AAE So Much in Love


Chapter 1. 1

Chapter 2. 4

Chapter 3. 7



Chapter 1

Translated by Moonlight
Edited by Chewy

Sm is 25 years old, not a kid any more. She can not throw away jars, glass and whatever she gets her hands on. She can only scold when she gets ticked off.

“No way, whatever you did cannot force me to marry him!”

Father is still sitting calm and was looking at his beloved daughter with puzzled eyes.

“Who taught you to yell at your parents, SM?” auntie song talks to SM, although she speaks simply but really resolutely

“I’m sorry! I don’t intend to be impolite” SM feels guilty, her father looks at her with his warm eyes.

“That’s all right, my dear! I think … sometimes children nowadays think that their parents are friends …so since they are so close they speak to their parents like friends (loud) right? … come here and sit down, auntie prepared your favorite dishes.”

“You’re always spoiling her, you know! So sickening” auntie muttered

“Let’s eat! Otherwise it’s cold and won’t be as delicious”

“I don’t want to eat” she says rudely while sitting beside her father. SM can’t stay still like this beside her father for a long time.. The cold war was broken up by her.

“I won’t marry …. I WILL NOT marry”

“How can you do that…? Uncle Yun and your father had managed this wedding since your mother was pregnant and also your father agreed and, now you disagree… surely you can’t”

“Hah! Then, if I was born to be a boy, what would you all do? Auntie would set a wedding ceremony for gay?”

“Who cares! Cause now, you were born as a girl”

“I can’t believe that I have an old-fashioned aunt trying to force her niece to marry”

“Who said force? We told each of you many years ago. Also the senior did not say no. You’re getting older every year… furthermore, you don’t have a boyfriend, right? Hyung Chul suits you a lot. Uncle Yun wants to have kids in the family … so we accept it!” Auntie explained to Sunmi

“How do we get to know each other? In such a short time I have to learn about the nerd doctor and he needs to learn about me. And what else? …we need to have kids? ….. Oh my gosh! I’m not a pig that a man marries and uses like a factory to give birth...”

“Sunmi why did you call your senior like that, you should pay more respect to him…at least he’s your older brother”
Father complained Sunmi, but, in his eyes he is still full of laughter and love.

“Respect? Why I don’t pay respect… I also press him to say nerd … DOCTOR … but I don’t normally say Mr. NERD.” Auntie looked at Sunmi with an annoyed face.

“Because of you to doubt him like this…. SUNMI, I order you not to call senior like that anymore…to look down on your husband is not good.”

“Husband?” sunmi’s voice was higher

“Who said he will be my husband? … Who said that I’ll marry with that N … ERD” Sunmi almost can’t stop her last word when she saw auntie’s eyes.

“Could you tell us what is so bad about Hyung chul”

Sunmi thought on him urgently …. The tall white man, really good looking ran into her brain. Hah! O.k you look handsome … o ok I can tell that you’re very handsome.. so that is why many women have a crush on you. His nose? is really beautiful .. but his sharp eyes were hiding behind his glasses … it made her feel uncomfortable when he looked at her with that pair of eyes… she couldn’t understand the meaning inside.

Knowledge? Getting PHD … hah! So so! …

The more she thought of him, the more she found how perfect he was.

Sunmi and Hyung Chul knew each other since they were young but when they grew up, Hyung Chul had to study in London. When he came back, her friend who was like an older brother, became a stranger. …”How is he strange?” Auntie asks. “Just look at him!” Sm replies.

He always acted like he’s perfect.

Sunmi tried to find his bad side … when she knew the commitment about marriage. She thought of what year it was now and why did she have to accept the arranged marriage!

“So? Can’t find the bad side?” Father asked .. Sunmi touched her mouth with her tongue before she said …

“ummmm! “ she puckered her nose … “He is much older than me by many years”

“5 years? Your father was older than your mother almost 10 years… and I didn’t see any problem. Don’t refer to that whole problem. It’s not a good reason..” Auntie cut the sentence because she couldn’t keep up Sunmi’s thought.

“Not only he’s old, but … his personality is really oldddddddderrrrr I don’t like it.”

“If he’s not like that … surely he cannot stand on you. You’re really stubborn. If you marry with the same age.. I think you will be fighting everyday and die before you have a baby” SM doesn’t know why she blushes when auntie talks about having a baby.

“Naah! I think he maybe hiding some girlfriends in London... how can he be single till now.” Sunmi still avoid to others reason.

“Hyung Chul is a good boy. He won’t do that. Also you can’t find a perfect man like him …” Sunmi can’t protest because she knew that her father said the truth because, she once took him to a night club and he looked at her like a teacher who is trying to forgive his misbehaved student. And she hated the guilty feeling which happened in him.

“So nothing to protest? I talked to uncle yun and decided that next month is uncle’s birthday and we’ll set a small party, inviting close relatives and close friends. And announce the engagement of you and Hyung chul” auntie concluded.

“I won’t marry” Sunmi still standing on her ground.

“Up to you! If you don’t want to … don’t call me auntie and don’t call your father, father … because your father would have to be ashamed to have a stubborn kid like you.. and made me die because lost word.

“Right! It’s just a tiny thing for you but for us it’s important. Important for your father’s feeling. For the name of our family .. you think again. You want to make your father lose face for this. It’s the honor deal. You don’t care if anyone blames your father that he didn’t keep his word?” when auntie sailing the seven seas, father was little and had a little cough and went to look at the small tree at the terrace near them.

“Auntie you forced me… ” Sunmi reproved!

When Sunmi was 5 years old her mother had passed away so auntie loves her only niece. Whatever sunmi wanted, she never denied. So sunmi is rather a stubborn girl like this (a cow).

“I take care off you for 20 years. I had never say no to you… Just only this once, do as I want, can you please?”

“Do as you want just one time? But this is my whole life.” Sunmi saw her auntie was still on her attitude so she changed her strategy.

“This is a non-sense story…. Auntie … you don’t want to take care of me any more? I promise I won’t be stubborn anymore.. I’ll be a good niece. I’d like to take care of you … for 2-3 years more … then after please at that time we come to talk about this marriage again.” Sunmi implored with the way she always succeeds but this time why did auntie not fall into my trap.

“If you marry with hyung chul. Father and I won’t have any worries about you anymore. We can sleep in peace. That’s all we ask for; you don’t need to take care of us at all.”

However she tried to avoid this but she couldn’t so Sunmi announced

“If everybody forces me, I’ll kill myself” auntie was just a little shocked, she looked at Sunmi a little bit before….and said

“Which color do you want? And how long of a rope?”

“Rope?’ Sunmi stunned

“For you to tie around your neck. You want to die don’t you? Do you want a poison? What do you want? Give me a note then I’ll shop for you. Umm! Remind you this. When you’re dead please keep your tongue and your eyes in, because I don’t want to be ashamed when the newspaper prints your picture like a goldfish.” Auntie said like it’s really a simple story.

“Auntie” Sunmi shouted and turned to her father who’s still looking at the trees.

“Father … listen to auntie”

“Um! What? Oh I see! I listen to her more than 30 years ... your auntie talk’s everyday; I don’t see which day she doesn’t speak.”

“I mean auntie order me to kill myself” Sm’s voice trembled and then her tears dropped!

“You’re on auntie’s side, right? Everybody doesn’t love me… they force me to marry although I don’t want to … I still confirm that I won’t marry with that nerd doctor… Doctor Hyung Chul is a good boy in auntie’s eyes”

Ending her speech, Sunmi went home with an angry feeling. Her red sport car hit some flowerpots around there…

“Don’t you think we’re forcing her too much?” father said to auntie worrying…

“If she kills herself what do we do?”

“Sunmi? No way… I took care of her since she was young, she wouldn’t do this… just only her finger got a little bit hurt by a knife-cut, she gave out loud a huge cry. Kill herself? She wouldn’t dare to do it… you and I could find the way to face her when she gets another way to avoid marriage. I think we have to face this situation for a long time.” Auntie smiled to her father.


Chapter 2

So Much in Love

Translated by Moonlight
Edited by Chewy

SM knocked the door repeatedly after waiting a long time when she pressed the bell.

There was a voice from inside shouting before the door opened.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! … Don’t damage my door. I’m too lazy to fix it. Understand?’

The man who opened the door was still in his bath towel with wet hair. His eyes could show that he just got up from bed. But he didn’t seem to be surprised for SM’s visit; instead he made an angry face in front of the door.

WJ yawned and stepped back to let SM get in the house.

“Coffee? I want to drink… so if you want, I’ll make one for you too. Maybe, after drinking some coffee, your face may get better than this.”

“O.K. since this morning, I don’t have anything.” SM bumped into the chair. WJ is still walking around with the bath towel and meanwhile boiled the coffee. SM took a glance at his bedroom.

“Do you …. Have something wrong … in there?” Her voice meant to one of his girlfriends. WJ although was older than SM by 5 years were really close so SM thought that he’s her friend more than brother… so that she didn’t call him senior. And WJ didn’t mind that.

“Today, no” he answered with a big smile

“I’m busy at work so I don’t want a girl to disturb me. Sit and wait here, let me dress and I will be back to talk”

He ordered her before he got in his bedroom

SM took a look around the small room. She puckered her nose for the untidiness of the room. There were a lot of art magazines laid on the floor, also there were photographs and many art frames laid in the corner. Some frames were incompletely painted and others were from his art exhibition which he didn’t want to sell even at high prices.

Shoju bottles were laid on the kitchen floor. Also, on the fridge there was paint. SM smiled although she was moody and tried to clean the house as much as she could. She loved this atmosphere; Artist was really free.

The voice of WJ murmured something when he kicked on something before he went out.

WJ and SM were cousins and are close since WJ studied Art at university and became her tooter until she could enter/studied interior designing in the university. Also he was her consultant (a man who she could ask advice) for everything. SM sometimes thought that he was her real brother.

WJ moved out from home to stay in a Condominium so when SM had a problem, she would visit here to hide for a while. Also recently, when she was always forced for the wedding, she thought that WJ was the only one who understood her, and maybe they loved the same thing as Art.

WJ went out, this time he wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a fresh face because he had just took a bath.

“My friend went to Italy and became a model so she bought it for me.” WJ gave SM a cup of coffee and asked how the coffee tasted. SM took a zip.. umm! Good smell but she had to fill a lot of sugar.

“This time, what’s the problem?” WJ asked normally and sat at the opposite sofa.

“Daddy and auntie… they’re teasing me by forcing me to marry with Doctor ... um! You know who! And scolded me if I denied I would be cut off from the family.’ When she talked about this story, she always got angry with Hyun Chul

“Old topic…boring’ WJ said

“But today… seemed to be a breaking point my family and I were debating for a long time. And I also said that I won’t marry otherwise I’ll kill myself so auntie chased me to die” this time her sound was really petulant.

“Harmfulness like that? …. Anyway, why don’t you like HC. I think he’s also a good one.” WJ asked because he also knew HC very well. SM raised her face.

“Again! The same question! Listen to me clearly! … He’s a nerd I don’t like him.”

“Oh! So you like a kind of fashionable man?”

“I don’t like, neither. I hate nerd men. I hate gallant men, I hate all men. I don’t want to marry with everybody” SM frowned.

WJ had a big smile because he could keep up her thought.

“Frankly you tell me that you don’t hate him but you don’t want to be forced to marry him!”

Although SM seemed to be stubborn she nodded to accept.

“Ok! Then, if no one forces you, you will marry him?”

“….. No!” The answer was so reluctant “well! I knew that everybody wants me to marry him. I’m not a thing, I have my soul, I want to select a chance by myself, can’t I?”

“He he he! You know what… everybody planned this because they don’t want you to be an old maid. Look! Till now, we won’t see you getting together with someone.”

“I’m only 25 years old this year! Don’t worry about me too much! But you! Are 30 years old and can’t find a girlfriend so we should help you find a girl too.

“he he he I’m a man. Who cares! If I want to be single for my whole life. …well! Although I’m single but can’t say I’m single in action. Ha ha ha … you’re getting older and older … you will be a topic for gossip for example how come you can’t find someone. … Trust me! You ‘ll miss this good chance” WJ made SM blush.

“He he he! I don’t think I’ll be single till I die but…. No way am I going to marry that nerd one.”

“You’re too much! I can’t see how nerdy he is.”

“Nerd... Hah! WJ I come here to consult. I won’t intend to listen to you make me like that guy. And approach me to marry him.”

“I don’t but I say it as I see.” WJ executed.

“Come on don’t think so much… ok! Ok! I’ll help you think about this. If I won’t help you, who would I help.” His eyes were really tricky. But SM felt better immediately to have someone beside her.

“Then, what should I do? The engagement will be announced next month. After that the wedding will be set in a month later… hah! How come it’s so fast …? Don’t know why my parents really want to drive me so fast like this”

WJ smiled before he said.

“Why don’t you tell that you’ve a boyfriend.”

“Where could I find him? Auntie won’t believe me, I’m sure! Or maybe I can bring a fake boyfriend to see them privately. So they could believe me.”

“You have a lot of friends. I can see that many guys have a crush on you. Why don’t you choose someone to help.”

“Those guys? I can’t see if any of them are good. Moreover, they’re so boring. If I chose one of them to be my boyfriend then they might take this opportunity and not let me free.

“Why don’t you try to consult HC? Maybe he also doesn’t want to marry you like you don’t want to marry him. Then, you can be a team.”

“Him? Whatever uncle said, he would do even if he said to marry me! ”

“Who knows… Maybe that perfect man doesn’t want to marry a naughty girl like you.”

“Hah! Let’s see … he doesn’t want to marry me … a woman like me is not easy to find at all. If he doesn’t marry to someone that his parents arranged. I can guarantee that he will be alone for his whole entire life because he doesn’t know how to find or please girls” don’t know why she had to get angry like that!

“He he he! You’re looking too down upon him! Don’t hide the truth! ” SM was still on her stubbornness, then WJ laughed like he had an idea

“Try this way! I once read from a book with the story the same as you. But the actress could find the way to avoid the marriage”

“How! Come on, tell me!” SM opened her eyes widely and kept concentrating to listen.

“It’s like I recommended… but .... ’ SM listened to him carefully. Finally she shook her head and murmured.

“Do you think he will help me?”

“This is up to your way to approach him. I think if you request him and give him a good reason that why you don’t want to marry him...But do not tell him that you think he’s a nerd. .. Who knows! He may get in your trick if you plead him like you always did when you were young. I saw that he always pleased you. This time should be as the past”

WJ said so deeply meaning but SM didn’t notice because she’s thinking.

“OK! I’ll go to meet him and try to request him”

Chapter 3


Translated by Moonlight
Edited by Chewy

SM was now on her bed, thinking on WJ’s plan. She couldn’t sleep although it was almost 3 in the morning. It shouldn’t make her in a tough situation like this if…. she didn’t feel that she had been forced. SM was thinking about their relationship back in the old days. She thought of when he left her alone and went to London…. Then, she decided to fight!

She woke up. She was in no mood to be happy. She intended to make a cold war so she wouldn’t talk to everyone in the family.

SM took a sick leave today. She drove along the street without a destination. It was too early in the morning to go meet HC. She should wait till his lunch break.

At HC’s office, it looked really old. He was so mad because he graduated and got a PHD but didn’t want to work at MBS, his family business, but chose to work in a small company in the old building which he didn’t know when it would collapse.

“May I meet DR. Yun?” SM told to the lady who sat in front of his room, she should be his secretary. Hah! Beautiful!

“Have appointment?” she asked SM politely with friendly eyes.

“Urr! No! But could you please tell him that … I’m Jin Sun Mi and I want to meet him?” that lady had a big smile after she heard SM’s name.

“Miss Jin Sun Mi. I hear your name really often. Today I am fortunate to have a chance to meet you. My name is Hoy Yung Mi. DR. Yun’s secretary. Nice to meet you. … you can also call me Yung Mi”

“You can call me Sun Mi.” SM thought that she found someone for him. The lady in front of her was really beautiful, smart which suited him a lot.

“Please sit down! I’ll tell DR. Yun... Because he has an important call” YM went into his room. Wait a moment she said

Then YM came out and gave SM a signal which meant she was allowed in.

The tall man stood up when she came in. He looked good in his white shirt. With glasses, he looked even more attractive. SM was pull out of her thought when he greeted her.

“Hello! Glad to see you.” His voice was really soft. He walked to her.

“Anything I can help? You seem to be not well! Are you o.k.?”

“Umm! I have a little headache” SM answered him …. She felt ashamed that she was looking at his attraction for a while, Hope he couldn’t know that.

“I need your help.” SM told him shortly, HC took a look at his watch.

“Lunch time! Let’s have lunch … there is a good place near here! Then, we can talk there!” he touched her arm really lightly and didn’t forget to open the door for her.

The environment of that place was really beautiful

“It’s really beautiful. I never knew that there is a good restaurant like this here”

“You haven’t been here! So you don’t know. This shop has opened a long time ago, the owner is my friend.” He gave SM a menu.

“You can make the order, whatever! I’m easy, it doesn’t matter I eat anything.” After SM made their order … it seemed that they were in silence till HC said.

“Anything I can do for you? Sun Mi” his voice was full of kindness and care.

“Umm! I want to request you that ……. Ur! About our engagement”

SM felt really uncomfortable! Why he didn’t show his emotion like anger or happiness or anything that she could know… he was very silent and looked simply … she couldn’t read his mind.

“Why?” HC asked

“I don’t want the engagement be announced on uncle’s birthday party”

“Do you mind if I’d like to know the reason.” He looked really calmly. Calmmmmly till seemed to be cold. And this was another reason why she didn’t want to marry him.

“Because … first! We don’t love each other. Second ur ur … I have a boyfriend and we’re having a plan to marry”

Again! He didn’t take action that he’s surprised or anything! This made SM more uncomfortable

“Why don’t you tell your father and aunt about that so they will not set the engagement?”

“Auntie doesn’t like him” SM was not a good lier but she was trying her best

“he’s an artist so auntie doesn’t’ like him. But I think if we have more time, auntie will like him one day but …. For now, we can’t because auntie likes you the most. … So I come to beg you …please give up the engagement.”

His eyebrows were a little knit after he listened to SM!

“Please, please … if we marry, I’m sure we won’t be happy for our whole lives … think about this … we won’t love each other. We will suffer a lot. Also I’m sad that I can’t live with the one I love… and … you? Umm! I won’t ask you if you have someone or not” SM thought that he had no one.

“But one day you can find her. And when that day comes then, what would you do… see the problem?” SM controlled her voice to sadness tone.

“That time we have to break up for sure. So why don’t we give up now” SM concluded shortly

A moment, she saw the sparkle of smile in his eyes! But it’s happened quickly so she thought she might be partially blind.

HC didn’t answer but invited SM to test the food.

“Taste it … delicious! I remember you like it”

SM tasted it with anxiety... why didn’t he say anything! Either to Agree or disagree? She felt that he enjoyed lunch very much. When she asked him again several times, he didn’t answer, also he could change the topic until SM kept him up. SM felt that she wouldn’t get the answer from him so she laid down the spoon.

“Cake? You love black forest! ” He ordered it for her and ordered coffee for himself.

SM looked at him, his smile for her was really polite but she felt the far distance between them. Also his eyes meaning were hard to understand … SM couldn’t stand on him anymore.

“Give up? “ SM abruptly asked, HC still in a mood to enjoy his coffee.

“I’m thinking.” And finally he answered

“Is it possible? To marry and have a happy life as our parent’s intended” His voice was like talking to a business customer in a meeting.

“Sorry! No way! Moreover, we’re totally different. Also your friends and I are really in a different world. Meanwhile your qualification is too high in my circle of friends.”

“I am going to marry you, not your friends. And you’re going to marry me, not my friends.”

“Friend problem is one problem from many …. You don’t understand … you and me don’t have a biggest part! Love, so we can’t marry”

“We can! But you won’t accept that, will you! SM” he asked her so tender and care but SM felt he tried to spin her head.

“The problem is not all you try to tell me but … you don’t like parents to manage or force you. You want to be the one who tells your parents that you choose me by your own, right?”

His eyes that could read her mind made SM frightened. So she rejected automatically but her voice was really shivered.

“It’s …. It’s not true! …. It’s …. Urr! … Also our behavior is different.” SM was driven to the wall. She couldn’t think of other reasons so she referred to the old one.

“And I have boyfriend”

HC smiled! He really smiled. SM saw that.

“All right! You’re sure that you have someone to love then you don’t want to marry me.” He asked her to confirm like SM was a kid and couldn’t decide which cake she wanted to buy.

“Yes!” SM answered. But she didn’t understand why she wouldn’t be happy as it should be. Maybe because she worried that she’s lying.

“Ok if you confirm I can’t force you. Umm! You also want me to tell auntie that you don’t want to engage me in my father’s birthday party.”

SM really felt unhappy after HC accepted her request. She didn’t know why she felt so irritated.

“Please don’t … if you tell auntie like that… auntie will scold me. If I won’t marry you I would be cut off from the family. If they get angry with me they won’t meet …. Urr my boyfriend …. What can I do? So Please DO NOT. Please, please ”

“Umm! Or I can tell my father that you have a boyfriend so you don’t want to marry me. Is it good?”

“That’s the same! Then, uncle has to tell auntie. If they cut me off! I’m going to die then I can’t meet them for my whole life.” SM was really afraid about this situation that she may be getting fired.

“Don’t feel terrible like that…. There’s no problem that you can’t solve. … just tell me what you want me to do.”

“Auntie likes you a lot…. But... if she doesn’t like you she may accept my boyfriend.”

“So you want me to tell auntie that I don’t want to marry you, right?”

“No! Auntie is really clever; she can keep up the game. If you do that auntie absolutely knows that I begged you. … Err! Is it possible if you tell uncle that you won’t marry?”

“Tell my father and I have no reason to refer? No way, my father is the same as auntie. Also he loves you... if I tell him without a reason he has to force me to marry you.” After his word, SM felt more difficult.

“Umm! I don’t want this plan but if we have no way to….. We should use this plan.”

“What’s the plan?” HC asked with out a doubt.

“It may make some problems with you but … you’re a man … it won’t affect you much... You may be in a gossip for a while.”

HC was a bit serious.

“Don’t tell me that you want me to tell auntie that I’m … err! A type of man that loves man instead woman.”

“Hah! No, no …. Don’t think too much! I just want you to pretend to have a girlfriend.”

“And?” HC didn’t smile, he listened to SM carefully.

“You just tell auntie that you love her a lot and have a plan to marry”

SM saw his face and knew that he didn’t agree with her.

“I’m not intending to push you to marry someone.” She spoke slowly and softly like a kid who had done something wrong.

“I just beg you to play a simply game. Really easy! After the engagement give up, then you can find the one that you love, I know…. Because … you’re ur! ….also a good type in a woman’s mind” … HC spoke in his mind… BUT NOT YOUR TYPE, aren’t I! … Why?

“Then, who will be my fake girlfriend. Just only tell, parent can’t believe.”

“Excuse me! If you know a girl and like her a lot then you can ask for her help.”

HC smiled really softly and tender when he thought of the one SM asked!

“I have one! But... I think she won’t help me because now she quite rather doesn’t like me.”

“how’s bad!” SM felt a little bit angry that who made him broken heart.

“So you don’t know anyone else?”

“No. … if you want me to help you, you have to find someone to help us.”

“Um! Just only you tell that you will help me, that’s enough!”

“What’s his name?” HC suddenly asked

“Name? Who? ….. ”

“Your boyfriend”

“Err! Umm! His name is XD” SM named whatever automatically.

“I think I never knew that he’s on your friend’s list.”

“Umm! You never met him before”

HC smiled again. In the past she loved to see his smile but nowadays! The more she saw his smile, the more she was sick…. because he always seemed to keep up her mind in his smile.

“So ask him to have a dinner with me… I really want to know that lucky man.”

“Um! I’ll “SM was afraid to face his eyes because she didn’t know who she would bring to meet him.

After paying for the meal SM drove him back to his office!

She should be happy because the deal was a success but she’s not….

She didn’t look at the back mirror because she was also touched that he still stood there to see her.

Chapter 4