicole was imagining what kind of life she would have as a married woman. She wanted to live in a simple house, with two children. She just wanted to have a simple life, but this would seem difficult to have, for the reason that Warren would be the next CEO of the Kim Corporation. She has to watch her every move, because she would be carrying the name Kim, which has a very big influence in the society. But then, something came to her mind, if it was Kenneth whom she’ll marry, she would have the simple life she always wanted. However, it’s now impossible for her to be with Kenneth again, because she’s already engaged…
“What are you thinking of?” Warren handed over a cup of strawberry smoothie.
“Oh, nothing…ah, well, honestly, I was thinking about our life together…”
“Really? You know I’ve also been thinking about that. I wanted to live in a condominium unit, so I won’t live at the mansion anymore. Also, I want a dozen of kids running around the house. What do you think?”
“A dozen of kids?! What do you think I am? A milking cow?! I just want two kids, a simple life is also what I want”
“Alright, two kids are fine with me. I’ll do the best I can to give you the simple life you want Nicole, although it would be difficult because of my status in the society. But just life what I said, I’ll do my best for you Nicole.”
“Thank you Warren, I’ll also do my best to be a good wife and mother to our future children.” Warren bent down his head to capture Nicole’s lips in a kiss.

The day after the engagement, newspapers and tabloids featured the engagement. It was early in the morning when Kenneth got his newspaper from the door. The first thing he saw was the couple’s picture. What a good way to start the day!
‘They looked very good together. Maybe it’s really the best for the both of us to go on our different ways” Kenneth thought.

The couple was again busy fixing up things for their wedding, which is now almost three weeks from now.

One day, Nicole had an appointment for the fitting of her wedding dress. She was in the boutique, and the people outside could vividly see how beautiful she was through the glass window. Coincidentally, Kenneth passed by the boutique, and he saw Nicole in her wedding dress. Nicole also saw him outside the glass window. She asked the saleslady to tell Kenneth to wait for her, because she wanted to talk to him.

After changing her clothes, Nicole invited Kenneth to a nearby coffee shop. She was shy to talk to him, but she has to, so that they could gladly go on their separate ways.
“Why would you like to talk to me?”
“Well…first, I want to say sorry…”
“Sorry for what?”
“Sorry that I left without telling you. You know my case then, that’s why I wasn’t able to inform you. I ‘m really sorry…”
“That’s already the past. Besides, you’re now engaged.
“Another thing, I also want to have a formal break-up with you. I know it has been three years since we last contacted each other, but with the sudden happenings, we weren’t able to break-up formally. And now that I’m already engaged, I just want to clear up things with you” It took a while before Kenneth could answer, he was out of words to say.
“Well then, so is this our formal break-up? Okay, I just want to tell you this, whatever happened o us in the past, I would treasure it forever. Thank you for the good memories, and the affection we had once shared. I don’t want to bother you again, but I have to say this, I still love you Nicole. But I know you would be happier with Warren, so I’m letting you go”
Nicole was surprised, he still loves her? Unexpectedly, tears started flowing from her eyes, how she tried to stop the tears from falling, it kept on falling.
“Nicole, why? Sorry for what I said. Please, I don’t want to see you crying…are those tears for me? Do you still love? Nicole, please tell me, before it’s all too late”
Nicole didn’t want to answer, she didn’t know what to answer rather. She was very overwhelmed with what she just heard from Kenneth. She just ran out and left Kenneth. He ran after her, but Nicole already left with her car.
“I could feel you still love me Nicole. I hope you’ll make a way for us…”

Along the way, Nicole was still crying. Did she really do the right thing? Is she still in love with Kenneth? And if she is, will it be better to be with him again, or continue her wedding with Warren? It’s not only her feelings which must be considered, the Kim family’s reputation is also at stake. Is she would back out from the wedding, then it would be a bad image for the family, and the business would be affected. Also, her family would be disappointed, and most importantly, Warren. He loves her so much, he did everything for her good. These things were bugling up Nicole’s mind, she’s so confused. Instead of going back to the mansion, Nicole went to the hill where Warren had brought her. It was quiet there, just right for her to think about things.

It was already evening, and Warren couldn’t still call up Nicole’s phone. He was very worried. He was about to go out and search for her when Nicole’s car arrived.
“Nicole, where have you been?! You’re not even answering your phone. Do you know how worried I was?!”
“Sorry, my phone ran out of battery power, so I wasn’t able to call you up. I was just hanging around, since I couldn’t do it when we get married”
“But at least, you should have contacted me, you could have used the pay phone. You made me worry to death. Look Nicole, even though we get married, you could still do those things, but please, inform me. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, excuse me, I will just rest at my room…”
“What’s wrong with her?” Warren thought.

In her room, Nicole was sitting on her bed, thinking is she would call up Kenneth to tell him to forget about the things that happened earlier. After a few minutes, she dialed-up Kenneth’s land line, hoping that it was still his number. Luckily, it was ringing, then he heard a voice on the other line, indeed, it was Kenneth.
“Hello?” but Nicole didn’t answer, then she hung up. Nicole seemed not ready to talk to him again, after hearing that he still loves her. Kenneth felt that it was Nicole who called him up. He waited for her to call again, but she didn’t. He tried to call up the mansion, but the number was confidential, so he wasn’t able to call her. He didn’t want to make any trouble, so he didn’t go to the mansion. If Nicole really loves him, and wants to be with him, she would make a way.

Days passed, the wedding was coming nearer and nearer. Nicole was still confused, if she would follow her heart and be with Kenneth again, or just continue the wedding and learn to love Warren, besides, she enjoys Warren’s company.

It was already the day before Nicole and Warren’s wedding. Everything was set, except for Nicole. She still hasn’t made up her mind. But with the case, it looks like the wedding will continue, and it’s goodbye Kenneth for good.

Nicole was resting at the balcony when the maid went to her…
“Ms. Jin, someone sent a package for you” the maid handed over a box wrapped in metallic blue wrapper with blue ribbon around it.
“Who sent this?”
“I don’t know, the delivery man just sent it Ms. Jin”
“Okay, thank you, you could go now…”
There wasn’t any card placed on the gift, so Nicole just opened it. Inside, there was smaller velvet box, and inside that box was a diamond ring. There was a letter inside the bigger box, it says…
“This ring signifies my love, my life, which I now give to you. Please take good care of it. It’s not too late Nicole, meet me at the Han river back tonight, I’ll be waiting. I know you still love me Nicole…” The ring was from Kenneth, he wants to get away with her. What will Nicole do?

That night, Kenneth was there waiting at the riverbank, when he heard a car stopped behind him.
“Oppa…” Nicole ran to Kenneth
“I knew you would come. I know you still love me Nicole” Then Nicole went off from Kenneth’s embrace.
“Oppa, I went here to not to go away with you. It’s just that…”
“Nicole, you wouldn’t go here if you don’t want to see me”
“Oppa, I’ll admit that I still love you, but, we have to co consider many things, and I don’t want to damage it all just because of my feelings, please understand me…”
“But how about me? Our love?”
“I don’t know oppa, please, let’s forget about this. I have to go now, I just wanted to tell you my decision, that I’ll continue my wedding. Excuse me, I have to go now…” Before riding the car, Kenneth yelled out.
“Nicole, it’s not too late, please…there still tomorrow! I’ll be waiting here again for you! I love you Nicole Jin!” and Nicole left.

On the way back to the mansion, Nicole saw Allan and Judith together, they were so sweet, and they were like a couple. ‘Wait, so does it mean that Judith wasn’t together with oppa Kenneth after all?! So all were just misunderstood before!’ Nicole wanted to return to Kenneth, but still, the considerations were stopping her. She wasn’t able to sleep the whole night…

The day has come for the wedding. Just as planned, Nicole and Warren went to the hotel for them to be fixed up before proceeding to the church.
Nicole looked stunning again in her tube gown with embroiled satin fabric as her bolero. Her hair was pulled up and a tiara was placed over the veil, while Warren was in a white tuxedo.

The wedding was about to start, everyone was there. The participant for the entourage was already lined up. Mr. Jin would be walking with Nicole down the isle, he was again teary-eyed.
“Aww…I could still remember the day you were born, you were so small and fragile then, and look at you now, you’re a very beautiful bride. Then later on, you will have kids of your own…I just wanted to tell you this baby, I’m very proud of you, and I love you…” Mr. Jin kissed Nicole on the forehead.
“I love you too dad”. Nicole thought that this was it, there wouldn’t be any back outs.
Then the music started playing, partner by partner walked down the isle, when it was Nicole’s turn, everyone were amused with her beauty, she was really a head-turner.
Mr. Jin handed over Nicole to Warren, and they proceeded in front of the altar. The ceremony was going fine, until the part where they will exchange their vows. When it was Nicole’s turn…
“Thank you for your protection, care, and love, I know I couldn’t ever repay it to you Warren. I’m sorry, but I can’t pursue this…I’m really sorry…” Everyone was shocked, especially Warren.
“Nicole what are you talking about?”
“Warren, I tried my best to love you, but, I’m really sorry…” The Nicole ran out of the church.

Nicole hitched in a cab and went to the Han riverbank. Everyone in the church was shocked, but Warren tried to keep calm. Knowing Nicole, she wouldn’t do this for nothing. He loves her so much, and how painful it will be, he would accept it if would be her source of joy.

Kenneth was there, waiting for her, and his waiting did result well. Nicole came, she chose to be with him.
“Oppa, sorry for waiting for me too long., I’m really sorry…I love you, I’m ready to get away with you…”
“Nicole, I’m willing to wait for you no matter how long it would be”
Nicole showed the diamond ring was wearing.
“I’ll take care of your love oppa, I will do the best I could” they gazed at each other’s eyes lovingly.
“Let’s go” Kenneth took Nicole’s hand.
“Wherever…” Kenneth helped Nicole carry her long gown, and led her to a car.
“Wow, you have your own car now?”
“Well, I bought it since I know I’d be having my family soon…”
“Really? So, you’re like a psyche then...”
“Sort of, let’s go…”
The couple drove off to an uphill spa.
“This place looks quite relaxing…”
“Yeah, by the way, you could change into these..” Kenneth gave a paper bag containing clothes Nicole could change into.

There, they reflected about the things they have to face when they return to the city…
“Do you think they would still accept us?”
“They’re your family, I know they will understand. Maybe not now, but one day, they will…”
“I think we have to go and talk to them together. What do you think?”
“It’s fine with me, I’m ready to face anything as long as I’m with you Nicole…”
“But, I’m afraid of what might happen next. I’ve hurt Warren again, he’d been very nice to me all these years…”
“Do you think, if we haven’t seen each other again, you’ll really end up with Warren?”
“Hmmm…honestly, yes…It’s not hard to learn to love Warren. I thought I’m already in love with him, but then, when I saw you again, that was when I realized that real love is not what I feel for Warren.:
“Oh I see…well, I guess we’re really meant for each other then…”
“I think so too…I’ve never felt braver than now, I fell I could surpass everything with you by my side…”

That evening at the Kim’s mansion…
“Again, we’re very sorry for what Nicole did. We don’t have nay idea why she did that….” Nicole’s parents apologized to the Kim family.
“We’ll know the reason behind this when she comes back…we’ve already talked to Warren to ask if they had any conflicts, but he just told us to wait for Nicole. He’d rather be alone in his room. I think it’s better for us for Nicole to explain…”
“Yes, we know Nicole, she’s a very responsible child, and she wouldn’t let us worry about her for so long”
“Madams! Sirs! Nicole’s back!” The butler announced. All of them stood up in surprise, then came in Nicole, with Kenneth.
“Oh Nicole, why are with him?! I thought you’ve broken up with him?! You rascal! You didn’t even think of the people around you!” Mrs. Jin approached Nicole and slapped her face.
“Ah, Mrs. Jin, let us explain please….” Kenneth shielded Nicole.
When Warren heard that Nicole already arrived, he went to the receiving room where Nicole and the others were.
“Go on, we’ll listen to your explanation” Warren said, and the trial, oh I mean, explanation started…
“First of all, I would like to say that I’m very sorry to what I did this morning. I know it was very unruly to do such thing, I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation. As what you could see, the reason for what I did is because of oppa Kenneth. As you all know, he’s my boyfriend before me and Warren got together. I thought during the times I lived with Warren, I would find real love and happiness with him, but, I guess I was wrong. I’m really sorry for all the trouble I caused you. For the past years, I tried my best to repay you for the things you’ve done for me, but I’m very sorry that I failed you this time. I hope you’d understand…”
“Well, we understand your point Nicole, we love you as if you’re our own daughter, we know you’ll not get into something you know you’ll regret at the end. But I think, you and Warren should have a talk. The two of you are the ones in the spotlight now…” Mr. Kim said calmly.
“Wait, wait, wouldn’t you say anything Mr. Yin?” Mrs. Jin intruded.
“Um, maybe you look at me as the wrecker of Nicole and Warren’s relationship, but I really didn’t mean it…Maybe you think that I don’t suite for Nicole, primarily because of our age gap, but age is just a number, and feelings don’t grow old. One, five, ten, or even twenty years from now, I could still tell you that I’ll still love and protect Nicole until eternity comes to its end…”
“Well said Mr. Yin, now, maybe Nicole and Warren could have a talk? So that we could settle things up” Mr. Jin said.

Nicole and Warren went out to the study room to have a talk and hopefully settle things up…At first, no one of the two were uttering a word, until Nicole tried to start with conversation with…
“I’m sorry Warren…: but they weren’t looking at each other, although they were sat facing each other.

“You know, when you left this morning, I already knew the reason, that’s why I didn’t panic searching all over for you. Knowing you, you would come back and explain things, and here we are now…”
“Ah, really? Well you really know me then…Ah, Warren, don’t get me wrong, all these years, I really tried to love you, I thought I’m already fallen for you, but…”
“But your feelings for Kenneth never changed, right?”
“Yes, I just realized it when the incident with Erika happened”
“I remember three years ago, I swore myself to get you at all costs, so childish right? But now, I understand that maybe to love someone is to set that person free, even if it would tear my heart apart, for this would give me another chance to find the right one…”
“Yes, I know you would meet the right one for you Warren, another thing about love is, every heart is meant to be completed by another heart at the right time and at the right place. Soon, you’ll find the heart that will complete you Warren…thank you for loving me these years, I may not be able to repay you, but someone will give all the love you need. Just wait for that person. I want to see you happy….”
“Me too, it may not be easy to forget you, but I know I would be able to move on…Hmm, so we’re not fiancés anymore…”
“Well, we’re very good friends now, do you agree with me?”
“Yes…I wish you all the best in life Nicole, because I want you to be happy…”
“The same with you Warren…” And they embraced each other, a friendly hug, and also a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the times they spent together.

When they went out of the room, there were smiles on their faces.
“Mom, dad, we’ve settled things already…”
“We’ll remain our relationship, but only as very good friends…”
“We’re happy to know that you settled things in a good way. You’re really adults now” Mrs. Kim said embraced Nicole and Warren.

After a short conversation about the other details that should be settled, Nicole decided to come along with Kenneth. They drove up again to the spa, to reflect about things again…
“I’m glad that things are settled now”
“Yes, I thought something drastic would happen, but things went out just fine…I guess you’re my lucky charm”
“Well, I think so too…you’re also my lucky charm Nicole…”
“Hm, only your lucky charm?”
“No, you’re my everything…”
“Aww… me too oppa… I love you…” Kenneth caressed Nicole’s soft face and sealed her lips in a sweet kiss.

Love has no boundaries, it is enduring, pure, priceless, everlasting….practically, all words could be related with love…but one thing’s for sure, love makes the world go round…

Nicole and Kenneth had gone so many odds and trials, but they were able to come over all of these with their love…A love that grows stronger and enduring through time…
No one could have thought this kind of love would last, but Nicole and Kenneth proved that nothing’s impossible with love…

Five years later, the couple are living happily together with their two year old daughter they named Precious Amber (the treasure of their undying love). Nicole’s dream of a simple life came true. She was hired by the Kim Corporation five years ago, and now, she has a very good position in the company. While Kenneth became the dean of a college, and recently was elected as vice chancellor for a university.

About the others, just as expected, Warren was the one who took the position of his father in their company, and good to know that he has finally found the right one for him, he’s together with a popular model, and obviously, he’s very happy with his life…

Allan and Judith finally tied the knot three years ago, and now Judith just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who is a carbon copy of Allan.

Finally, as for Cielo, she’s a popular comedian already! She was discovered two years ago, and now she’s very busy doing her projects. No doubt, she really has the ‘X’ factor to be a comedian!

Oh well, as they say ‘Love odds no boundaries’, and this story is just one of the millions and millions of storied that could prove that phrase. After 13 chapters, my story has now come to an end…Personally saying, when I started writing this fiction 8 months ago (wow, 8 months! Hehe…sorry if my installation of chapters were slow, I was very busy with school), I thought I already know the concepts of LOVE, but now that I’ve ended my story, I learned so much about LOVE. Although I’ve never been in love before, at least I have some ideas about it. It is just like the line in the movie ‘Spiderman’ “With great power, comes great responsibility”, I could relate to love by “With great love, comes great odds and trials, but with great care and faith, all of these obstacles could be outdone”…I hope you liked my fiction, because this was the first fic I made…See
e you again on my next fic! Hopefully, I could make one after the college entrance exam! Ü Take care and God bless!!! AAE FOREVER!!! ♥♥♥ ^_____^


04/23/06 1:10 a.m.

RECAP: (post before the story)

‘Finally!’ you may think,
and ‘Yes! This is it, finally!’ I say…
I’m very sorry for making you girls wait for these chapters for such a long time, that you might have already forgotten about the story….Well, to freshen up your minds, here’s a quick recap on my fic…

The story started with Nicole Jin, a newly high school graduate, who’s about to start her college life in Seoul, little did she know, that this would be the start of her ‘adult life’…
She lived beside Kenneth Yin’s (so-called, Mr. Snob) apartment unit. Apparently, Kenneth was also Nicole’s chemistry professor at her university.
At the university, Nicole met Warren, who fell in love with her. However, with the sudden circumstances, Nicole and Kenneth fell for each other. Since this student-teacher relationship was prohibited in the university, they kept it as a secret. Nevertheless, any secret would be revealed…
The previous scene in the last chapter I posted was the scene where Warren revealed to the students and professors that Nicole and Kenneth were lovers. Allan, who was the dean of the college, (and who’s also a good friend of Kenneth) asked Kenneth if it was true, and Kenneth’s answer is in the next chapter you’re about to read…Enjoy reading! ^_^