AAE Yins Dialogue

By Stephanie of Taiwan – December 11, 2002

The Chinese version is simply hilarious (even to my limited Chinese). Hopefully I did justice to Stephanie with my translation. Please accept my apology for any discrepancies in the translation. Enjoy!

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Yin’s Dialogue (1)


On one particular morning, white white snow-covered ground, two men were in the midst of a settlement under the floating snowflakes. One is a face of boyish charm while the other is a face of wisdom - different type of men but both possess enchanting charisma of their own.

“Little guy, let’s compromise. If you stay away from my wife, I’ll agree to all your requests.” the man appeared confident but there was a trace of reluctance in his tone.

“No, didn’t we agree already? Before 10:00 p.m. she’s mine, after 10:00 p.m. she’s yours. You are a man of your words and cannot retract your promise” little guy folded his arms across his chest – very stylish indeed.

“But I already made reservation for a Christmas candle light dinner, can’t you budge and let us enjoy ourselves as a couple?” the man was a little angry.

“I have also made arrangement to celebrate with my friends; everybody wants to know how pretty she is in person. I cannot break my promise! She has to turn out that evening, our party will end at 10:00 p.m. and I am not taking advantage of you!” the little guy turned his back to walk away.

“10:00 p.m. at night! Then my candle light dinner will become candle light supper! Just once please?” the man was getting impatient.

“Not even once, Mr. Director!” the little guy gave him a simple but powerful reply.

“It’s not up to you! Tomorrow you can celebrate Christmas with your paternal and maternal grandparents. If you still don’t agree, next week’s allowance will be forfeited. I won’t buy you the game for your X-Box. Also, the next time your kindergarten teacher phones to complain, I’ll not cover for you.” The man beamed a victory smile across his face and walked towards the warmly lighted kitchen. “Sun Mei, Po Po already agreed. Tomorrow we’ll go for our candle light dinner!”

“Who said that……I’ll complain to grandpas and grandmas, inform them that both of you ganged up to intimidate a little 5 year old boy. Shame on you Mr. Director, a big guy bullying a little guy!” little guy dragged his feet and grumbled as he walked into the kitchen “the next time I will also not lend you my wife!”


Yin’s Dialogue (2)

By: Stephanie (Taiwan)

Translation: firefly

A warm fire was crackling in the fireplace. The red glow had brightened each and every happy face. Adults were drinking wine in front of the fireplace, enjoying warmth in the bitterly cold winter.

In front of Xmas tree, two wingless angels were opening gifts excitedly.
“Bae Bae, Can you give me the chocolate in your hands?” Apple pie stuffed in his mouth, Yin Bo Bo’s
Face was smeared with pie juice.
“No. I just asked you to give me a small piece of pie. But you refused. Why should I share my chocolate with you?” Kim Bae Bae pouted. Two rounded eyes and a litter face. Bae Bae is very cute.
“Why so mean? My mom said that only people who love others and share can be happy.” Yin Bo Bo handed Kim Bae Bae his half eaten pie. “Here, I am giving you my half. Now, you should give me your chocolate.”
“I do not want your left over. It’s covered with your saliva.” Bae Bae firmly held the box of chocolate and ran away from BoBo .
“Saliva is not edible? My dad loves my mom‘s saliva. He stole my mom‘s cake, juice, hamburger, steak and vegetable stew. My dad will eat anything as long as my mom had a bite first.” Bo Bo said boastfully.
“My dad is tougher. My dad not only eat my mom’s saliva, he even eats my mom’s lipstick. I saw it when they were kissing last time.” Kim Bae Bae won’t back down.
“That’s nothing. My dad even bite my mom’s lips. I stole a peek last time. Isn’t that awesome” Yin Bo Bo strutted about like a winner. “My dad beats your dad.”

“hmm, I won’t talk to you any more.” Kim Bae Bae walked toward Xian Da/Yung Shee dejectedly. “Daddy, I hates you. How can you lose to Uncle Yin. I do not like you any more.”

“Yin Bo Bo, you are uttering nonsense again. Hand over your pie, and go the stand in the corner.”
Sam Mei walked over to grab his hands. “Uncle Xian Da, I am so sorry. This kid is talking nonsense.”
“I have not. It’s the truth.” Yin Bo Bo protested.
“Sam Mei, please forgive Bo Bo.” XZ walked over to her side and whispered, “ Plus, he did not made it up.”

In the house, everyone was scarlet faced. Some are shy, some are angry. Some are because of the fire. Someone is because of his wife’s lips.




Yin’s Dialogue (4)

Written by: Stephanie, Taiwan

Translation: Firefly

On the hardwood floor, 5 years old Yin Bo Bo, 4 and half years old Kim Bae Bae (XD/Yung-shi’s daughter), and 3 years old Tray Nu Nu (Shen-Sui and Zhao-di’s daughter) were playing. Guys were chatting about economy and stocks, ladies were brewing flower tea. Fragrance of the fields filled the house.

“Let’s play house. I will play the bride. Yin Bo Bo, You play the groom.” Bae Bae in a light purple dress,giving orders decisively. “Nu Nu, you play the brides maid.”
“You girl’s game are so boring. I do not want to play.” Yin Bo Bo walking toward a corner, started to play golf by himself. Look at his pose of striking the ball, he was quite good. “ My daddy said that a man should acted like a man.”
“There is only one boy. Of course you should play the groom.” Kim Bae Bae walked toward a table, took out the roses in the vase. “let’s use these as bouquet, Nu Nu, after I and Bo Bo say “I do”, I will throw you the bouquet”
“I want to be the bride. Sister Bae Bae, give me the flowers.” Nu Nu in a Scotch wool short skirt, is very cute with short curly hair. She held out her hand begging.
“You are too little. You can’t be the bride. I am Bo Bo’s bride.” Kim Bae Bae held tight to the flowers.
“Oppa Bo Bo, flowers, I want flowers.” Nu Nu cried, walked toward Bo Bo trying to get his sympathy.
“Nu Nu, your tears and saliva are all over my sleeve now.” Bo Bo shook his head. “you are awful. Let me give you a 5 minutes hug. Don’t cry any more.” He patted her back.
“Hey, you are my groom. How can you hug other girls.” Kim Bae Bae threw the flowers at Yin Bo Bo angrily. “You playboy…..” Aie, another one started to cry.

“What’s going on? Bo Bo, are you being naughty again?” SM guessed that it must be Bo Bo causing trouble. Otherwise, why there were 2 little girls crying?
“I did not do anything. You always blame me.” Threw down his gulf club, he ran toward the living room
And rushed into XZ’s arms. “Daddy, girls are so hateful. Mommy is also awful. I will never get married. I will live with you forever.” At age 5, because of 2 girls squabble, Yin Bo Bo tearfully declared his
Intent of remaining a life long bachelor.


Yin’s Dialogue (5)

Written by: Stephanie (Taiwan)

Translation: firefly

It was a Saturday morning. Rubbing sleepy eyes, Yin Bo Bo was eating a bowl of oatmeal quietly.
Sitting next to him, Director Yin kept on sneezing. His face was flushed. You could tell that he was feeling awful.

“Husband, you are having a fever. Don’t go to the office today.” Looking at his flushed face, SM was feeling anxious.

“It’s OK. I will stay in the office for just a short while. There ‘s a meeting next Monday. And preparation for that meeting is not yet complete. Besides, I would like to finish chunks of work before the Holidays, so I have time to spend with your two.” He held her, speaking listlessly.

Yin Bo Bo climbed down from his high chair, carefully carrying a bowl of oatmeal.
“Daddy, you will get well by eating my oatmeal. There are a lot of goodies here. One will grow up
Quickly eating this. Look, Mommy has added a lot of strawberries here.”

“Bo Bo is so good to Daddy.” He patted the little boy’s head. “But, you should finish your breakfast.
Daddy will be OK after resting a while”

“Go to rest in bed. I will get you a glass of warm milk. Take medication and have a good nap. Don’t think about work.” SM led XZ to rest in the bedroom, then returned to kitchen to warm
Up milk.

“Daddy, you can’t fall asleep? Mommy is busy at the moment. Let me take care of you.” Yin Bo Bo
Climbed up to the bed, pulled the comforter with effort, and stayed next to his dad.
‘Bo Bo, Daddy has a cold. Don’t get too close. It might be contagious. “ Xian-Zhe hugged Bo Bo’s slight shoulder. “ Don’t worry. Go downstairs to play. Don’t you want to play computer game? Today is weekend. You can play for three hours.”

“I would rather play with you for three hours. “ The little fellow held tight onto Daddy’s neck.
“ Daddy be good, go to sleep…Stars are blinking in the sky…Daddy be good, have a good sleep…
You are my darling…” Singing the serenade, Bo Bo was coaxing the big guy in his arms.

SM entered the room with a glass of warm milk, and found father and son had fallen asleep holding each other. Straighten out the comforter, she laid down next to Bo Bo.
“It’s wonderful to have you two.” She stretched out her arm to circle XZ and Bo Bo.
“Yes. It’s wonderful to have you two.” he murmured and fallen into sleep soundly.

Firefly: Who would not want the lovable, smart and engaging
Yin Bo Bo for a son. But then, Bo Bo is very lucky to have a loving pair of parents.
A warm, loving and supporting family is the most precious gift anyone can own.
Especially when one is sick.


Yin’s Dialogue (6)

By: Stephanie (Taiwan)

It's a holiday. Yin Bo Bo and daddy, mommy were visiting grandpa.

“Bo Bo, come over. Let grandpa hug you. Ouch. You have grown taller, and getting handsomer
By the day.” The minute he saw grandpa, Bo Bo rushed into his arms exuberantly.

“Bo Bo. Be careful. What if you knock grandpa to the ground?” Sam Mei said.
“What a energetic fellow, just like his father.”

“Are you praising me? Wife. My performance has been satisfactory. I am a good husband. Right?” XZ whispered next to her ear. The innuendo made SM blushed.

“I learned after Mommy. When daddy comes home at night, she always rush to him and hug him; then kiss his cheeks.” Yin Bo Bo hung to grandpa tightly and kissed his checks repetitively. Grandpa burst out laughing seeing his antics.

“My darling. You are so smart. Let grandpa give you a kiss.” He held Bo Bo happily. “Come, let’s go to kitchen to look for grandma. She knows that you are coming, and had bought your favorite snacks and soda.”
“Dad, please don’t spoil him. He is turning to a handful.” SM couldn’t help reminding her father.

“XZ, it must have been hard on you to marry my daughter. She does not drink and love to
Nag.” Grandpa patted XZ’s arm. This father in law is very smug about his son in law.

“Grandpa. Mommy can drink wine. Every time we dine out, Daddy always order red wine for Mommy,
Never for me. They insisted that kids can only have soda.” SM stared at Bo Bo, unsure what he is going to say next.

“Bo Bo. Go to find Grandma. There are delicious snacks.” XZ then whispered to his wife “It is safer to stuff his mouth with food.”

“It is safer for me to keep a distance away from you. It is entirely your fault that we end up with
Such a son.” SM glared at him. “No way. I have to persuade you to give me a daughter. A daughter like her mother, sweet and beautiful.”
“Ya. Son is like father, full of tricks.” SM poked at his chest happily. “Right. Plus, full of energy.” He grinned slyly.

This year, he has to have a daughter.


Yin’s Dialogue (7)

Author: Stephanie

Translation: firefly

It is New Year Holiday. Yet, Xian Zhe does not have one moment of free time for himself.
Friends from CNN are visiting Asia for business affairs. Though they are good friends privately. But business is business. For preparation of the upcoming business talks, XZ has been busy chairing meetings, collecting data. For the past few days, he had left early and returned home late at night.

“Mommy, did daddy misbehaved and you had kicked him out of the house? He did not read me bedtime story yesterday, yesterday of yesterday, and yesterday of yesterday of yesterday.” Yin Bo Bo is confused.

“Daddy has been busy earning money to support us. So you have to be a good boy, do not fool around.”
Sam Mei hugged him.” Daddy love Bo Bo dearly. When he gets home tonight, I will tell him how much
Your miss him. All right?” XZ did not get back until 1 AM last night. She was heartsick to see him working so hard. But it is his fate to shoulder a heavy load of responsibility.

“Mommy. Give daddy this, ask him to come home soon. “ Yin Bo Bo took out the red envelope money in his pocket. I have money. Is this enough?. If not, I will sell my toys to support daddy.” He blinked his large eyes.

“Darling Bo Bo. You are daddy and mommy’s treasure.” She kissed his cheek. “ Let’s figure out a way to ask daddy come home sooner today. OK?”

5 minutes later, Director Yin receive a simple email. There was a picture of one large and one small darlings blowing kisses to him with the message “Can we have dinner together tonight?”

XZ decided to finish his business matters quickly to take care his private affairs. That night, Director Yin took his CNN friend home to have dinner with his family. Four and half years old Yin Bo Bo had helped daddy finally managed to have a pleasant dinner at home. Besides, he helped to win a large business deal as well. Because after his “I love you, uncle” and a smacking kiss, no one can say “no”.

Yin’s Dialogue (10)

By: Stephanie (Taiwan)

Translation: firefly

Summer is here. Daddy and mommy in Yin’s household finally find some time to take Yin Bo Bo
To visit Kim Bae Bae’s family. Since Bo Bo heard that Kim’s family had bought a puppy, he had
Nagged his parents daily to take him to go play with the dog.

“Hello, Uncle, Auntie, ” Bo Bo bow toward Xian Da and Yung Xi courteously.
“Bae Bae, long time no see, have you missed me?” The little fellow had a sweet tongue.

“It is so unfair. He has daddy’s looks, mommy’s temperament, I bet he will break a lot of girls
Heart when he grows up. Hi, Brother. Let me warn you now. Don’t make Bae Bae cry over him in the future. OK?’ Xian Da pat XZ’s shoulder with some force.

“Can’t predict who will be the one getting hurt. “ XZ pointed at the angry Yin Bo Bo. It happens
That Bae Bae had climbed up and sat on SM’s knees , circled SM’s neck cajolingly,

“Om, girls are closer to our heart. Senior Yung Xi, am I right?” SM touched Bae Bae’s two
Little braids. “Bae Bae is so pretty. Mommy braided your hair?”

“Kim Bae Bae, this is MY Mommy. You are not allowed to hug her.” Bo Bo’s jealous look
Is so like his daddy‘s.
“Didn’t you say last time that people should love each other? I and aunti are loving each other.
Why should you get mad?” Kim Bae Bae’s sharp tongue must have inherited from Yung Xi.

“Bo Bo. Come, look what is in uncle’s hands?” Xian Da handed over the puppy to Bo Bo.
“It’s name is Gin Ku. Isn’t it cute?” Seeing the cute dog, Bo Bo temporarily forgot about his
Mother. He started blowing kisses to the puppy in his hold.

“What.? You are so money grubbing. Even name your dog Gin Ku (sounds like gold warehouse in
Chinese) . Hasn’t MBS paid you enough?” XZ quizzed.

“ Hell, No. It is COOL, as cool as I . But, MBS’s boss really does not treat me nicely.
He only grant me vacation after my repetitive begging. Daily, I have to leave early and return late.
I am afraid that Bae Bae won’t recognize me anymore.” Xian Da complained. “Remember that you
Owe me. OK, Boss.”

“Yung Xi and I will take the kids to back yard for a swim. Ai, it’s so hot.” XD took the kids to

“Wife, Bae Bae is so cute. Do you think that our daughter will be just as cute?” XZ has wanted a
Daughter for a long while, and used the occasion to repeat his plea.

“If she looks like me, definitely will be very cute. However, if she looks like you. Umm, can’t guarantee how she will turn out.”

“If I can guarantee that she is as cute as you, will that be OK?” He asked with hope in his eyes.

“Husband. No one can guarantee about such matters. “ His tease had made her laugh.

“You never know unless we try.” His wishful comments made his wife blushed once again.

Yin’s Dialogue (11)

Written by: Stephanie, Taiwan

Translation: firefly

In Yin Bo Bo’s room, XZ was reading the little boy a bedtime story. Two little brother and sister were left behind in a dark forest by their cruel step mother and father. They were lost and ended up in a witch’s candy cottage. The cruel witch locked them in a cage and was planning to eat them after fattening them up.

“Daddy, why the witch wanted to eat humans?. There were plenty of biscuits and candies in her cottage. If she was hungry, why not eat those? “ Bo Bo did not understand the world of adult.

“Because she did not like cookies and candies. Maybe human flesh taste better. Juicy and tender.” He suddenly remembered his wife’s yummy skin. Unconsciously, he nodded and licked his lip.
“Luckily, the little sister helped brother out by sticking out a chicken bone to fool the blind witch. Without the sister, the brother surely would be eaten. If you left me behind in a forest, what can I do? I do not have a sister to save me.“ Bo Bo was frightened.
“You are Daddy and Mommy’s treasure, we will never leave you behind.” He held Bo Bo tightly. “Don’t be afraid. With daddy around, the witch will not dare to show up.”

Flashing a scheming look,
XZ said “But
when Daddy is at work, it would be great to have a sister to accompany you. Bo Bo, would you like to have a sister?“ With one more vote, surely one more member can be added to Yin’s family.
“Sure. But how to have a sister? Is it by placing a little sister in mommy’s tummy, and after 10 months, mommy would give birth to a sister?” Clever Bo Bo. He asked a difficult question for all parents to answer.
“Um. Something like that. Only a little bit more complicated. Um. Let daddy think about it, then give you an answer.” He scratched his head. This is somewhat difficult. He knew how to produce children’s program. But he had not thought about how to teach this subject yet .

“When? Tomorrow? Don’t forget , OK.” Bo Bo hooked a little finger with daddy’s to make a pact. “Please hurry to Ask mommy to give birth to a sister. Otherwise, surely the witch would come to get me.” He held onto his blanket tightly. This bedtime story was too scary.

“Bo Bo, it’s time to sleep” SM just had a shower, smells warm and fresh. “Come, let .Mommy give you a kiss.”
She gave Bo Bo a long kiss. Leaning on her, XZ felt like to give her a bite.
“Mommy, daddy said that you are going to give me a sister. Please hurry to put the baby in your tummy. Oh, do you know how to put the baby in? I can ask my teacher tomorrow. She is terrific, she knows everything. “ Bo Bo mentioned his teacher proudly.
“It’s late. Be a good boy and go to sleep. Mommy will tell you tomorrow.” She straight out his blanket.
Turned off the light, she and Director walked out of Bo Bo’s room, She whispered next to his ear ,”Director Yin, you are dammed“. He just smiled and whispered back, “you are the one who’s in trouble. I am going to give you a few bites tonight.”

How many bites the Director managed to give broadcaster Yin? Actually, not even one tiny bite. Bo Bo was having nightmare of that dammed witch and cried out in the middle of the night. Not only Director Yin
Had to held Bo Bo to sleep all night, he also received a few kicks from his wife. Selection of bed time story
Is really very important.

Firefly: Happy Harvest Moon day, friends. I just took a walk tonight. The full moon is so serene and peaceful. Let’s pray for world peace, so chingus from all corner of this earth can gaze at the moon with delight.

Yin’s Dialogue (12)

Author: Stephanie

Translation: firefly

The weather is getting colder. Yin Bo Bo with running nose was playing hide and seek with Daddy in the garden. Mommy approached him with a vest.
“Bo Bo, come. It is getting chilly, put on the vest, then you won‘t catch cold.” This little fellow’s sneeze would alarm several people.
“No, it’s too hot.” He was running here and there, evading from SM. It seems that in the future, he would be the one doing the chasing. It would be quite difficult for girls to catch him.

“It is so unfair. I am also made of flesh and blood. How come no one ask me if I will catch cold?”
XZ grumbled and was helping to catch his son.

“I have never heard that polar bear would catch cold. Your fat under the skin is thick enough to pass
A comfortable winter.” SM teasingly poked his belly.
“My goodness, It seems that I have fed you too well, you are getting fat.”
“You are right. When I walk on the street nowadays. Girls no longer gaze at me with admiration as in the past. Now they ignore me . Only my wife still cares for me. She is the best. ” He caught the little fellow, but he was gazing at his wife.

“Daddy, let me go. I do not want to wear a vest.” Yin Bo bo was struggling in his father’s hold, his mucus smeared XZ’s clothes. XZ took out a handkerchief to wipe clean Bo Bo‘s face. “ You are so naughty. If you do not listen to Mommy and Daddy, You will be married to a tigress for a wife.” XZ was busily helping SM to stuff Bo Bo into the vest.

“What is a tigress? Is it the mommy of a tiger?” Yin Bo Bo asked his father.
“A tigress is a ferocious girl who is mean to guys.” He answered., busily straightened Bo Bo’s clothes.
“Mommy is mean to us guys. Mommy is a tigress then.” Looking at SM, Yin Bo Bo told his father in a low voice.
“Darling, you got to give a fair answer.” SM looked at the two guys and grinned.
“Omm, there are some similarity. But mommy is a beautiful tigress.” XZ teased.

“This tigress is not going to cover blanket for you tonight., Director Yin.” She said
“Who cares about blanket? I have better stuff.” he blinked at her wickedly.

“Daddy, don’t’ worry. Bo Bo is a good child. When I grow up, I will cover blanket for you every day.”
Bo Bo circled Daddy’s neck, and said lovingly.
“You guys are all in the same team. Poor me, I am the only girl in the house.” SM pinched Bo Bo;s red face.
“Don’t worry. Wife. We will always be a team.” XZ carried Bo Bo , held SM’s hand and walked back to the house.
“Hurray. Bo Bo and Daddy, Mommy will always be a team.” Yin Bo Bo’s happy voice formed a warm current in the cold air.

Yin’s Dialogue (13)

By: Stephanie (Taiwan)

Translation: firefly

Today, Yung Shi and Shan Da both are at work. Their babysitter has to go elsewhere.
Therefore, after school; SM took both Yin Bo Bo and Kim Bae Bae home.

“Mommy, Big brothers and big sisters in our school are having a talent show next Saturday.
Teacher asked me to give you this.” Yin Bo Bo took out a wrinkled powder blue card from
His little backpack and handed it to SM.

“Bo Bo, you are a mess. My mom said that things should be placed neatly. Aunty, look; my
Card is neatly placed.” Kim Bae Bae carefully took out a neat pink card from her backpack.

“Show Off….” Yin Bo Bo pouted in disapproval. “That is my mom, not your mom. You are so
disgusting. “

“Hmm. Last time, You monopolized my mom and ate the pudding my dad bought for me.
Smelly Bo Bo. Disgusting boy. “ Kim Bae Bae stumped her feet angrily. It seems that she really mind.

“Really? How come I do not remember.” Yin Bo Bo climbed onto SM’s knees.
“Mommy, I love you most.”
SM chuckled. This little fellow love to eat and good at cajole and wheedle. Must have inherited
From his old dad. Look at him, he snuggle his little head into her neck pit, and keep on sweet talking.

“Bo Bo. Be nice to girls. OK. God the grandpa had made so many little friends. He intend that we
All love each other. You love daddy and mommy. Daddy, Mommy also love you. In the same token,
If you love Bae Bae, Bae Bae will love you. Do not always separate into “ yours” or “mine“. If you share with others things you like. That will make them happy. Don’t you want to see other’s happy face?” SM patted Bo Bo’s head, and reasoned with him patiently.

“I do not want to love Bae Bae. Boy love girl. Yak, It is disgusting.” Yin Bo Bo turned his head with
Disapproval, and happened to see XZ came in. “Daddy, you are back. I miss you so much today.”
He rushed to his dad’s hold, and gave daddy several kisses.

“Mommy said that we boys should love each other. We will not love those cry baby girls.”
Yin Bo Bo twisted the truth a bit. SM warned, “Bo Bo. That’s not how mommy just said.”

“How can that be. Girls are lovely. “ XZ winked at his wife, “Girls with smile are just like little angels.
They will make you happy for life.” XZ’s Tease had turned SM’s forced poker face into laughter.

“Girls in our school are all cry babies, and mean. Just like Kim Bae Bae.” Yin Bo Bo tightly
Circled daddy’s neck. Ah Ya. He really does not care for cry baby girls.

“Aunty, Yin Bo Bo is a monster. I am not a cry baby. Wa…….I want my mommy…..”
Oh, No. Now, Kim Bae Bae has really turned into a cry baby.

Stephanie; Love you. From your writings, I can tell that you must be a delightful, perky, witty
Young lady with humor. Thanks so much for all the joy that you have brought, and sharing with
Us even when you are so busy at work.

This is Stephanie’s latest piece posted just a few days ago. I like it so much. Hopefully, it will bring
Smile to your face.

Yin’s Dialogue (14)

Author: Stephanie (Taiwan)

Yin Bo Bo is advancing to mid level in the Kindergarten. From this semester, there is a optional
Talent Class. According to their aptitude and interest , Kids can choose to attend one of the 3 classes: music/dancing/painting . At the end of semester, there will be a talent show/exhibit. Teachers had emailed the class contents to parents and ask them to discuss with their kids .

“Wife, which subject do you think Bo Bo will choose? If he learn to play the piano. We father and son can play with 4 hands. Moreover, fellow who plays piano is more likely has a chance to marry a cute wife.” Reading the class content, XZ thought that to learn music would be a good choice. “ Not only that, If the little fellow get hold of a painting brush, walls in our house most likely will all turned into the color of black. His destructive power is 10 times stronger than his creativity. “ XZ said with frown.

“Darling, haven’t you read what the e-mail asked “ Parents to communicate with their kid and
Choose a class?” First, You should ask if Bo Bo want to attend the talent class or not. Otherwise,
It is democracy in name only, and dictatorship in reality. Director Yin.”

“Daddy, Mommy. Hurry up. I already put on my shoes. Let’s go out to have hamburgers. “
It’s true that he has put on his shoes. But the shoe lace are not tied.

“Ai, Bo Bo. Mommy had told you several times to tie the shoe lace neatly, so you won‘t fall.
You have to learn to take care yourself, then you will be able to take care of others later. Do
You understand? Tie the shoelace now.” Though he is the treasured darling of the entire family.
But SM does not want to spoil him. She want Bo Bo to learn the skills of managing himself
from daily life, and be a help to others.

At hamburger store, they came across XD, YX and Bae Bae. Naturally, parents started to talk
about the selection of talent class.

“Little handsome fellow, which talent class you are going to attend? Would you like to learn ballet
with Bae Bae?” YX attended the ballet class when she was a little girl, and had chosen the ballet
Class for Bae Bae.

“Aunty Kim, what is talent?” With a mouthful of hamburger and Coke in his hands, it’s hard for him
to think about other matters.

“Talent is something that you can do better than others. For instance, Yo Yo Ma plays cello really well. That’s his talent.” YX’s example is too difficult for a little kid to comprehend, Bo Bo was confused with a questioning look.

“Ai Ya, Let me tell you. It’s like monkey is good at climbing trees, so climbing trees is monkey‘s talent.“ Kim Bae Bae proudly explained, waiting to be praised by all. SM lightly touched her face and clapped; “Bae Bae is super and knows so much, did Mommy teach you?”

“Is that simple? Then my daddy’s talent is to eat, my mommy’s talent is to cajole.” Yin Bo Bo was
was proud of his discovery.

“Yin Bo Bo. You are in trouble.” It’s too late for SM to cover his mouth. Blushing with embarrassments, , She hide next to XZ.
“See, it’s you fault. He is spoilt by you.”
“Not true. I am innocent.” XZ smiled with a thick skin. His son has painted him a food monger as well.

“Bo Bo, which talent would you like to learn then?” XD asked to distract attention. “I already have a talent, that is, playing video game. You know, I have never lost.” Bo Bo finished the last bite of hamburger, and drag Bae Bae to the
adjacent game room.

That night, XZ and SM exhausted their brains and still have no idea how to communicate with
The little fellow about selecting a talent class. Later, they come to a decision. Let Bo Bo go on
As is With his happy childhood. And delay the discussion of talent class until next year.

Yin’s Dialogue (15)

Author: Stephanie (Taiwan)
Translation: firefly

A carnival was held in the square in front of MBS. It was filled with enthusiastic crowds.
Fans were chasing after their idols for autographs, and kids lined up
In front of the game stands.

“Mommy, carry me…” Seeing the crowds, Yin Bo Bo refused to walk by himself and was
Clinging to SM tightly.

“Let me carry him. This little fellow is getting heavier and heavier.” XZ took over Bo Bo,
And perched him on top of his shoulder. “Wow, Bo Bo is taller than Daddy now. Yin Bo Bo, you are
a grown up now, so act like an man and don’t throw tantrum any more, OK.”

Xian-Zhe started to sweat due to the hot weather. SM quickly wiped his face and unbuttoned his POLO shirt. “Let me carry him. You haven’t got enough sleep lately, Take it easy.’ The little fellow on his shoulder was quite restless, like the Shinba in the sea, busy searching the Treasure Island. “Daddy, let’s go that way. Hurry hurry …., Let’s run.”

“Wife, you are not satisfied with my performance lately? “ He winked at her. “Bo Bo, sit still.
Yin Bo Bo;s supersonic jet is about to depart .” Holding tight to Bo Bo;s swinging legs, XZ ran
Toward the game stands.

“Slow down. It is crowded and treacherous. I can’t stand the pair of you. Father and son
Just the same. “ SM followed them breathlessly. Father and son were crouching in front
Of the gold fish stand, watching little kids busily trying to catch the scattered gold fishes
With their paper nets.

Seeing Bo Bo’s interest and excitement, XZ took out a few coins and bought a few paper nets from
The stand keeper. “Bo Bo, want to play catching gold fish?” “SM, let’s compete.”

After messed up a few nets, Bo Bo still has not caught any fish. This time, when he take Another net from XZ, he first studied where the fishes gathered , then took a deep breath, And carefully lowered the net and lifted it up. Finally, he caught a lively gold fish . “Daddy, Mommy, I got a fish.” He showed off proudly., totally disregard that his face and Cloth had become all wet.

“Wow. Bo Bo is great. Mommy has not yet caught any.” SM had messed up quite a few nets as well. But, she was not focused on the game. She was very happy watching Bo Bo trying to net fish. The little fellow is like his father, he is calm while facing challenges. He knows to observe first beforeTaking action.

A little kid standing next to XZ exclaimed “Ajasi, you are great. Can you help me to
Catch? My daddy is stupid, he has not caught any. “ A boy about 7 years old enviously looking
At XZ’s bail which already held the 5 fishes he caught.
Hearing this, his dad knocked on his head and scolded: “ Behave your self. He is daddy’s boss, you
Should address him as Director Yin, not Ajasi.” “ I am sorry, Director Yin. My son has no manners.”
The man apologized. “Dared to say daddy is stupid. See how I punish you after we go home.”

“Don’t be so formal. We are not at work. Bo Bo, how about give this Obba 2 fishes? Daddy will give you the remaining three. So, we and Mommy each will have one.”
XZ hugged his son and consulted with him. The little fellow is not a cheap skate. Still, XZ prefer to respect his little wishes.

“Let’s give them all to Obba. I will catch another two. One for Mommy, and one for you.”
Having said that, Bo Bo resumed the task of catching gold fish with full attention.
SM and XZ accompanied Bo Bo and crouched in front of the fish tank for a long while.
But that night, Bo Bo’s room had added a little fish bowl and three little fishes.

Firefly: I am very happy that Stephanie has resumed writing Yin’s Dialogue.
It is so vivid, I can see the pictures of a cute, angelic little boy and his loving parents.
This is the 1st piece of Bo Bo and a fish bowl. I will translate the remaining 2 in following weeks.
Keep warm, Chingus. Tonight is bitterly cold at 25F.

Yin’s Dialogue (16)

written by: Stephanie (Taiwan)

translation: firefly

“Mommy…BB, JJ, Missy, DD are all dead… WA…”
A tearful crying Yin Bo Bo walked to Xian-Zhe and Samm-Mei’s study with a fish bowl in his hands.

Yin Bo Bo had named the gold fishes he caught last time according to their personality.
BB never play with others and kept to itself. JJ always beats others to the feeding. Missy
Swims here and there graciously. Therefore, Bo Bo judged it must be a girl. DD had the
Biggest head, like a man standing tall. But now, All four fishes are still and floated in
The milky white water.

“Why is the water this color? Bo Bo? Did you throw something into the bowl?”
SM looked at the fish bowl anxiously. “Did you touch stuffs Mommy told you that you can’t
Touch? Such as bleach? Detergent? …..” She put down the fish bowl and lifted Bo Bo up
And asked one question after another.

“All I did was to pour the milk Daddy heated up for me into the tank for the fishes to drink.
Daddy said that kids has to drink milk to grow tall, and keep healthy. I am afraid that the little
Fishes will get sick, that’s why I share my milk with them. But…WA…I had killed them all
…..I am so sorry….” In Mommy’s embrace, Bo Bo continued to cry. He can’t
Imagine the fishes had left him so suddenly. They were his best friends, and he had promised Mommy and Daddy that he would take good care of the fishes.

“Bo Bo, don’t cry anymore. Little fishes won’t be mad at you. You did not do it on purpose.”
SM let Bo Bo dealt with his anguish. She knows, that Bo Bo treats the fishes as good friends.
He always said “good night” to them before go to sleep. Now they all died because of him.
He must be blaming himself mightily.

“Mommy, where does fish go after they die? Is there anyone take care of them? Who is feeding them from now on? “ Ah, he proves to be the child of XZ and SM. Not only he loves to cry, he loves to ask why.

“They will go to heaven. In heaven, they will meet their past friends. The kind God grandpa is there.
He loves all people and animals. Little fishes can swim in a big pond with lots of friends. A lot of
People cared about them and loved them.” SM dried Bo Bo’s tears.. Bo Bo has a pair
Of lovely large eyes like his mother. But he also has his Daddy’s alert and clever look.

“Just like how you loves me? Then little fishes will find their mother? “ After Bo Bo learned that
Little fishes in heaven will be cared for and have company, he is much comforted.
“Will they complain to their Mommy about me? “

“Of course. “ SM nodded convincingly, “ whenever you see grandma and grandpa, you always
Tell tales of how mean Daddy is? I suppose that little fishes will complain to their Mommy About you as well.”

“Is Mommy fish going to be angry with me?” Bo Bo said guiltily with a bowed head .
“Of course. But, if you apologize to them sincerely, they will forgive you.” SM comforted him.

That night before sleeping, Bo Bo said a little prayer with Mommy and Daddy.
He said, ”Dear God Grandpa, I did not kill the fishes intentionally. Please ask little fishes and Mommy
Fish to forgive me. Moreover, I decide to forgive my Daddy. Please don’t be angry with him.
I will tell Daddy to behave from now on, and not to scold others so freely.
God Grandpa, You have to let my Daddy get into Heaven in the future.”

After considerable thoughts that night, XZ is still not sure if he should be happy or mad
At Bo Bo’s prayer. And his darling wife only smile mysteriously “God listen To every sincere voice.”

Firefly: I translated this lovely piece before Christmas. But, now, I am not sure if this is the right time to post it. Let's pray for World peace and devoid of disasters of any kind in 2005. Wish you all and your family peace, health and prosperity.

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 17

Author: Stephanie

On a hazy morning in Seoul, Sun Mei was in the study, telling a story to Yin Bo Bo:

In the year 1620, there were 100 God loving British who built a ship, called “Mayflower” and set sail for America. When the ship arrived in America, they met with lots of hardship, but by spring they managed to scrap enough to eat, and by winter, they had finished building 11 houses. Although by then, only 50 people survived, but they really appreciated God’s greatness and love. Moreover, the original Indians (the natives) also become they good friends and good brothers. They felt very blessed, and in order to thank God, they fixed December 13 as the day for thanksgiving. Years later, Grandpa Lincoln, the President of the United States of America designated the forth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day.” Sun Mei closed the colourful children’s book, and looked at the child in her arms.

“Mummy, why is it that with their family and friends dead, they are still thanking Grandpa God? Isn’t Grandpa God supposed to protect our health?” Bo Bo pouted his mouth, obviously not happy with Grandpa God’s performance. “The other time when your little gold fishes died, didn’t you cry bitterly? And then what did Mummy tell you? Do you still remember?” Sun Mei looked at the self-righteous Bo Bo. When he was serious, he looked just like his father!

“Of course I remember! You said, Grandpa God would look after them, furthermore, they would meet up with their family in Heaven!” He proudly answered, from young, everybody had said he was very smart!

“So, although they were sad, they still thanked Grandpa God. Because He had looked after those who went to Heaven, besides He also gave abundance of food to those who are alive, also providing them with plenty of good friends.” Sun Mei looked at the little one “Do you understand?”

“Oh, then Mummy” Bo Bo taking up the calendar on Sun Mei’s desk “When is Thanksgiving Day?”
“For this year, it should be November 25, i.e. tomorrow!”
“Oh! I know!” Yin Bo Bo slipped down from Sun Mei’s arms and hurried into his little room “Mummy, I am going to look for daddy and play jigsaw puzzle with him.”


On Thanksgiving morning, Xiang Zhe woke up early, opened the door to go and look for Yin Bo Bo, intending to start lessons, but he saw a fish tank placed neatly outside his door. In the tank were four tortoises and a card, written by Senior Director Yin.

“Dear Daddy and Mummy, today is Thanksgiving Day, thank you both for loving me everyday. Although Daddy is so fierce, and Mummy likes to cry, I would still like to thank Grandpa God for asking Grandpa Stork to bring me to this house, letting me be Daddy and Mummy’s son. I asked Grandpa to bring me to buy four tortoises, one is Daddy, one is Mummy, one is me and one is my future sister. The tortoise seller said they can live till a hundred years’ old. So we must love one another, together we will live to a hundred years’ old! Your ever obedient and handsome Yin Bo Bo.”

On the side, there was a line penned by Senior Director Yin – “Xiang Zhe, I am very happy we have such an adorable angel.”

Xiang Zhe not knowing to laugh or be angry, carried the fish tank into his room to look for his wife. “Sun Mei, what story have you been telling Bo Bo? Now our whole family has turned into tortoises.” After that, the two of them crept stealthily into Yin Bo Bo’s room, so very gently kissed the little fellow’s forehead, his tiny mouth, and tiny hands “Thank God, we are your Daddy and Mummy, and you are our son.”

The Thanksgiving story had made their whole family very happy, but had also given Sun Mei a more vexing problem than being a tortoise mother, when to give the tortoise sister a mistress?

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 18

Author: Stephanie

Today, Xiang Zhe went to the kindergarten to fetch Yin Bo Bo, when the little tot saw his Daddy, he rushed into his arms and cried loudly. “Daddy, An Wen Wu is a bad boy, I don’t want to be friends with him!” Little Wu Wu is Bo Bo’s closest buddy. While Bo Bo is lively and adorable, Wu Wu is quiet and obedient. Although they had completely opposite character, they got along like a house on fire. Before Wen Wu came, it was quite a task to get Bo Bo to go to the kindergarten, but ever since the last term even since Wu Wu enrolled at the kindergarten, Bo Bo had been rushing Xiang Zhe and Sun Mei to leave the house early, even asking Xiang Zhe to buy a helicopter because “Daddy, cars move too slowly and I take a very long time to get to school to play with Wu Wu.” Today is the first time Xiang Zhe heard Bo Bo calling his good friend by his full name.

Looking at his pouting mouth and big teary eyes, Xiang Zhe suddenly thought of the first time when Sun Mei addressed him as Director Yin. Gazing at the little tot, Xiang Zhe mused - this little wonder will forever be the inevitable link to his and Sun Mei’s tumultuous journey to true love. Through him, the tapestry of the travails of their past heartwrenching and yet sweet and enduring love would never cease to be continuously unfurled before them.

“Why, have you quarrelled with Wu Wu?” Bo Bo nodded his head sadly, “Today, the two of us together with Xiao Shun were racing in different teams, but because Wu Wu ran so slowly, we lost. I told Wu Wu next time I don’t want to be in the same team with him. In the end he cried, causing teacher to scold me! The girls in school all said I am a bad boy, I am not a bad ‘egg’ (meaning bad boy), I am a good ‘egg’!” As he said this, he started to cry again, Xiang Zhe could only carry up this good ‘egg’ and console him “Daddy know Bo Bo is good ‘egg’, don’t cry, we go home, mummy has baked a delicious chocolate cake!”

After reaching home, the family of three sat down to enjoy the freshly baked cake.
“Bo Bo, Mummy help you to pack a piece of cake, tomorrow you bring to school to give Wu Wu, okay?”
Xiang Zhe quickly winked at her and pulled aside to tell her what happened earlier. Sun Mei bent her head thinking, “Darling, let me tell Bo Bo his bedtime story tonight, alright?”

With the soft nightlight casting its warm glow on Sun Mei and Yin Bo Bo and the snowy white landscape outside the window, the atmosphere inside the house felt even more serene and cosy. Except that this little boy’s little war has to be handled with care.

“Bo Bo, shall Mummy tell you the story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise?” Sun Mei held the little tot in her arms.

“But Mummy, I have already heard that, you told me that before. I want to listen to a new story.” Bo Bo had extremely good memory, he only had to listen once to a story and the next day he would be able to repeat it to his friends, even adding on actions to help relate the story.

“It is not the same. This is a new story made up by Mummy.” Sun Mei started to tell her story.

“Long, long time ago, a rabbit met up with a tortoise. Although the two of them have completely different character, they became good friends. One day, the rabbit quarrelled with the tortoise over a petty matter. The rabbit got angry and ran away, leaving the tortoise behind because he didn’t want to be friends with the tortoise anymore. The slow-moving tortoise had no chance of catching up with the rabbit.

After running for quite some time, the rabbit got tired and when he saw a huge tree in front of him, he happily leaned against the huge and cool tree trunk and took a nap. He thanked God that he could run so fast, was able to leave the little tortoise so far behind. In his dream, he was sitting on the vast grassland, conversing with God.

God: Little rabbit, you ran so fast, do you feel very happy to be able to run so fast?
Rabbit: Yes, God, thank you very much for making me so fit. I can’t stand slow-moving animals.

God: Oh, but they have their own good points too. I had also use lots of love to create these slow-moving animals, the same as when I created you.

Rabbit: God, I also love little tortoise, except that I now do not feel like forgiving him.

God: Little rabbit, as long as you continue to bear a grudge against the tortoise you will not be happy. Isn’t he your best friend? Surely, you don’t really want to lose a friend!

Rabbit: God, I understand now, I will not be angry with little tortoise anymore, but I have no idea where he is now.

God: Wait patiently by the tree, although the tortoise moves so slowly, I have bestowed him with bravery and patience. He is trying his best to catch up with you. You also have to learn to wait patiently.

With the cool breeze slowing wafting by, God had the rabbit sleeping soundly under the huge tree, while the tortoise zealously worked its way slowly towards it.

“Rabbit, although I am very sad, I do not blame you. Oh God, although I am slow-moving, I am confident I will be able to finish this long journey, find the little rabbit and make up with him again!” The tortoise crawled forward, step by step “Little rabbit, wait for me, I will catch up with you.”

“That is the end. Bo Bo, do you feel the rabbit should wait for the tortoise? Should he be friends with him again?” Sun Mei lightly touched his little head.

“Yes, because the tortoise is his best friend. After quarrelling, he should apologise, that is what Teacher taught us.”

“In that case, do you want to forgive Wu Wu? Although he ran so slowly, but that is because God made him that way, you cannot dislike those who are slow just because you yourself could run so fast. Don’t forget Wu Wu could play the violin better than you, darling!”

“……Uh, Mummy, do you still have that cake you baked? Tomorrow, I want to bring a piece to give to Wu Wu.”

The next afternoon when Sun Mei went to pick up Bo Bo, she saw the two little boys sitting there enjoying the piece of cake.

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 19

Author: Stephanie

Early one morning, Bo Bo’s kindergarten teacher telephoned Sun Mei, telling her Bo Bo got into a fight with another schoolboy; both of them had sustained slight injuries; could Sun Mei please go and fetch him home to rest.

After rushing to the kindergarten, Sun Mei entered the principal’s room. She saw a robust looking man arguing loudly with the principal. She recognized that was Member of Parliament Kim Da Chuan.

“Principal, it was because I thought your school has quite a good reputation, moreover the parents are all renowned personalities, that was why I sent my son here to study. What have your teachers been doing, allowing my son to be bullied!” Kim Da Chuan although not having a big head, possessed a powerful voice. It appeared that he had been going on for a while now, the principal who was wiping his forehead, kept bowing his body. “Having the temerity to beat up people, which family’s kid is it, so undiscipline!” Kim Da Chuan started to vent his temper on the innocent child.

“It was Wei Qiang who pulled Song En down from the swing, causing her to fall. Daddy said those who bully girls are bad boys, God would be disappointed with them.” Bo Bo getting up from his chair, stood valiantly before Song En, shielding her. The little girl was feeling so wronged and when she heard Bo Bo relating the incident, soon started to bawl loudly. “Wei Qiang said because I do not have a father, I cannot go to school with him!” Song En was the love child of a lady author. Although she told everybody Song En was her sister’s daughter, but as she had been in that circle for a long time, everybody knew that Song En was actually her own daughter.

Having heard this, Sun Mei quickly rushed forward to stand in front of the two kids. “MP Kim, my apologies, I am Bo Bo’s mother, my name is Sun Mei. Although I had often seen you speaking boldly and frankly in Parliament, I didn’t expect you to also be so stern towards kids.” Sun Mei after staring coldly at him, bent down to look at Bo Bo. “Wah, son, your face is full of scratches, like a tabby cat!” Sun Mei felt so heartache. Bo Bo, seeing that he now had his protector beside him, his face began to crumble and started to guffaw loudly. “Mummy, uncle is wrong, I am not a bad boy, I am a good Bo Bo!” Sun Mei holding him tightly to her, looked at the little Song En who was hiding behind Bo Bo and clutching tightly to a corner of his shirt. She couldn’t help but felt sorry for the little girl. “Song En, come here, Auntie know you are God’s favourite little friend, don’t cry. Auntie know you didn’t do any wrong. Don’t worry, Auntie will ask Uncle to teach Bo Bo judo and, next time, nobody will be able to bully you and Bo Bo.” Sun Mei kissed Bo Bo’s face “Son, you are really great, can now defend girls! Let Mummy kiss your wounds and they will not be painful!”

“My son had been telling the truth. Some people just never properly discipline their kids, that’s why they try to solve problems with their fists! I am going to look for a good school, otherwise my son might mix up with bad company and turn bad!” Kim Da Chuan burst out angrily, refusing to admit he had wronged Bo Bo and Song En.

“Whether it is the truth or not, I think we have to await further investigation. Moreover, you didn’t see what happened yourself. But I think the children have been telling the truth. Bo Bo, although playful, has never lied. I believe my son!” Sun Mei didn’t want to waste any more breath arguing. “Principal, I will bring Song En to my home, I had contacted her mother before coming here. She had a case to attend to. Tonight, she will pick up Song En from my house. So sorry to have put you in a difficult position.” Sun Mei bowed to the principal, “Bo Bo, go and shake hands with Wei Qiang. Although you have fought, you must not bear any grudges. Remember what Mummy told you - the story on “Cannot bear grudges until sunset”? Bo Bo nodded and reluctantly stretched out his hand to shake Wei Qiang’s hand “Qiang Qiang, sorry I beat you many times. But tomorrow I will still bid you good morning.”

Bo Bo didn’t wait for Wei Qiang’s response, quickly shook his hand and ran back to Sun Mei.

Sun Mei gave him an admiring glance, stretched out her hands to the two kids and sauntered off with each on either side of her.

That day, Song En told Bo Bo in the car “Wow, you were so cool, next time when I grow up, I will marry you, alright?” Bo Bo’s face turned scarlet, only uttered “…Uh, I still cannot earn any money, Daddy said must be able to earn money then can marry.”

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 20

Author: Stephanie

On a fine Saturday afternoon, from the simple interior of the little Cathedral, wafted strands of Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. All heads were turned in anticipation towards the bride who was standing at the entrance in a splendid white bridal gown. She was smiling shyly with her arm hooking onto her father’s elbow. A couple of flower boy and flower girl were moving slowly forward, in perfect unison, step by step, in tandem to the music, painstakingly leading the bride towards the groom.

“Bo Bo, look here, smile, smile! Wow, how handsome you are!” Zhao Di exclaimed excitedly, not bothering about her own image, lifting up her long skirt and knelt on the side of the aisle, frantically snapping shots of Bo Bo. “My dear godson, come, smile, smile….” Chen-Sui feeling embarrassed, quickly covered Zhao Di’s mouth and pulled her to her seat. “Enough, the lead characters today are Hai Hua and Zhen Yi, not Bo Bo!” Hai Hua and Zhen Yi were their MBS colleagues, so Xiang Zhe and Sun Mei had generously loaned Yin Bo Bo as flower boy.

“What does it matter? Who said flower boy cannot be the lead character? That day when I got married, Hai Hua gave me such a tiny, weeny hong bao. Today I am already giving them a lot of face by my attendance.” Zhao Di turned her head to smile at Xiang Zhe. “Hee hee….Director Yin had been most generous. That’s why God has given them such a handsome and adorable child. Am I right, Sun Mei?” Zhao Di nudged the frowning Sun Mei who could only smile embarrassingly, “Maybe you are not so close to them!”

“Oh, hope Bo Bo won’t get out of line…..” Sun Mei whispered softly, her eyes never leaving Bo Bo, afraid that he might walk half way and decide to throw a tantrum. Because the day before, after rehearsing two, three times, he got tired of walking and sat himself down on the floor and kept whimpering he didn’t want to be a flower boy.

“He will be able to do it, have faith in him. Even if he can’t achieve the best, it could only mean he had done his best.” Xiang Zhe put his hand reassuringly around Sun Mei. “How would you know? The little one is so unpredictable, you never know when he might give you a nasty surprise.” She glanced sideways at her husband, pointing resignedly at his temple “Just like his father!” Xiang Zhe caught hold of her hand, brought it to his lips and gave it a light kiss. “No, he is just like his mother. Having promised, he would put in his utmost effort to complete the task.” Sun Mei gently patted Xiang Zhe’s thigh, feeling so blessed, because he was not only the best partner that God could have given her but he was also her best lifetime buddy.

At last the bride was at her rightful place beside the expectant groom. Bouncing excitedly back to his parents, Bo Bo said, “Daddy, I have kept my promise and protected the bride into the Cathedral. I am now a man.” Bo Bo climbed onto Xiang Zhe’s lap, pulling proudly at his tie. “Now I can marry Song En.” Sun Mei asked Xiang Zhe curiously, “Darling, what have you been telling Bo Bo now?” Xiang Zhe winked his eyes mysteriously, “Uh, I cannot tell you, this is a gentleman’s pact!” Sun Mei nodded her head resignedly “I understand, my dear husband, a gentleman has to keep to his words.” Actually she was very happy to see Xiang Zhe and Bo Bo establishing such a strong father-and-son bond. Although Xiang Zhe tried his best to spend as much time as possible with the family, but compared to most people, he had to commit much more time and effort in his job. She was very happy that Bo Bo looked upon Xiang Zhe as a role model and was learning from him how to be a good man.

The Priest began to recite the wedding vow.

“Yuen Zhen Xi, do you take Song Hai Hua to be your wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for as long as you shall both live?” Xiang Zhe bent his head and softly whispered resolutely in Sun Mei’s ear, “I Do”. Sun Mei turned her head and her eyes locked with Xiang Zhe, both seemingly oblivious to the outside world. Then after interminable seconds, they heard the Priest again, saying: “Song Hai Hua, do you take Yuen Zhen Xi to be your wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for as long as you shall both live?” Sun Mei, smiling lovingly at Xiang Zhe, took hold of his hands and silently replied “I Do”. After the newly-wedded couple had exchanged their wedding rings, the Cathedral was again filled with the sound of music. Everybody stood up to sing the hymns, giving their blessings to the newly-wedded couple before God.

Xiang Zhe gazed tenderly at Sun Mei. After seven years of marriage, his love for Sun Mei and his dependence on her not only did not diminish but had instead increased many times over. Just like what he had told Bo Bo “A gentleman must abide by his promise. Ever since that day when he had said “I Do” before God, he knew very clearly that he would devote himself wholeheartedly to loving and cherishing her because their wedding was the vow that he and Sun Mei had made before God. Sun Mei seeing the intensity of the love in Xiang Zhe’s eyes, leaned contentedly against him, and tenderly drew a “heart” shape on his palm and then bent his fingers over it, locking it securely in his grasp. Xiang Zhe, brimming with happiness, smiled jubilantly because he now has with him the most precious treasure in his hand, her heart.


P.S. "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and wearing of gold jewellery and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." Peter 3:3-4


Yin Dialogue - Chapter 21

Author: Stephanie

Recently, Yin Bo Bo was acting out of sorts. After returning from the kindergarten, he would remove his shoes and put them away neatly and then removed his smelly socks and put them in the laundry basket. On seeing Sun Mei cooking, he would zealously help to lay the chopsticks and even helped to massage her back; and when he saw Xiang Zhe returning home from work, he would even temporarily stop his favourite cartoon show to help him carry his briefcase. Even when Xiang Zhe, on seeing him struggle with the heavy load, wanted to carry it himself, Bo Bo would stubbornly insist on dragging it into the study. When completely mystified, Sun Mei and Xiang Zhe asked him what reward did he want, he would quickly take out his piggy bank but would just simply refuse to divulge why he wanted to save money. Sun Mei had been so puzzled but today she finally knew the reason.

Today, Bo Bo took out his piggy bank and asked Sun Mei to help him count how much money he had saved from his hard labour. Sun Mei patiently counted “2972…..2973…..2974. Oh son, you have earned 2,974 won! What do you want to buy for Mummy?” Sun Mei lightly patted his little head, waiting expectantly for his reply. “Mummy, how much does it cost to buy a ring?” Bo Bo pointed to Sun Mei’s wedding ring “this wedding ring Daddy gave to you, how much does it cost?” Sun Mei looked at the diamond ring on her finger, resplendent in the lamplight. “Oh, this is very expensive, you might have to help Mummy do housework until you go to University to be able to earn enough to buy it.” Sun Mei was very happy, Bo Bo could even think of giving her such an expensive gift.

“In that case, what must I do to earn lots and lots of money? I want to buy a ring like that.” Bo Bo pouted his mouth, very worried how to be able to earn enough money.

“My darling child, how you do love Mummy! I am so happy. Mummy does not need you to give me a ring, as long as you could grow up healthily, Mummy would be very happy.” Sun Mei hugged Bo Bo tightly to her, revelling in the thought that God had treated her so well, blessing her with such an adorable little angel.

“I am not thinking of buying it for you! I want to buy it for Song En. Because I can now earn money, I am now a gentleman. I can give happiness to a girl, so I want to buy a ring and propose to Song En!” Bo Bo pushed Sun Mei away and stood up straight, looking just like his father.

“Huh…. You want to get married! Who told you you can now marry?” Sun Mei was shocked out of her wits. She did think that one day Bo Bo would become some woman’s sweetheart, but never in her life could she imagine it would happen so quickly. He was barely five years’ old!

“Daddy said, marriage is when two persons in love get ready a wedding ring and put it on for each other. Just like the wedding ceremony the other day. And then the priest would chatter longwinded nonsense, and then the couple would say, I Do. That is marriage.” Bo Bo seemed to have compacted the event that day so simply in his little brain. Sun Mei suspected that Xiang Zhe must have a part in this.

“Yin Bo Bo, you can’t say the priest chatter longwinded nonsense. Moreover, a marriage is not just simply saying “I Do”. Marriage carries with it responsibility.” Sun Mei put a hand to her chest, this little rascal had thrown her such a bombshell!!

“I am responsible! Because Song En had stolen a kiss from me, she said that was her first kiss, so I have to be responsible and marry her! I had asked Daddy, Daddy said, as long as I can earn money, I can marry.”

“But don’t you think you should first ask Song En if she were willing. Tomorrow go and ask her!” Sun Mei pressed hard on temple. Later she would need to have a good talk with Xiang Zhe on how to handle this matter.

But Sun Mei’s problem did not vex her for too long, because the next day after Bo Bo came home, he announced that he had broken off with Song En, “Because today she and another boy were holding hands, so I have decided not to love her anymore!” In order to prevent Bo Bo from proposing to any other girl, Sun Mei and Xiang Zhe dared not let Bo Bo help with household chores anymore.

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 22

Author: Stephanie
Translator : Pebble [SG]

Bo Bo and Xiang Zhe were at home watching TV. This season, it was Sun Mei turn to broadcast the morning news so the Yin family two males became her No. 1 fans.

Daddy, why is it that every day Mummy has to sit inside the TV and talk? Bo Bo was still not clear about his mother job, but when he woke up in the morning and couldn find his mother, he was a little upset.

This is Mummy job. She is most happy when she could bring good news to everybody every morning! Xiang Zhe fed him with a mouthful of sandwich. at your breakfast quickly, later Daddy will go with you to fetch Mummy from work, and then we can go for a walk along the embankment. Didn Mummy buy you a kite yesterday? Shall we go and play with the kite later?

Hurray…” Bo Bo quickly gobbled at his sandwich. At that moment, Sun Mei was just broadcasting the case of a woman who had lost her spouse and not being able to overcome the tremendous heartache and pressure, tried to commit suicide with her three kids by burning coal in the room and breathing in the poisonous gas. Although the children survived, but having witnessed how their mother committed suicide, added to being subjected for a prolonged period to the sorrow of their mother, the eldest son being ten years old, showed signs of depression. Although the image was blurred to protect children, one could still see the crumbing of his mouth and woebegone expression.

In his heart, Xiang Zhe was worried about Sun Mei. She had always been a very emotional person, especially after becoming a mother herself, the more she could not bear to see mothers or children suffer. Although her image in the TV appeared calm, but her eyes seemed wet when she said Hope these children can be properly looked after. Let hope society will care more for the people around us.

Daddy, why did those little kidsmother die? Bo Bo drank his milk, hoping to quickly swallow the sandwich in his mouth.

Because their father had gone to Heaven, their mother cannot look after them on her own, so she wanted to bring them to Heaven look for their father. Xiang Zhe really didn know how to relate this to Bo Bo more appropriately. There were really too many tragedies in this world. But he was unwilling for Bo Bo to learn the cruel side of this world so early in life.

You mean nobody gave them milk and sandwich? Will there be food to eat in Heaven? Bo Bo still did not understand the meaning of death. He only knew that in Heaven, there was God to love everybody.

They probably had to starve most of the time. Xiang Zhe used his handkerchief to wipe the milk from Bo Bo mouth.

Daddy, later can we buy some milk and sandwiches for the brother and sister to eat? Their mother was in Heaven and so had food to eat, but they didn! Bo Bo felt it was very sad not having sandwiches and milk.

They are probably not lacking in food now, but Daddy want to donate some money to them. Will you go with me? Xiang Zhe helped him to wipe his sticky hands, getting ready to bring him to fetch Sun Mei.

Oh, good! Daddy, I want to bring my little piggy there, and give them the money inside. This way, they will have food to eat, and won cry anymore! Bo Bo probably still did not understand that losing one loved one is a thousand, even million times more tragic than having an empty stomach. But he would try his best to help them. Next time when I could earn money, I want to help many more people!

Yin Bo Bo, do you know, you are the greatest kid in the world! Xiang Zhe carried Bo Bo up and kissed him hard on his forehead.

I know, Mummy also said that! Bo Bo proudly nodded his head. That day, a tiny seed was planted in Bo Bo heart, that seed is called Hope. Because there is love in this world, there is Hope.

Yin Dialogue - Chapter 23

Author: Stephanie
Translator : Pebble [SG]

It was already the fourth quarter the year, MBS had started to draft out strategic plans for the next five years, focusing on the company operational plans and each department visions ahead, hence commencing a series of meetings. Today, Xiang Zhe and the other senior executive committee members kicked off the first meeting, looking at the future operational strategies and each department developmental direction. In order not to disrupt discussions, arrangement was made to cater for lunch from a Chinese Restaurant. At lunch time, everybody busied themselves re-arranging seats to accommodate the food. When Xiang Zhe personal assistant offered to help him get some food, he smilingly waved her off with his hand, thanking her. He then bent down from his seat and from a bag underneath the table, carefully took out a keep-freshbox, opened it and proceeded to enjoy his Sweetheartlunch.

Is it made by Sun Mei? Can you give me a piece? I am sick of eating outside food every day! Xian Da peered at it and saw a whole box full of sushi. His chopstick was already half way in the box. No, this contains just enough for me, Xiang Zhe used his own chopstick to stop him from getting at the sushi, exercising the same authority that he protected MBS to protect his Sweetheart lunch

o petty? Won even spare some food for your faithful employee! Xian Da teased, h this sushi is so special…… why, the shapeoh, it is a heart!! Sweet as honey, your smile is sweet as honey, like the flowers blooming in the spring, in the spring ……. Xian Da purposely started to sing aloud the song, ian Mee Mee!

Okay, okay, you can have two pieces, stop making fun of me! Xiang Zhe quickly put two sushi onto his plate. Give me some face, don sing anymore! He quickly pulled him down onto his seat. he got up very early this morning to prepare this! As he said this, Xiang Zhe happily opened his mouth and gobbled down a piece of sushi. Looking at the lunch box, fully covered with little red hearts, the frown that he had worn the whole morning dissipated, along with the tension around his heart.

I too have a wife, but mine could only cook vegetables with rice, Xian Da sighed ut, Yong Xi is learning to make western dessert. Soon I will have tasty western dessert to eat! He proudly lifted his brow And then, I will ask her to bake a cake for you.
You better try out a few times first! Recently, my digestion is not too good…” Xiang Zhe carefully tasted his Sweetheartlunch, Very delicious, even have London flavour!

How can sushi have London flavour? Are your tastebuds playing tricks on you! Xian Da put another sushi into his mouth Why, this is definitely Korean flavour! Oh! are you doubting my wife culinary skills? Both of them started to bicker.

At this moment, the handphone in Xiang Zhe suit pocket started to vibrate and ring. He quickly took it out. This signal was the special one for the family and calling at this time, it had to be none other than his darling wife.

Darling, did the sushi turn hard? This morning when I was packing, I forgot to put on the layer of Keep freshsheet. If they turned hard, then don eat, otherwise, you might get indigestion. Due to work pressure, Xiang Zhe didn usually have regular meals, causing him to have digestion problem. So Sun Mei had been watching his food intake very carefully.

Don worry, the sushi is just perfect, thank you! Today, the lunch pack is very delicious, moreover it is full of love,he carefully walked to one side, verytime I taste your sushi, it seems as if we were back to that time in London.

That right, finished up all my lunch, I had no choice but to take you as hostage instead. Ha ha ha, She giggled at the other end, Okay, take a rest after your lunch, you have a busy day ahead.

Darling, I haven finished, Xiang Zhe whispered, took a quick look around and said love you!

I know, Bo Bo and I also love you. Keep it up, dearest! She encouraged him.

He hang up the phone and walked back to his seat but discovered his lunch box was now only half full. My lunch, Xian Da, it must be you! Who else except Xian Da could to be the culprit!

Got me, I only ate one more! Seeing his flustered look, so very familiar But, I don know if other people had filched some, let me go and find out

Ok, ok, I give up. Next time, I will ask Sun Mei to make two boxes. Xiang Zhe smiling resignedly said, Kim Xian Da, you really are my wining cum dining buddy!

Wrong, it is lifetime wining cum dining buddy! Ha ha ha!

Having a good friend and a good wife, Director Yin is the world happiest man.


Yin Dialogue - Chapter 24

Author: Stephanie
Translated by Pebble (SG)

Bo Bo had now progressed to primary one. With the start of the new term, there was an important election. The children had to cast their vote to elect a class monitor. Today was election day. With the help of the teacher, the children would cast and examine the votes. The newly elected class monitor would then be announced. As it was the first election for the children, many parents also came to Berlinhng to attend. The nominated children were reluctant to go on stage for the voting, and those parents who liked to show off did not encourage their children to come forward. This occurred because the founder principal of Berlinhng had set a special rule - the nominated monitor, in addition to possessing significant authority, had to perform a special but divine task – i.e. that of emptying the rubbish.

The children were all trying to make way for someone else, no one was willing to go on stage. There were also some sour-grapes who were sniggering by the side, saying they weren’t interested in being nominated “Rubbish Monitor.” There were even some girls who had been nominated crying. Really quite a chaotic spectacle. Yin Bo Bo was also nominated. A group of little girls kept persuading him to go on stage to lobby for votes, but he brushed them aside with a manly, “No way.”

“Yin Bo Bo, you mustn’t be rude to girls!” Sun Mei chided him, one hand holding on to a video cam. Xiang Zhe could not make it today, but specially wanted Sun Mei to record the events of the election.

“Wow, how cool!” said a little girl named Liu Xiao Pin, nicknamed “Little Apple”. She was telling Kim Bae Bae (Xian Da and Yong Xi’s little daughter) how she worshipped Bo Bo.

“Who says, my mother says this is called being arrogant, ” Kim Bae Bae uttered, showing a nonchalant expression. “Let me tell you, he is fickle. Previously, he said he liked Song En but now has broken off with her.”

Sun Mei was happy to have recorded the accolades bestowed on Bo Bo by his fans and also the rivalry amongst the little girls.

At this moment, MP Kim Da Chuan bellowed loudly, “Everybody is so courteous, come, come, Wei Qiang, you take the lead and go on stage to set a good example, give your views and promise to do your utmost to serve the community.” His status as an MP clearly showing. From the way he talked, it was like a real election.

Meanwhile Wei Qiang was throwing a tantrum, “But I don’t want to empty the rubbish!” he said to his mother.

“What’s the big deal – only emptying the rubbish even though at other times it would be a prestigious position. Everybody has to listen to you. When you shout “stand up” they have to stand up, when you say “sit” only then can they sit, isn’t that great?” Mrs Kim tried hard to convince her son.

“I don’t want, I don’t care….” Wei Qiang vented his temper. MP Kim who usually exercised his authority, now refrained as he wanted to preserve his image and was afraid of being seen as a bully.

“Qiang Qiang, I will accompany you to empty the rubbish. My mother said emptying rubbish is a very commendable job! If there are no cleaning aunties and uncles to help us empty the rubbish and sweep, the whole world would become very dirty.”

Bo Bo, although used to fighting with Qiang Qiang, valiantly stood up for him this time round. “If you are elected Monitor, I will help you empty the rubbish.” Qiang Qiang put out his right hand and pressed his thumb against Bo Bo’s, making a pact, “My good friend, we won’t break our promise.”

Just as previously Xiang Zhe recorded her progress, now Sun Mei recorded the sealing of the friendship pact between Bo Bo and Qiang Qiang, the two small good friends.

Qiang Qiang had worried unnecessarily, Yin Bo Bo won hands down, receiving 18 votes from the 20 girls in his class. Bo Bo had also gained an additional comrade. The two little fellows emptied rubbish together, played together and even liked girls together!”


P.S. Many people who know of the famous painting “The Last Supper” by Leornado da Vinci, also know that the main theme was Judas’ betrayal of Jesus Christ. But not many people know that before the commencing of the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. “I am your Lord, in washing your feet, you shall also wash one another's feet. I will show you the way and you shall follow likewise.” (John 13:1)

“Servility” is a divine act, because we are willing to be humble, willing to look up to others, think of the good for others, I think, more appropriately should be, “Love for one another”. Sincerely hope this world will have less rivalry, more compassion and love.


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So with this finale ends our dear Stephanie’s Yin Dialogue.

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But it has been a most enlightening experience and I have discovered the power of the pen in the hands of the beholder. However, I tried my best to keep religiously to Stephanie’s script.

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