AAE Love At First Sight
Written by Ling (Can)


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Chapter 1

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

Both of Xiang Zhe parent died in a car accident 5 years ago. He blames himself for the accident because it occurred while he was arguing with his dad on the phone when his dad was driving to work with his mom. He was adopted by his uncle Yin Jin Ti. Ever since Xiang Zhe has been eating out of control because of depression. At the age of 20 Xiang Zhe was 6ft and weighed about 400 lbs. He has lost a lot of self esteem because of his weight.

JT: "Xiang Zhe you can go on living like this anymore I've told you many time the accident is not your fault. If you keep on eating like this you wouldn't make it to your 25th birthday. Your parents don't want to see you end up like this, they'll be heart broken in heaven."

Xiang Zhe was lying on the couch eating a bucket of ice cream in the living room watching TV. He purposely turned the volume higher so he couldn't hear what Jin Ti said to him.

With a concerned look Jin Ti said "l'll be your personal trainer and help get the fat out of ya"

XZ: "OK" with a slight smile.

Xiang Zhe didn't want Jin Ti to nag and concern about his weight so he went along with it.

JT: "Meet me at the TV station tomorrow morning because you're going to be my special guest."

Xiang Zhe didn't sleep well last night because he didn't want to be on Jin Ti show. When he looked at himself in the mirror all he saw was a big fat blubbery ugly sumo wrestler.

Jin Ti left work early and Xiang Zhe had to catch the bus to the TV station.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
At the Bus Stop

There were a lot of people at the bus stop. People were pushing and shoving to get on and off the bus. Xiang Zhe finally managed to get on the bus. He was standing beside a very good looking girl and the girl snickered at him because of his weight. He felt very embarrassed and quickly turned around and accidentally split his pants on his rear end. Good thing that his jacket was long enough to cover it. So nobody noticed what happened.

He is now determined to loose the excess weight.

At the age of 12 Zhen Shan Mei was 4ft 10" and weighed 140 lbs. Shan Mei had a lot of health problems because of her weight. That's why her mom wanted her to follow the exercise program on TV which the instructor was one of the well known personal trainers in Korea. His name is Yin Jin Ti. Shen Mei turned on the TV and she saw a cute giant standing beside the instructor doing the exercise together.

One.. .eeeek...another....eeeeeeeek....couple more ....eeeeeeeeks……..Shan Mei trying to follow the exercise on TV.

SM: "Mom I don't want to do this anymore can do it. It's too hard."

Shen Mei was panting and out of breath.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6 Years later

Zhao Di is staying with Shan Mei mom (Zhao Di aunt) while attending the same university as Shan Mei. Its Shan Mei first year of university. She preparing to go to her first dance with her cousin Zhao Di.

ZD: "Hurry Shan Mei the dance will be starting within an hour and it'll take us half an hour to get to the university." (The dance was held in one of the auditorium at the university.) Clothes are flying everywhere... not this dress...not that top....not this blouse…….Arg!"

SM: "Zhao Di was helping me to find the right dress. I don't know what to wear." Shan Mei with a confused and anxious look.

ZD: "I don't know. I'm having the same problem."

From the corner of Shan Mei eye she saw a black V-neck dress with a chiffon scarf hanging at the end of the closet. She quickly grabbed the dress and put it on. Zhao Di quickly turned her head and saw Shan Mei with a wide eye.

ZD: "WOW! Shan Mei you look beautiful. Let me do your make up." Shan Mei turned around and looked at Zhao Di beautiful dress Shan Mei eyes almost popped out

SM: "Is this a bit bright and revealing for youwith a wide smile."

Zhao Di has chosen to wear a red dress with low cut neck line and big white polka-dot.

ZD: "No, I really like this dress."

Shan Mei walked out to the living room.

SM: "How do I look”….SM with heavy make up on her face looking innocently at You Zheng.

YZ: "eeeeekeeess you scare the heck out of me Shan Meihat did you do to your face."

SM: "What do you mean?"

YZ: "You look like a ghost."

SM pouted her lips slightly and punches You Zheng in the arm.

"Zhao Di what did you do to my face" Shan Mei shouted, and quickly looked in the mirror in the foyer.

YZ: "Go to the washroom and take the make up offou don't need to put any make up on because youe very pretty already."

YZ: "Not"……..(whispering)

SM: "OK, Wait for me Zhao Di I'll be right back."

Shan Mei ran into the bathroom to take the make up off. 10 minutes later Shan Mei comes out from the bathroom.

YZ: "That's better, you look marvelous"

ZD: "Hurry up Shan Mei let go. We're late…”.

At the dance, Shan Mei walked in to the auditorium, the light was very dim because the DJ was playing a slow song. Zhao Di when straight to where the food was.

ZD: "Come on Shan Mei let go get some food because we need energy in order to dance all night."

Shan Mei was trailing behind Zhao Di. All of the sudden a man talking on a cell phone ran by and knocked Shan Mei arm and knocked her purse on the floor. He said "Sorry" without stopping. Shan Mei was a little shook up from it because he almost knocked her over. Shan Mei picks up her purse and walked toward Sukee table.

SM: "Hi Sukee."

SK: "Hi, what took you so long and where is Zhao Di."

SM: "Let me catch my breath first."

SK: "What happened?"

SM: "I almost got knocked out by someone. Shan Mei pouted her lip. feeling better now

The song "Staying Alive" came on and Shan Mei noticed out on the dance floor there was a big crowd of people in a circle clapping there hands. Shan Mei was curious on what happening. She got up and walk towards the dance floor, she managed to squeeze in to the crowd. She could not believe her eyes when she saw this tall handsome man (Yin Xiang Zhe) dancing like John Travolta. Before she knew it he grabs Shan Mei hand and asks her to dance. Shan Mei was caught off guard. Without saying a word she just followed him to the dance floor. Shan Mei was trying to keep up with the dance move that he was doing and admiring him at the same time. All of the sudden the song "How Deep Is Your Love" comes on. Shan Mei just froze Xiang Zhe look mockingly at Shan Mei and said may I have this dance too. Shan Mei doesn't know what to do because everything happens so fast Shan Mei smiles. Xiang Zhe put his hand on Shan Mei waist and Shan Mei step back a little and her face was blushing. Shan Mei doesn't know where to put her hands because she very shy.

XZ: "Put your left hand around my waist and your right hand on my shoulder." Shan Mei Smiled.


AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 2

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend

Under the supervision of Jin Ti, Xiang Zhe had lost all of his excess weight but not without paying a price. He was put on a strict diet and was on an exercise program. He was not able to eat all of those mouth watering sweet and greasy foods and exercise at the same time. It was like torture for him. Xiang Zhe weight has been fluctuated like a roller coaster. He could loose all the excess weight within 10-12 months but gain it all back within a few months time. He's in his good terms now. He's 150 lbs now with a gorgeous looking face. With his outstanding physical appearance and charm, he was every girl Prince Charming. Let's hope he could remain his weight as it is.

Shan Mei was trying to hold her compulsion. At the age of 18 she was 5ft 6" and weighed 180 lbs. She always had a problem with her weight. Although she had participated in a lot of exercises and diet programs none seemed to work. She just loves to eat lots and hates doing hard exercises.

XZ: "Sorry if I caught you off guard. Let me introduce myself, my name is Yin Xiang Zhe

SM: "I'm Zhen Shan Mei"

XZ: "Nice to meet you" with a dazzled smile

SM: "Nice to meet you too" said Shan Me staring at the floor.

Shan Mei couldn't believe why Xiang Zhe asked her to dance.

XZ: "Sorry about the phone incident. I was running outside to get a better signal before my phone die, that's why I didn't stop to say sorry when I bump you." With a sorry look

SM: "Is ok, I understand"

XZ: "Did you loose something, can I help you find it

SM: "huh...No, I didn't loose anything

XZ: "Why are you looking at the floor all the time" with a teasing tone

Shan Mei burst out laughing.

In Xiang Zhe mind, he knew there was something magical about this girl. Perhap it was the radiant smile of Shan Mei.

The song "Lets Twist Again" comes on before you know it Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei are doing the twist. It's really hard for Shan Mei to keep up because of her size.


XZ: "Are you OK" with a concerned look

SM: "I think I twisted by waist"

Xiang Zhe helps Shan Mei back to her table.

Sukee and Zhae Di are drooling over Xiang Zhe appearance. When Xiang Zhe walked towards the table with Shan Mei, Sukee and Zhae Di almost fell of the chair. Sukee and Zhae Di tried to act as nothing had happened.

XZ: "Do you need me to take you to the doctor"

SM: "No, I'll be ok after I rest a while"

XZ: "May I sit down"

SM: "sure"

XZ: "Let me get you some food. What would you like?"

Shan Mei was starving but she didn't want to let Xiang Zhe see that she was a big eater (like a pig)

SM: "I would like a bowl of salad and a glass of lemonade please said Shan Mei mannerly.

XZ: "OK I will go get some for you"

Xiang Zhe couldn't control himself anymore once he saw the pizza on the table because his favorite food was pizza. There was pizza, buffalo chicken wings, fried chicken, roast beef, onion rings, French fries, pasta, baked potato with sour cream and chives, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, Caesar salad, garden salad, cheese cake, chocolate mousse, tarts, mango pudding and 20 different kinds of ice cream. He stacked pizza and all of the other foods like the Leaning Tower of Pisa on a big gigantic plate. He also got salad and lemonade for Shan Mei.

When he got back to the table with the food, Shen Mei was shocked.

XZ: "Here is your salad and lemonade"

SM: "Thanks " with a growling stomach

Xiang Zhe finished his food in record time and went back for seconds.

Shan Mei was amazed at Xiang Zhe on the amount of food he could eat and still keep a model body. She was curious to know what he does to keep his bodily shape.

Shan Mei was beating on herself for not asking him to get her more food because she was extremely hungry.

SM: "WOW, you must be very hungry" with an amazed look

XZ: "Ya, I haven't eaten all day" with a slight grin

SM: "Why not" with a curious look

XZ: "too busy preparing for class"

Xiang Zhe excused himself from the table to go to the bathroom. All of the sudden his pant button popped out on the way to the bathroom, good thing he had worn a belt. He continued to walk swiftly towards the bathroom and nobody noticed what had happen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jin Ti didn't go to the dance with Xiang Zhe because he was working late. Although Jin Ti was Xiang Zhe uncle but he's only 6 year older than Xiang Zhe. He was more like a brother to Xiang Zhe than an uncle. After Jin Ti received Xiang Zhe call saying his car broke down at the dance. Jin Ti went to the University to pick up Xiang Zhe. Jin Ti didn't park his car because there weren't any parking space left because of the dance, so he parked his car in front of the auditorium and quickly ran inside. He spotted Xiang Zhe immediately because he was sitting with a very attractive and overweight girl like a green thumb. Jin Ti waved at Xiang Zhe and hollered let's go hurry I just parked in front of the auditorium so if you don't hurry the car will get towed away and I'll get a ticket

Xiang Zhe got up and said "good bye" to Shan Mei and quickly ran out of the auditorium.

SM: "Bye"

Sukee elbowed Zhae Di to elbow Shan Mei

ZD: "You're so lucky because you're pampering by Prince Charming all night. Sukee and I are so jealous of you" with a admiring look.

SK: "Did he ask you out"

SM: "No, he didn't even ask me for my phone number"

ZD: "What" she shouted

SM: "shhhh Zhae Di, its ok, I'm sure we'll meet again"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In Jin Ti Car

JT: "Who was the girl?"

XZ: "What girl" acting dumb

JT: "Don't play dumb with me "Prince Charming" the girl you were sitting with"

XZ: "Oh that girl"

XZ: "Okay..her name is Shan Mei"

JT: "So, Shan Mei is her name ha" with a curious look

JT: "Well, tell me more" with an anxious look

XZ: "What"

JT: "I want to know every little single detail"

XZ: "You sound it like my mom" with a grin

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 3

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend

Shan Mei house

The autumn moonlight shines into Shan Mei room. You could see Shan Mei oversized shadow on the wall turning and twisting all over the bed. She was having problems falling asleep. She got up and walked towards the window. It was a starry night. She opened the window and gazed up at the sky with an admiring look. ow..It beautifulThe autumn wind blew at her face with a smell of autumn leaves. Shan Mei mind started to wonder off. She could see herself dancing with Xiang Zhe under the moonlight and wondering how Xiang Zhe feels about her. Why did Xiang Zhe asked her to dance? Does he like her? Does he mind about her weight? Will she ever see him again? She very self conscious because of her weight problem. It seems like she have million unanswered questions on her mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Next Morning

Shan Mei mom Zhen Shu was in the middle of making breakfast when Shan Mei walked in.

ZS: "Breakfast will be served in 5 min"

SM: "Mom, I want to skip breakfast because I on a diet"

ZS: "Skipping breakfast is not good for you, if you want to loose weightow about I get you a personal trainer"

SM: "OK"

ZS: "A friend of mine is a personal trainerere is his business card."

SM: "Thanks mom"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shan Mei on the phone

SM: "Hello, Can I speak to Mr. Yin Jin Ti"

JT: "Speaking"

SM: "I would like to ask you to be my personal trainer"

Jin Ti doesn't know what to say because he has a lot on his plate and doesn want to take new students.

SM: "My mom Zhen Shu recommended you to me"

JT: "So you're Zhen Shu daughter ha…”

Without hesitation Jin Ti answers yes to Shen Mei request because she Zhen Shu daughter. Jin Ti was Zhen Shu secret admire because Jin Ti dad was a life long friend with Zhen Shu dad and they practically grew up together. Zhen Shu always treated Jin Ti as her little brother but Jin Ti felt different.

SM: "I would like to invite you and your family over for dinner this Saturday so you and mom could have a reunion"

JT: "OK, See you then" with a big smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jin Ti house

JT: "Do you have plans this Saturday"

XZ: "Why?

JT: "Shen Shu daughter had invited us over for dinner"

XZ: "Who's Zhen Shu? with a puzzled look

JT: "Shen Shu dad and your grandpa are life long friendser daughter phoned me today and asked me to be her personal trainer and invited us over for a dinner reunion."

JT: "You're probably too small to remember Aunty Zhen Shu"

XZ: "Ya, I've no recollection. OK Il go with you"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ding Dong....Ding Dong....Ding Dong

SM: "Coming"

Shen Mei was shocked when she opened the door and saw Jin Ti. She thought Jin Ti was about the same age as her mom. She was surprised to see Jin Ti who was very tall, handsome and muscular.

SM: "Hi Uncle Yin, I Zhen Shan Mei"with a sweet voice

JT: "Hi"

Jin Ti recognized Shan Mei from the dance.

Shan Mei takes Jin Ti into the living room

SM: "Please take a seatl go get mom"

Zhen Shu gave Jin Ti a welcoming hug. Jin Ti was taken by surprise.

ZS: "Long time no see...How have you been"

JT: "I'm fine...Where is Gui Cheng?"

ZS: "He's working out of towne will be back later on tonight. How is Xiang Zhe doing?"

JT: "He's coming over soon."

Ding Dong.....Ding Dong

SM: "l'll get it"

Shen Mei couldn believe what she saw when she opened the door. Xiang Zhe was standing their with a fruit basket. She stumbled and almost fell into Xiang Zhe arms "Hi" with a jittery voice

XZ: "Hi" with a winked

XZ: "Is my uncle Yin Jin Ti here?"

SM: "Yes, come on in"

Zhen Shu and Jin Ti walked towards the door and greeted Xiang Zhe

ZS: "Wow Xiang Zhe you've grown a lot hardly recognized you"

Xiang Zhe doesn know what to say

ZS: "Let me introduce my daughter to you"

ZS: "Xiang Zhe this is Shan Mei and Shan Mei this is Xiang Zhe"

Xiang Zhe gave a delightful look to Shan Mei

XZ: "Aunty Zhen Shu we have already known each other before" with a slight grin

ZS: "Where, When, How?"

XZ: "At the university dance"

ZS: "I see, what are you taking at the university"

XZ: "I'm a part-time Physical Education teacher and a full time model"

Shan Mei stole a glance at Xiang Zhe

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 4

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)


JT: "Hello, Can I speak to Zhen Shan Mei"

ZS: "Hello, Jin Ti is that you. This is Zhen Shu"

JT: "Hi Zhen Shu, Is Shan Mei around"

ZS: "No, she's not home. I thought she's suppose to meet you at the gym to go over the Fitness program"

JT: "Something came up and I can't make it today. I'Il phone Xiang Zhe to asked him to go to the gym to inform Shan Mei about this."

ZS: "Ok"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Xiang Zhe was in a middle of photo session for a fitness magazine when Jin Ti called.


JT: "Hello, Xiang Zhe" in a panic voice

XZ: "Hello"

JT: "Shan Mei is waiting for me at the gym. Can you go to the gym and let her know that I had to cancel our meeting because I have an urgent matter to attend."

Jin Ti doesn't know Xiang Zhe was at the gym doing a photo shoots. It was a golden

opportunity for Xiang Zhe to see Shan Mei again.

XZ: "OK"with a smirk look

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the Gym

Shan Mei arrived early at the gym. Shan Mei was shocked when she saw Xiang Zhe doing

a photo shoot. She quickly hided behind a corner because she doesn't want Xiang Zhe to know she's

watching him. Xiang Zhe was topless and wearing boxing short. Xiang Zhe was extremely

well formed. He's very masculine with chest firmly muscle, his hip and waist are lean. He

was pumping iron for a few minutes and perspiration slowly dripping down his face than

down to his chest. The site of Xiang Zhe had took Shan Mei breath away. It was the

most provocative site Shan Mei ever seen. From the Corner of Xiang Zhe eye he saw

Shan Mei. He know that Shan Mei was watching him. He waited for a few minute before he

asked the photographer if he could take a break. Shan Mei started walking toward Xiang

Zhe when he heard him asked the photographer that he needed a break. The photographer

turned around and said "OK"to Xiang Zhe.

SM: "You Zhen, what are you doing here?" shocking look

YZ: "Working, off course"

SM: "Ha, laughing"

YZ: "Let me introduce you to my friend"

Xiang Zhe was looking at Shan Mei with a slight grin with a wink.

YZ: "Xiang Zhe this is my step sister Zhen Shan Mei"

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei burst out laughing

YZ: "What's going on?"

XZ: "It's a long story, I'Il tell you later"

SM: "Hi Xiang Zhe" couldn't stop laughing

XZ: "Hi, Jin Ti called and want it me to let you know that he had to cancel the meeting because he have an urgent matter to attend."

Ying Mei opens the gym door and holler at You Zhen. "Are you ready to go for lunch, I'm starve."

YZ: "Not yet, come here let me introduce you to my friend" putting his arm around Ying Mei shoulder.

YZ: "Xiang Zhe this is my girlfriend Xu Ying Mei and this is Yin Xiang Zhe"

Xiang Zhe bow and said "Nice to meet you Miss Xu"

Shan Mei was trying to wave and said hi to Ying Mei but Ying Mei ignore her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ying Mei never likes Shan Mei because she was jealous of her. People always

compliment her look and personality. They never criticized her weight. She always tries

to make Shan Mei looked bad in front of others because she think she's prettier and have

a model figure, which Shan Mei never have and never will. Ying Mei pulled You Zhen

aside and suggested that he should take some pictures of Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe for the

magazine cover. He could do a before and after picture of Shan Mei on the fitness

program so people could see the contrast. You Zhen thought the idea was good. Ying Mei

think Shan Mei can't loose the excess weight because Shan Mei hates exercising and

never lost any weight before.

YZ: "Zhan Mei can you do me a favor"

SM: "Depends on what the favor is" with a wondering look

YZ: "You look very pretty. Can you be my model for this photo shoot, I want it to do a before and after look of you for the magazine cover?"

SM: "You Zhen I'm not prepare to do this"

You Zhen and Xiang Zhe simultaneously said "You'll be fine"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ying Mei took the tight off the wardrobe.

YM: "Here put this on" she through the tight at Shan Mei

Shan Mei when to the change room. She tie her hair in a pony tail and look in the mirror and said "I'm

going to loose those spare tire in 6 month" Shan Mei didn't know Xiang Zhe was waiting for her

outside the changing room. When she open the door, the door bang Xiang Zhe on the head.

SM: "Oh Sorry, are you ok" with hand covering her mouth.

XZ: "Yes, I'm ok"

XZ: "You look great and don't worry, you do fine."

SM: "Thanks"with a smile

XZ: "Come on Shan Mei, let's get the show on the road with a wink and pulls Shan Mei hand and walk towards You Zhen."

The shooting begin and Xiang Zhe told Shan Mei to relax. Just listen to You Zhen and I'Il

guide you.

YZ: "Xiang Zhe put your hand on Shan Mei waist……Shan Mei lean back..just be yourself."

Shan Mei face was beet red because she was leaning on Xiang Zhe bare chest.

YZ: "Hold it...good...good...Let me get another angle shot"

All the people in gym were gather around and looking at Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei do the

shooting, People were clapping there hand and whispering saying what a lovely

couple....they look so good together.

When Ying Mei heard what the audience have to say. She slams the door and walk out.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 5

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

The pictures turned out perfect. The sales of the fitness magazine hit the roof. Xiang Zhe

waited for Shan Mei in the Campus cafeteria to show her the magazine. Shan Mei saw

Xiang Zhe and wave with a radiance smile.

XZ: "Hi Shan Mei"

SM: "Hi, what are you doing here?"

Xiang Zhe had the magazine hide behind his back. "Do I need to have a reason to come to?

see you" with a wink. Shan Mei was caught off guard from his comment. She knew Xiang

Zhe was trying to tease her. She quickly replied "Yes, you do, I a really busy girl you

know. You need to make an appointment with my secretary if you want to see me" Shan

Mei was trying really hard to hold back the giggle. She just burst out laughing.

XZ: "Let's go get a table. I want to show you something"

SM: "OK"

Xiang Zhe took out the magazine and show it to Shan Mei. The cover was Xiang Zhe

wrapping his arm around Shan Mei waist from behind. When Shan Mei saw the cover,

she was amazed on how well the pictures turned out. She was reminiscing the day of

the photo shoots with a dreamy look than she realized Xiang Zhe was looking at her with

a wonder look.

SM: "The pictures turned out good hawith a big smile."


It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the birds were chirping outside. Xiang Zhe asked Jin

Ti to go for a morning run around the park. Jin Ti turned down the offer because he was

working late the night before. Xiang Zhe was suppose to run around the park but flashes

of Shan Mei keep appear on his mind. Before you know it he was standing outside Shan

Mei house. Looking up to Shan Mei bedroom window. He wondered what Shan Mei

doing now. Is she awake or still asleep?? There was a tap on Xiang Zhe shoulder.

Xiang Zhe grabs the hand and quickly used his karate and tries to flip the person over. Shan

Mei Scream. Luckily Xiang Zhe stop in time. Instead of flipping Shan Mei he quickly grab

Shan Mei waist and hold on to her. Xiang Zhe lips had lightly brush Zhan Mei cheek

during the instance. Shan Mei heart was pounding so fast and it almost jump right out.

She not sure if she was scare or what but the feeling of Xiang Zhe lips against her

cheek was so tender. She had fallen in love with Xiang Zhe.

XZ: "Are you OK" still holding Shan Mei in his arm, both felt very awkward afterward.

Xiang Zhe was very calm and collective.

XZ: "Sorry, I thought youe going to mug me"

SM: "Sorry, I should have called out your name first. What are you doing here?"

XZ: "I was doing my morning run."

SM: "You sure come a long way to do your morning run" with a curious look

XZ: "What are you doing up so early"

Xiang Zhe was trying to change the topic

SM: "I'm doing my morning run too"

XZ: "Are you going to the gym after?"

SM: "Yes"

XZ: "Do you mind we run together than we could go the gym after?"

SM: "OK"

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 6

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

SM was wearing a baby blue jogging outfit with a white tan top. The weather is extremely hot today and SM was sweating a lot.

XZ: "Do you want to take off your jogging suit because you look awfully hot."

Shan Mei doesn't want to take off the jogging suit because she wanted to cover up her big tummy and thigh but the heat was getting to be unbearable so she agreed to take off her jogging suit. SM was very shy taking off her jogging suit in front of XZ. Her face was beet red.

XZ: "Let me take your jogging suit to my car and I'll be right back"

Xiang Zhe was amazed at Shan Mei figure. He couldn't help not to look at her because she looks very provocative with her tan top. She's not fat at all but round, it's just proportional.
Shan Mei was trying to do some stretching exercise while Xiang Zhe take her jogging suit to the car.

SM: "Come on Shan Mei you could do it.... eeeek.." trying to touch her toes with her hand...she could only bend half way down to touch her knee.

Meanwhile Xiang Zhe was watching Shan Mei around the corner, with a wide grin.

XZ: "You could do it." talking to himself.

All of the sudden the cloud move in and the rain started to drizzle. Shan Mei spread out her arm and try to feel the rain drop. She was twirling around and around like a little girl. She looks so pure and innocent Xiang Zhe feel very fortunate to be able to capture this moment with his eyes. There was a can on the ground and Xiang Zhe accidentally kicks it and it makes a noise

SM: "Oh Xiang Zhe you're back."

XZ: "Sorry Shan Mei, did I scare you?"

SM: "No, not at all"

Shan Mei was so excited about the rain, she didn't realized she was soaking wet. She quickly put her arm around her chest because her bra line was showing through her wet tan top. Xiang Zhe quickly takes off his shirt and put it on her. She felt very embarrass. Xiang Zhe grab Shan Mei by the hand and ran to the car quickly.

XZ: "Are you OK"

Shan Mei was shivering. Xiang Zhe turn on the heat full blast.

SM: "I"m fine"

The car comes to a stop at Shan Mei house.

SM: "Why don you come in to dry out your cloth because I don't want you to catch a cold."

XZ: "OK"

There was no one home in Shan Mei house. Shan Mei grab a set of sweat from You Zhen room

SM: "Put this on and Il dry your wet cloths"

XZ: "So you think this will fit", with a skeptical look

You Zhen is only 5 ft 8 and Xiang Zhe is 6 foot.

SM: "Unless you want to try on some of my dresses"...with a teasing tone

XZ: "Ok..OK..I'll put them on"..they both laugh out loud

Xiang Zhe came out from the bathroom, Shan Mei burst out laughing……

SM: "hummmmm...you look like Incredible Hulk with out the big muscle...heeheehee...just kidding"

Xiang Zhe pretend to look sad than burst out laughing too.

Xiang Zhe and Shan Mei stomach started to growl at the same time. The phone ringringring

SM: "Hello"

YZ: "Zhan Mei, because of the success of your last photo shoot with Xiang Zhe which had a huge increase in sale of the Health magazine. People magazine want it me to do a photo shoot with you and Xiang Zhe. They want to do the shoot on the Princess Cruise.

SM: "What" with a shock look

Ying Mei at the back ground yelling at You Zhen "Hurry up"

YZ: "I've to go now Ying Mei calling me. We'll talk tonight...I'm in a rush..can you let Xiang Zhe know about this."

SM: "OK"

Shan Mei was still in shock after she hang up the phone. In her mind she was thinking...how could this be..It's not true.....You Zhe is playing a big joke on me

XZ: "What's wrong?"

There was a lot of questions going around in Shan Mei head...it seems like Shan Mei had deaf ear

XZ: "Are you OK" with a concern look

SM: "Yes..Yes..Yes"

XZ: "Who phone?"

SM: "You Zhe he said People magazine want it us to do a photo shoot on the Princess Cruise"

To be continue

I'm not sure how this story is going to develop. I'm just going to let my imagination run wild..hope you gals can bare with me!

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 7

Written by Ling (Can)

XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

XZ: "WOW that's great; I haven't been on the Princess Cruise (Love Boat) before"

SM: "Let me make you some breakfast" Shan Mei is trying to change the topic.

SM: "What do you like American or Korean style breakfast?"

XZ: "American, May I have the honor to make you breakfast madam. With a bow"

SM: "Certainly" lifting a little of her skirt and bow back to Xiang Zhe and both of them burst out laughing.

Xiang Zhe opened the fridge than he took out some eggs, ham, green pepper, onion and cilantros than he chopped the ham, green pepper, onion and cilantros into even pieces very fast (like the famous chef Martin Yan). He took the eggs and cracked them open with one hand. He put all the ingredients into a bowl than started his salt and pepper trick. He tossed the salt and pepper shaker up to the air than turn around catch it with his back hand. Shan Mei was amazed at Xiang Zhe kitchen skills.

SM: "WOW, you're a good cook" with adoring eye.

XZ: "Why don't you go set up the table and I'll bring the breakfast out?"

SM: "OK" with a warm smile.

XZ: "Here is today special the incredible Xiang Zhe omelets madam"

Xiang Zhe garnished the plate with a carrot that carved like a rabbit. Shan Mei was in auzzzzzzzzzz

SM: "wow it looks scrumptious. It is too pretty to eat."

XZ: "Try it and give me your honest comment"

Shan Mei took one mouth full and she try to put her eyes, nose, mouth together. She didn say a word. Shan Mei was trying to pull Xiang Zhe leg.

XZ: "If you don't like it, don eat it" with a concern look.

Shan Mei change to a radiant smile and said t delicious, I love itan you teach me how to make it? with a curious kid look.

XZ: "OK, but you have to promise me, you will go on the Princess Cruise for the photo Shoot"

SM: "OK, it a deal"

After breakfast they when to the gym together, the gym was on the 10th floor

XZ: "Let's take the stairs"

SM: "What? Are you serious?"

XZ: "Yes, come on let go"

SM: "I don't think I could do it, walking 10 flights up to the gym, Il be dead by the time I reach there!"

XZ: "No, you won't" Xiang Zhe took Shan Mei hand and dash to the stairs.

Shan Mei was out of breath by the time she get to the stairs.

XZ: "Don't worry, it'll be fun. If you do pass out I'll be here for you" with a teasing tone. Shan Mei pouted.

After the third flight of stairs, Shan Mei started to look really tire.

XZ: "Let's rest for a while"

While they were resting Xiang Zhe suggested to play paper, rock, and scissor. If I win you have to walk half a flight of stair but if I loose Ie to carried you 1 flight of stair per game. After 10 minute of rest the game started.

They both shouted paper, rock, scissor Xiang Zhe with a sly look was trying to put out rock and scissor at the same time than shan mei pouted

SM: "You're cheating" with a amuse look

Xiang Zhe: "O K..OK..OK..it's me who loss the game not you" with a mischievous look.

Xiang Zhe bend down to let Shan Mei hopped on his back so he could carried her up.

XZ: "get on"

SM: "Are you sure, I'm quite heavy"

XZ: "Yes, I'm sure; if you don't hop on now the gym might be close before we get there."

The game continue on until they reach the 10th floor, sometime Shan Mei have to walk but most of the time Xiang Zhe was giving her a piggy ride up.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 8

Written by Ling (Can)

XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

The news of Shan Mei and Xiang Zhe going to have a photo shoot on the Princess Cruise and the success of the fitness magazine spread across town. Jin Ti’s fitness club was jammed with phone call asking if Xiang Zhe could be there personal trainer. Even Sukee and Zhae Di want it to be in XZ’s fitness program.

Campus Cafeteria

“Come on SM talk to XZ to get us in” Sukee and Zhae Di said it in unison

SM: “ha, to get you in what”

Sukee: “You mean you don’t know”

Zhae Di: “All the girl in town want it to get in to XZ’s fitness class. You did the photo shoot with XZ and he’s your personal trainer rite, so you must know him well rite. Please get us in…please” Zhae Di and Sukee with a anxious look.

Before you know it, XZ is walking toward SM with a delightful look.

XZ: “ hi SM” with a dazzle smile

SM felt shy from his look, her face turn crimson. She lower her head and said Hi

XZ: “Have you pick out your bathing suite yet?”

SM was caught off guard from his question. She was stunned that he asked her this kind of question in front of her friend. She just swings her head.

Sukee and Zhae Di were starring at XZ with drools.

XZ: “YZ, YM, Jin Ti, Xian Da, Yong xi and I are going to Cheju Island camping this weekend, would you girl like to join us?”

Sukee and Zhae Di immediately say yes. SM wasn’t listening to what XZ just said because she’s still recovering from XZ’s first question. She just nodded her head. XZ was delighted from SM’s answer.

XZ: “I will pick you girls up at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. I have to go to my next class now see you gals Saturday. With a wink

SM: “What did he just say?” with a daze look

Zhae Di: “He’s coming to pick us up Sat morning to go camping at Cheju Island”

SM: “HA…what….pouted her lip.

SM’s house

SM have mix emotion toward this trip…she’s really happy that XZ ask her to go but on the other hand she have not been camping before and she’s afraid she might make a fool out of herself in front of XZ.

SM: “What should I bring YZ” SM didn’t realize YZ was on the phone with YM.

YZ: “ha, you could bring anything you want” YZ was busy talking to YM about the trip he just give SM a broad answer.”

YZ: “I’m going over YM’s house to help her pack for tomorrow, I’ll be home late, bye”

YZ left the house in a hurry!

Zhae Di was sleeping over at Sukee’s house so they could finish an assignment before the trip. XZ will pick them up at Sukee’s house tomorrow. SM’s parent Zhen Shu and Gui Cheng when to Pusan to visit relatives, therefore, SM was left alone in the house.

Once SM opened her closet and she felt a sense of loss, “Ok what should I bring” It’s October and the weather is really unpredictable. She got out an big back pack and start packing winter, summer clothing, chocolate bars, potato chips, cough medicine, cold medicine, ointment for dizziness and stomach pain, insect repellent, sun block, hat, umbrella, books, flashlight, matches, candles, hair dryer..... The backpack was pack to the rim and it’s really big and heavy too.

Saturday morning

XZ arrived at SM’s house 7 o’clock sharp. SM was dress in kaki pant and a baby blue top. XZ was wearing a white long sleeve top and kaki pant too.

XZ: “You look lovely today”

SM: “Thanks and so do you. How did you know I’m wearing kaki today” with a bright smile

XZ: “Telepathy” with a mocking looks. OK, where is your luggage?”

SM: “What luggage?” SM pointed herself with a playful look

XZ walk toward SM and bend down trying to lift her up…SM immediately bend down so XZ couldn’t lift her…..XZ know SM was pulling his leg. They both look at each other and burst out laughing. Than SM pointed the backpack behind her, XZ’s eyes almost pop out when he saw a giant backpack.

XZ: “WOW, are you planning to bring all that?” with an amazing look

SM: “Yes”

While carrying the backpack to the car XZ asked “what do you have it in here?”

SM: “I’m not going to tell, let’s say it have all the stuff I need for camping.”

They when to Sukee’s house and pick up Sukee and Zhae Di. They met YZ, YM, Xian Da, Yong xi and Jin Ti at the dock. They got to Cheju Island’s camping ground at noon. XZ, YZ Xian Da and Jin Ti quickly make tents and SM, Sukee and Zhae Di make lunch while YM complaint about mosquitoes and the scorching sun.

After lunch

YZ: “OK everybody, let’s put your name in this hat than we’ll draw for our partner of the day”

YM: “What partner? What are we going to do with a partner?”

YZ: “We are going to hike to the waterfall. I’ll give you a map with marker which will tell you what items you need to pick up along the trail to the waterfall. Who ever reach the waterfall with the correct items they pick up along the way will be the winner.”

ZD: burst out “What’s the prize for the winner?”

YZ: “There is a hotel by the waterfall the winner will get a gift certificate for two night accommodation.”

Zhae Di and Sukee was so excited they are praying hard to draw XZ as their partner.

YZ: “There are 9 of us and we will have 4 teams and there will be a team of 3 people ok”

The first name drawn out of the hat was Xian Da and his partner was Yong Xi, than YZ and YM, Sukee and Zhae Di than the last team was Jin Ti, XZ and SM. Sukee and Zhae Di’s face almost drop when they heard they are partner.

Jin Ti quickly jumped up and said “can I go into Sukee’s team instead because I don’t want to see the girls go alone, it might be danger. Jin Ti whisper to XZ I don’t want to be your light bulb.” SM overheard what Jin Ti said to XZ her face turned beat red.

YZ: “OK Jin Ti, you could go in to Sukee’s team make sure you bring them back in one piece…in a jokingly voice.

XZ and SM was the last team to leave because they have to put the fire out before they leave.

SM: “How long does it take to hike to the water fall?”

XZ: “It’s about an hour hike but there is a lot of beautiful scenery along the way.”

SM: “Wow, come on let’s go.” With an enthusiastic voice

They saw a cave on top of a cliff.

SM: “Let’s go explore the cave.” When SM saw the long and narrow stair that goes up to the cave she turned and looked at XZ and give him a signal. XZ caught on right away. They both smile and said “paper rock scissor.”

XZ ended up piggy back SM most of the way up. The cave was very dark and filled with lime stone. All of a sudden there was a ssssssssssssss sound and XZ felt something had bitten his leg and quickly turned the flashlight on and SM was standing really close to him, his lip also touches SM’s forehead. It was a very awkward moment and they both said excuse me.
SM’s face turned white when she saw XZ’s leg was breeding. Pain started to take over XZ and he felt to the ground.


AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 9

Written by Ling (Can)

XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)

The Cave

SM got out a flashlight from her back pack than she realized XZ was bitten by snake and she didn’t know if it’s poisonous or not. She quickly ripped XZ’s pants to see where the wound is…Xiang Zhe was still conscious and alert.

SM: “Don’t go to sleep on me” sobbing continuously

Although XZ was in great pain, he tried to comfort SM not to worry and he was fine.

SM find a black lesion around XZ’s knee, she quickly put her month to his knee and try to suck out the poison than she torn a piece of her clothing and wrap tight around his knee cap so the poison doesn’t spread upward.

XZ: “What are you doing? Don’t do that.”

SM: “Try not to talk and save your energy”

XZ pass out shortly after. SM was so scare that XZ was dead she put her head on his chest to see if he’s breathing or not. She felt his heart beat than she felt better. XZ was shivering and sweating a lot. SM is regretting not to bring along all the stuff she pack from home. All she bought was a flashlight and a light jacket. It breaks her heart watching XZ suffering like this. All of a sudden XZ started to have seizure, SM try to hold him down with all her strength but she couldn’t…finally she put her body on top of XZ and try to hold him down that way. Good thing the seizure didn’t last very long but to SM it felt like eternity. Not realizing XZ started to come around SM still holding him down with her body on top of him…SM whisper and said XZ don’t die on me I have a lot of thing I want to tell you….please…please…don’t die…sobbing

XZ was very groggy and said “please don’t cry, what do you want to tell me” tenderly patted Shan Mei’s back

SM quickly dried her tears and said “I will tell you when you’re better”

XZ drift back into unconsciousness again.



It was night fall already, YZ, YM, Xian Da, Yong xi, Jin Ti, Sukee and Zhao Di had waited a long time at the waterfall and no sight of SM and XZ. So they decided to call the police. A massive search and rescue was launch. They divided into a ground and helicopter team. Jin Ti was with the ground team and Xian Da was with the helicopter team while the girls stay behind in the command post with YZ. YZ was very worry about SM and XZ. He was pacing back and forth.

ZD: “I’m worrying sick about there safety, Do you think we should go search ourselves?”

YZ: “No, its pretty dark out, we better stay here and wait.”


The Cave

XZ was burning up with a fever. There was water sipping out from the wall so SM ripe another piece of her clothing to use as clothe to wipe XZ body to cool him down. She unbuttoned XZ Shirt and start wiping his masculine chest, neck, arms and forehead. He looked so provocative laying there with his shirt off. SM know is not proper but she couldn’t resist not staring at XZ gorgeous face and body. Her face turned crimson. XZ was drifting in and out from consciousness, he could feel SM’s hand wiping his body and heard SM weep about his condition but he doesn’t have the strength to open his eyes or talk. SM was exhausted she doze off beside XZ.

The chattering of XZ’s teeth woke SM up. He was soaking wet with cold sweat. His lip was black and he was freezing cold. SM took of her jacket and wrapped it around him. XZ was mumbling don’t leave me like mama and papa did….there was nothing that SM can use to start a fire with. All she could do is to use her body heat to keep him warm. SM holds XZ tightly and tenderly stroked his back and said everything is going to be ok. I’ll always be here for you.

The sun was beaming inside the cave and wakes XZ up. XZ slowly rub his eye with his hand and he could smell a feminine fragrance than he realized SM was holding him. He knew SM had a rough night taking care of him so he tried not to wake her up. There was a strand of hair covering SM’s eyes and XZ was trying to push it aside. SM twisted her nose and snuggled closer to XZ. XZ was gaze dreamingly at SM for a long time until SM scream out “No Xiang Zhe”. SM woke up with a nightmare.

XZ: “I’m here….everything is going to be all right”

SM jab XZ on his chest with her hand…quickly release XZ and turn around

SM: “Sorry for what had happened, if is not me who want to explore the cave, you wouldn’t be bitten by snake.”

XZ turn SM around and said” Don’t think like that. It’s not your fault accident can happen anytime. Thank you for taking care of me, you’re my life saver”

SM: “How are you feeling?”

XZ: “A lot better than last night” with a wink

SM: “Are you in any pain”

XZ nodded his head and pointed to his stomach. SM quickly told XZ to lie down and start rubbing his stomach. XZ’s stomach started to growl than they both look at each other and burst out laughing.

SM: “We better get out of here, can you walk?”

XZ: “I think so, but you’ve to help me”

SM: “OK, put your arm around my shoulder, should we go?” with vibrant smile.

JT: “SM and XZ are you in there”

XZ: “Yes, we are.”

SM was very relief to see Jin Ti and the rescue team. XZ was air lifted by helicopter to the hospital.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 10

Written by Ling (Can)

XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)
SJ: Dr. Kim Sun-Jae

Jin Ti radio the command post to tell YZ that he had find XZ and SM.

YZ: re they OK?

JT: M is doing fine but XZ was bitten by a snake and he being air lifted to the hospital. I taking SM to the hospital to have her check out too. Don worry please let Gui Cheng and Zhen Shu know SM is fine. Il see you at hospital.

YZ: K, Il see you there


AT Jin Ti car

Jin Ti took off his jacket to put it around SM and padded her shoulder. SM looks like she just came out of a war zone. Her shirt and pant were torn. Her makeup was smudge all over her face and her hair was a mess too. SM was trying to adjust her hair and wiping her face with her hand so she could look more presentable. Jin Ti handed SM a wet tissue and a comb.

JT: ou must been through a lot last night, how are you feeling?

SM: not hurt but I feel really bad about XZ.Force a smile. She was wiping her face with the wet tissue and combing her hair at the same time

JT: an you tell me what happen?

SM started to weep, t my entire fault because I want to explore the cave that how XZ got bitten by a snake. If we didn go explore the cave, none of this will happen.

JT: on blame yourself, accident can happen. I sure XZ doesn want to see you like this.


At the hospital

The helicopter landed on top of the hospital roof. XZ was drifting in and out of consciousness and his pulse was week. The paramedics quickly wheel him into the emergency room. The heart monitor was flat line and XZ when into Cardiac Arrest. Dr. Kim Sun-Jae was the attending doctor. He immediately started CPR.

Sun-Jae was XZ neighbor and they known each other ever since they could remember. After the death of XZ parent, they loss contact because XZ had move to live with Jin Ti and Sun-Jae when to Harvard to get his Doctor degree. Sun-Jae and XZ are very similar both of their looks and nature except Sun-Jae is shorter 5ft 6 inches with glasses. Friend used to call him small XZ.

SJ: Z don give up on megrab the defibrillator learIt restore XZ heart beat but his breathing is really shallowe have to put a tube in him to ease his breathingSM had arrived at the emergency room just before they wheel XZ into an emergency room, while Jin Ti park the car. The door was only half close because nurses are going in and out of the room. She was watching everything unfold in front of her eyes, she was terrify and wish it was her not XZ in that room. Sun-Jae saw SM weeping and hitting her head outside the door.

SJ: Will someone close that damn door.

Sun-Jae waited for XZ condition more stable before he leaves the room. When he opened the door SM was still standing outside the door crying hysterically.

SJ: Are you XZ wife? I Dr. Kim Sun-Jae, XZ attending doctorwith a mocking smile

SM: No, my name is Zhen Shan Mei and I XZ friend.Bow her head

Jin Ti runs toward Sun-Jae and SM.

SJ: Uncle Jin Ti, how have you been?

JT: Hun Jae, Do you know where XZ is?

SJ: Yes, I XZ attending doctor, he stable now but we almost lost him because his heart stop and we have to defibrillate him, the poison of the snake got into his blood stream and it affected the heart. Ie already given him the antidote. He should be up and running in no time. Excuse me Jin Ti, Miss Zhen Shan Mei you have couple scrapes on your arm let me take you to a room to check you out.

Shan Mei was relieved that Xiang Zhe condition is stable and he in good hand.

SM: Can I see Xiang Zhe now.

SJ: You could see him after the nurse wheel him in his room, but don chat too long because he quite week.

JT: Zhan Mei can you stay with Xiang Zhe because I have to go back to the fitness center to arrange a substitute to teach my class and I want to pick up a few items for Xiang Zhe to use while he in the hospital.

SM: Uncle Jin Ti, don worry about Xiang Zhe. I will stay here and take care of him. You go to work and I will get the stuff for Xiang Zhe.

JT: Thanks Shan Mei, I will be back tonight.

Shan Mei when to a store next to the hospital, he bought pajama, shaver, shaving cream, face clothe, tooth brush, tooth paste, a pair of snoopy sleeper and some magazine.


Xiang Zhe hospital room

The room was dim when Shan Mei walk in. Her tears weld up when she saw Xiang Zhe lying there with a heart monitor and tube coming out from his month. Her heart was aching and it feels like thousand needles pointing it at the same time. She quietly put the magazine on the table, pajama in the drawer and the slipper beside the bed. She walked into the bathroom, arrange the shaver, shaving cream, tooth brush and tooth paste on the shelves. She couldn hold her tears any longer so she turned on the tab and started weeping so she doesn wake Xiang Zhe up with her crying.

To Be continue

Gals, thanks for your encouragement...sorry for my laziness of not writing this fic as timely as it should be....I'm on the writing mode now...and not sure what my imagination will take us to...please bear with me.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 11

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)
SJ: Dr. Kim Sun-Jae

Xiang Zhe’s hospital room

When Shan Mei comes out from the bathroom, There was no sight of Xiang Zhe in the room. Shan Mei started to panic she was thinking the worse. She thought Xiang Zhe had die and the nurse had wheeled him out. She was crying hysterically and ran to the nurse station. She just stands there with endless tears running down her face. Sun-Jae walked over to Shan Zhe and asked “What’s wrong?” She was in such a trench that she couldn’t even talk. Sun-Jae was holding shan Mei’s shoulder than give her a big shake.

SJ: “What’s wrong, are you OK?”

Shan Mei slowly came out from her trench and said “Where is Xiang Zhe” than she collapse. Sun-Jae caught Shan Mei before she hit the ground. He took Shan Mei to a rest area. She was awake shortly after than Sun-Jae reassured her that Xiang Zhe is doing fine and the nurse had taken him for test.

SJ: “Xiang Zhe is so lucky to have a girl friend like you.”

SM: “No, I’m not his girlfriend, we are just good friend.” With a relieve look

Sun Jae raised up his hand and said “OK..OK..OK…just good friend.”

SJ: “I think you should go home and take a rest. This is a doctor’s order. Don’t worry about Xiang Zhe he’s in good hand. Jin Ti just phoned and said he’s coming over in about half an hour.

Shan Mei felt embarrassed after Sun Jae’s comment about her being Xiang Zhe’s girlfriend. So she took Sun Jae’s advice and when home.


Next Morning

Xiang Zhe was awakening by Sun Jae’s beeper.

SJ: “So, you finally want to wake up ha, do you know what happen?”

Xiang Zhe still feel quite groggy and said “Shan Mei and I were in a cave and I was bitten by a snake...where is Shan Mei? Is she OK?”

Sun Jae gave a big smile and said “man, you two are a like.”

XZ: “What do you mean?” With a puzzle look

SJ: “Who is Shan Mei?” Pretend not to know her

XZ: “Didn’t she come in with me?” With a concern look

SJ: “Calm down, yes she did come in with you. I’ve to order her to go home and rest. She was so worry about you because your heart stop and we have to defibrillate you.

Shan Mei opens the door with a basket.

SM: “Good morning Dr. Kim” with a bow and with her brilliant smile that light up the whole room

SJ: “I better go and whisper to Xiang Zhe I think you got too many light bulbs in here, I’ve to see another patient.”

SM: “How are you feeling?” With a radiant smile

XZ: “Much better with you around. Is that for me?” Pointing at the basket

SM: “Ya, I bought you chicken soup and abalone congee.”

Shan Mei pour the soup in to a bowl and said “let me help you.”

XZ: “Did you make the soup and congee yourself?”

Shan Mei was too shy to answer just nodded her head and started to scope the soup on to a spoon and blow on it so it’s not too hot for Xiang Zhe to drink.

SM: “Do you want to get some fresh air? I could wheel you outside for a walk.”

XZ: “I would love too.” With a delightful look

Shan Mei help Xiang Zhe put on the snoopy sleeper and help him on to the wheel chair. When Xiang Zhe saw the snoopy sleeper and said “do you think this suits me?” With a dubious smile

SM: “I bought this for you as a gift and it suits me. I think it’s the thought that count. If you don’t like it, I take it back.”

XZ: “No..No..No..I love it.” They both burst out laughing

XZ: “Can you wheel me in to the bathroom? I want to wash up before we go.”

SM: “Certianly.” With a captain’s hand signal

Xiang Zhe was amazed what he saw in the bathroom. There was face clothe, tooth brush, tooth paste, shaver, shaving cream and a bottle of Old Spice after shave nicely arrange on the shelves. He quickly washed up. When Xiang Zhe came out from the bathroom, the fragrance of the Old Spice filled the room. Shan Mei pretend not to notice the smell.

XZ: “Thanks for getting the toiletry for me.”

Shan Mei quickly answer “Jin Ti didn’t have time to get you the toiletry. I’m just filling in for him.”

Xiang Zhe grasp Shan Mei’s hand and said “Thank you, for being here for me. I know you when through a lot through out this ordeal. Shan Mei couldn’t hold her tears any longer. She kneeled down and felt on Xiang Zhe’s arm. Xiang Zhe tenderly wipe Shan Mei’s tears with his hand and said “Please don’t cry”.

SM: “It’s my fault that you got bitten by a snake.”

XZ: “No, don’t ever think like that. It’s a accident. You’ve safe my life from sucking the poison out. Sun-Jae told me if you didn’t suck out some of the poison I wouldn’t be here now. So Miss Life Saver do not blame your self for what happen.”

SM: “What did you just call me?”

XZ: “Miss Life Saver.” With a wink

Shan Mei jab Xiang Zhe’s chest with her hand

XZ: “OUCH” putting his hand on chest and pretend to be in great pain

Shan Mei thought he’s suffering another heart attack, she got up quickly trying to push the help button than she realize he was pulling her leg.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 12

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)
SJ: Dr. Kim Sun-Jae

Shan Mei’s room

Shan Mei’s room was a mess. There was different color paper all over the place. Some are on the floor, and desk even her bed was filled with pieces of scrap paper. The light was dim in her room because she only had the table lamp on. Zhao Di was sleeping on the bed next to her and she didn’t want to wake her up by turning on the bedroom light. She was sitting on her bed carefully cutting paper in to 6 inches by 1 inch stripe. Her hand was filled with cuts and blisters from making the lucky stars. All of sudden there was a pillow flying towards her.

ZD: “What are you making?” With Sleepy eyes

SM: “I’m making lucky stars. Someone told me 1000 lucky stars would give you good health and fortune.”

ZD: “Wow you’re making it for me rite?”

Shan Mei smile and said O.K. you are next in line.”

ZD: “hummmmmmmm let me guess who’s the first in line, is Yin Xiang Zhe rite. You’re so sneaky with a teasing tone.

Shan Mei shakes her head and said “Go back to sleep, I won’t be too long.”


Next morning

Shan Mei had been working on making the lucky star all night and she doesn’t know what time she felt to sleep on the desk. She woke up with a stripe of paper on her hand. She quickly washed up and put the lucky stars in to a big jar and tied it with a ribbon. Her mind wonders back on what had happened for the past few days and she started to sob. She clinched her hand on the jar and prayed “lucky stars please give good health to Xiang Zhe and he will never get hurt again.”



Sun-Jae saw Shan Mei walking down the hall way with a big box.

SJ: “Hello Miss Zhen Shan Mei, you look a lot better today.”

SM: “Hello Dr. Kim.” With a bow

SJ: “Is this for me, oh you don’t have to.” Pointing at the box

Shan Mei’s face turned red and she doesn’t know what to say.

SJ: “I’m just joking…I’ve to go see a patient right now…see you at Xiang Zhe’s room later ok.” With a wink

SM: “OK”

Knock…knock….can I come in?

XZ: “Come on in.”

Xiang Zhe was in a middle of putting on his slipper to go to the bathroom.

SM: “Ha, you’re not supposed to be on your feet…bad boy. Let me help you.”

XZ: “Since when did I become a bad boy?” He pouted

Shan Mei put down the box on his bed. With an adorable smile she picked up the snoopy slipper and tries to put them on Xiang Zhe’s feet. Xiang Zhe felt very awkward because he never got this kind of service before. To break the awkwardness Xiang Zhe pointed at the box. “What did you bring me this time?” With a mocking smile

SM: “You have to go to the bathroom rite, let me wheel you in first than we could discuss about the box afterward.”

XZ: “Yes madam.” With a salute

While Xiang Zhe’s in the bathroom Shan Mei was tiding up Xiang Zhe’s bed. She saw a drawing underneath the blanket. It was a cartoon drawing of her smiling and there was some writing on the drawing too. “That’s the way I want you to be and I promise to make you happy.” Seeing the drawing shan Mei’s heart was overwhelm with warmth. Shan Mei heard Xiang Zhe coming out from the bathroom she quickly put the drawing back to its original place. Xiang Zhe quickly wheel himself towards Shan Mei and pointed at the box.

SM: “Gosh you worse than a kid.”

XZ: “I’m very curious what’s in the box, are you going to tell me?”

SM: “Here opened it and see yourself.”

Xiang Zhe carefully unwrapped the box and saw a big jar with lucky stars inside and he saw Shan Mei’s figure tips were taped up with bandages. “You made all this?” Tears start to weld up in Xiang Zhe’s eyes.

Shan Mei puts her head down and said “Yes, I did. There were 1000 lucky stars in the jar. I heard this from a friend if 1000 hand made lucky stars will give you good health and fortune. I don’t want you to be sick again. Hopefully the lucky stars will prevent you from falling sick.”

Xiang Zhe grab a hold of Shan Mei’s hand and said “I love you Shan Mei and I promise you I will take good care of you and myself.” He started blowing on Shan Mei’s hand “Doesn’t hurt.” Shan Mei melt herself into Xiang Zhe’s arm and swing her head than Xiang Zhe started to nibble her ears and kisses her forehead, nose and finally capture her red delicious lips. It was a long and passionate kiss. They held each other for along time before releasing themselves back to reality.


SJ: “Can I come in?”

XZ: “Come in.”

SJ: “Am I disturbing you gals.”

XZ: “Yes, as a matter of fact you are.”

Shan Mei’s face turn beet red

Sun-Jae clear his throat and said “Excuse me!” they all burst out laughing

XZ: “What’s up?”

SJ: “I’ve something I need to discuss with you.”

Shan Mei got up and said “I’ll leave you two alone.”

XZ: “There is no need for you to leave.”

SJ: “Some of your leg muscles were infected from the snake poison, you need to be off your feet for two of weeks and than physiotherapy to regain the strength of your leg back. Miss Zhan will make sure he follows my order OK.”

Shan Mei nodded her head.

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 13

Written by Ling (Can)

XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)
SJ: Dr. Kim Sun-Jae

Sun-Jae whisper to Shan Mei “before you leave can you please drop by my office.”

XZ: “What are you two whispering about?”

Sun-Jae and Shan Mei answer “secret” and put a finger by the mouth and go “shshsh” at the same time.

SJ: “Let’s monitor you for another night and you probably will be discharge tomorrow ok. I better get out of here and let you two continue where you left off.” with a wink

After Sun-Jae left, Xiang Zhe turn to Shan Mei and raise his eyebrow with a dreamy look and said “shall we continue” Shan Mei gave a big jab at Xiang Zhe’s chest than Xiang Zhe felt back on the wheel chair holding his chest and pretend to be hurt. Shan Mei started to panic and try to find the button to call the nurse. Xiang Zhe quickly steals a kiss from her.



SJ: “Come in, Miss Zhen have a sit”

Shan Mei’s face was tighten up when she took her sit. She is very concern about Xiang Zhe’s condition especially after Sun-Jae asked her to see him in his office because she doesn’t know what he want to tell her? Is it his condition worsened or about something else?

SM: “Dr. Kim what do you want to talk to me about?”

SJ: “I want to talk to you about Xiang Zhe’s leg. As you already know he had a leg muscle infection. As of now we don’t know how much the infection had permanent damaged the leg muscle or if is damaged at all. Only time can tell. He’s on massive doze of antibiotic to clear the infection. If some of the muscle were permanent damaged he could be cripple for the rest of his life. He could wear a brace to help him walking but he could be limping too.

It was a shock to Shan Mei, her face turn white as a ghost and she’s shaking at the same time.

SJ: “Are you OK Miss Zhen?”

SM: “Yes” with a shivering voice

SJ: “Sorry to alarm you with this, I’m just telling you what might of happen if thinks doesn’t go our way. I know you’re very close friend with Xiang Zhe and I want you to help him cope if it happens.”

SM: “What can I do to help?”

SJ: “I will tell Xiang Zhe about his condition tomorrow before his discharge. Jin Ti is out of town on a business trip for a few weeks and I don’t know what Xiang Zhe’s reaction will be? Can you come tomorrow to be with him and take him home after?

Shan Mei nod her head and tears started to weld up and she started to sob. Sun-Jae walked up to Shan Mei and give her a sister hug and patted on her back and said everything is going to be all right.


Next morning in Xiang Zhe’s hospital room

Shan Mei took a deep breath before she knock the door

SM: “Good morning” with a beaming smile

Sun-Jae was in the middle of telling Xiang Zhe’s condition when Shan Mei walked in.
Xiang Zhe quickly gave Sun-Jae an eye signal that he understood his condition so Sun-Jae doesn’t need to explain further. He whisper to Sun-Jae not to tell Shan Mei. In the surface Xiang Zhe looks very optimistic about his condition because he doesn’t want Shan Mei to worry or know about it but deep down he was scare. He vow to himself no matter what happen I’ll come up on top.

SM: “What are you two whispering about?”

Sun-Jae and Xiang Zhe answer “secret” and put a finger by the mouth and go “shshsh” at the same time

SM: “hummmmm..you got me back ha.”

They burst out laughing

SJ: “I’m going to write you prescription for antibiotic and you should be off your feet for two week…no running around ok”

XZ: “Yes mama” with a childish look

SJ: “Miss Shan make sure he followed my order.”

SM: “Yes mama” with a salute

SJ: “Gosh you two sound alike. Sun-Jae clear his throat, with a stern looks and said “you may go home now…hahahaha”

SM: “Wow you’re pack.”

XZ: “The nurse helped me pack my stuff this morning because I’m want to go home. Shall we go?” with a anxious look

SM: “OK, let get you a wheel chair and I’ll be right back”

Shan Mei couldn’t control her tears once she walked out from Xiang Zhe’s room. She crouched down and sobbed quietly. She knew Xiang Zhe tried very hard to cover his real feeling about his condition. If he doesn’t want me to know than I just play along with his game and stay by his side to give him support when he need it.

Shan Mei wheels the wheel chair very fast into Xiang Zhe’s room and said “Are you ready for the ride of your life time?” with a brilliant smile

Before she help Xiang Zhe on to the wheel chair

XZ: “Can you pass me the lucky star? I want to carry it myself.”

Shan Mei handed him the jar of lucky star and off they go.

To be continue

Sorry Gals for the later chapter...I've been feel extremely lazy during Christmas and New Year holiday...hopefully I'm back on track now...please bare with me!

AAE - Love AT First Sight


Chapter 14

Written by Ling (Can)


XZ : Yin Xiang Zhe (JDG)
SM : Zhen Shan Mei (CR)
YM : Xu Ying Mei (You Zhen girlfriend)
YZ : You Zhen (Shan Mei Step Brother)
YX : Liu Yong xi (Xiang Zhe's childhood friend)
XD : Xian Da (Xiang Zhe's senior)
GC : Gui Cheng (Shan Mei step father)
ZS : Zhen Shu (Shan Mei mother)
ZD : Zhao Di (Shan Mei's Cousin)
CS : Cui Chen Sui (Shan Mei's colleague)
JT : Yin Jin Ti (Xiang Zhe uncle)
SK: Sukee (Shan Mei friend)
SJ: Dr. Kim Sun-Jae

In Shan Mei’s car on the way to Xiang Zhe’s house

SM: “I’ve talked to Uncle Jin Ti on the phone this morning he told me he’ll be back in town next week, meanwhile, I’ll take care of you during the day and You Zhen will stay with you during the night.”

XZ: “No, no, no…I could manage myself”

Shan Mei gave Xiang Zhe a sturdy look and put her hand on each side of her waist “You have to listen to Dr. Zhen’s order or else

XZ: “OK..OK..OK..I give up” putting both of his hand up to the air

They both burst out laughing

Xiang Zhe’s house

Shan Mei hasn’t been in Xiang Zhe’s house before. Shan Mei was amazed when she walked into Xiang Zhe’s house. The house was very messy. There was clothes, socks, paper, books lying everywhere. It looks like someone ransacked the place. She sets down the luggage and when back out to get Xiang Zhe. When Xiang Zhe saw the mess than he realize he had been rob and he’s not sure if the thief is still in the house or not. He quickly grab Shan Mei’s hand and said let’s wheel me out of here. Before they know it a mask man grab Shan Mei by the neck with a knife and said don’t scream.

XZ: “Don’t hurt her take what ever you want and go.”

Mask man saw Xiang Zhe’s watch and said I want your watch.

Xiang Zhe gave the mask man his watch and said “let her go if you want a hostage take me. What ever you do don’t hurt her!”

Shan Mei’s heart melted when she heard what Xiang Zhe said.

The sound of a police Siren started to get closer to the house the mask man became very agitated and said you called the police

XZ: “No we didn’t. It must be the neighbor who phone.”

Mask man: “Tell the police to go away or else I slash her throat.”

XZ: “OK, I will but you have to let her go and take me as your hostage.”

SM: “No, take me”

Shan Mei was crying historically not that she’s afraid of her own safety instead she’s afraid the mask man might hurt Xiang Zhe.

Mask man: “You two stop it. I’ll decide who to take with me.” You Mr. go out tell the police to give me a car and $1000000 Won than I will let her go.” He puts the knife closer to her throat.

Xiang Zhe had no choice other than follow his order.

Meanwhile Xiang Zhe wheel himself out to tell the police what the mask man wants. Shan Mei was trying to talk to the mask man to give up.

SM: “Put down your knife I won’t run away.”

Mask man: “Miss I don’t want to hurt anyone. Sorry if I frighten you. My wife was killed in a car accident a few years ago. The reason I do this is because my daughter was very sick. I need to get some money to buy her the medicine.” He puts the knife down

SM: “I understand.”

Mask man: “I’ve been unemployed for over a year now and my daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes last year. I’ve used up all my savings to buy medication for her. The mask man started to sob.

Shan Mei handed her a Kleenex and said “don’t worry I’ll help you. I know there is a government program that could help your daughter’s medical fees but what you are doing now is wrong. Please give yourself up to the police and I’ll tell the judge your situation and I’m sure the judge will be easy on you.”

Mask man: “What will happen to my daughter if I go to jail? They probably will put my daughter to an orphanage and I don’t want that.” He started to get really hyper

SM: “No, if I don’t press any charges and I’ll tell the judge your situation. I’ll also beg the judge not to give you any jail time.”

Mask man: “Miss how could you be so nice to me, you hardly know me!”

He unveiled his mask and she saw a man in his late 50 with grey hair. He looks very tired and stressed. Shan Mei quickly put her hand on top of his and tried to comfort him.

SM: “I could tell you’re not a bad guy if you really want to hurt me. I wouldn’t be here now. I understand what you must of gone through because I loss my father when I was young.

Come with me I’ll take you to the police.

Shan Mei opens the door and said don’t shoot we’re coming out

Shan Mei told the Mask man to go with the police and not to worry about her daughter. She will take care of her.

Xiang Zhe quickly wheel his chair to Shan Mei to hold her. With endless tears rolling down from his face he was shaking “are you ok?”

SM: “I’m fine.”

Shan Mei told Xiang Zhe the mask man’s situation and they both decided not to press any charges. The judge take in the consideration of his situation he sentences him a year house arrest with no jail time. Shan Mei also help him apply Government medical assist program for his daughter.

To be continue