Thank You For Loving Me

By: Nicole Jang












CHAPTER 10. 38






Kenneth’s parents are kind off worried about Kenneth. It’s been almost 10 years since Kenneth had his first heart broken.

Since then, Kenneth hasn’t take love seriously. For him, love is just a game.

One day, Kenneth’s dad talked to him and said that his mother is very anxious to have a grandchild already.

Kenneth said that it’s too impossible to happen because he doesn’t have any plans to get married.

Kenneth’s dad tells him that not all women are the same.

Kenneth just shrugs his shoulder and said maybe the one for me is yet to come, if ever…. and leaves.

His dad just feels sad for his son and puts the blame on Judith’s parents for his son’s sufferings.

In London...

Nicole was sad because this is her last day of stay in their London house. It’s been their home for 5 years.

Since her mother was diagnosed to have breast cancer, they had to leave Korea five years ago to have her mother treated in London.

But after 5 years of treatment, her mother passes away and leaves her and her father in agony.

Now she had to sell the house and return to Korea because her father is suffering from depression every time her dad remembers her mom. Her parents are a perfect couple. They loved each other so much and her dad can’t accept the fact that her mom is gone already. She too is also suffering from her own loneliness. She misses her mom especially at this point of time that she is heart broken.

Nicole was not just depressed because her mom passed away but also because her boyfriend and best friend cheated on her.

Nicole caught her boyfriend Mart and Katrina in Katrina’s bedroom the other day. She was so angry with Mart and Katrina. She never thought the two have been doing something behind her back. She despises Mart and Katrina so much. She breaks up with Mart, despite Mart’s plea. Nicole turns a deaf ear on Mart’s plea for forgiveness. Her only resort is to go back to Korea and heal the wounds that Mart and Katrina has done to her.

Nicole takes charge of everything from selling the house and shipping some of their things to Korea and looking for a new house in Korea. She talks to all the people concerned. She could not ask help from her dad. Her Dad just stays in his room, his health is also deteriorating, and that’s why Nicole is so worried. She won’t take it anymore if she also loses her dad. She might go insane.

Now, Nicole is just looking at their London house for the last time before it will be turned over to the new owner by tomorrow. It’s just too bad that during the negotiations Nicole was not able to meet the new buyer. According to the assistant his boss is so busy and doesn’t have time to go London for the negotiations. According to the assistant, his boss trusts him. Nicole just tells the assistant to tell the new owner to take care of the house. She also told the assistant that she had so many happy memories with her mother in that house. The assistant just nods and tells her that he will relay her message to his boss.


Nicole and her dad Gui, arrived at the Seoul airport. They didn’t tell anyone that they would be coming back to Korea. They just want to settle first before they tell their friends and relatives that they are back for good.

Nicole breathes the Korean air and murmurs to herself “It’s great to be back…”

Nicole, together with her dad arrives at their new home. Nicole is so happy because it seems that her dad is not so sad anymore.

Once settled in their new home, Nicole called their relatives and friends informing them of their arrival. Their relatives were so happy to hear that they are back for good at the same time sad because of the passing of her mom.

Nicole is trying to contact her two close friends, Erika and Warren but to no avail. Their respective families transferred to a new house recently and nobody knows yet their new address. Nicole feels a little bit disappointed because she was looking forward to see them both.

Two weeks after their arrival in Korea, Nicole looked for a job as a Systems Analyst. It seems luck is on her side, because there is an opening for the position in WRG Company. Nicole readies her resume and e-mails her application letter to the given e-mail address of WRG.

Nicole is surprised to receive an immediate reply from the HR department of WRG. She is being asked to go there for an interview the following week. Nicole was so happy about it. At least she will be busy and she does not have the time to think and sulk about what Mart and Katrina did to her. She has work where she can focus her attention to.

Nicole readies herself for an interview next week. What Nicole doesn’t know is that something waits for her in WRG…





At the HR department.

The HR manager is interviewing Nicole Jin for the position of a Systems Analyst in their company.

And this will be the time that Kenneth will change his outlook in life towards women.

“Nicole, congratulations you are just hired as out new Systems Analyst. You will start this Monday April 1, 2001. You will be reporting directly to Mr. Yin, the head of Research and Development.”

Nicole couldn’t believe that she already had a job. She thought this will be just her first interview.

“I just want to tell you that Mr. Yin is a very strict boss. He is the serious type of boss, but kind,” says Shirley, the HR Manager

Nicole listens attentively to what the HR manager is telling to her. And said, “Thank you Ma’am for choosing me for that position. I will do my best to meet the expectations of my boss.”

Shirley shakes hands with Nicole and said, “Welcome to the company. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.”

Nicole acknowledges the friendly gesture of the HR manager.

They discuss some more matters and Nicole leaves the HR office.

Nicole is so happy. She has a reason to be happy’ she got a new job and at the same time she will be working with Erika and Warren, two of her two close friends.

According to Ms. Shirley, Erika learned that she is applying for the position of SA. Erika backed her up on how good and dedicate she is in her job. Now she is on her way to Erika’s office to thank and see her personally.

At the same time, Kenneth was also on his way to the HR department.

He notices the woman walking on the opposite direction and she even greets him a Good afternoon. Happiness is written all over the face of that woman.

Kenneth acknowledges the greeting and proceeds to HR manager’s office.

Upon entering the HR manager office he asks the manager who that woman was with a very bright smile.

Shirley, the HR manager says, “Who Nicole Jin? Well she is your new Systems Analyst.”

“Really! She is my new Systems Analyst? That’s great….”, Kenneth said to himself.

“What did you say Kenneth?”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything. I’d better go now.”

“Kenneth wait, why did you come to my office? Do you have anything to discuss?”

“Oh nothing…forget it.”

“Okay. By the way Kenneth, if you want to see her you better hurry back to your office. She might be still there.”

He asks Shirley, “Why?”

“She and Erika are friends. In fact, Erika is the one who assured me how good Nicole is in her work.”

“How does Erika know Nicole?”

“Erika and Nicole are childhood friends, including Warren. But they lost contact for 5 years when Nicole’s family moved to London. Nicole and his father just returned to Korea last month after her mother passed away.”

“Nicole wants to thank Erika for backing her up. Nicole is so surprised to find out that Erika and Warren worked here too. I told Nicole that it was Erika who told me to get Nicole over the other applicant.”
Kenneth nods and said to Shirley, “You are really a great manager. You made the right choice. Ok. I’ll better get back to my office.”

Kenneth hurriedly left Shirley’s office…

Shirley just shakes her head.



Kenneth sees Nicole already happily chatting with Erika. He smelled himself and walked to Erika’s cubicle. Kenneth can’t explain his feelings, that very moment Nicole smiles at him. He feels happiness in his heart right at the moment.


“Oh! Good Afternoon Sir Kenneth” and bows her head. Nicole did the same thing.

“Sir Kenneth, this is Nicole Jin your new Systems Analyst. She has just been hired. She is my friend.

“I see…”, Kenneth said. “Welcome to the WRG Company.”

“Thank you sir”, Nicole said. “Erika, I’ll be leaving, just give my regards to Warren.”

“Bye Sir Kenneth. Sorry if I interrupted Erika’s work”, said Nicole

Kenneth doesn’t want Nicole to leave yet. He wants Nicole to stay longer at his office. He had to think of some reasonable idea to make Nicole stay longer.

“No it’s ok. You may still stay Ms. Jin.”

Both Erika and Nicole say thank you and bows their heads.

Kenneth just smiles and said, “I have a suggestion, Erika you call Warren and tell him that we will all go out to have dinner. It’s my treat…”

“Sir?, Erika said in surprise.

“Is there anything wrong with what I said? We are going to have dinner to celebrate the reunion of you three and to welcome Ms. Nicole in our company. I’ll get my things in my office and we will be leaving. By the way, we will use my car so tell Warren to leave his car here just get it after our dinner.”

Kenneth leaves the two women and goes into his office.

Erika and Nicole were stunned and speechless. Especially Erika, it’s the first time that her boss has invited them to dinner.

When Erika recovered from shock, she gives Nicole a naughty smile and calls Warren. She tells him what Kenneth says.

Nicole asks Erika why she is smiling.

Erika tells Nicole that for the first time Kenneth has invited them for dinner…, after he met you. I smell something like L – O – V – E.

Still clueless as to what Erika was saying Nicole asks her what the fuss was all about.

Erika is about to reply when her phone rings.

“Hello! Hi Ma’am Shirley…. Yes, Sir Kenneth is here. Do you want to talk to him?”

“No, it’s ok. How about, Ms Nicole? Is she still there also?

“Yes ma’am. Why? Do want to talk to her?”

“No need…. I just want to know if Kenneth was able to meet Nicole face to face.”

“Why ma’am? Are you also puzzled with Sir Kenneth’s strange actions today?”

“Sort of Why?”

“You know what ma’am? Sir Kenneth just invited us, Warren, Nicole and I for dinner.


“Yes ma’am I’m really puzzled. For the first time, he has invited us. Do you think it has something to do with Nicole?”

Shirley said…”what do you think, Erika?”

“I think Sir Kenneth is attracted to Nicole.”

“Me too…and I’m glad that he is now noticing other girls. It’s about time.”

“Ma’am Shirley, I have to go now. Warren is already here. And I’m afraid Sir Kenneth might think I’m gossiping him.”

“Ok bye…”

“Bye ma’am.”

Nicole is still puzzled. She is about to question Erika when Warren arrives…

“Nicole is so happy upon seeing Warren. They hug each other and Kenneth comes out from his office and said “everybody ready?”

The three just nod and they all leave the office.

Kenneth immediately stands beside Nicole and talks to her, leaving Warren and Erika behind.

In the parking lot…

Kenneth opens the passenger seat for Nicole. Nicole can’t do anything but ride, while Warren and Erika sits at the back.

Warren and Erika just smiled at each other as their eyes met. They understand already what they want to say to each other.

On their way to the restaurant, Kenneth chats with Nicole as if they are the only one in the car.

Warren and Erika just keep staring at each other and shakes their head. They can’t believe what they are seeing now. They see a different Kenneth compared to the Kenneth Yin they know before.

In the restaurant…

Kenneth tells Erika and Warren to order their food and then asks Nicole what she wants to order.

Nicole said that she’ll just take the lobster bisque…

“Oh really! That’s my favorite too,” says Kenneth

Kenneth tells their order to the waiter.

While waiting for their order to be served. Kenneth asks Nicole some questions.

Kenneth said, “I heard that you just came back from London a month ago. Is that right?”

“Yes…that’s true. My father and I just settled back to Seoul after 5 years of stay in London.”

“What made you come back here again?” As if he didn’t know the reason…

“My mother passed away and Papa can’t accept the fact that Mama is gone. He is always lonely and depressed and for another reason that I can’t talk to you about. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No. I don’t mind. What is the cause of your mother’s sudden death?”

“My mother had breast cancer. We left Seoul 5 years ago to bring Mama to London for treatment. But sad to say she still didn’t survive her illness.” Nicole was misty-eyed already while telling this to Kenneth.

Kenneth gives Nicole his hanky to wipe away her tears.

Nicole smiles and thanks Kenneth. Nicole returned the hanky to Kenneth.

Kenneth said. “you could keep it…. you might cry again later”, and gives her a grin.

Nicole pouts her lips to Kenneth.

Kenneth almost forgot that Erika and Warren were with them that time. It seems Kenneth thought it was only Nicole and he at that time.

Warren and Erika just smiles to what they are seeing. They are just happy with what they see in Kenneth now. Then Warren said. “ahem…just want to tell you we’re still here…”

Warren and Erika laughs.

Kenneth laughs too while Nicole blushed…

Their food arrives and they eat while chatting with each other.

As they are about to leave, Warren says to Kenneth to take Nicole home because he and Erika still have other plans for the night.

Nicole wants to protest but…

Kenneth said to Warren, “it’s my honor to take Nicole home.”

Nicole can’t do anything…

What Nicole didn’t know is that it was Erika’s idea.

Back in the parking lot…

Kenneth opens the cars door for Nicole.

Nicole protested and said, “I can take a cab don’t bother bringing me home anymore.”

It seems Kenneth felt Nicole’s hesitation and said’ “it’s truly my honor to bring you home Nicole, you won’t bother me at all.”

With those words, Nicole entered Kenneth’s car.
Not so far away, Warren and Erika saw the two. Erika said to Warren that the two looks perfect. Warren agrees with what Erika had said.

Nicole already told Erika in their short chat what happened with her and Mart, which she also tells Warren. The two plans to play cupid to Kenneth and Nicole. Nicole didn’t know that Erika forwarded her cell phone number to Kenneth through business card.

Erika has a strong feeling that Kenneth is attracted to Nicole. Though she didn’t know if Nicole is ready to fall in love again. Erika texted Kenneth and told him that she sent him Nicole’s cell phone number.

Nicole was so quiet on their way home.

Kenneth said, “is there anything wrong?” (Kenneth’s phone beeps). He reads the message and smiles.

Nicole notices the smile in Kenneth’s face and said it must come from your girlfriend. That’s why you smiled that way.

Kenneth replied, “No. It didn’t come from my girlfriend because I don’t have a girlfriend. It came from a friend who sent me a very important message. I can say she is really very smart. She knows what I want to know.”

Nicole is surprised to find out that Kenneth has no girlfriend. Something in her heart is happy to find it out. She said, “I don’t believe you, you don’t have a girlfriend? With your looks I really don’t believe it. You must be counting your girls.”

Kenneth laughs. “I’m telling you the truth. I really don’t have a girlfriend for almost a decade. It’s a long story, but I will tell you about it one of these days. We will be working together always. How about you? You must have a special someone in London?” Kenneth asks Nicole.

Nicole is so happy that Kenneth is not committed to anyone. She can’t explain why but she is happy about it. Nicole turns to Kenneth and said, “I didn’t leave anyone or someone special in London.”

Upon hearing Nicole’s reply Kenneth is so overwhelmed. He can’t explain his feelings that very moment.

They chatted some more until they reached Nicole’s home.

Nicole said, “Here we are…thanks for taking me home Kenneth and I really enjoyed the dinner. See you on Monday.”

Nicole bows her head and waves good-bye to Kenneth.



Nicole wakes up with a ring in her cell. She didn’t know whose number it was. She answers her phone and said…

“Hello. Good Morning this Nicole Jin…Who’s this please?”
“Good Morning Nicole…Did I wake you up? This is Kenneth by the way.”

“Kenneth…. How did you get my number? As I remember it, I didn’t give you my number, as well as, you asking for it?”

Kenneth laughs and said, “Remember last night when I told you a friend of mine sent me an important message?”

“Yes,” Nicole replied.

“Well, that friend of mine gave me your number. So here I am in front of your gate waiting for you to wake up.”

“What? Nicole jumps off her bed and peeks out her window and sees Kenneth standing behind his car.

Kenneth waves at Nicole upon seeing her at her window.

Nicole asked Kenneth what he is doing there.

Kenneth replied, “I’m planning to take you to Seoul. For sure you miss Seoul, you’ve been away for 5 years.”

Nicole was speechless, because that was her plan today. She plans to ask Erika and Warren to accompany her.

Kenneth said, “Nicole are you still there?”

Nicole said, “yeah I’m still here I’m just flattered by your thoughtfulness. By the way, have you eaten your breakfast already?”

Kenneth replied, “err not yet. I’m hoping we could have breakfast together.”

Nicole blushed then said, “Okay, wait for me downstairs.”

Nicole opens their door and lets Kenneth in. And said, “I will prepare breakfast and let’s eat together.”

Kenneth was surprised and said “you will cook our breakfast?”

“Yes…don’t worry I won’t poison you….”

Kenneth didn’t know how to react but he is so happy learning that Nicole will cook for him. Kenneth asks, “Where’s your dad?”

Nicole said her father visited some of their relatives in the province.

After few minutes, Nicole serves breakfast on the table and they ate together. While eating they talked on their itinerary for the day.

Kenneth asks Nicole if there is one particular place she wants to go.

Nicole replied, “yeah I want to visit Cheju Island”
Kenneth smiles and said they we will go there. Nicole didn’t know but Kenneth was hoping she will say Cheju Islands.

Cheju Island…

In Cheju Island, they strolled around the islands.

Kenneth asks Nicole about her stay in London.

Nicole said that her 5 years in London brings her happy and sad memories. She’d rather remember the happy moments and forget all the bitter past memories that London gave her.

Kenneth asks if she has plans to go back in London someday.

Nicole said “of course I love to go back to London to visit all the beautiful places there and to see also our former house there. I just want to know if the new owner takes care of it properly. Just like what I requested his assistant.”

Kenneth just nods to what Nicole had said. Then ask Nicole if he can ask her a personal question. That she can choose not to answer if she doesn’t want too.

Nicole said… “Okay? What do you want to ask?”

Kenneth said, “I really couldn’t believe that you don’t have someone special in London, unless he is part of your bitter past that you want to forget?”

Nicole was stunned to what Kenneth had said. Has Kenneth read what is on her mind? Nicole smiles at Kenneth and said….

“Do you know how to read minds of other people?”

Kenneth laughs and said “it’s you who have that ability.”

“What? Me?”, Nicole replied….

“Yes. When I asked you a while ago if you have any particular place to go. You said Cheju Island. Did you know that it was also what was in my mind? I really wanted to come here.

“Kenneth wait…” Nicole cuts him and said… “it’s you not me who can read minds. This morning I’m really planning to see the whole of Seoul today and asked Erika and Warren to go with me. Then when you asked that personal question…you still know what is on my mind.”

Kenneth laughs and said…”I guess this is what you call mental telepathy.”

“Mental telepathy?”

“Yeah…they said if two people could read each other minds they are meant for each other.”

“Huh? Who said that?”
Kenneth just shrugs his shoulder and said “are you going to answer my question?”

Nicole said, “I would in one condition?”

“What condition?”

“If you tell me why you don’t have a girlfriend for almost a decade. You don’t look gay to me.”

“What did you say? I’m gay? Tell me that again and I will kiss you...” Kenneth told Nicole with a smile on his face.

Nicole wiggles her heads and said “sorry…. I won’t mention that word again promise.”

Kenneth teases Nicole… “What word that you won’t like to mention?”

“Those three letters…”

“What three letters?”

“Kenneth you can’t fool me so that you can kiss me.”

Kenneth laughs…. his very first real laugh after so many years. “OK that’s enough. Ok I will tell you the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend for a long time.”

“Ok then.” Nicole looks so serious and starts to open up with Kenneth.

Nicole told Kenneth that she caught Mart and Katrina, her best friend in Katrina’s bed in a very awkward position. That has Mart asked for forgiveness and that it was Katrina who seduced him. Nicole said she didn’t believe what Mart had told her. If Mart didn’t like it he will ignore Katrina’s advances. But he didn’t, he took advantage of Katrina’s flirting with him. With that, she broke off with Mart.

It was just a coincidence that it happened weeks before they will be coming back to Korea. At least, it’s not that painful anymore for her to part ways with Mart.

“So that my story….”

Kenneth asks Nicole if she still loves Mart.

Nicole said, “I don’t love him anymore. I don’t like dishonest persons.”

“I see…. Are you ready to fall in love again?”

Nicole said, “I don’t know. Maybe if the right man comes along. It’s only then I would say I’m ready to fall in love again.”

“I see….”

“So it’s your turn now to tell me why you are still single and unattached for a long time”.

“Well…at the age of nineteen I experienced my very first heart broken from my first love. She stood me up on my nineteenth birthday. She promised me she’d be on my birthday. I waited for her but she didn’t show up. Then I just found out her whole family left Korea and went to the United States for good. She didn’t even give me a note or message that she will not be coming or that she is leaving for good.

From then on…I didn’t take love seriously. My parents are kind off worried about me already. They want me to get married, have a family of my own. But every time I remember what Judith has done to me, I’m afraid to fall in love again and take love seriously. My father told me once that not all women are the same. Then I just told him that maybe the girl for me is yet to come…”

“I see…after that incident is you and Judith speaking to each other?”

“Since that day, I haven’t had any contact with Judith and I can’t forgive her for what she did to me.”

“Kenneth…it’s wrong…you should give Judith the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she has a reason why she left you without talking to you that day. It’s been ten years already. Don’t tell me you still hold grudges with Judith? You should forgive her already. Do you still love her?”

Kenneth said, “no I don’t love her anymore…. I don’t know if can forgive her. How about you? Have you forgiven Mart and Katrina for what they did to you?”

“Mine is different…the wounds are still fresh. But once I heal my wound I can forgive them already. I won’t hold any grudges with them. Maybe…they have their own reason why they did it. When I’m ready I will talk to them.”

“I don’t know where Judith now lives in the United States. So how can I talk to her and ask the reason why she stood me up?”

“Then search your heart Kenneth and find if you still hate her. If not then in your own time you will forgive her. You will find out…. The feeling is much better if you don’t hold back any hurt feelings. I won’t force you to do it now. But do it slowly…you will succeed. Then maybe, you can now fall in love again.”

“Are you sure…I will succeed.”

“Yes…. Kenneth. I can see it in your eyes…the first time I saw you yesterday. Your eyes are full of sadness but now I can see it differently. I see glow in your eyes.”



“Will you believe if I tell you that it’s you why I changed a bit in myself? You ask Erika or any other person in the office and they will tell you what kind of person I am.”

“Me? Well thanks I’m flattered. In a short period of time I was able to change your life a bit. Actually, Ms Shirley already told me that you are a very serious type of boss and very strict. But it’s not what I see in you last night and today.”
Kenneth smiles…. “So Shirley already warned you about my attitude huh?”

“Well sort of….”

“So what can you say?”

“Well I can’t comment right now. Maybe you are different when you are in the office. The Kenneth Yin in front of me might be different when he becomes Sir Kenneth Yin in the office.”

Kenneth laughs.

Nicole smiles at Kenneth.

Kenneth then said to Nicole “it’s your smile that made me change my attitude. It warms my heart and makes me so at peace.”

Nicole blushed with Kenneth’s revelation and just said, “are we not going eat now? I’m starving”.

“Oh gosh…I’m sorry I forgot it’s almost lunch already. I forgot the time every time I see you smile.”

Nicole just bows her head for she can’t control the blushing of her cheeks.

Kenneth and Nicole head to a fine restaurant and ate there. The people around them keep on glancing at them.

Some diners can’t help not comment what a handsome couple they are. One diner can’t help and voiced out her admiration to them and said. “You two are such a great pair. I guess you are on your honeymoon?”

Nicole blushes with what the diner had said. She is about to answer when Kenneth said…”yes madam, we are….”

Then the diner excused herself and wishes them good luck.

Nicole stared at Kenneth intently and said “why did you lie to her?”

Kenneth said…”look, it would be embarrassing to her if her assumption is wrong. Anyway, what’s the big deal? we are not coming back here for quite sometime. So there’s nothing to worry my dear wife….”


Their order arrives and they eat quietly. Nicole still feels bad but quite excited with what Kenneth had said to her. Even if it’s a joke…but when Kenneth said “dear wife” it’s music to her ears. She can’t help but smile…

Kenneth saw her smiling and asks “why are you smiling?”

Nicole blushes and said “nothing…I just remembered something…”

Kenneth just shrugs his shoulder and continues eating….

Nicole on the other hand got something naughty in her mind. She calls Kenneth and said… “honey I want you to taste this say ahh…”

Kenneth is surprised to see Nicole’s action but obediently does what she asks him to do and opens his mouth.

Nicole gives him a sushi… Kenneth said “now it’s my turn honey…say ahh”

Nicole blushed but can’t do anything but follow what Kenneth asked her to do…Kenneth gave her a bite size sushi also.

Other diners can’t help not to admire their sweetness and even clap their hands. Nicole blushes, her face is almost all red because of embarrassment.

Kenneth and Nicole left the restaurant and laugh their hearts out.

Kenneth asked Nicole what has come into her mind that she started that.

Nicole said “I don’t know…I just want to play. That’s why I do it. Since you said it’s not a big thing at all,”

“Yeah it’s not a big thing for them. But to me it was a big thing.” Kenneth murmurs to himself.

Nicole said, “did you say anything Kenneth?”

“No….” Kenneth said… “Let’s go home now. We still have to see other places.”

“Yeah let’s go.”

Kenneth and Nicole toured around Seoul. They went to the amusement park and took rides just like kids.

It’s almost dark when Kenneth brings Nicole home.

“Your house is still dark. Does it mean your Dad is not yet around?”

“Yeah, but he will be here any moment now.”

“Do you want me to accompany you until your dad arrives?”

“Will it not be too much? You already accompanied me the whole day. You must be tired already.”

“Of course not! I’m willing to accompany you.”

“If that’s the case then come in, I’ll prepare you ranyun…Do you eat that?”

“Didn’t you know that’s my favorite food to eat?”

“Really? Then I will make you one.”

While Nicole is preparing the noodles, Kenneth waits in the dining area and asks if he can help her.

Nicole said, “it’s ok. I’m fine here.”

“You know what you can be a good wife.”

Nicole smiles to Kenneth and said “you think so?”

“Of course! You have all the qualities of a good wife.”

“Thanks for your compliments and here’s your ranyun. I think you are just starving that’s why you said that.”

“Of course not!” He eats his ranyun and says, “Hey this is the best ranyun noodle I ever ate in my life.”

“Yeah, right…”

“I’m serious it’s really tastes good.”

“Thank you.”

“Tomorrow I will pick you up again. We will go to church then we will visit other places that we are not able to visit today.”

“What? That’s too much already. I’m almost taking up your two days rest period to tour me around Seoul. Its ok Kenneth you take a rest tomorrow.”

“No it’s fine with me.”

They were arguing when Nicole father arrives.

“Nicole whose car is that parked in-front of our house?”. Gui asks Nicole when he enters their house.

“Oh hi sir good evening…”

“Good evening also.”

“I didn’t know that my daughter has already a male visitor just after a month of her return.” Gui teased Nicole.

“Dad…by the way, dad this is Kenneth Yin, my future boss at WRG.”

Kenneth shakes hand with Nicole’s dad.

“Your boss? Kenneth Yin? Any relation to Park Yin?”

“Well he is my dad sir? Do you know my father sir?”

“Yes…he is my buddy in fishing when I was still here in Korea and, my boss too. So how are your mom and dad?”

“They are both fine.”

“That’s good and gives my regards to them.”

“I will sir.”

“Well Nicole, since your dad is here already. I’ll be going. Sleep tight and don’t forget our date for tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night, sir.”, says Kenneth.

“Oh sir is too formal just call me Uncle.”

“Goodnight Uncle and Nicole.”

Kenneth left Nicole’s place.

Nicole saw her dad in the teasing mood. That’s why she said goodnight to her dad and left him in their living room.

Gui just shakes his head and smiled.



Kenneth arrives in their home, whistling. His parents are in the dining area. He went there to greet his parents.

“Hi Dad, hi Mom….”

“Oh there you are. Come join us for dinner”, his mom said.

“Where have you been the whole day? It seems you are very happy son. Kenneth’s father said.

I just had my dinner mom. I just tasted the best ranyun noodles in town. It’s so delicious mom.”

“Really? Better than mine.”

“You are correct Mom, much better than your ranyun noodles. I’ll just take some fruits.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet Kenneth’, His dad said.

“What was your question again dad?”

“I said where have you been the whole day and you seem to be very happy.”

“Oh yes I’m really happy today and I went to Cheju Island to accompany my new friend.”

“Cheju Islands? I thought you hated that place.”

“Not anymore dad.”

“And this new friend of yours…is she a girl or one of your male friends?”

“A girl dad and mom she is the one who cooks the best ranyun noodles. I had dinner with her at her home. Since her dad was not around yet, I accompanied her until her dad arrived. Which reminds me dad…do you know anybody by the name Gui Jin?”

“Gui Jin? Hmm his name is familiar. Let me think….”

“Darling, is he one of your engineers before in the site and you’re fishing buddy?”

“Yeah…yeah… that’s him I remember. Where did you meet him? I know their family left Seoul because his wife is sick. I don’t know if they returned already.”

“Kenneth…” his mom said. “Is the girl you are telling me about who cooks the best rayrun noodles is the daughter of Gui? Nicole?”

“Yes mom do you know Nicole?”

“Oh how can I forget that child… she has the best smile in the world. She is the daughter that I never had.”

Your mom adores Nicole when she was a child. Every time Gui brings his family for fishing, your mom is always happy because she will see Nicole again.”

“How come I never met her that time?”, said Kenneth.

“Because you are very busy with…”

“Judith?”, Kenneth finishes.

“Yeah. Son.”

“It’s fine dad. Judith is already part of my past. I have to move on.”

“Kenneth is that you who is talking with us? Are you not sick?” Kenneth’s moms puts her hand at Kenneth’s forehead to check his temperature.

“Mom I’m fine. Nicole helps me to see things more clearly and in a positive way.”

“By the way, when did they return from London?”

“Months ago.”

“Wait you mention that you accompanied Nicole in their house because her dad is not around yet. Where is her mom? Don’t tell me, she didn’t survive her illness.”

“You are right dad. Nicole’s mom didn’t survive her illness. She passed away more than 2 months already. Nicole decided to return to Korea because her dad’s health is deteriorating in London. Due to her mom’s passing away.”

Kenneth’s mom felt bad for Nicole and said “why don’t you invite Nicole and Gui to have dinner with us tomorrow night?”

“Hey that’s a good idea mom. I will call them now to extend your invitation.”

Kenneth calls Nicole at her cell. “Sleeping already sweetie pie?”

Kenneth’s parents looked eye to eye and smiled to each other. They understand each other what they want to say.

“Just about to sleep if you didn’t call. Why did you call? Is there anything-wrong Kenneth?”

“Mom and Dad are inviting you to have dinner with us tomorrow night. Mom misses you a lot. Why didn’t you tell me that you knew my parents?”

“I didn’t know uncle and auntie are your parents. I thought you just have the same surname. And during those times I’m was in your house you are not there. I didn’t know you were their son. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Hey wait! Mom wants to talk to you. Here…”

“Hello Nicole. How are you? I’m sorry about your mother. We didn’t know. Do come tomorrow night I miss you. It’s been already 10 years since we’ve seen each other.”

“I miss you too auntie. Yeah it’s been ten years since we saw each other. How’s uncle?”

“Oh he is fine and he is also dying to see you now. You are already a grown up woman. You are already 21 years old, am I right Nicole?”

“Yes Auntie I’ll be turning 21 this June.”

“Ok here’s Kenneth again…”

“Nicole… it’s me Kenneth. Well, you better have a good night sleep I will pick you up at around 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. And Nicole I will eat my breakfast there again. Good night and sweet dreams.”

“Ok Good night Kenneth.”

“How did you meet Nicole?”, Park Yin asks Kenneth.

“Oh I almost forgot to tell you that she is my newly hired system analyst. We just knew each other yesterday. I saw her in the corridor of the HR dept. I was about to follow-up with Shirley if she already hired a new system analyst. I saw her in the corridor beaming her sunshine smile. She greeted me with her smile. And I don’t know what was in her smile that captured me, especially my heart.”

“I was so happy when Shirley told me that the girl I saw in the corridor was my new system analyst. Then I also found out that Nicole and Erika, my secretary were close friends. I didn’t know what came to me last night. When I saw Nicole at Erika’s cubicle after her interview I invited them for dinner, including Erika’s boyfriend Warren.”

“During last night dinner and this whole day trip with Nicole. I’m so happy. I can’t describe the happiness that I’m feeling now.”

“We are happy for you son. We hope this will be the start of your new outlook in life.” His dad commented to him.

“I also hope so dad…. I got to take a rest now. I have to be early tomorrow. Good night mom. Good night dad.” He kissed them both.

Kenneth’s parents were so happy to see the change in their son’s life.


Nicole on the other hand can’t sleep. She was so confused. She didn’t know what was happening to her this morning. She was so happy with Kenneth’s company this morning. She can’t explain the happiness she felt in her heart. She can’t understand herself why she can’t say “NO” to Kenneth. She can’t explain why she can’t resist Kenneth’s invitation. To think it was only yesterday that they met and he was her future boss. She didn’t understand why her heart trusted Kenneth that easily. She is not like that to anyone, even with Mart.

Nicole calls up Erika on the phone.

“Hello Erika…it’s me Nicole. Did I wake you up?”

“No I’m still awake, Warren just left, why did you call? Is there a problem?”

“Erika, I’m confused…I really don’t know what’s happening to me. You know what? I’ve been with Kenneth the whole day. He accompanied me going to Cheju Island and to the amusement park. And I’m so happy about it.”

“Really? Wow that’s great…. So what’s the problem with that?”

“Erika? Isn’t it too early…? I don’t know I’m confused. I just came from a bad relationship. I don’t know if I’m ready to have another one. And another thing, I just met him yesterday. And how come I can’t turn down his request to me. Am I insane already?”

“Nicole stop worrying ok? You are an intelligent lady you can handle it. Just take one step at a time, ok? Another thing, you will learn more about Sir Kenneth once you start working with him. Just pray, so that you will be guided properly, my friend. Don’t worry Warren and I will always be here for you. You are very lucky Kenneth’s falling for you. A lot of girls are wooing him but nobody succeeded.”

“How about you? Didn’t you fall for Kenneth’s charm?”

“I’ll be hypocrite if I say no. I got attracted to Kenneth but I didn’t fall for him. Because I’m so much in love with Warren. Warren is my soul mate. And may be, Kenneth is your soul mate.”

“Erika…stops teasing me….”

“I’m not teasing you. Believe me my friend Kenneth is attracted to you. And stop worrying.”

“Well I guess you are right. I have to stop worrying and just take one step at a time. Thanks for your time. I have to sleep; Kenneth will be here by 7AM tomorrow to pick me up again. We will go to church together before touring around again. I have to wake up early since Kenneth wants me to cook breakfast for him.”

“Whoa? That’s something… I think you too are really destined to be together. My friend you have a lot of things to tell me. Let’s meet tomorrow night after your date with Kenneth.”

“Erika I’m sorry but I can’t. My dad and I were invited by Auntie and Uncle - Kenneth’s parents to have dinner with them.”

“What? Hmm do I smell something going on here; that I didn’t know yet?”

“Erika it’s only this evening I learned that Kenneth’s parents were my parents friends way back 10 years ago. My father used to work as an Engineer in one of their construction businesses of Yin and my Dad and Kenneth’s dad are fishing buddies before. There are times that Dad will bring Mom and me to their fishing. Auntie and Mom will always take turn to take care of me. Auntie is very fond of me, because according to her I’m the daughter that she never had. But during those instances that we were there I haven’t met Kenneth. That’s why I didn’t know him at all.”

“I see. Well what a small world huh. I guess this what you called fate, my friend.”

“Do you think so, Erika?”

“Based on what you told me. Yes its fate or destiny.”

“Ok thanks Erika for your time. I really have to say good night and promise we will go out one day. Good night and thanks Erika.”

“You’re always welcome my friend and good night also. Sweet dreams.”

With that Nicole turn off her phone and sleeps with a smile on her face.


Nicole wakes up early and prepared breakfast for her dad, Kenneth and herself. She cooked English breakfast.

Thirty minutes before 7:00AM Kenneth arrives in their doorstep.

“Good morning! You are early…”

“Yeah… because I don’t want to hurry in eating breakfast. Where’s Uncle?”

“He is still asleep. Papa wakes up late during Sunday. I just left his breakfast. He will just reheat later. Come let’s eat….”
Kenneth and Nicole eats their breakfast together. Nicole asked Kenneth where they be going today.

“We will go to church first then we will visit your mother’s grave. Then we will go to Han River and other Seoul Landmarks, Seoul Cityscapes and Seoul Forest. Do you like that?”

“Yes. Nicole was misty-eyed” with what Kenneth had said.

“Is there any thing wrong to what I told you?”

“No…no…it’s just that you are so too good to be true and you even thought of visiting Mama first before we go to Han River and other Seoul Landmarks, Cityscapes and Seoul Forest.”

“We all know that Sunday is family day and I want to talk to your mother. I want to tell her something.”

“Huh? What will you tell Mama?”

“Later, you will know it. Let’s finish our food so that we can go now or else we will be late for church.”

So they ate quietly. But in their hearts and mind both are very happy.

After they finished eating, Kenneth insists that he will wash the dishes. Nicole didn’t protest, for she knew she will not win over Kenneth.

After Kenneth finishes washing the dishes. Nicole left a note to her dad and they left.

They went to church to hear the Sunday services. Then they proceed to the cemetery where the ashes of Nicole’s mom were placed.

Nicole and Kenneth pray silently. Then Kenneth said, “Auntie I’m Kenneth Yin, Your daughter’s new friend. I want to promise you that I will take care of Nicole in your behalf. I will be here always for her.”

Nicole was touched with what Kenneth had said to her mother’s grave. She wants to cry. She can’t help it but she knows at the very short time she is falling for Kenneth. She just doesn’t know if Kenneth feels the same for her. Or Kenneth just wants a plain friendship for his heart still belongs to Judith.

After their visit at the cemetery. They went to their destination. They strolled around Seoul. People who see them together always thought they are lovers or a married couple. The sweetness they have for each other just naturally comes out.

They came back almost 5:00PM. Kenneth dropped by Nicole at her place and said he will be back in two hours to pick up her and her Dad for the dinner that his parents planned to have with Nicole and her Dad.

“Yeah,” Nicole said and wave goodbye to Kenneth.

Nicole’s dad’s been at the doorstep and saw the two arrive.
“Oh hi daddy! Aren’t you ready for the dinner tonight at Uncle and Auntie’s place?”

“Oh it’s still early to prepare. I have lots of time to do it. Can we talk?”

“Sure dad, what do you want to talk about?”

“Is my daughter falling in love again? Isn’t too early? I don’t want you to be heartbroken again. You are too precious to me. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Oh Daddy! Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. And to answer your question. I really don’t know dad. I’m really confused still. But I do like him a lot daddy. Don’t worry I have all the time to know him once I start working him.”

“That’s another thing, will there be no conflict in your work. Now that you and Kenneth are friends?”

“I really don’t know Daddy; I will find out tomorrow once I start working with him. Daddy, I have a feeling you don’t like Kenneth?”

“Of course not! I like him; in fact I like him for you. I know his family. It’s just that, he is older than you by many years and very good looking. He might play around...

“Daddy would you believe if I tell you he doesn’t have a girlfriend for almost 10 years.”

“What? That can’t be? Nicole, Are you sure he is a real man?”

“Daddy! How could you say that to Kenneth? He had a traumatic experience in his first love. And he had a hard time coping with it.”

“Ahh.ok. I though he was….”


“It seems my daughter is very much affected huh?”


“Ok…Ok …I’ll make myself ready for the dinner tonight.”


Kenneth arrives 30 minutes before 7 PM. “Good evening Uncle. Good evening Nicole. Ready?”

“Yeah were ready”, Nicole said.

When Kenneth saw Nicole he was mesmerized by her beauty and can’t help not to admire her even in front of her dad.

“Nicole you are so beautiful… more beautiful than the night.” Kenneth said.

Nicole blushes and says thank you to Kenneth.
Kenneth opens the front door of his car so that Nicole’s father can ride in front.

But Gui says that he opted to ride at the back and let Nicole ride in front.

So Kenneth assisted Nicole in riding in front of the car. After Nicole settled in front of his car Kenneth opened the back door for Nicole’s dad to ride.

As they drove to Kenneth’s place. Kenneth noticed Nicole is holding something. He asks what it is.

Nicole said… “Just a small token for Auntie and Uncle.”

“You are very thoughtful; you know what Mom is looking forward to see you again. She is so excited. She is looking forward to this dinner. She is so busy since this morning. Tell you frankly… I’m a little but jealous.”

“Jealous? Of me? Why?”

“Because Mom never does that to me.”

“Don’t worry I will tell Auntie to throw dinner for you also.”

“Don’t worry Kenneth I will throw a dinner for you in our house”, says Gui.

“Really? Uncle!”

“You will do that Daddy? How come you also never throw a party for me?”

“Now were even.”, Kenneth laughs.

“Yeah were even…” Nicole mimics what Kenneth said.

Gui just shakes his head in amusement of the two.

After few more minutes. Then arrive at Kenneth’s place.

Kenneth’s parents were already waiting outside. Kenneth’s mom, immediately opened the front door car and helped Nicole emerged from the car.

She immediately kisses and hugs Nicole. “Nicole you are so grown up. Darling come here. Look at Nicole she is so beautiful.” Kenneth mom said to her husband.

Kenneth’s Dada that time is already chatting with Nicole’s father.

Park Yin approaches her wife to greet Nicole. Upon seeing Nicole…Park Yin only says “no wonder Gui’s daughter has smitten my son. You are very beautiful.”

Nicole’s cheeks are all red because of the praises she receives from Kenneth’s parents.

“Thank you. Auntie and Uncle, I’m flattered. By the way…here’s something for you.”

“Oh thank you very much. You are still very thoughtful. You never change. Let’s go inside and dinner is served already.”

During dinner, Kenneth’s mom said…. “Nicole… Kenneth told me that you made the best ranyun noodles. He even told me that your raynun is much better than mine.”

Nicole blushes again and said… “no Auntie I guess Kenneth is just teasing you when he said that.”

“I’m not kidding. It’s true that your ranyun noodle taste much better than mom’s.” Kenneth said.

“See I told you….” Kenneth mom said.

“Ok Auntie I will tell you the secret of my cooking ranyun. Actually it’s Mama’s recipe.”

“Oh I see. I’m sorry about your mom. We didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. I already accepted it.” Gui said.

They chatted more about their life in London.

After dinner Kenneth’s parents and Nicole dad had coffee at the Veranda. Kenneth and Nicole opted to stay in the music room.

Park told Gui about Kenneth’s life before meeting Nicole. He told Gui how grateful they are to Nicole’s presence. Because Kenneth’s outlook has changed.

Gui also told them that he is happy Nicole met Kenneth. Because he knows now her daughter didn’t turn out to be a man hater after her traumatic experience in love at London.

Kenneth’s mom said… “I guess its destiny that the two meet I just wish there friendship will blossom into something else.”

“That’s what I’m hoping also.” Gui said.

Later they were joined by Kenneth and Nicole.

It was almost 11:00 PM when Nicole and Gui says goodbye to Yin family.

Kenneth’s mom said”I hope this is not the last time we are going to eat dinner together.”

“Don’t worry mom…. there will be a lot more time that you can have dinner with Nicole. That’s a promise mom.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Nicole bid goodbye to Kenneth’s parents. “Goodbye Auntie. Goodbye Uncle. I had a great time with you.” Then rode on Kenneth’s car. Gui is already settled at the back seat of the car.
Nicole waves goodbye.

Park said to Kenneth. “Kenneth drives carefully.”

“Yes dad. I will.”


“Here we are”, Kenneth said.

“Kenneth thanks for the ride. I’ll go ahead; I’m a little bit tired and sleepy already.” Gui said to Kenneth.

“Okay Uncle… Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Kenneth.”

Nicole kisses her dad on the cheek and said goodnight.

Nicole turns to Kenneth and said…. “Kenneth I really had a great time today. Goodnight. We still have work tomorrow.”

“Me too Nicole I had my best time today. I hope we can do it again. Okay Goodnight also and dream of me.” Kenneth kissed Nicole on the forehead.

Goodnight Kenneth. Drive carefully. Send me a SMS to know that you arrived safely.”

“Okay. I will. Bye.”

With that Kenneth left and Nicole enters inside their house.

Nicole is so happy. She can’t describe how she is feeling right now. She just gets her journal and writes there what had happen to her the whole day.

After writing in her journal. She readies herself to sleep when she received an SMS message from Kenneth. Informing her that he is at home already.

She replies by saying Goodnight. And she sleeps with a smile on her face.



It’s Nicole’s first day in office, she is in hurry to leave her house for she doesn’t want to be late.

Nicole is surprised to see Kenneth’s car in front of their house.

“Sir Kenneth good morning and bowed her head. What are doing here sir?”

Kenneth acknowledges Nicole’s greeting and answer her question. “I’m here to pick you up.”

“Pick me up?”

“Yes. Is there anything wrong?”

“But. But. Sir. I think it’s not proper for someone like you pick-up your newly hired employee.”

“What’s wrong with that? Come here or you will be late on your first day.”

Nicole had no choice but to ride in Kenneth’s car.

“Oh by the way, don’t call me sir. I’m not used to you calling me sir.”


“It’s an order Nicole. Just do what I say… okay?”

“As you wish…”

“That’s my girl…”



So the two drove quietly until they reached the WRG offices.

Many people noticed their arrival and asked who the girl with their sir Kenneth was. Even Erika and Warren is surprised to see Nicole with Kenneth.

At the office…

Kenneth calls an impromptu meeting to all his employees. He introduces Nicole to everyone as their newly hired System Analyst.

Everyone gives Nicole a warm welcome.

Nicole thanks everyone and gives her ever beautiful smile and dimples to everyone.

One of the employees asked Nicole if she is already has a boyfriend.

Nicole blushed and when she is about to answer the question…

Kenneth interrupted and put his arm around Nicole’s shoulder and said “yes she is taken already….”

Everybody is surprised especially Erika, Warren and Shirley, including Nicole.

Nicole blush her cheeks…

All guys in the office felt dismayed to what Kenneth had said.

Kenneth just gives a smile to Nicole…

Nicole asks Kenneth, why he did that.
Kenneth said, “do what?”

“Why did you tell them that I’m already taken?”

“Oh that one, because I’m a very possessive guy”

“What? What do you mean? You are just my boss and not my boyfriend”

“That’s what you think…. I’m a very frank person and as early as now I’m telling you that I’m attracted to you.


“We will talk about it after office hours. We will have dinner. Ok?”

Nicole just nodded.

“Good. Now let’s talk about your work first.” Kenneth pulls Nicole by her hands into his office.

Erika sees Kenneth’s actions and just smiles to her self.

Kenneth explained to Nicole the scope of her work as a system analyst of WRG.

After Kenneth explained to Nicole her work. Nicole left Kenneth’s office and went to her cubicle.

Erika accompanied Nicole to her cubicle and introduced her to her subordinates and secretary-Ceilo.

Nicole greets them and settles to her table. She opens her PC and opens her YM. Then she starts working already.

She was so engrossed on her work that she didn’t notice that it was already lunchtime. If only her YM didn’t pop up.

Kenneth had sent her an YM… telling her that it was lunchtime already and he will pick her up in a minute.

Nicole reply Kenneth’s YM and called Cielo She instructed Cielo to print out what she did in the computer. When Kenneth appeared.


“Just a second. I’m just giving some instruction to Cielo. You can do it after lunchtime.”

“How sweet, Cielo commented. How I wish Chui is also like that to me.”

Nicole blushes with what Cielo had said. Kenneth just smiles at Cielo.

Kenneth and Nicole left the office for lunch.

Time flies and it was already time to leave. Kenneth fetches Nicole at her cubicle. They left for an early dinner.

Kenneth told Nicole his intentions to her. He already felt that the very first time he laid eyes on her. He can’t explain what he feels for her. That it was the very first time he feels like that.

Nicole was speechless. She didn’t know how to react. Though she also feels something for Kenneth. She just told Kenneth “isn’t it too early for you to feel that way Kenneth. We’ve just knows each other for only 4 days.”

“Nicole there’s neither time nor distance when it comes to loving or liking someone. I’m willing to wait until you are ready to falling love again or just even to like me.”

“Why Kenneth are you ready to fall in love again? Have you forgiven Judith? Are your past never haunted you again?”

“My answer is YES to your entire question. I’m ready to fall in love again, I already forgive Judith and I’m ready to move on.”

“Nice to hear that Kenneth.”

“How about you are you ready to commit yourself again?”

“Honestly speaking, I really don’t know Kenneth. Can we just take one step at a time? Let’s not hurry. Hope you understand. Lets just be this way first, we are still in the process of getting to know each other.”

“Of course I do understand. And I’m happy that you are not closing your doors to me.”

“Why should I do that? There’s no reason for me to do that to you.”

Kenneth smiles at Nicole.

They continue their dinner. After dinner they watched movie together. After watching movie, Kenneth brings Nicole home.

Kenneth shows Nicole his deep affection. He always has a gift for Nicole… like books, flowers, etc.


Time flies it’s already Nicole’s birth month June.

Kenneth brings Nicole home. Before he left, Nicole invites Kenneth to have dinner with her on Wednesday.

“Wednesday? Kenneth asks why? What’s the occasion?” He teases Nicole pretending that he didn’t know what the occasion was. If Nicole just knew it…he is dying that it be her birthday already.

Nicole pouted her lips and said “you don’t know what occasion there is on Wednesday. Then forget I invited you. I’ll just invite Erika and Warren instead. Bye and she turn around to get inside the house.”

Kenneth immediately gets out of the car and runs to Nicole. “I’m only teasing you. I love to see you pouting your lips. It seems I want to kiss it.”

“What? How dare you?” Nicole hits Kenneth’s arms.

“Ouch….” Kenneth said while laughing.

“So what’s the occasion on Wednesday?”, Nicole said.

“How can I ever forget it I’m counting days for it to be June 06, your birthday. I’m flattered and honored to be with you on that special occasion of your life.”

Nicole smiles and said “I thought you forgot it”.

“I can forget anything but not your birthday.”

Nicole smiles and tiptoes Kenneth and kisses him on the cheek and runs through the house while saying good night Kenneth. “See you tomorrow.”

Kenneth was stunned for a minute before he left Nicole’s place. He is so happy the way things are going between him and Nicole. He is so sure that Nicole is also falling for him.


Nicole’s birthday….

Kenneth is the first one who greeted Nicole happy birthday. He called up Nicole on her cell phone at exactly 12:00 AM. Then this morning he is again her first caller.
Nicole is so happy. She went downstairs and is surprised because she saw Kenneth and his parents; Erika, Warren and his Mom are all in their living room.

Kenneth sees her first and said “here’s the birthday girl.”

Kenneth meets her on the stairs and kisses her on the cheeks and greeted her again happy birthday.

Then one by one they all greeted her happy birthday once she descended on the stairs.

Nicole is almost teary eyed. “I’m surprised I didn’t expect you all to be here. Thank you for making my 21st birthday a happy one.”

“Well you deserve it my princess...” her father said.

“We better be going now…”Kenneth mother said.

“Why? Where are we going?” Nicole asks.

“Well we know that we cannot have you tonight to have dinner with us. So we plan to have a small gathering at Cheju Island this morning,” Kenneth mom said.

“Of course we can all have dinner tonight.” Nicole said.

“But my son won’t like it. His been waiting for this occasion, then all of a sudden we will ruin it. We can’t do that to our son.” Kenneth dad said.

Nicole eyed Kenneth and said… “you planning something tonight for me?”

“Yeah.” Kenneth said.

“Oh Kenneth…that’s so sweet and thoughtful of you. I’m so touched, thank you.”

The group left Nicole’s place and headed to Cheju Islands.

They had a great time in Cheju Islands. They went to Jeju Teddy Bear Museum, and other scenic spots of the islands.

It’s almost 3 PM when Kenneth told them that he and Nicole will be leaving. Kenneth mom said “okay…have fun and Nicole happy birthday again.”

“Thanks Auntie.”

Nicole asks Kenneth where they are going.

Kenneth said “It’s a secret you will know in a little later, honey.”

“Honey? I’m not your honey”

“I know but soon you will be.”

“You are too confident huh?”

“But of course! I am that confident” and winked at Nicole.

Nicole just bit her lips and sat quietly in Kenneth’s car.

Kenneth looks at Nicole and said are “you angry with me?”

Nicole said “no… I’m just a little bit irritated with your teasing.”

“Oh then I’m sorry. Promise there is no more teasing. We are almost there honey.”

“Kenneth…you said no more teasing…”

“I’m not teasing you. I love to call you honey.”


No more buts…cheer up it’s your birthday today. Here we are….”

They are in Jeju Port...

“What are we going to do here?”

“We will go sailing? There’s my yacht…” We will go to Yongdu-am

“Sailing?” Yongdu-am? The Dragon Head Rock?

“Yeah? You don’t like it? If you don’t want they we can just have dinner in one of the best restaurants in Seoul.”

Nicole saw disappointment in Kenneth eyes. It’s her turn to tease Kenneth. “Really it’s fine with you if we just eat in a restaurant tonight. Instead of sailing in your yacht?”

“If that’s what you want. Your wish is my command. Then we better go back now. Let’s go.”

“Are you sure it’s just okay with you? I can feel it’s not that okay with you. You just want to please me that’s why you agree with it.”

Kenneth smiles at Nicole and said… “It’s nothing if I’m disappointed or not. What is important is your happiness.”

“Then let’s go now.” Nicole head towards the direction where Kenneth’s yacht is being docked

Kenneth on the other hand is on his way to the car when he noticed Nicole is not tagging behind. Kenneth turned around and he sees Nicole walking towards his yacht. He called out Nicole’s name and said…. “Nicole I thought you want to have dinner in a fancy restaurant….?”

“I didn’t say that. It’s you who said that, not me. You said what is important to me is my happiness. Then my happiness is to go sailing.” Nicole notice sudden change in Kenneth. He smiles and ran to were Nicole is… Nicole heard Kenneth said

“Nicole you trick me and wait till I get there.”

“Come and catch me….” Nicole said as she ran towards the yacht.

Nicole under estimated Kenneth because in a second Kenneth is already behind her. Kenneth tickled Nicole at her waist.

“Kenneth stops it...” Nicole pleads Kenneth “the people are looking at us.”

“I don’t care if they are looking at us. You tricked me and made me sad thinking you didn’t like to go sailing.”

Nicole catches her breath and said “it’s you who assumed I didn’t like sailing. I just asked you but I didn’t protest to it. So I just pretended that I didn’t like it to tease you. Now were even.”

“You are really amazing” Kenneth said and pinched Nicole’s nose.

Then Kenneth helped Nicole hop on to the yacht and then he followed. Kenneth introduced Nicole to the Captain of the yacht.

“Nicole this is Bradley the Captain of the ship…. Hello Bradley nice meeting you…”

“Hello Nicole…. nice meting you also and Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you…”



Kenneth said to Nicole…”come I’ll bring you to your cabin. You can rest there for a while or even take a short nap. I will just wake you up when we are already in the middle of the sea. Unless you want to swim.”

“No I’d rather take a rest, another thing I don’t have extra clothes for swimming.”

“I bought one there for you or you can swim in your undies”

“No way… I won’t swim with my undies.”

“Then wear the one I bought for you.”

“I’ll think about it. I’ll just sleep first.”

“Okay… I’ll just be here with Bradley.”

“Okay…see you later.”

Nicole proceeds to her cabin. While Kenneth prepares the surprise he made for Nicole’s birthday.

It was almost 7:00PM when Kenneth knocks Nicole’s cabin. “Nicole are you awake now? Can I come in?”

“Yes Kenneth I’m awake and you can come in.”

Kenneth is now wearing a suit. He changes from his casual wear. He is extremely handsome.

Kenneth opens the door and get inside. “Did you sleep well?” Kenneth asks Nicole.

“Yeah. I had a great sleep.”

You look so handsome in your suit.

Thank you…“Come outside…. Dinner is already served and ready.”

“Okay let’s go.”

When Nicole steps out from her cabin, she is surprised with what she sees. It was nighttime, the two stepped out from Nicole’s cabin as a red carpet awaits them…on the carpet were rose petals gathered extravagantly…the two went to the upper deck for more surprises, awaiting Nicole was a chef and two waiters standing beside a set table, ready for dinner…suddenly a violinist arrived on the scene and started playing romantic music.

Nicole was overwhelmed she was speechless. She was really touched with Kenneth’s surprise birthday gift for her.

Should I not be wearing a gown?

Nicole was just wearing a jeans and simple hanging white sleeveless blouse

No need you are extremely stunning in whatever you wear.

Thank you. What this all about?

Why? Are not please with the things you see?

I like it. I’m not complaining? I’m just asking…I’m afraid this yacht might sink.

So what? You know how swim….

How dare you to say that? Are you really gonna sink this yacht?

Kenneth laugh and said of course not…”let’s eat first”.
As she is about to eat…another surprise person appeared. Popsie, a well-known singer in Korea. Popsie sang a song for them..
Nicole almost chokes…when she heard what Popsie sings. It’s her favorite song…”Open Arms”.

Why? Kenneth asks?

“The song…she said”

“You don’t like it?”

“No, I like it. You asked her to sing it?

“Yeah…I know you will like it”

“Thank you”.

He had never been this likeable. She wanted to hug and kiss him-nonstop. Kenneth just prove to her how much important her to his life.

They ate while her favorite song was being sang by Popsie accompanied by a violin at the background

“What now?” she asks Kenneth when they finished eating. “If the purpose of all these-the flowers, the music, the food-is to make me happy on my 21st birthday then you succeeded. I’m very happy And Popsie, she turn to Popsie and said Thank you so much, you are really a good singer”.

Thank you and bow to her.

“I’m sorry but the purpose why we are here is not to make you happy.”

She was stunned. “So what is the reason? Please tell me,” Nicole said.

“The reason for all these is for you to fall in love with me. I love you.”
Though Nicole already knew this will come, she is still perplexed to what Kenneth had said.

“Did I say something wrong?” “I love you”… he said with sincerity. “So do I succeed in making you fall for me.”

“Can I think first?”

“Okay, I give you 5 seconds to think…one”

“Hey! That’s fast”.


She just kept quite.


“Oh Kenneth…. I love you too.”

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in my life.” Thank you.

“Thank you too.”

Kenneth stands up and said, “shall we dance?’

“Okay. She said”

Popsie start singing “It might be you” accompanied by the violinist.

As they dance, Nicole smiles because all the songs that Popsie sang are her favorites.

“What are you thinking?” Nicole asks Kenneth….

“I’m thinking I hope… One year, two years, 10 years or 20 years, I hope to be with you on your birthday every year.”

“Is that so?”

They stop dancing for awhile.

“This is for you.”

“For me, thank you. Can I open it?”

“It’s beautiful! It looks like pearl. My birthstone? What’s this?”

“It’s Olivine (Peridot). It’s my lucky stone. It’s the only gem that originates from outer space. The stone is a fragment of the meteor that didn't burn out in the earth atmosphere. Pearl comes from the sea and olivine (Peridot) comes from another corner of the universe. But they're strung together now.”

“Really? I want to wear it. Isn’t too big?”

“It not a bracelet, it’s an anklet.”

“What are you doing?”

“I learn this from a movie. Giving an anklet as a present means those two people will meet again in their next lives. We’ll meet again in our next lives.”

“Oh Kenneth…I love so much. You just didn’t know how you made my birthday so special. I’m so happy. I love you… I love you…”

“I love you too Nicole….”

With that the two kiss… as they kissed fireworks followed. They watch the fireworks display hand in hand.

Then Nicole confesses to Kenneth something…. “You know what? I’m already in love you when we were in Cheju Island. I just didn’t tell you. For I’m afraid my feeling for you will not be reciprocated.”

“Really! You already loved me that time. And yet you didn’t tell.”

“Yes I’m already in love with you that time. But I’m afraid that you are still in love with Judith and that I’m just a mere replacement of her.”

“Why did you belittle yourself? You are not a replacement of Judith. I may love Judith before but now it’s you that I love most. It’s you that I always wanted to see. It’s you who give me light and shed all my fears in life. I love you so much Nicole remembers that for always.”

“Yes Kenneth. I will remember it for always. For I love you so much also. I’ve never felt these feelings when I was still with Mart.”

“Let’s make a promise that our loved will be based on trust and honesty. No matter what comes in our way, we will always tell one another what we feel. No hiding of feelings.” Kenneth told to Nicole.

“I promise.” Nicole said…

“I promise too”, Kenneth said…

They sealed their promises with a kissed.

After their declaration of love… the two agree to go for a night swim…. They swam until they got tired.

They decided to return from their sailing almost midnight already.

It is almost dawn when Kenneth brings Nicole at her home. They were seated in Kenneth’s car.

Kenneth said to Nicole… “Don’t go to the office today, there’s no important work for you to do. You just take your rest and I will see you in the afternoon. But I will call you always.”

“But…Kenneth, I don’t want other people think that I’m….”

“Stop worrying… do what I say I’m your boss remember.”
“Yes sir… You’re not just my boss in the office but also the boss of my heart.”

Kenneth laughs and then kisses Nicole on the lips. Then said “goodnight… Honey dream of me.”

“Goodnight too, dream of me also.”

But of course they give each other light kisses.

Nicole came out of the car and then turned to Kenneth again and said “drive carefully. Love you…”

“Love you too….” with that Kenneth left Nicole’s place.

Nicole is about to enter the house when she notices a shadow behind their house.

Nicole asks “who is that? She walks slowing towards that area of their house to look who it was. Though she was nervous, she just makes herself strong and brave. When she reaches the area… no one was there. She was so sure she saw a shadow of a man.

Nicole just ignored it and said “ah I might be sleepy. I just see things even there’s none. So she enters their house already. She receives a SMS message from Kenneth that he is already at home.”

Nicole smiles with Kenneth’s sweet SMS message. She replied to Kenneth’s SMS.

The shadow appears again…and said “I’ll get you back Nicole…. you are mine only….”

Then the shadow man left Nicole’s place…

To be continued…..



Nicole’s father glances at his window when he heard Kenneth’s car. He was about to return to his bed when he notices that Nicole walked towards behind their house, he was about to go down to meet Nicole when Nicole re-appears and enters the house.

Gui glances again where Nicole came from, when all of a sudden a shadow of a man appears, looking directly at Nicole. Gui is wondering, who could that be, so he waits at his window until the shadow appears. He is surprised to see who owns that shadow. It is Mart…. Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, “What is he doing here?” Gui ask himself

Gui goes back to his bed when he sees that Mart left their place already. He can’t sleep; he is worrying for Nicole. He decides to tell Nicole the following day.

Gui wakes up early; he is already fixing the breakfast table when Nicole goes down.

“Good morning Daddy” said Nicole, and kissed him on the cheek, Nicole noticed that his Dad is not himself. So she asked, “Daddy what’s wrong? Are you angry with me, because I got home late?”

Gui smiles at his daughter and said; “Of course not…I know you are in good hands.”

“Then why are you like that? What’s bothering you? Are you sick? Is there anything bad in your health?” Nicole asks his father almost crying.

Gui tapped Nicole’s shoulder and said; “There’s nothing wrong with me but yes something is bothering me. Last night when Kenneth brought you home, I was still awake, waiting for you to arrive….”

“Oh no! Daddy, are you angry with me because you saw me kissing Kenneth. Daddy I’m so sorry, I just love Kenneth that’s why I accepted his love. But if you don’t want me into a relationship then I will break up with him.” Nicole said crying to her daddy.

“No don’t do that, yes, I did see you two kiss but I’m not angry in fact I’m very happy because you found the right man for you.”

“Really, daddy?” Nicole asks her dad.

Gui nods his head.

“Then what are you worrying about?”

Gui sighs and says to Nicole. “Sit down baby…. As I’ve said last night when I saw you come home, I noticed you walk towards the side of our house. What did you do there?”

“Oh is that what you are worried about dad? It’s nothing; I just thought I saw a shadow of a man. But I checked it out, there’s no one there. So I just ignored it and went inside the house. I didn’t bother to visit you in your room thinking that you were already asleep.”

“It’s alright baby, but you are right, there’s really man in that area of our house, he hid himself when he noticed that you were coming towards him. Maybe he is afraid that you will find him so soon.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand…who is that man?”

Gui looks into his daughter and said, “Baby, the shadow that you’ve seen last night belongs to Mart. I saw him when he emerged again from where he was hiding. Mart looked at you before he left.”

Nicole is surprised with what his father had said to her. She didn’t know what to do. What is Mart doing here in Korea? And how did he find out where we live? Nicole asks herself…. and said “Daddy, what am I going to do?”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m here for you and Kenneth also. Which reminds me, why are you not dressed up yet for the office? Are you not going to the office today?”

Nicole said…”Kenneth told me to take a day-off today. But he will come over for lunch. He just called me a while ago. Dad, should I tell this to Kenneth? I mean what you saw last night?”

“But of course my baby…you should tell this to Kenneth. We don’t know what is in Mart’s mind. At least we are always ready. In fact, we are lucky because we found out about it early. We can take safety precautions against Mart in case he will do something. Too bad for Mart, he doesn’t know that we already know that he is here in Korea.”

“Yeah, you are right dad. I think mom is still protecting us.”

“Yeah. She’s still watching us”, Gui said in misty eyes.

Nicole feels bad for her daddy for she knows he still misses her mom, just like her. “Let’s eat daddy, I’m starving already and you are already late for work.” Nicole said to her dad.

“You are right, let’s eat I’m already late for work. But wait, when I leave, you will be alone here, what if Mart comes back and does something bad to you?”

“Don’t worry daddy, I can take care of myself. I got an idea daddy; can you drop me at Auntie’s house? I’ll ask her what kind of food Kenneth wants to eat for lunch.”

“That’s a good idea…so you better hurry I’m already late for work.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Gui drops Nicole at Kenneth’s house. Nicole on the other hand, asks Kenneth’s mom if she can accompany her to the supermarket, which Kenneth’s mom agrees to immediately.

While in the supermarket, Kenneth’s mom whispered to Nicole that she noticed a man following them, wherever they go.

Nicole already had an idea who that was but chose to ignore so that her Auntie won’t get nervous. She just told her Auntie maybe she is just being suspicious. But deep inside, she was also nervous. She just got all the things she needed for the food the she will cook for Kenneth and went to the cashier and left the supermarket.

On their way home, Nicole told Kenneth’s mom that she was right about the man following them. She told her that is was Mart, her ex-boyfriend.

“What your ex-boyfriend? What is he doing here?”

“I don’t know Auntie, Dad saw him last night at our house. He was hiding beside our house. He didn’t know that we already knew he was here. That’s why; I ignored you a while ago, so that he won’t get suspicious.”

“I see, so what’s your plan now? From what I heard from Kenneth, you and Mart didn’t part in good terms, is that true?”

“Yes, Auntie, I broke up with him because of his infidelity and he didn’t agree with it. But I stood up with my decision and left London.”

“I see…In my opinion, you better tell this to Kenneth.”

“Yes, Auntie…that’s really my plan. I will tell Kenneth about it when we have lunch in my house later.”

“That’s good, by the way, is Kenneth going to pick you up in the house or will I take you to your place?”

“Yes, Kenneth will pick me up here, Auntie. I don’t want to give Mart a chance to talk to me, while I haven’t talked to Kenneth. It’s hard to trust Mart’s action. If he has good intentions in going back to Korea, then why didn’t he show himself, instead of hiding?”

“Well, you have a point there….”

Kenneth was already at home when they arrived from supermarket. He kissed Nicole and immediately unloaded the things she bought from the supermarket and transferred it to his car.

He and Nicole kiss Mrs. Yin and bid her goodbye….

Not so far away, Mart is looking at them and whispers to himself…. “You can’t have Nicole in your life that I promise myself”, smiled deviously and left.


After eating their lunch, Nicole was quite uneasy and Kenneth notice her actions.

“What’s wrong with you? It seems you are uneasy? Is there a problem? Care to tell me, what it is?”

Nicole sighs and said, “Kenneth I have to tell you something…. Mart is here.”

“What? What’s he doing here? How did you know he was here?”

“I don’t know. It was dad who saw him.” Nicole told everything to Kenneth, she didn’t hide anything from him.

Kenneth was furious with what Nicole had told him. “We must do something about this. You might be in danger. I better get you a bodyguard so that you’ll be safe from him.”

“Kenneth, no! I don’t want to have a bodyguard. I will feel uneasy if there is always somebody following me. I can take care of myself, honey. And I don’t think Mart will do anything wrong to me. It’s not his character.”

Kenneth was angry. “What? You don’t want to have a bodyguard. Are you still eager to see him? Do you still care for him?”

Nicole smiled to what Kenneth had said…

“Why are you smiling? There’s nothing funny to what I’ve said.”

“You are so cute…you are getting more handsome when you get jealous….” (Laughs)

“I’m not jealous! I’m just worried for your safety.”

“Oh really? It’s not what I saw in your facial reaction.”

“Why? What’s my facial reaction?”

“I see a furious face… it’s seems that if Mart is here, I think you’d already hit him…Ha! Ha! Ha…”


“Yeah…I feel flattered… you just showed me how much you love me, honey. But honestly speaking, I don’t feel anything for Mart, though I want to talk to him. So I will know what he wants from me. That’s why; I’m waiting for him to come to our place, so that we can already talk about our past and put an end to it. But when that happens I want you to be there too.”

“Thank goodness! I feel relieved. I thought you are still interested in Mart and yes, I’m jealous over Mart. Because I know that you also love him and he has become a part of your life.”

She smiles and said… “It’s you that I love. Mart is just part of my past.”

Since you don’t want to have a bodyguard, let me assign myself as your personal bodyguard. You cannot go out without me. I will pick you up every morning and take you home every night. No more “BUTS”, that’s an order, understand?”

“Yes sir”, Nicole salutes to Kenneth.

Kenneth laughs and kisses Nicole on the lips.





Two months had past and there’s no sign of Mart. They all concluded that maybe Mart decided to go back to London when he found out that Nicole is already happy with her new relationship.

Nicole is so glad that Mart doesn’t bother her anymore. At least, she can now concentrate on her plan to surprise Kenneth on his upcoming birthday party.

She’s been preparing since last month. She already assigned people their respective assignment. Now all she has to do is go over the checklist to see that all is well.

She just finished talking to Shirley. She asked if all departments are prepared for their surprise numbers.

She recalled the day she asked Shirley to call a meeting with all the department heads but to make it a secret to Kenneth. Shirley was surprised but when she told her the agenda of the meeting, she willingly agreed to it.

She was so nervous facing all the department heads because she was afraid what they would think about her. Just because she is Kenneth’s girlfriend, she can do anything she wants. But Shirley gave her the assurance that all the departments are nice people.

During the meeting, Nicole told all the department heads what she wants to happen on Kenneth’s birthday. She told them to inform all their staff not to greet Kenneth on his birthday and she wants them to prepare a special number that they will perform on the day of the surprise party.

Everybody agreed to Nicole’s idea and they are all very willing to do their tasks. They promised Nicole that they would keep it secret until the celebration.

Nicole was so happy for the warm response given by the entire department and she thanked them for all their cooperation.

Nicole was back in the present when she heard her cell phone beeping…

Nicole read the message….”remember you are mine only; nobody will own you but me….”

The message sent shivers to Nicole but she ignore it again…she’s been receiving that message for over a month but just like now she ignored it. She just thought that it was always missent to her.

She just told herself “Why do I always receive that text message? Who could that be? Do I have to tell this Kenneth or just ignore it?”

She is in deep thought when Warren and Erika arrived at Nicole’s cubicle. The two are also there to report the development of their assignment.

“Hello…a penny for your thoughts?” Warren said to Nicole…

Nicole smiled and said “You two better come in tell me your report.”

Erika said “Both Popsie and Bradly agreed to host the event. Popsie even said that she will do a song number for Kenneth. And this is the best news…they are doing it for free.”

“Wow that’s great….” Nicole said.

“And you Warren, how about the sound system and other effects? Are they also ready?” Nicole asked Warren…

“Yeah…everything is okay. By the way, you mentioned to me that you have a friend from London coming over to work as stage Director, when he will be coming?”

“Oh yeah…Paola….” She will be coming over the weekend, don’t worry…. you will enjoy working with Paola.” Nicole said with a smile.

“Paola? You mean the stage Director is a girl? Hmm it seems that I will have a great time working with her huh?” Warren says happily.

“Nicole, I thought you are my best friend, but why are you doing this to me…. how come you’re letting Warren work with other girls?” Erika was almost crying already.

Warren just smiled and feels flattered because he knows Erika loves him so much, that she gets jealous easily.

“Oh Erika I’m sorry, if you think I’m giving Warren to other girls, No. It’s not what you think…I’m teasing Warren only…Paola is a guy trapped in a woman’s body” Nicole said to Erika.

“What?” Warren said almost shouting. “Paola is gay?”

“Sort of…a closet queen, but don’t worry Paola is a decent person. You know what he is so handsome. Despite being a closet queen… there are a lot of girls who fall for him, including me. I had a crush on him and he even courted me and I almost answered him if I didn’t find out his true identity sooner. I felt disappointed, but we became good friends.” Nicole told Erika and Warren.

Erika can’t hide her smile while Warren looked so serious.

Nicole assured them that it would be nice working with Paola. Then Nicole looked serious and said…. “Guys…I need your advice regarding this matter….”

“What matter”? Erika asked.

I’ve been receiving a SMS message from someone I don’t know for almost a month now. I just ignore it. I really don’t know if I have to tell this to Kenneth or not. I don’t want Kenneth to worry much for he has a lot of work here in the company. I don’t want to give him another burden.”

“Can I see the SMS message sent to you?” Warren tells Nicole….

Nicole gives her cell phone to Warren.

Warren scrolls the messages that Nicole saved in her phone.

Warren got mad at Nicole and said “You take this for granted? These messages are all threatening. Kenneth has the right to know these things.”

Erika got the phone from Warren and reads the messages also. And said, “Nicole, Warren is right you should tell this to Kenneth.”

“But”….Nicole said.

“No more buts…. You should tell this to Kenneth.” Erika said.

“What should Nicole tell me huh, Erika?” Kenneth said as he entered.

“Oh you are here? Did you just arrive or have you been there for long already?” Nicole asked Kenneth.

Kenneth replied, “I just arrived, what’s this all about?”

Erika and Warren got up from there seats and said. “Well, we will go ahead….” and told Nicole “Follow our advice, tell Kenneth.”

“What are they talking about Nicole? Is there anything I should know? Oh no, don’t tell me you will break-up with me Nicole…. I can’t let you do that.” Kenneth said.

Nicole smiled and said, “Why should I break up with you…there’s no reason for me to do that.”

“Then what is it? Don’t keep me in suspense.” Kenneth said.

Nicole looked serious and handed to Kenneth her cell phone and said “Read all my SMS in my Inbox.”

Kenneth’s face was distorted while reading all the messages in Nicole’s phone. After he finished reading all the messages, Kenneth faced Nicole and said, “You keep all these things from me for almost a month. Why you didn’t tell me? Isn’t it that we agreed no secrets….these are all threatening messages.”

“I’m sorry Kenneth. I just don’t want to give you any burden. At first, I thought it was mistakenly sent to me, so I just ignored it.

“Mistakenly sent to you? How could you be so naïve to think that this message is not intentionally for you?” Kenneth said to Nicole almost shouting.

Nicole was almost crying and said “Don’t shout at me and I’m NOT NAÏVE, I just ignored it because I don’t know anyone who would send me messages like that.”

Kenneth was a little bit stunned and walked towards Nicole, hugs her and said, “I’m sorry honey, I’m not shouting at you. I’m just upset with these messages…who would send this to you? Mart?”

Nicole looked at Kenneth; she embraces him and cries on his shoulder.

Kenneth comforts her.


chapter 8b

“Erika can you call Jacque at his office and tell him if he is not busy to drop by my office now.” Kenneth instructed Erika while guiding Nicole to his office.

“Yes Kenneth”. Erika replied.

After an hour, Jacque appeared in Kenneth’s office.

“Hey buddy what’s up? What’s this urgent call?” Jacque asks Kenneth.

Kenneth hugs his buddy Jacque and said “Glad to see you again buddy.” Then he introduces Nicole to Jacque.

“Jacque bro…meet my girlfriend Nicole Jin.”

Jacque shakes hands with Nicole and compliments her by saying, “You are so beautiful. If I got to meet you first before Kenneth I will not let you go of my sight.” Jacque kidded.

Nicole blushed. She just smiles and thanked him for his compliment.

Kenneth on the other hand, is so proud to have Nicole as his girl. He feels he is envied by all men, including Mart. When Kenneth noticed that Jacque can’t take his eyes off Nicole he said, “Shall we go down into business bro?”

Jacque, a little bit embarrassed because he knows Kenneth noticed that he is attracted to Nicole “Sure bro…what is all about?”

“Jacque, my girlfriend here received numerous text messages, which I believe comes from her ex-boyfriend.” Kenneth gives Nicole’s cell phone to Jacque.

Jacque reads the messages and said, “It seems that your ex-boyfriend is not over you yet.”

“You are right bro…two months ago he was here. We waited for him to show up at Nicole’s but he didn’t do it. Two months had past and there’s no sign of him. So we all thought that he returned to London. I didn’t know that Nicole had been receiving SMS messages for almost a month now. It’s only now that I found out about it.”

“I see…. Since we already have suspect it will be very easy to solve it. For the meantime, I might ask someone to watch Nicole at a far distance, for her safety.”

“Bodyguard? I hate bodyguards.” Says Nicole.

“But that’s for your protection, honey. By the way, how about the numbers he uses in sending messages to Nicole. Would not that be a lead already?” Kenneth asks Jacque.

“It’s hard to make it as a basis, since its all prepaid numbers. It’s hard to detect even if those numbers still exist.” Jacque said in Kenneth inquiry.

Jacque asks Nicole, “If you don’t mind Nicole, why did you break-up with Mart?”

“He cheated on me; he had an affair with my best friend.”

“When did you find out? What did you do?” Jacque asked.

”I confronted them and didn’t give Mart a chance to explain his side. I immediately broke up with him.”

“I see… so that’s the reason why Mart came here two months ago and started sending you these SMS messages. I guess Mart is still in love with you and he wants you back. Just like what the messages says

“You’re mine, only mine”.

“What??? Kenneth said. That’s absurd, I won’t let that happen…over my dead body. No way!!! He can’t get Nicole from me. Never…!”

Nicole is surprised with Jacque’s theory, because it makes a lot of sense.





By: Nicole Jang

“Jacque buddy, thanks for your help. You are really great!” Kenneth taps Jacque’s shoulder.

“It’s my pleasure to help you, what are friends for? Don’t worry, I will send my best bodyguard Ariel. He is great; he can easily catch Mart. I will also ask someone from Immigration if a certain Mart has entered and left Korea these past two months.”

“Thank you again for your help, Jacque.” Nicole said.

“It’s my pleasure to help you both. “Bro, promise me you will be faithful to Nicole. And Nicole if Kenneth hurts you, tell me and I will rescue you from him.”

“Nicole belongs to me. You better find your own. Don’t ever try to woo Nicole if you don’t want to ruin our friendship.” Kenneth teases.

Jacque laughs and leaves Kenneth’s office.

Kenneth hugs Nicole and says, “Everything will be fine. Jacque is great in his job as a private investigator.”

Nicole just nods to what Kenneth had said and he kisses Nicole on the temple.

Nicole left Kenneth’s office and went back to her office. Upon arriving at her office Cielo, her secretary, informed her that Paola called up and asking for a return call.

“Thank you, Cielo” says Nicole and proceeds in calling up Paola. After talking with Paola, Nicole is so happy because everything is working as planned. She temporary forgets her problem. She calls up Warren and informs him that he will introduce Paola to him over the weekend. Since Paola is arriving by Saturday August 4, they will pick up Paola at the Seoul airport at around 7:00 in the morning.

Warren is a little bit hesitant. But he still agrees with her plan. He calls up Erika and tells her what Nicole had said to him.

“Really ok I will go with you. I’m looking forward to meeting Paola.” Erika said.

“Ok then, I will pick you up at your place at 6:00 in the morning then we will pick up Nicole.”

“Ok but how can Nicole go without Kenneth? You know Nicole’s situation now?”

“Well, knowing Nicole I know she can get away from Kenneth even for just a short time.”

“You are right, knowing Nicole…honey, got to go I have an incoming call. Bye…”

“Hello, oh it’s you Nicole; I just finished talking with Warren and told me that Paola is arriving this Saturday. Of course I’m coming with you…. We know that you have an alibi for Kenneth since he can’t go with us. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“That’s right Erika and I have another favor to ask from you.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Can you give me the number of Jacque? I want to call him.”

“What? Hey, don’t tell me you are attracted to him. Though I admit he is also handsome. But I heard he is “Ladies Man”…Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Of course NOT! I just want to discuss something with him. I’m planning to tell him our plan for Kenneth’s surprise b-day party. I don’t want him to ruin our surprise for Kenneth.”

“Ah ok…I guess you have a point there. Here’s his number both in the office and cell phone.”

“Thanks Erika. Bye.”

Jacque is busy talking and giving instructions to Ariel when his cell phone rings. “Hello? Oh hi Nicole….No! No! It’s all right. He waves his hand to Ariel informing him to come back later.”

Ariel just shakes his head and said “So another woman falls for you, huh?”

“So what can I do for a beautiful lady? I’m really surprised you called.” Jacque thinks that Nicole is attracted to him.

“Jacque, I need a favor.”

“Sure… what is it? Go ahead tell me. I will listen.”

“Uh…” Nicole is a little bit hesitant to tell Jacque, she sighs…. and said…. “You know I planned a surprise birthday party for Kenneth. He doesn’t have any idea about it. I need your cooperation on this matter. I know you are going to send a bodyguard for me. There are times I will go out without Kenneth because it’s related to the surprise birthday party for him. I know you will report to Kenneth everything. I just want you to edit your reports with regards to his birthday. I will give you my itinerary so that you will be aware of the plans. Just like this Saturday, I will go to the airport with Warren and Erika to pick-up my director friend who is arriving. He will be the one directing the program for Kenneth’s b-day. Can I rely on you, Jacque?”

“I see…” A little bit disappointed, because he thought Nicole was attracted to him. He thought this time he defeated Kenneth. But he was wrong. He just shakes his head. “Okay just fax to me your itinerary regarding Kenneth’s b-day.”

“Thanks Jacque and by the way, you are invited to his party. There will be plenty of beautiful ladies.”

“Gee thanks I will be there. Hmm it seems Kenneth already ruined my reputation on you huh?”

(Laughs) “Of course not! He didn’t tell me anything about you. It’s just a wild guess.”

“Oh I see…Ok then I will cooperate with you and by the way, tomorrow you will meet your bodyguard. His name is Ariel.

“Ok then….see you tomorrow. Bye…”

“Bye…Kenneth is just a very lucky man how I wish I could meet also someone like Nicole.”

Jacque presses his intercom and calls Ariel back to his office.

“There you are…better get ready by tomorrow you will meet your client. Don’t forget to bring your props. We will meet here at around 7:00 AM, so that we will be at Kenneth’s office by 8:00 AM.”

“OK. I will be here together my props. I better go now and prepare the things I need for tomorrow.”



Meanwhile at the Starbucks coffee shop in front of WRG building, Mart is sipping his third cup of coffee waiting for Nicole to emerge from her office. He plans to talk to her and settle everything once and for all. His life is incomplete now that Nicole is not with him. Nicole is his life. He loves Nicole very much. He can’t accept the fact that Nicole has already someone else. Nicole belongs to him only…He can’t accept that Nicole doesn’t love him anymore. He will do anything just to get Nicole back. Even if it means that someone has to die.

He saw Nicole leaving the office so he hurriedly left Starbucks and was ready to approach Nicole when he stopped. Because he saw Kenneth was with Nicole. He was furious, how can he talk to Nicole when Kenneth is always with him? Mart mumbles to himself. “I’ll think of a way to eliminate you.” Mart left the place very angry. What he doesn’t know is that someone is watching him from a distance.

Mart almost bumped into a blind man walking towards him. And he shouts angrily at the blind man.

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t mean it.”

“Stupid…!” And he pushed the blind man to the wall and fell down.

The bulldog that blind man had with him barks at Mart angrily and was ready to attack Mart.

When the blind man said, “It’s all right buddy. Let’s just leave the place.”

Mart left the blind man and his dog. He was so angry, that even a blind man is not exempted from his madness.

On the other hand, some people helped the blind man to stand up. The blind man thanked the people and left with his dog.

While walking, “So buddy, did you smell our enemy? Next time you already know his scent.”

The dog barks at Ariel.

“Very good Jom, that’s good. Come I will treat you with a nice dinner. Nicole is safe since she is with Kenneth. Boss Jacque is correct Nicole is very beautiful.”

Jom barks again as if he understood what his master was saying.

Ariel laughs. “So you agree with me?”

Jom barks again.

“Ok let’s go home. But first I will buy food for you and your lovely pregnant wife Charen.

Jom wiggled his tail and barks to his master as if saying thank you.


Kenneth and Nicole are having dinner in a fancy restaurant. When Kenneth noticed that Nicole is not at her best, he gets worried and asks Nicole, “What’s bothering you honey?”

Nicole smiled and said “Nothing it’s just that I don’t know if this is the right time to tell you something….” (Sighs)

“Why don’t you try me? Come spill it out…”

“Ok (sigh) did Uncle tell you anything? Or mention about any seminars?”

“No nothing at all. What’s it all about?”

“Well Uncle told me to attend a seminar from the 11th to 22nd of this month.”

“What? Until the 22nd but didn’t you know that…?”

“I know but what can I do…Uncle fixed everything. I also want to attend this seminar because it’s related with my work. Please…. Don’t worry I will not attend the last day of the seminar which for sure it’s just awarding and socializing. I’ll be back as soon as the seminar finishes. Please allow me to attend it.” Nicole said with a sad face.

“How can I say No with that kind of face….Ok I will allow to go but….”

“But what…”

“Provided I will be there also….”

“Kenneth that’s impossible you have work here….”

“I will cancel everything…..”


“Why do I sense you don’t want me to go with you? Are you hiding something from me?”

“What gave you that idea? I’m not hiding anything from you. It’s just that I can’t concentrate if you are around. And another thing, there’ll be a lot of women out there who will run after you.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, what can you expect you’ve got a very handsome boyfriend? But honestly speaking, Honey I’m all yours; I don’t care with other girls anymore.”

“Hmmm… conceited…. Don’t worry I can take care of myself.”

“By the way, where will it be held?”

“It will be in Busan.”

“Busan? You better inform Jacque about it.

“Why? Don’t tell me Ariel should go along with me at Busan with his ugly dog-jom.”

“But of course honey. We have to be sure Mart can go and follow you there. Why is there anything wrong with Ariel and jom-the ugly dog?”

“With Ariel no problem he is cute but with jom- yuck I feel uneasy seeing that dog. The dog is so ugly to look at.”

Hearing Nicole’s comment Kenneth frowns, which Nicole notices.

“Hey! What’s that look?”

“Nothing…so you just find Ariel cute huh? How about Jacque? Isn’t he cute too?”

Nicole smiles and says “Jealous? You are right, both guys are cute but there is one person who stands out among the two guys. And that person is the one sitting in front of me.”

Kenneth smiles. “You really know how to please me huh?”

“No I just want you to feel secure and don’t worry about me. I love you so much and there’s no other guy that can catch my attention.”

“Ok you win… You will attend the seminar at Busan provided you will be here before the 22nd and Ariel and jom will go with you. That’s the deal.”

“Ok deal.”

“Let’s finish our dinner. It’s getting late already.”


In one corner of the bar….Mart is drinking wine when someone appeared and said…

“Can I join you?”

Mart looked and said… “What are you doing here?”

“I want to talk to you.”

“There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“Mart it’s about your sickness… about Nicole…. about asking forgiveness and moving on. Mart, you need medication.”

“Why do you care about my sickness? It’s your fault, why I have this disease…”

“I’m sorry Mart… I didn’t mean to infect you Mart. I’m really sorry. I didn’t know I have AIDS….”

“Get lost Katrina…I don’t want to see you again….you ruined my life!” Mart said angrily and he started to cry.